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On the first day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. Some time in the corner on my knees.

On the second day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. Two Ben Wa balls and some time in the corner on my knees

On the third day of Christmas,my Mistress gave me. Three butt plugs,
Two Ben Wa balls, and some time in the corner on my knees.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/12/kinky-12-days-of-xmas.html

I did something like this last year. So I thought I would try doing it
again this year. Also keep an eye out for a Christmas song parody thatI will be releasing here on my blog.

*A Christmas poem for 2018

Once again it is the night before Christmas and all through the house,not a creature was stirring. Not even a slave dressed as a mouse.

Mistress worked hard all day preparing her toys, so she could be on
Santa's list like all the other good girls and boys.

Mistress has all her clamps and whips and gags at the ready. For dear
old Santa who has been visiting quite steady.

From the shadows, Mistress waits for her elf with a stern frown. For
Santa is late coming to her hometown.

But she did not have to wait long, before seeing Santa's new team of
eight beautiful ladies pulling his sleigh, with Santa sitting


Well, it ended at 32 days. The daily edging is over. I fail to make it to six weeks. I stopped because I fell sick last week and missed a day of edging. You see my doctor prescribed a new medication and it had an adverse effect on me which kept me from edging sadly. I don't know why but the side effect made all my nerves super hyper. My groin was already hypersensitive, so the added intensity was unbearable. The ache seems to start of my penis and bore through into my rectum. I was sick and super aroused at the same time. I fought the urge to masturbate for almost two days but finally had to give in. The pulsating through the nerves in my groin, scrotum, and the anus was relentless. It was the medication making me feel like this but I figured if I released the ache in that area. I am going to spare the details of the act of jerking off. I will say that after a month of edging that release would be quick. Nothing would be farther from the truth. For some cruel reason, I could not keep my thoughts on the task. My mind would jump from a fantasy to a bill or an errand that had to be done. It took close to an hour to coach that orgasm from me. The release was intense, but after a month of edging, it was less satisfying than I hope. Probably because it was produced form a nipple orgasm. I just rubbed my groin until I went off.

So, I guess for all my effort through the month I will have to settle for the less than explosive orgasm that I was expecting. Oh, if you're wondering why I don’t just start over, that's easy to answer. I did this challenge alone and it took a lot to contain myself each day. I feel that I could not be that discipline a second time. I figure for me to edge like that again. I would need to have somebody to answer to every day. Maybe one day someone will grab my leash and have me try again. I just won't attempt it alone again.


Chapter 1 https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/10/just-brief-post-to-let-you-know-what-i.html
"Just a little insurance for your protection slave as well as for Mistress
Kenzie. We don't want you to do anything thing rash while she is working on
that ass of yours now." Mistress Nikki reassuringly tells me. The wonderful feeling of Kenzie massaging my ass suddenly stops. I bite my lip and hold my breath. My heart pounds faster knowing any moment that the hole that up until now has been an exit only. Is about to be filled with a
foreign object. I feel my hole being spread as my best friend from childhood. Who knows this is the first time in my life to have a sex toy in my ass. Being a true friend and for tonight my owner slowly forces the plug into me. I must admit that at first the feeling of the butt plug feels oddly nice even if it is entering my body going in a hole in the wrong direction.
I start to toss my head from side to side as the object slides deeper inside spreading me wider as it goes in. "Oh my god. Make it stops." I gasp as my ass is spread to the point that I hope is the biggest the darn thing will get. "What? Oh please no." My mind screams as I realize that Kenzi's has stopped pushing the butt plug in. She chose to stop right at the widest part on the shaft of the butt plug, stretching the rim wide. Holding me in a place between heaven and hell, and loving both the pain and pleasure of being held and not know when it might end. I try to reach back and push
just a little on the intruder. But I could not. Mistress Nikki held my arms firmly by the wrist. Then I hear Nikki say "Mistress Darleen would you reward this slave for trying to push the butt plug in by herself with a few whacks. "  The request barely left Nikki's lips and I feel my ass cheeks jolt as Darleen delivers two quick swats to each side. "Oh, she deserves more than two Mistress." Nikki comments. Still holding my wrist Nikki gestures with her head pointing to the array of toys she took from the cabinet. "Save your hand though, naughty slave's like this need something firmer. Like that paddle there." Darlene must have agreed with Nikki because she picks up the paddle and starts swinging. Crack! "Awwww! Nine." I moan out counting out each impact after Mistress Kenzie directed me too. SMACK!! Sighing I and yelp "10. Thank you, Mistress Darleen." My head is overwhelmed by the spanking. But as painful as it was to receive, I find myself wanting more and my pussy is wet and throbbing with arousal from my punishment. "Oh no!" My mind screams as I feel Kenzie pull the plug from me a little giving me a moment of relief, just to push the thing right back to where it is the widest. Squirming on the table and once again by reflex I  try once again to relieve myself by pushing that plug some more. "Behave slave or I will ask Mistress Darlene to continue spanking you." Warns Mistress Nikki and the three women have a laugh at my predicament. As fun as the spanking resuming sounds. I do not want to delay Mistress Kenzie from finally push the plug all the way in. Truthfully I am curious now to know what else is in store for me. So I resign myself to stop struggling and just rest there and enjoy the feeling of the moment. "Yesssss!" I squeal as Kenzie finally push the butt plug all the way in. Allowing my ass to finally relax around the narrow far side part of the plug. As I enjoy my reprieve I see Nikki whispering two my friends and pointing at things on the side table. "OK slave we need you to roll over on your back please." Mistress Nikki says to me. I am actually pleased to lay down and rest on the bench. At least if I'm on my back my throbbing butt cheeks are protected from an future punishment. I climb up and sit on the table. Leaning back I swing my slender bronze tan legs up and stretch them out in front of me on the table and wiggle my toes. "That's a good slave. Now lie down and get comfortable please."  Kenzie directs as she gently pushes two fingers into my right shoulder to assist me in laying down. I press my back firmly into the cushions and shuffle my legs while resting my arms at my sides to get comfortable. "Now slave! If you will indulge your Mistress. Please bend your knees and rest your feet on the table here and here." Nikki commands as she points at two spots on the table. Not wanting to risk being spanked again, I quickly comply with her request. Just as my feet settle onto the table, both Kenzie and Darlene who have moved to spots on opposite sides of the table next to me, fasten short chains attach to the bench on to my ankle cuffs. The width of the bench I notice is conveniently wide enough to spread my legs wide, exposing my pussy completely. "OK now. If you would be so kind dear to raise your arms above your head please." Mistress Nikki asks as I test the chains attached to my ankles. Yup, no doubt about it my feet were going nowhere. Taking a deep breath, I stretch my arms out above my as ordered. "Thank you very much for listing  my pet." Mistress Nikki approvingly acknowledges as she attaches a chain to the two D rings on my wrist cuffs. Then pulling on the other end of the chain, Mistress Niki pulls my arm straight and attaches the chain to the end of the table. All at once things happen rapidity. "Open wide slave." Commands Mistress Kenzie as she demonstrates what she meant by opening and closing her mouth. I see the purple ball gag held out ready to silence anymore of my protest. "Lift your head and open wide. don't make this any harder than it has to be my slave." Resisting I clamp my mouth closes. "OOOOWWW!!! What the fu mmmmuuppphhhhh" I garbled as Kenzie secures the gag after Darlene pinched and twist the shit out of nipples. "pulfeze" I try to plead to the three giggling women. "What that honey? You will have to speaker clear dear. I can't make out a thing your saying." Kenzie teases and the three women have a big laugh at my expense. "What made you think to twist her nipples" Kenzie ask Darlene. "I don't know." Darleen replies. "It just felt like the right thing to do. I guess I figured she need to be punished for not opening her mouth when you told her too." then Darlene starts to pinch and pull gently on my nipples. "I can't explain it." Darleen continues "I really like hearing her moan when I twist them. It feels just right having those nips squeezed in my fingers." "UUMMMM." I moan and wiggle as Darlene applies more pressure. Then Kenzie comments "Well then. If you get to play with her doing something you like. I am going to do something I always wanted to do. I have always fantasized about having a helplessly bound and gagged victim that I could tickle mercilessly for as long as I want." My eye bolt wide open in panic. Kenzie knows just how ticklish I am. We use to have tickle fights as kids. She always won with me pleading for mercy. I knew this would be pure torture. Being tied and at her mercy, but I did not protest. Oddly as much as I hated being tickled I was becoming hornier at the idea of being her helpless victim. Buzzzzz! Mistress Nikki phone goes off. "Hello." she says "What! Now? Can't it wait, I am in the middle of something. Ok, ok stop begging for fuck sakes. I will be right there." Nikki then hangs up and looks at us. "I am very sorry ladies, I have to leave for a short bit to attend to something." Nikki the says " Kenzie I suggest leaving your slave stew for awhile knowing that sometime tonight you will get your wish of having a tickle victim. But for now while I am gone may I suggest that you and Darlene finish getting Caroline ready. we still need to get that vibrator in her, the binding harness needs to be put on her. Oh and don't forget the blindfold. I promise once everything is on your slave and I return. I am going to show you how to have an evening that none of you will forget." Nikki hands Kenzie a bottle of lube and says. "Start with this, and I will be back soon." I turn my head slightly and once again I watch Nikki's beautiful body disappear into the club. With my heart pounding I turn my attention back to my two friends, my two Dommes. I watch wide eye as Kenzie pours more lube into her hand. Just beside her Darlene is holding up a long vibrator. Click!!! Bizzzzz!!! I see Darlene smile as she switches the device on a off. " Ok then. lets see what kind of trouble you have got us all into slave." comments Kenzie as she starts applying lube to my pulsing pussy. "Hmmmmmmmm!!!" I moan.........To be continued.

Chapter Six:

Chapter One: https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender.html

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