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Hello, slave allan here. Mistress is taking a break so I thought I would do a little experiment with my blog.  Since I see my blog as a forum for long distance relationships. I want to see how people, in general, would react if given the choice to task an LDR slave. I am going to suggest some pervertible and clothes and conduct a pole. I will be giving you the choice to direct me. You get to choose what I have to wear, what torment toys I have to use and for how long. What impact item I have to use, and on what surface and how many times I have to spank that area. Just write your selections in the comment section to...

Experiment with slave allan

Let me say that leaving a slave to have 24 hours of unrestricted access to The Internet is paramount to leaving a person with a sweet tooth free with an unlimited credit card in a candy store. With the exception of a reward of one hour unrestricted Internet access for a pleasing post I wrote. This is the first time since June I have been able to view adult material online. Mistress did tell me that she wanted an accounting of her property's activities online though. Then let's get started. First off I spent a lot of time looking for several new erotic pictures to save in a file to have for a future post. Or uploading to adult social media accounts that I am presently a member of. Keep an eye out your bound to see one sooner or later. Mentioning adult social... 

My birthday present

Our slave allan stepped up again to lend a hand. While his cute little poem isn't an update from me, it does give me a reason to come here, which in turn reminds me to get back on track. So, enjoy slave allan's fun little poem and watch for my updates soon... and as always if there is a typo or misspelling, please point them out, so slave allan can be properly tormented. A spring poem This is just something silly I wrote. You could say it is the second part to the one I did in December (Twas spring in the Claus household and Mrs. Claus has planned somethingnew and bold. The workshop has been changed for a slightly different type of show, so I have been told. You see after she gave all the elves a few days off for some well-deserved rest. She went right to work to make a new love nest. She replaced all the bright red curtain with some made of black satin and lace. She can hardly wait to see the expression on her husband's cherry face. All the shiny bells, wrapping paper and bright ribbons and bows were all stashed away to make room for some new toys to be used in some kinky play. Oh, what a grin Santa would of have if he only knew what his wife has planned for him today. All the hammers and nails, paint and sticks have been moved to make room for cuffs and clamps and a cage for a slave's dick. So, after planning for weeks Mrs. Claus will be giving her new slave Santa, permission to speak. So, he can tell his friends how he got his new rosy red cheeks. Now with the help from an elf's wrench, Mrs. Claus finished building Santa's new bondage bench....)

 Link to: a cute poem

               Can your dominant be your key holder in a long distance relationship?

 YES! according to my Owner in a Q and A on her blog. You most definitely can have an LDR key holder agreement.

But how is that possible with the distance between us? Might be a question someone would ask. Well, first you have to trust each other. The dominant needs to know that the sub is committed to being in chastity, and will not cheat. The sub has to trust that once that lock snaps shut that their dominate will keep them safe.


 Ok. Trust is not the issues then and both parties have talked about what is expected from each other. You have selected the chastity device and decide upon a start date and a possible end date what now. In a real-life relationship the sub is locked in their cage and the dominate will hang the key around their neck to tease their subs. They also are able to get together to examine the cage and if it pleases the dominant they may decide to have some fun with their subs predicament and tease, edge and deny an orgasm.

Link to: LDR Key Holder


"I'm going to count back from 10 to 1. When I say one you're going to fall deeper than before." I hear the erotic hypnotist say with her alluring voice. "Oh goody. Maybe it will happen this time. I say to myself, wondering if this time I will find out what a trance feels like. " 10, 9.....3, 2, 1(finger snap) SLEEP!" I hear in my headphones.  But I feel the same. I am still aware of everything around me. "Whenever I say the word slave you will immediately fall into a deep trance and become very submissive to me. Your Mistress. You want to be Mistress's, slave, don't you slave?" "She said the trigger word." I say to myself as she continues to speak seductively into my ears. But nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong" I find myself asking out load?  "Say out loud slave. Yes, I want to be your slave Mistress. Say it now slave." The sweet voice commands into my ears. "Uuuummm. Yes, Mistress, I want to be your slave." I pledge to the voice in my ears. I find myself compelled to keep listening. I find the word slave very riveting. "That's a good slave." She reward’s me with. "Now slave anytime you hear my voice say, slave. You will fall deeper into a trace. Do you understand slave?" She questions again. "Yes, Mistress I understand." I say out loud. "What!" I find myself 


My favorite fantasy starts with me sitting at a poker table. I have been
playing cards for a while. Most of the player have already lost their money.
In fact there is just me and two other women left at the table. It has been
decided that this will be the last hand, so the betting cap has been removed. We
have went around the table discarding and raising the pot. Finally, I am
sitting there holding four queens and the ace of spades. I feel very cocky
because I have already discarded a king and the ace of diamonds. I feel I
can’t lose so I make a big bet figuring I would scare and make the other
to player fold. The woman next to me falls for it and drops her cards. The
woman across from me is a friend. She looks at her cards than at me and
back at her cards and sighs and shakes her head no. I feel victory build in
me and I am about to celebrate. Then I notice she is counting her chips. "
I see your bet and raise you nine hundred." she says. "WHAT!!!" my mind
screams. "She is bluffing" I say to myself as I watch her smile at me. I do a
quick estimate of the pot and figure that there is about $4000 laying
there. I look at my hand then at the pot once again. I look across the
table once more at my friend. Her name is Holly. She is sitting back in her
chair looking directly at me with a penetrating gaze and a devilish grin.
"is she bluffing or isn't she" race through my head. One more glance at my
cards. Hell, I can't fold with four queens and it's a pot of four grand.
"alright I will call." I say. I start counting out my remaining chips.

Five hundred, six, seven hundred and eighty, ninety. One, two, three, four,five, six.

No, no no this can't be happening. I am holding four queens and I can't
cover the bet for a mere $104 dollars. "what's the matter boy, you don't
have enough money baby?" Holly taunts me and blows me a small kiss with

her ruby red lips. "Come on then fold. Let's get this game over with." Holly
said sensing victory. My head was racing. 4 thousand on the table, 4 queens
in my hand and I already discarded an ace and a king. I held the high hand.
That's when the light bulb in my head went on. "Alright then," I say "Table
rules dictate we can only bet what we came to the table with. I purpose
Holly, if you agree. I will see the bet with my $796 dollars and me to make
up the difference."  A GASP! went around the room. Holly raises an eyebrow
and stared at me "let me get this straight. Your offering $796 and yourself
to cover the bet. What does that mean?" Holly asked........




What started as a one-off guest post has blossomed into me writing several articles over the summer. It has been going so well that I am considering becoming Mistress's collared slave again. Well, I have already agreed to the collar. I am just waiting for the formality of the slave contract. The last several posts have been about my negotiation with Mistress over the collar with a couple of rewards and punishments thrown in for some fun. The list that you see below are the links to all the posts that I have been part off since May. Mistress has been 



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