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Mistress Nikki gently slips her hand into my bra and clips one clamp to a nipple and then the second one to the next, "how are we doing, slave?" "I'm ok Ma'am," I answer calmly as I cringe from the punishing biting of the nipple clamps. Shivering from anticipation and the fact that I am nearly naked and standing in a fetish club for all to see. I take a quick moment to survey my new surroundings. At first sight, the club appears like any other nightclub. To one side there is your typical bar with its beer taps, and the liquor bottles displayed in the back. Of course, not far off from there is a dance floor. The only difference here, all of the dancers are dressed like me, and had their hands tied like me. To one side I see an array of tables where you can see clothed people sitting, and their almost naked slaves are kneeling or standing next to the table. Just beyond that, I can see the play area, with all kinds of kinky furniture. I expect I’ll get introduced to it soon enough. I can see a woman tied to a cross, both her arms and legs were spread wide to give her owner full access to all her sensitive spots. In fact, I see that her master has already put clamps on her nipples, and they look tighter than the ones Mistress Nikki put on me. The look on the poor slave's face makes me think she has been teased and denied an orgasm for quite some time. Seeing the anguish each time her Master pulls the vibrator away is getting me excited.Then it dawns on me, I could be in that slave predicament too. Also in the play area I see a cute slave with his hand pulled high above his head, which is forcing him onto his toes. Attached between his feet is a polished spreader bar preventing him from closing his legs. This lovely specimen is also sporting a ball gag, which became apparent when his mistress stepped into my view. In each of her hands, she’s banishing a shiny leather flogger. She wasted no time in guiding her tools to their intended spot on his naked ass. Again, and again I hear the swoosh of the flogger as it impacted its target. I am spellbound as I watch the slave flinch every time the flogger kisses his skin, and I swear his cock is trying to grow another inch with each slap, if it wasn't being stopped by a cock cage. I catch myself rubbing my legs together as I watch his predicament. Nothing else seems to matter as I stood there staring. "Slave!... Slave, look at me when I speak to you." I hear turning my head to focus on Mistress Nikki. She has slid my leash onto her wrist and is now holding a tablet in her hands. "I have a few questions to ask you, slave. Are you ready?" I nod my head up and down to say yes. "Good! So... https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender-chapter-two.html?zx=f0dde00d6d67dab8
"Allan, I am intrigued by your writing style," Ms. Scottsdale praises. Ms. Scottsdale, is an accomplished business woman, she’s in her early forties and very fit. She has long red hair and two lips that match, a cute button nose and piercing blue eyes. For today's meeting she dressed conservatively in a pants suit, and heels. "I find your writing unique, I'd even go so far as to say it's titillating. I've read every story, article and meme on your blog. I find your stories captivating. You always manage to draw me into the plot, tease me, and then end the story leaving me hanging, desperate for more. That's why I approached Eric to reach out to you." Blushing a little from the nice compliment Allan remarks, "thank you, that's very kind of you, but that's a lot of money to offer a hobbyist, what could I possibly offer to warrant such a large sum of money." "Well Allan," Mr. Pittman starts, "Can I ask you a personal question?" To which Allan nods yes. "How many times have you seen a Dominatrix in person?" The question stuns Allan and he can’t help but start to blush, but he answers "um, never," somewhat sheepishly. "I thought so," Pittman quipped, "Now consider the caliber of the material you could write from first hand knowledge. Listen, you have the ability to spin a great tale, and I know you have what it takes to write a bestseller. All you need is to believe in yourself and to get involved in the lifestyle. What do you say, are you ready for the next step in your evolution?" “Well, yes… I’d love too…, but I can’t.” Allan replies, “It’s my wife, I love her and I couldn’t betray her like that. Not for any amount of money.” Allan says knowing in his heart that despite the insane amount of money being offered it was the right answer, the only answer he could give. “I had hoped you would say that,” Ms. Scottsdale chimes in next. “I made a bet with Eric here,” she comments while pointing at Mr Pittman with a huge smile, “that you’re a man of integrity and honesty, and that if you stayed true to your values, he would pony up another five million to the offer.” The announcement of an additional five million causes Allan to gasp before he speaks again, “Thank you, I thank you both for the generous offer, but be it as it may, it doesn’t change my answer. I would rather be loyal and happy with my wife, than having a box filled with money and being miserable alone. “And that’s exactly what she heard,” Ms. Scottsdale says as the door to Allan’s small home offices opens to allow Allan’s wife Jessica and a stranger to enter. Jessica walks straight over to Allan, puts her arms around him and hugs him. “I love you. You big adorable Olaf,” she exclaims before kissing him affectionately. Perplexed, Allan looks around before Ms, Scottsdale resumes speaking, “Allan, this beautiful young lady is my assistant Penelope. I trust her with everything, and I had her explain everything to Jessica.” Seeing an expression of worry crossing his face, Allan’s wife looks her husband in the eye ,smiles and says, “It’s alright honey, I’m okay, I understand, relax, I’m not mad.” “Allan,” Ms. Scottsdale resumes speaking, “l’m not an impulsive women, before coming here today I did a deep dive on you. I wanted to make sure you were not an unfaithful cheating piece of shit, running around behind your wife's back. But after doing the check I was pleased to discover a good man, who has had his fair share of hard times. I know everything you have gone through Allan, every pain, every heartache, every failure. I also know that you stay faithful to your wife by writing. Yes, Allan, I understand that you still have urges, needs, and desires. But more importantly you have morals. So even if you had the opportunity to be unfaithful, you were not. I get that you write out of respect for Jessica and for love. And now she knows that too.” Jessica hugs her husband even tighter saying, “you big numbskull, why didn’t you tell https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/p/the-realm-of-scottsdale.html?zx=ae0b42b71e096829
"But, Ma'am, the mall!" Justin exclaims, " you're joking right?" "Tell me, slave, have you ever known me to joke about anything when it comes to you, your training or your tasks." was the response Bridget, Justin's Mistress and Owner for the past 18 months. It started harmlessly enough, just a casual date with one of his administrative assistants. Not even a date really, a couple of drinks at a bar. But two weeks later they rented a hotel room and made love over, and over, and over again. They met discreetly like this for five more weeks. Having wild passionate sex all weekend long. But then on their sixth week when Justin picked Bridget up for their next rendezvous, she brought a large duffel bag along with her. "What's in the bag?" Justin inquiries. "I have a midget in there," Bridget said with a laugh, before saying, "it's none of your business what's in the bag. It's a surprise, for when we get to the hotel." Needless to say that the hour drive to the hotel had Justin wondering what could be in the bag. Any questions about it were abruptly cut off by Bridget, followed with, "you will find out when we get there." So when they finally entered their room, Justin was excited as a child on Christmas morning. "Could you pour me a glass of champagne, pet, while I get changed," Bridget requested, teasing Justin's curiosity for a bit longer. She grabs a smaller bag and heads into the bathroom, and closes the door. "Ah! Now is my chance," Justin says to himself, grabbing the duffel bag to take a look inside. Justin's face quickly turns to a frown when he discovers the bag is locked. He tosses the bag back onto the bed and with nothing else to do, he pops the cork on the champagne, and pours two glasses, takes a seat on the edge of the bed, and has a sip of his bubbly. (Click) he hears coming from the bathroom door as the lock disengages. "Are you ready!" Bridget calls out. "Whenever you are," he rapidly replied. But Justin was anything but ready for the vixen emerging from the bathroom... https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2021/08/whos-boss-now.html?zx=ebd393ecb435341a
Some of you may have read this one before, but since first writing it I’ve taught myself how to make illustrations to help convey what I see in my head. In fact the illustrations could tell the story almost by theirselves. So for the first timers enjoy the story, and if you already read the story, why not check out the new pictures, and like always I beg for your feed back My girlfriends and I decided to check out a new fetish club that opened up. As we neared the entrance, I overheard the doorman turning people away because the club is exclusive to couples or groups in a D/s relationship. Upon reaching the door we’re asked by the doorman how we identified our roles. As expected my two friends promptly replied "Mistress", but fearing being turned away, and having a great desire to see inside, I bowed my head and said "slave Sir". My two friends glanced at me in shock. The doorman said "welcome to Club Surrender ladies", just as another woman approached me and locked a collar around my neck and then she attached a leash. Next I hear the doorman say, "Ladies the clubs headmistress for this evening has issued an order that all slaves are to spend the night wearing a club appointed uniform with their hands bound and on a leash." this time it was I who had the look of shock. I saw the doorman open the door to usher my two friends in and heard him say "Have a pleasant evening ladies, your slave will be escorted to you, just as soon as she is prepared properly." At the same time the woman holding my leash said harshly as she yanked on it, "Follow me, SLAVE! Let's get you ready for Mistress and your Owners," and she leads me down a hall to another room, a dressing room of sorts. Once inside the woman turned to me and yelled: " Strip slave, get out of those bloody clothes and hang them in locker sixty, in there you will find something more suitable for a slave to put on, and be quick about it." I disrobed rapidly with my heart racing and did not want to anger this amazon any further. Once changed I hung up my clothing neatly as ordered, then turn fearfully to face the woman once again. She was standing there staring at me soaking up my outfit with an evil smirk on her lips, what I have on wasn’t hiding much. The outfit consisted of a strapless black bra, a small pair of panties with a zipper down the front, a set of fishnet stockings with straps to attach to the panties. “What size shoes do you wear?'' I’m asked by my chaperone. I tell her and watch as she goes to a shelf and grabs a pair. “Here, you’ll want to put these on too,” she says, placing the shoes on the table. “Thank you,” I responded. I sigh with a sense of relief knowing that I did have to spend the night naked. I slip the shoes on and wait for my next instructions. “You have to wear these too,” she says, holding leather wrist and ankle cuffs to match the collar that I presently wore. "put these on slave and don't be wasting my darn time, you’re not... ... ... Just follow the link to continue reading, and to see the new pictures. https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender.html

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Its been awhile since I posted here. I hope you enjoyed this one
I'm just posting a new chapter in my on going serial of Holly having fun with her winnings.


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Having his mouth free of any impediment, Peter answers freely, "yes Mistress." Julie adds lube to the butt plug and moves in behind Peter. "Are you ready for this," she teasingly whispers into Peter's ear.  Julie's voice and warm breath radiates through Peter's ear and lovingly dances around inside his cerebral cortex. He instinctively clenches his butt cheeks together when Mistress Julie tries to spread some oil into his bum hole. (Whack!) He is rewarded by Julie slapping his ass for his efforts. "We will have none of that, slave. I will tell you when to clench and when not to," Julie scolds him.

"Now, on the other hand, slave! If you prefer I can insert this thing dry. But I doubt you will find it all that pleasant," Julie indicates as she slaps her slave's ass a few more times for good measure. "So, what is it going to be, slave. With lube or without lube?"

Peter flinches to each and every one of Mistress Julie's swats. Each new swat stinging just a little bit more than the one before it. Peter tries to relax his butt muscles and answers her, once spanking had stopped, "definitely with lube Mistress." Peter then inexplicably closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and tries to relax every one of his muscles. Which he finds out is easier said than done, when one knows his ass is about to be violated by one of Mistress Julie toys.

"That's a good boy," Julie praises when she sees him release his butt. She takes her hand and gingerly applies oil to Peter's ass.

Remarkable Peter finds the attention being given to his butt hole quiet rewarding. Having his ass played with is not what he was expecting.  Peter then suddenly yells out, "OH, oh, oh, Oh! Fuck me, Oh my fucking god, oh, oh, oh!" Until that moment Peter had never had anything enter what he had always considered an exit only part  of his body.

Julie could help but laugh at all the commotion Peter is making, all she did was stick her index finger in his rectum. "Oh my!" she exclaims, "Dear god, slave. That's nothing, I only have one finger in so far. If you thought that was fun. Just imagine what the butt plug is going to feel like," Julie teased, then just to be naughty, she started to play with his ass. She started by corkscrewing her finger around the tight confines of Peter's tight little hole. She furthered compound Peter's cerebral pleasure sensors by thrusting her finger in his rectum as deep as she could, only to pull it back out quickly, but stopping just shy of completely exiting his ass, only to thrust it all the way back in, and do another corkscrew.

"Fuck me, yes! yes! YES! No more, oh god yes, please don't stop, please don't stop," Peter gasped over and over again. How could something he was raised to believe was so wrong, Feel so darn good. The surprise of the sudden penetration initially caused him to clench up and rise up onto his toes, but once Mistress Julie started working her finger magic. He relaxed so much that if it wasn't for his restraints, he would have become a goofy face rag doll.

"Mistress, (gasp), Mistress (gasp), may I ask you a question?" Peter asks literally panting out each word. Mindful of the fact that her slave broke her rule about swearing, and he will answer for it. She did not deny him his request, "yes pet you may speak." Although Julie gave Peter permission to speak, that did not keep her from penetrating his cute tight little bum, bum.

Still gasping to speak Peter  peers over his shoulder and makes an inquiry, (gasp) "Mistress, I'm not gay, so why does your finger shoved in me feel so great?" Ironically just as Peter finished asking his question, Julie inserts a second finger. "Oooh fuck!" Peter exclaimed as he once again clenches his ass muscles snaring Julies' intruding fingers.

"My, my slave that is quite a potty mouth you have. I see I will have a lot of work training you to have some etiquette." Julie comments on her slaves' poor choice of words. "As for your question. You do not need to be gay to enjoy anal stimulation, pet. Your rectum, hon, has so many receptors in there, and if properly played with it can drive you insane." To reinforce what she was saying she increased the corkscrewing method with her fingers.

Peter let out a long moan, he was indeed enjoying the feeling of Mistress Julie's fingers deep inside of him. The screwing motion of Julie's fingers had him so aroused, he forgot that Julie had informed him earlier that slaves need permission to orgasm. As he got into the moment and was greedily trying to get more stimulation out of Julie's fingers. He started thrusting his hip back and forth hoping to push himself over the edge.

(Whack!) "What the hell do you think you're doing?" demands Mistress Julie after giving her slave a resounding slap on the ass. "I said there was nothing wrong with you liking the feeling. I didn't say anything that gives you permission to cum. But since your so eager I guess you're ready for this thing," Julie indicates holding the plug out so her pet can see it.

Peter lowered his head in shame. He was about to blurt out sorry mistress but held back because he had not been given permission to speak. Peter's sacrifice of not speaking did not go unnoticed. "He's learning fast than I thought," Julie thinks to herself. His willingness to learn, cause her to smile. Julie also thinks that Peter has the potential of becoming one of her inner circle of personal slaves. She will know better as she trains him.

"Alright let's get this butt plug in there. You're such an eager beaver, and I have so much I plan to do with you," Julie teases as she cloyingly rubs the tip of the plug up and down this butt crack. "Are you ready for this?" She asks softly as not to sound too menacing just before impaling his as with her toy. Peter nods his head affirming he was, and he also confirms his willingness with, "Yes Mistress, I am as ready as I'll ever be. Please be gentle."

Mistress Julie replies with another resounding (whack) to his ass, " I will be whatever the hell I want to be, slave," she scolds him. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded a lot like you, a slave, was trying to tell me, your superior, what to do." "No, no, no, no," Peter studders. "Are you now calling me a liar, slave?" Julie question back.

Sounding desperate as he stood there bound, naked and exposed, Peter response is, "No Mistress, I would never call you." " So, you did try to tell me what to do then?" Julie pressures him. "No, I didn't tell you what to do. Well, maybe I did, but I didn't mean it that way," he answers but not feeling confident. "Let me get this straight," Julie continues on, "you're telling me that I am wrong and that I, your Mistress, doesn't know what you, a pathetic little slave, is saying to me?"  Julie continues to needle and confuse her victim. Like a cat toying with a mouse, Julie teases Peter a little more. No one knows how much enjoyment she gets from playing these mind games with her slaves.

Page 1: (Press Here)

The whole story can be found here: https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/p/a-slaves.html?zx=3365361960f9cd6d

"Do you think the bitch is ready for this?" I hear Darlene pull me back from whatever head place I was just in. Turning my head slightly to my right. I see Darlene standing there with her hands covered in lube, I then see Kenzie holding this huge lubed up vibrator, cock, dildo thingy-ma-jig. "Oh! she's ready," Mistress Kenzie said wearing a brimming smile, "The way this pussy is. It could swallow it whole, I heard Kenzie comment. She finished by saying, "I think she is a needy whore just about…https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2019/05/club-surrender-part-06-page-01.html

"I bet you love the feeling of my hand greasing up that pussy, don't you bitch," Mistress Kenzie asks as she applies more lube to my pussy. She wasn't wrong though, I was indeed loving the attention that I am receiving. The mounting excitement that is coming from my best friend rubbing my pussy is blowing my mind. I have secretly had fantasies about submitting to her like this. When I said that I was a slave tonight to get us in here. I never even imagined finding myself like this. So, rolling my head back, I decide to enjoy the ride. It's not like I am able to run off somewhere. Who knows the club probably has a deal with the… Follow the link: https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2019/05/club-surrender-part-06-page-01.html

Hi all, slave allan here. This week I am asking for help for a new piece I'd like to do. Last fall I did an edging challenge by myself which I had fun doing. I am putting a link to that story at the bottom of this post. In that challenge, I managed to last 32 days. I think I can exceed that if I try again. The only thing though I said it last fall, and I am going to say it again now. I can not do it on my own.

The one element that was missing was having someone to answer too. I think having someone to report to every day, would compel me to push further. I see someone setting a required amount of edgings for me. Plus having me reporting back if I managed to complete the task or not, and answering for it if I do fail. This person would be my anchor, coach and dominant in this quest to achieving a victory. This lucky person even gets to decide how long my torrent will last and has the last say in how I get to have my release

To add to my predicament and torment is the fact that I write daily adding more content to my various erotic stories. I will admit that as I write I immerse myself into the characters and the setting. This almost always causes me to become aroused and the need for the occasional self-gratification to find relief. Now take that away causing more pent up frustration can you imagine the stories I would be composing for my blog.

So, for this post, this is an exercise in finding out if anyone would like to take the reins and lead me down this road of torment. To be part of this journey to see if I can become an author.

This could be the first of many such adventures. I am going to explore bondage via locks controlled by one's smartphone. I would like to show that there are still ways to have fun with BDSM while in an LDR relationship.

But everything has to start somewhere. I purpose starting with this edging task and see where it goes. If interested in chatting with me, please just message me and I will send you my email address. I look forward to hearing from you.

The link to Some fun with edging:


Just as promised. Here is another installment to “Serving Mistress Alice” There will be a new one next week too.

Rule number three. Mistress Scarlet is an extension to Master Thomas dominance. Mistress Scarlet is the female side of Master Thomas. An order From Mistress Scarlet is the same as receiving from Master Thomas. Obey the order, because Master Thomas never contradict any of Mistress Scarlet’s orders, an if need he will help enforce her orders on us slaves.

Mistress Scarlet taught me a lot of things, starting with how to please a man, and a woman.

Link to the story

Finally, the next chapter in my Serving Mistress Alice is complete. This chapter is very long. It is about 18 pocketbook pages long. So, I have decided to break it up into a weekly series for the next several weeks. I also have chapter five nearing completion. It too is a long chapter. So, I will be breaking that one up too. My intention is to post the link to the next page every Friday evening. So, if the story is interesting to you, please feel free to follow the adventure on my blog.

The rules of the house seemed very simple and easy to learn, they’re less easy when you must live them every day. I remember the look Master Thomas gave me when he told me about the five rules. The raised eyebrow, and his piercing blue eyes, penetrating my soul. How naive I was when I said to him...

Link to page: Page 1

Page 2 is here: Lt. Jill's interrogation

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a new story posted on my blog. It's a new story about Luke who is a captain from the same unit as Lt. Jill. Just like Jill, he was captured and spent some wonderful time with Mistress Thorpe. This story will lead you into Luke's life after his time with Mistress Thorpe.

You will find the story here: Luke's new Mistress

"Here we go again," Lt. Jill says to herself rising from her bed and placing her hands behind her back. Her jailers lock her wrist together and clasp a leash to a collar around her neck. He then leads her out on her after breakfast stroll from her cell to the interrogation room, and her new BFF. Mistress Thorpe. It only takes 10 minutes for the guards to parade her naked through three corridors, across an open-air courtyard, and into the adjacent building, and up a flight of stairs to this steel door in front of her nowThe guard punch's his code in and the door slide to the side, revealing to Jill the all too familiar dull gray room. A spreader bar suspended from the ceiling, and two chains anchored to the floor. The guards jostle Jill into place, releasing her hands from behind her back, only to have them tied above her head. The second guard is spreading Jill's legs and attaching the floor chains to the ankle cuffs. Once securely locked in place the guards leave the room. But not before the female guard says with condemnation, "have a nice day," as the door is sliding close.Jill's training taught her to always survey her surroundings look for something of use, a means of escape or something that could be used as a weapon. But her scan provides the same findings as the last five days, nothing.  Jill looks over her head and testing her bonds silently praying they would break. Jill knows if her hands were free, she has the skills to twist a few necks and escape. She has no luck today. So, Jill looks down over her naked body, her only clothing is the two sets off cuffs and the collar around her neck. Jill's new friend Mistress Thorpe cut her bra and panties off of her five days ago. Stripping away the last layer of dignity that had remained. Now Jill's beautiful muscular naked body is on display for everyone."Good morning pet. Did you have a good night? I sure did,” Mistress Thorpe says entering the room. She is covered from head to toe in her dominatrix garb again. In one hand she is holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee, which is providing a wonderful aroma to an otherwise stale room. In her other hand, she carries a tote bag which she sets on the table. Putting her coffee cup on the table next lets Mistress Thorpe pull out the desk chair and sit down. Once comfortable, she opens a dossier that she brought with her.Thorpe reads for a few moments before she starts laughing, "it says here you headbutt one of the guards last night. Did you really head butt a guard?" Mistress Thorpe asks still very much amuse. Jill looks defiantly at Thorpe with a huge grin, but she says nothing. So, Thorpe does, "it's too bad I have to punish you for it. But I can permit my guess to go around headbutting the hired help," Mistress Thorpe jest. "But a head butt Jill? Dam girl, I just have to say, Bravo! The little prick probably had it coming too.  He’s darn lucky you didn't crush his balls with your knee, after all the teasing I've been putting your little pussy through," she praises.Thorpe read a little more before speaking again, "you certainly haven't been a disappointment, Jill. Five days of my edging regiment and you’re still going. Your male counterparts would have all broke three days ago. I have to say that your one tough bitch, Lt Jill.  It's a pity that I must keep torturing you, but that's what they pay me for, and, I, will break you. So, on today's schedule, we are going to start with more of the same. I am going to tease the shit out of you all day, and you're going to resist answering my questions. Sound fun to me, but later today I will be upping the ante," Mistress Thorpe says patting he tote bag. " But that will wait for later. For now, take a break while I finish my coffee and admire your body, and consider how many whacks on the ass I will give you for your head-butting unruliness last night".Still naked and in a standing spread-eagle position, Jill moans in disgust at the thought of being spanked on the ass. She was a college freshman the last time she got a spanking. She didn't like it then and she won't like it now. But the idiot deserved it, grabbing her labia as he did, and with her being so darn horny and sensitive as she is. After five days of vibrating wands and butt plugs. Sybian rides and endless anal bead sessions. Mistress Thorpe has also subjected her to ice cubes, itching powder and nipple clamps, are just a few of the fun things they have been doing. Jill needed a way to release her frustrations somehow, and with no chance of an orgasm. Jill gave the dumb-fuck what he deserved, and it felt great.But facing a sixth day of teasing, and Mistress Thorpe threatening something new. Jill doesn't know if she can continue to resist much longer. Especially with an orgasm, being dangled as a carrot in front of her.Lt. Jill's interrogation page 1

Ginger asks her helpless naked and restrained slave. Ryan looks up to
his left and then to his right wrist surveying his cuffs. He tests his
bonds by pulling at them as much as they would permit. He relaxes once
he confirms that he is not going anywhere. As for this envelope, when
Mistress Ginger grabbed his balls and squeezed them, it triggered a
post-hypnotic suggestion from one of their earlier sessions. In that
session, she had Ryan write a word on a piece of paper and seal it in
an envelope. Ginger then had him forget about it, but not before
planting the trigger to remember it. Once Mistress Ginger grabbed his
balls, he remembers the word that he had come up with. He replies to
her question by saying, "yes, of course, I do Mistress. The word
is..." https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2019/02/54321-drop.html

That's easy, a great big THANK YOU is the order for today. On this day February 07, 2019 my blog has reached 10 000, that's ten thousand-page views. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would reach this many view’s. I was flabbergasted way back when I reached a thousand views let alone ten thousand views. A blog that started out as a method to report to my… 



I wanted to share a piece I did for a nice couple who contacted me on one of the social media platforms that I visit when I can. These two people are on their own journey of discovery with BDSM. They asked if they could send me some question to answer for them, to which I agreed. I would. like to share that exchange now.


"Sighs!" Mistress exhales as she takes her seat once more on the sofa. Then spreading her legs Mistress says with a smile. "Come, Alice, you know what Mistress likes." I do know how to please my Mistress, I know just how sensitive her nipples are. The right one is more sensitive than the left. I know how she likes to have my hair brushing over her chest, as my tongue flicks, laps and lick at each lush nip. Still being on my knee I shuffle back between her legs to begin her command. I want so much to rest my arms on her thighs, but obviously, my binding is preventing it. So, I extend my tongue and take aim at Mistress's most sensitive tip. I start my assault with a long, slow tantalizing circle around the right tip, followed with a few playful nips. All the while making sure my...https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2019/01/a-collaboration-with-alice-part-3.html

On the first day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. Some time in the corner on my knees.

On the second day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. Two Ben Wa balls and some time in the corner on my knees

On the third day of Christmas,my Mistress gave me. Three butt plugs,
Two Ben Wa balls, and some time in the corner on my knees.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me. https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/12/kinky-12-days-of-xmas.html

I did something like this last year. So I thought I would try doing it
again this year. Also keep an eye out for a Christmas song parody thatI will be releasing here on my blog.

*A Christmas poem for 2018

Once again it is the night before Christmas and all through the house,not a creature was stirring. Not even a slave dressed as a mouse.

Mistress worked hard all day preparing her toys, so she could be on
Santa's list like all the other good girls and boys.

Mistress has all her clamps and whips and gags at the ready. For dear
old Santa who has been visiting quite steady.

From the shadows, Mistress waits for her elf with a stern frown. For
Santa is late coming to her hometown.

But she did not have to wait long, before seeing Santa's new team of
eight beautiful ladies pulling his sleigh, with Santa sitting


Well, it ended at 32 days. The daily edging is over. I fail to make it to six weeks. I stopped because I fell sick last week and missed a day of edging. You see my doctor prescribed a new medication and it had an adverse effect on me which kept me from edging sadly. I don't know why but the side effect made all my nerves super hyper. My groin was already hypersensitive, so the added intensity was unbearable. The ache seems to start of my penis and bore through into my rectum. I was sick and super aroused at the same time. I fought the urge to masturbate for almost two days but finally had to give in. The pulsating through the nerves in my groin, scrotum, and the anus was relentless. It was the medication making me feel like this but I figured if I released the ache in that area. I am going to spare the details of the act of jerking off. I will say that after a month of edging that release would be quick. Nothing would be farther from the truth. For some cruel reason, I could not keep my thoughts on the task. My mind would jump from a fantasy to a bill or an errand that had to be done. It took close to an hour to coach that orgasm from me. The release was intense, but after a month of edging, it was less satisfying than I hope. Probably because it was produced form a nipple orgasm. I just rubbed my groin until I went off.

So, I guess for all my effort through the month I will have to settle for the less than explosive orgasm that I was expecting. Oh, if you're wondering why I don’t just start over, that's easy to answer. I did this challenge alone and it took a lot to contain myself each day. I feel that I could not be that discipline a second time. I figure for me to edge like that again. I would need to have somebody to answer to every day. Maybe one day someone will grab my leash and have me try again. I just won't attempt it alone again.


Chapter 1 https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/10/just-brief-post-to-let-you-know-what-i.html
"Just a little insurance for your protection slave as well as for Mistress
Kenzie. We don't want you to do anything thing rash while she is working on
that ass of yours now." Mistress Nikki reassuringly tells me. The wonderful feeling of Kenzie massaging my ass suddenly stops. I bite my lip and hold my breath. My heart pounds faster knowing any moment that the hole that up until now has been an exit only. Is about to be filled with a
foreign object. I feel my hole being spread as my best friend from childhood. Who knows this is the first time in my life to have a sex toy in my ass. Being a true friend and for tonight my owner slowly forces the plug into me. I must admit that at first the feeling of the butt plug feels oddly nice even if it is entering my body going in a hole in the wrong direction.
I start to toss my head from side to side as the object slides deeper inside spreading me wider as it goes in. "Oh my god. Make it stops." I gasp as my ass is spread to the point that I hope is the biggest the darn thing will get. "What? Oh please no." My mind screams as I realize that Kenzi's has stopped pushing the butt plug in. She chose to stop right at the widest part on the shaft of the butt plug, stretching the rim wide. Holding me in a place between heaven and hell, and loving both the pain and pleasure of being held and not know when it might end. I try to reach back and push
just a little on the intruder. But I could not. Mistress Nikki held my arms firmly by the wrist. Then I hear Nikki say "Mistress Darleen would you reward this slave for trying to push the butt plug in by herself with a few whacks. "  The request barely left Nikki's lips and I feel my ass cheeks jolt as Darleen delivers two quick swats to each side. "Oh, she deserves more than two Mistress." Nikki comments. Still holding my wrist Nikki gestures with her head pointing to the array of toys she took from the cabinet. "Save your hand though, naughty slave's like this need something firmer. Like that paddle there." Darlene must have agreed with Nikki because she picks up the paddle and starts swinging. Crack! "Awwww! Nine." I moan out counting out each impact after Mistress Kenzie directed me too. SMACK!! Sighing I and yelp "10. Thank you, Mistress Darleen." My head is overwhelmed by the spanking. But as painful as it was to receive, I find myself wanting more and my pussy is wet and throbbing with arousal from my punishment. "Oh no!" My mind screams as I feel Kenzie pull the plug from me a little giving me a moment of relief, just to push the thing right back to where it is the widest. Squirming on the table and once again by reflex I  try once again to relieve myself by pushing that plug some more. "Behave slave or I will ask Mistress Darlene to continue spanking you." Warns Mistress Nikki and the three women have a laugh at my predicament. As fun as the spanking resuming sounds. I do not want to delay Mistress Kenzie from finally push the plug all the way in. Truthfully I am curious now to know what else is in store for me. So I resign myself to stop struggling and just rest there and enjoy the feeling of the moment. "Yesssss!" I squeal as Kenzie finally push the butt plug all the way in. Allowing my ass to finally relax around the narrow far side part of the plug. As I enjoy my reprieve I see Nikki whispering two my friends and pointing at things on the side table. "OK slave we need you to roll over on your back please." Mistress Nikki says to me. I am actually pleased to lay down and rest on the bench. At least if I'm on my back my throbbing butt cheeks are protected from an future punishment. I climb up and sit on the table. Leaning back I swing my slender bronze tan legs up and stretch them out in front of me on the table and wiggle my toes. "That's a good slave. Now lie down and get comfortable please."  Kenzie directs as she gently pushes two fingers into my right shoulder to assist me in laying down. I press my back firmly into the cushions and shuffle my legs while resting my arms at my sides to get comfortable. "Now slave! If you will indulge your Mistress. Please bend your knees and rest your feet on the table here and here." Nikki commands as she points at two spots on the table. Not wanting to risk being spanked again, I quickly comply with her request. Just as my feet settle onto the table, both Kenzie and Darlene who have moved to spots on opposite sides of the table next to me, fasten short chains attach to the bench on to my ankle cuffs. The width of the bench I notice is conveniently wide enough to spread my legs wide, exposing my pussy completely. "OK now. If you would be so kind dear to raise your arms above your head please." Mistress Nikki asks as I test the chains attached to my ankles. Yup, no doubt about it my feet were going nowhere. Taking a deep breath, I stretch my arms out above my as ordered. "Thank you very much for listing  my pet." Mistress Nikki approvingly acknowledges as she attaches a chain to the two D rings on my wrist cuffs. Then pulling on the other end of the chain, Mistress Niki pulls my arm straight and attaches the chain to the end of the table. All at once things happen rapidity. "Open wide slave." Commands Mistress Kenzie as she demonstrates what she meant by opening and closing her mouth. I see the purple ball gag held out ready to silence anymore of my protest. "Lift your head and open wide. don't make this any harder than it has to be my slave." Resisting I clamp my mouth closes. "OOOOWWW!!! What the fu mmmmuuppphhhhh" I garbled as Kenzie secures the gag after Darlene pinched and twist the shit out of nipples. "pulfeze" I try to plead to the three giggling women. "What that honey? You will have to speaker clear dear. I can't make out a thing your saying." Kenzie teases and the three women have a big laugh at my expense. "What made you think to twist her nipples" Kenzie ask Darlene. "I don't know." Darleen replies. "It just felt like the right thing to do. I guess I figured she need to be punished for not opening her mouth when you told her too." then Darlene starts to pinch and pull gently on my nipples. "I can't explain it." Darleen continues "I really like hearing her moan when I twist them. It feels just right having those nips squeezed in my fingers." "UUMMMM." I moan and wiggle as Darlene applies more pressure. Then Kenzie comments "Well then. If you get to play with her doing something you like. I am going to do something I always wanted to do. I have always fantasized about having a helplessly bound and gagged victim that I could tickle mercilessly for as long as I want." My eye bolt wide open in panic. Kenzie knows just how ticklish I am. We use to have tickle fights as kids. She always won with me pleading for mercy. I knew this would be pure torture. Being tied and at her mercy, but I did not protest. Oddly as much as I hated being tickled I was becoming hornier at the idea of being her helpless victim. Buzzzzz! Mistress Nikki phone goes off. "Hello." she says "What! Now? Can't it wait, I am in the middle of something. Ok, ok stop begging for fuck sakes. I will be right there." Nikki then hangs up and looks at us. "I am very sorry ladies, I have to leave for a short bit to attend to something." Nikki the says " Kenzie I suggest leaving your slave stew for awhile knowing that sometime tonight you will get your wish of having a tickle victim. But for now while I am gone may I suggest that you and Darlene finish getting Caroline ready. we still need to get that vibrator in her, the binding harness needs to be put on her. Oh and don't forget the blindfold. I promise once everything is on your slave and I return. I am going to show you how to have an evening that none of you will forget." Nikki hands Kenzie a bottle of lube and says. "Start with this, and I will be back soon." I turn my head slightly and once again I watch Nikki's beautiful body disappear into the club. With my heart pounding I turn my attention back to my two friends, my two Dommes. I watch wide eye as Kenzie pours more lube into her hand. Just beside her Darlene is holding up a long vibrator. Click!!! Bizzzzz!!! I see Darlene smile as she switches the device on a off. " Ok then. lets see what kind of trouble you have got us all into slave." comments Kenzie as she starts applying lube to my pulsing pussy. "Hmmmmmmmm!!!" I moan.........To be continued.

Chapter Six:

Chapter One: https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/01/club-surrender.html

"Who wants to hypnotize me?" I once wrote in a profile someplace a couple of years ago. That is when I entered the online social scene. Back then I wanted to let everyone know "hi I am here. I will be your slave." It sounds kind of desperate wouldn't you say. Since then I have grown in the community. I am still a novice, just not so wet behind the ears. I have made some good friends on some social sites, and I am learning more and more how to be a good submissive. I have learned that it takes patience if you want to become someone's sub or slave. There is nothing extra special about me or my online profile, that would make me stand out from the countless other desperate subs pleading to be noticed.
I write stories and articles and post them on my blog and other places for people to read 


"My name is Alice, Mistress Alice to you slave. I then introduce you
to Mistress Scarlet. Mistress Scarlet and her partner, Master Thomas
they are your new owners. It is my duty to train you as a submissive
slave." I say trying to remain as much professional as I can. For
Master Thomas, the $8000 is a cheap amount for him. Just the fact they
spent that money on a slave to give to me has left me speechless,  I
can't let my nervousness fail their trust in me though. I will have to
give them my total commitment to my slave's training. Anything less
and I will be the one on the receiving end of Master hand in his
dungeon. A silent approval of Mistress Scarlet tell me that I can now
lead you backstage where a doctor is waiting for  us...


I could see them but I wasn't paying attention to their conversation, but caught them taking quick glances my way with big smirks on their faces. But I just passed it off as them having a good time and wondering when I would join them. Boy was I ever wrong. What happened next is a bit of a blur. As I was talking on the phone and not paying attention The three cohorts gathered up a blanket and cushion an ambushed. They had me  completely disoriented. Amongst the banshee yells and laughter they pounced and pinned me to the floor. It was by using a blanket my roommate enveloped my upper body and he use his momentum to push me to the floor. The girl giggling like crazy through the pillows on my torso and legs and used their body weight to hold me down.

I will confess that my attempts to resist was meager at best. I did the obligatory squirming and protesting but didn't try to hard to escape. Let it be noted that at that time I could of easily pushed the three away and stood up. But why would I. This was fun. The trio was nice enough to let me say bye to my friend on the phone before hanging it up.

My roommate and our friend using the bodies held me down. My roommate's girl friend scurried around the apartment looking for something to tie me up with. It didn't take her to long before she returned with her bounty of stuff. She had with her a thin extension cord, a belt, a piece off rope and her make up bag:


Day nine I had some challenges with my edging task. I came so very close to failing. To find out what happened check out the link.https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/10/an-update-on-some-fun-with-edging.html 

I just finished a short post on an edging task I am doing. Feel free to have a look.



Alice is owned by a rich and powerful couple. She has been their slave for many years. Her Master purchased her when he found out she is a trained hypnotist. He has a slight submissive side to him and he indulges it with her erotic hypnosis. He feels safe knowing that Alice's mistress his partner is watching every trance to make sure that no post-hypnotic suggestions are planted in him. After several years of training, Alice has become their trusted slave and are serving them well.
One day as Mistress obverses a hypnosis session that Alice is having with Master she decides that there is a fetish that she would like to play with. After going to some fetish parties Mistress discovered she enjoys male tease and denial. So she talks it over with Master and he agrees to get a male toy for Mistress.

They do not want any other slave serving them other than Alice. The male slave is just a toy for Mistress to tease and deny when she is in the mood. Mistress and Master then tell Alice that for all the years of faithful service that when Mistress is not playing with the boy toy. He is Alice's slave. Mistress and  Master put Alice in charge of the new slave's training. Using whatever methods that bring her the most pleasure. As an added bonus Master takes Alice to the auction to chose the slave that she would want. That is where Allan comes in. Alice's trains him to pamper her so she can better serve Master and Mistress.


My character is 35, I am slender with great legs, small dainty fingers, long straight hair and I have perky small breasts. I also have a round face with big brown eyes. Which are accentuated with some eyeliner and makeup, I like to wear darker shades on my eyes, the same goes for my makeup. I am most often dressed in dark colors or black with very short hemlines and tight tops. My owners love to draw attention to my legs and breast when they have me in public. Alice is Italian and her favorite exclamation  is "Porco Cazzo!"

I like to smile and laugh, and I get embarrassed easily. I also tend to be a bit naïve. My Mistress and Master are still training me, but at this auction, they are rewarding me with my own slave. Mistress has expressed that it is time for me to learn to control a man, so this is the first time for me being a dominant. Which scares me a lot, I am fearful of hurting my slave. Mistress said to stop being silly or I would be the one to get a punishment for showing weakness.

Mistress and I work for the same company. Master's company. Mistress is the vice president and I work in her office. This is where we both met. Mistress from time to time will bring back memories of when I started working for her and recall the facts that made me her slave today.
This auction is all very new to me. I didn't even know this type of thing was possible. I am here with Master, I am a bit terrified, I have never seen other slaves naked an attending to their owners in this fashion and in public before. I am no stranger to wearing a collar but seeing other slaves collared and on their knees in public is overwhelming. To me, I find the whole thing a little cruel and over exaggerated.

I live with a friend who doesn't know why every week, I spend 2 or 3 nights out and sometimes not sleeping at home at all. My roommate thinks that I have a secret lover and that I am keeping him hidden from her. I have an obsession with hypnosis as well. I like both being put under and putting others in a trance. In fact, I would rather be the one hypnotizing other people. It's the one time that I feel confident when I am in charge. I have tried to hypnotize my roommate many times, But she can't seem to give up control. At least having a slave I can hypnotize him as often as I like.

As for my Master, he is a very powerful man and I feel very submissive with him. But sometimes I thought about leaving because he can be very sadistic at times.


I will be a couple years older. 39 or 40. Mature enough not to be full of testosterone like a twenty-year-old, but still young enough that I don't need viagra. I am an average looking man. I watch what I eat and go for daily walks. I am not skinny but I am not fat either. I have wavy sand color hair an green eyes. My girlfriend and I chose to go separate ways when her job transferred her to Japan. Since being single I decide to explore my kinky submissive side. When I was dating my girlfriend, she made it clear that she had no interest in being kinky.  After parting ways I visited a couple of pro-Dommes and started going to fetish clubs. It is at one of these clubs that I saw a poster advertising a charity slave auction. After doing a google search I discover that once a year this club has an auction to raise money for several causes. Further investigation reveals to me that whoever volunteers to be a slave is agreeing to sign a one-year slave contract. That way the club can charge top dollar for the charity. The idea of being owned appealed to me, so I volunteered. I receive a package at home a few days later with a contract, a limits list and instructions for the day of the auction. On the day of the auction, I arrive at the club at the time I was directed to. Once there I hand in my paperwork and was ordered to strip naked...…………….


Hello.I use the screen name of slaveallan68, I also answer to allan, and I presume I will have to answer to being called slave someday. I discover my submissive side very early in life playing any game that would find me tied up in some fashion. In my later years, I participated in a few charity slave auctions. It was a thrill being forced, ordered to spend the day wearing some crazy outfit. Some of them  I felt naked in. It was arousing to see groups of people gather around me to watch my owner make her slave do a task. It was embarrassing being made to dance around or made to do push up and sit up. It was also during those years that I discovered I like nipple pinching and being gaged. Those experiences are a couple of other adventures to write about some other time.  I didn't watch porn much. I found it boring. When I did watch one I spent more time fast forwarding to the next scene. I was more interested in the build-up to the sex than the actual deed itself. But one evening in my twenties a buddy of mine shows up with a video he rented. Well in this video there were 3 scenes that prove I liked BDSM. One scene had two women standing with hands tied overhead. Clad in...


Hello, slave allan here. Mistress is taking a break so I thought I would do a little experiment with my blog.  Since I see my blog as a forum for long distance relationships. I want to see how people, in general, would react if given the choice to task an LDR slave. I am going to suggest some pervertible and clothes and conduct a pole. I will be giving you the choice to direct me. You get to choose what I have to wear, what torment toys I have to use and for how long. What impact item I have to use, and on what surface and how many times I have to spank that area. Just write your selections in the comment section to...

Experiment with slave allan

Let me say that leaving a slave to have 24 hours of unrestricted access to The Internet is paramount to leaving a person with a sweet tooth free with an unlimited credit card in a candy store. With the exception of a reward of one hour unrestricted Internet access for a pleasing post I wrote. This is the first time since June I have been able to view adult material online. Mistress did tell me that she wanted an accounting of her property's activities online though. Then let's get started. First off I spent a lot of time looking for several new erotic pictures to save in a file to have for a future post. Or uploading to adult social media accounts that I am presently a member of. Keep an eye out your bound to see one sooner or later. Mentioning adult social... 

My birthday present

Our slave allan stepped up again to lend a hand. While his cute little poem isn't an update from me, it does give me a reason to come here, which in turn reminds me to get back on track. So, enjoy slave allan's fun little poem and watch for my updates soon... and as always if there is a typo or misspelling, please point them out, so slave allan can be properly tormented. A spring poem This is just something silly I wrote. You could say it is the second part to the one I did in December (Twas spring in the Claus household and Mrs. Claus has planned somethingnew and bold. The workshop has been changed for a slightly different type of show, so I have been told. You see after she gave all the elves a few days off for some well-deserved rest. She went right to work to make a new love nest. She replaced all the bright red curtain with some made of black satin and lace. She can hardly wait to see the expression on her husband's cherry face. All the shiny bells, wrapping paper and bright ribbons and bows were all stashed away to make room for some new toys to be used in some kinky play. Oh, what a grin Santa would of have if he only knew what his wife has planned for him today. All the hammers and nails, paint and sticks have been moved to make room for cuffs and clamps and a cage for a slave's dick. So, after planning for weeks Mrs. Claus will be giving her new slave Santa, permission to speak. So, he can tell his friends how he got his new rosy red cheeks. Now with the help from an elf's wrench, Mrs. Claus finished building Santa's new bondage bench....)

 Link to: a cute poem

               Can your dominant be your key holder in a long distance relationship?

 YES! according to my Owner in a Q and A on her blog. You most definitely can have an LDR key holder agreement.

But how is that possible with the distance between us? Might be a question someone would ask. Well, first you have to trust each other. The dominant needs to know that the sub is committed to being in chastity, and will not cheat. The sub has to trust that once that lock snaps shut that their dominate will keep them safe.


 Ok. Trust is not the issues then and both parties have talked about what is expected from each other. You have selected the chastity device and decide upon a start date and a possible end date what now. In a real-life relationship the sub is locked in their cage and the dominate will hang the key around their neck to tease their subs. They also are able to get together to examine the cage and if it pleases the dominant they may decide to have some fun with their subs predicament and tease, edge and deny an orgasm.

Link to: LDR Key Holder


"I'm going to count back from 10 to 1. When I say one you're going to fall deeper than before." I hear the erotic hypnotist say with her alluring voice. "Oh goody. Maybe it will happen this time. I say to myself, wondering if this time I will find out what a trance feels like. " 10, 9.....3, 2, 1(finger snap) SLEEP!" I hear in my headphones.  But I feel the same. I am still aware of everything around me. "Whenever I say the word slave you will immediately fall into a deep trance and become very submissive to me. Your Mistress. You want to be Mistress's, slave, don't you slave?" "She said the trigger word." I say to myself as she continues to speak seductively into my ears. But nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong" I find myself asking out load?  "Say out loud slave. Yes, I want to be your slave Mistress. Say it now slave." The sweet voice commands into my ears. "Uuuummm. Yes, Mistress, I want to be your slave." I pledge to the voice in my ears. I find myself compelled to keep listening. I find the word slave very riveting. "That's a good slave." She reward’s me with. "Now slave anytime you hear my voice say, slave. You will fall deeper into a trace. Do you understand slave?" She questions again. "Yes, Mistress I understand." I say out loud. "What!" I find myself 


My favorite fantasy starts with me sitting at a poker table. I have been
playing cards for a while. Most of the player have already lost their money.
In fact there is just me and two other women left at the table. It has been
decided that this will be the last hand, so the betting cap has been removed. We
have went around the table discarding and raising the pot. Finally, I am
sitting there holding four queens and the ace of spades. I feel very cocky
because I have already discarded a king and the ace of diamonds. I feel I
can’t lose so I make a big bet figuring I would scare and make the other
to player fold. The woman next to me falls for it and drops her cards. The
woman across from me is a friend. She looks at her cards than at me and
back at her cards and sighs and shakes her head no. I feel victory build in
me and I am about to celebrate. Then I notice she is counting her chips. "
I see your bet and raise you nine hundred." she says. "WHAT!!!" my mind
screams. "She is bluffing" I say to myself as I watch her smile at me. I do a
quick estimate of the pot and figure that there is about $4000 laying
there. I look at my hand then at the pot once again. I look across the
table once more at my friend. Her name is Holly. She is sitting back in her
chair looking directly at me with a penetrating gaze and a devilish grin.
"is she bluffing or isn't she" race through my head. One more glance at my
cards. Hell, I can't fold with four queens and it's a pot of four grand.
"alright I will call." I say. I start counting out my remaining chips.

Five hundred, six, seven hundred and eighty, ninety. One, two, three, four,five, six.

No, no no this can't be happening. I am holding four queens and I can't
cover the bet for a mere $104 dollars. "what's the matter boy, you don't
have enough money baby?" Holly taunts me and blows me a small kiss with

her ruby red lips. "Come on then fold. Let's get this game over with." Holly
said sensing victory. My head was racing. 4 thousand on the table, 4 queens
in my hand and I already discarded an ace and a king. I held the high hand.
That's when the light bulb in my head went on. "Alright then," I say "Table
rules dictate we can only bet what we came to the table with. I purpose
Holly, if you agree. I will see the bet with my $796 dollars and me to make
up the difference."  A GASP! went around the room. Holly raises an eyebrow
and stared at me "let me get this straight. Your offering $796 and yourself
to cover the bet. What does that mean?" Holly asked........




What started as a one-off guest post has blossomed into me writing several articles over the summer. It has been going so well that I am considering becoming Mistress's collared slave again. Well, I have already agreed to the collar. I am just waiting for the formality of the slave contract. The last several posts have been about my negotiation with Mistress over the collar with a couple of rewards and punishments thrown in for some fun. The list that you see below are the links to all the posts that I have been part off since May. Mistress has been 



A fictional story


Blinking once more I stare more intensely at the screen. Several
months earlier I decided to bring myself into the modern times and join social media. But unlike my fellow friends and family, I wasn't interested in the vanilla sites that the rest of the world flock towards. No, I wanted something that I could explore my hidden kinky side, and I found just such a site online. So I joined and started learning how to navigate around the site. I made my share of mistakes and stepped on a few toes. But with practice, I got better at it. Before long I was joining my first groups and even joined into a few discussion. Then one day in one of the discussions I replied to this question in one of the groups. A female dominant discussion or femdom for short. Well, my response caught the eye of the Mistress that authored the question. That first question leads to a private message, then to exchanging emails, which lead to a chat forum. Finally landing me here staring at his phone reading a text message. "Would you like me, sub, to take you into consideration for my collar?" I knew that



Mistress lead me into the garage by my reins and was mildly amused by me squirming around. “slave, are you having difficulties with your new outfit?” asked Mistress with mock concern. I shook my head back and forth in a NO motion to calm Ma’am concerns. The bit in my mouth gagged me from being able to say no. In the garage sat Mistress’s pride and joy and most favorite toy. It is her candy apple red convertible, with the roof already down. I am not sure of the model of the car, all I know is that it is compact and an import. The car has a spotless high polish black leather interior that Mistress gets me to buff for a couple of hours every week. With some difficulty from my bondage, Mistress gets me securely bucked in to my seat. “There you go pet, your all ready for a nice ride in country.” Miss commented as she swung the door closed and thus crushing any hair brain schemes I may have had of escape, to provoke Mistress. With a slam of the trunk, Mistress had her bags stored and she climbed in next to me on the driver side. The one thing you notice right away, due to the cars compact design the two passengers are very close to each other. Miss brings the car to life with a quick turn of the key. With a press of the gas pedal, Mistress and I were on our way, and in quick order Ma’am had us merging into traffic on the highway. I would love to say right now, that even though I was bound every which way to Sunday, I had a pleasant ride in the car with Miss on a warm sunny day. Mistress had other plans for her humble slave. Remember how I mention the car is a compact, well I now think Miss planned it that way.  After getting into the swing of being on the highway and setting the cruise control. Mistress turned her attention to the knobs in the car. First finding the right music on the radio, followed by twisting the top off her cold bottle of water, and ever so quick, her hand found the knob between my legs. There was not too much space in the car between us, which lead to Ma’am having free access to my balls. I don’t know if Mistress was being bother by distracted driving, but I sure was. Her hand snaked back and forth between my legs. One moment her hand will be caressing around gently sending sweet sensations to my brain, A heart beat later her long beautiful painted finger nails would dig into my nuts like an eagle’s talon piercing into a ground hog for lunch. I am here to say, that even with the cock cage locked in place. Ma’am was able to keep me frustrated and on the edge of an orgasm the whole trip. So, between the edging and the humiliation of Ma’am honking at every driver in a SUV or a truck and pointing at my nuts so that they knew I was on full display for there viewing pleasure. I received many hoots and horns beeping for my triple x show. Hearing the turn indicator and feeling the pull to the right while slowing was my sign that we were exiting the highway. My head is pushed back into the head rest, my eyes are closed, and A continuous moan escaping from my lips. My package throbbing like nobody’s business. Between Mistress’s hand and a vibrator, she had pulled out Ma’am kept me constantly stimulated. Miss turned right at the stop sign and we headed off towards farm country. “There, there my little slave.” Ma’am comforted me. “It won’t be much longer now. Before we arrive and I can take you for a trot to work out those leg muscles.” Said Mistress with a smile. It took us some ten more minutes before Ma’am turned off the road. My senses have return now that Ma’am has stopped her relentless assault on my balls. The first thing I notice are the long white three board fence following along the country road. The kind of fence that encompassed “South Fork Range” on the old TV show “Dallas”. A moment later the fence made sense, when I view a group of horses frolicking in the distance. Over top of the lane way entrance is a huge sign, with gold painted lettering welcoming guest to “Miss Penelope’s Bed and Stable............. 

Whoa boy 2

Mistress Nicki gently clips one clamp to one nipple and then the next. "how are we doing slave?" "I'm ok Ma'am," I answer calmly as I cringe from the punishing biting of the nipple clamps. Shivering from anticipation and the fact that I am naked and standing in a fetish club for all to see. Taking a quick moment, I take in my new surroundings. At first sight, the club appears like any other nightclub. To one side there is your typical bar with it beer taps and the liquor bottles displayed in the back. Of course, not far off there is a dance floor. The only difference here most the dancers are naked, and hand tied like me. Then you had your array of tables where you can see clothed people sitting. The naked slaves were either kneeling or standing next to the table. But just beyond that, I can see the play area. All kinds of kinky furniture that I expect I will be introduced to soon enough. Now I can see a woman tied to a cross, both her arms and legs were spread wide to give her owner full access to all her sensitive spots. In fact, I could see that her master has already put clamps on her nipples that would be tighter than the clamps that Mistress Nicki had put on me. Also by the look on her face, she has been teased and denied release for quite some time. The anguish on her face each time he pulled the vibrator away is getting me excited. Then again, I could soon be in that slave predicament too. The site of the cute blonde slave with his hand pulled high above his head forcing him up on his toes. Which is attached to his cute feet that his mistress has pulled apart with a polished black spreader bar. This lovely specimen also sported a bright pink ball gag which became apparent why when his mistress steps back into my view. In each hand, she banishes a shiny leather flogger. She wasted no time in guiding her tools to their intended spot across his back. Again, and again I heard the swoosh just before the sound of the slap as each strip of the flogger impacted with its target. I am spellbound as I watch the slave flinch every time the flogger kissed his skin, and I swear his cock would grow another inch with each punishing slap. If it wasn't for the cock cage the poor soul is locked in. I find myself rubbing my legs together as I watch his predicament. Nothing else seems to matter as I stood there staring. "Slave! Slave look at me when I speak to you." I hear as I turn my head back to focus on Mistress Nicki. I see that Mistress Nicki is now holding a tablet in 

Club Surrender 2

Even though punishment is to deter bad behavior some of us subs and slaves love being punished. Who knows you may love the feel of helplessness as you stand bound naked facing the St Andrews Cross. Your heart quickens as you hear the click of Mistress's heels as she approaches from out of the shadows. You strain to hear where she is. Since your eyes are rendered useless by the silk black blindfold that covers them. All of a sudden your body is covered in goosebumps when you feel her breath as she leans in and whispers in your ear "Are you ready slave?" All you can do is moan from behind the ball gag that has been put in your mouth to soften the noise you are bound to make shortly as your punishment begins. You roll your head as she traces her finger over you back slowly descending until she rubs her hand over your ass cheeks, causing your cock to swell trying to break free of its imprisonment in that cursed cage you have had to wear for a month. You hear her heels click a couple of time as she moves into position behind you. Then silence grips the room and the only sound present is the clock on the wall going, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick and the pounding of your heart threatens to deafen you. The moment feels like an eternity as you clench your body anticipating that first stinging blow. Then confusion engulfs you as your body relaxes to the gentle massaging tickles of the flogger's tentacles cascading over your naked back and ass. It almost feels like a mother's loving embrace. Then once again nothing. Your breath quickens as you clench up yet again............ Well you get the idea friend I think you're in for a great experience with your punishment or will it be a funishment.

Three girlfriends decide to check out a new fetish club that opened. As we reach nearer to the entrance, I being one of the girls overheard the doorman turn people away, because the club is exclusive to couples or groups in a M\s relationship.  When we reached the door we were asked how we identified our role. My two friends promptly replied "Mistress", fearing being turned away and having a great desire to see inside, I bowed my head and said "slave Sir". My two friend glanced at me in shock. The doorman said "welcome to Club Surrender ladies". As another woman approached me and locked a collar around my neck and attached a leash. The doorman said next " Ladies the clubs headmistress has issued an order that all slaves have to spend the night naked, with hands bound and on a leash." this time it was I who had the look of shock. I saw the doorman open the door to usher my two friends in and I heard him say " Have a pleasant evening ladies, your slave will be escorted to you, just as soon as she is prepared properly." At that same time the woman holding my leash, said harshly as she yanked on my leash " Follow me, SLAVE! Let's get you ready for Mistress and your Owner" and she leads me down a hall to another room, a dressing room. Once inside the woman turned to me and yelled: " Strip slave, get out of those bloody clothes and hang them up and be quick about it." I disrobed rapidly with my heart racing and not want to anger this amazon any. Once naked I hung up my clothing neatly as ordered. I then turn fearfully to face her once again. She was standing there staring at me soaking up my nakedness with an evil smirk on her lips. In her hands she held some leather wrist and ankle cuffs to match the collar I presently wore. "put these on slave and don't be wasting my darn time slave, you’re not the only pretty girl I need to get ready tonight. God, damn it girl I said hurry up! Make sure those cuffs are good and tight, good that's right I want to see your face cringe as you pinch those buckles close. 

Link to: Club Surrender

to me

I am so blessed to have such thoughtful people in my life. Slave allan has generously offered to write another guest post for me. And while it was offered without any expectation of reciprocity, Mistress is going to hook him up. Friends promote their friends' projects, Allan's Blog go check it out after you catch up here. 
I was very interested in the exploit of one of her guest post and his edging challenge. As I read his post I couldn't help but wonder what that must feel like. Knowing that you have been ordered to edge yourself several times a day for a prolonged period. The original author mentions how frustrated he felt and how his penis was always dripping and felt like it was pulsing. I was eager to read the next post to see his outcome. Sadly, Mistress mentioned in her comments to me that there were no more installments coming. Talk about a reader being left on the edge (this time pun intended)So, I was wondering if I should take up the mantle and carry on the spirit of the post. Is there any readers of mistress's interested in asking her if she would like to make it so?
Guest Post by Our Slave Allan

Well finally I got my answer. Yes, you can get an erection from hypnoses if you have ED. Let me explain if I may. The prescription medication I take tends to be a little mean on the body when it comes to "Getting it Up" if you know what I mean. Well a year ago I started inquiring in hypnoses groups and with a few Dommes who's profile said they did erotic hypnoses. I asked the question "Can hypnoses give you an erection if you have erectile dysfunction?" I got a lot of response stating the obvious to talk to my doctor about my meds. But no one said yes or no to my question. Now fast forward to Saturday night. Let's just say I was home for the evening alone. After watching some tv and writing some emails I decided to do some YouTube surfing while I was lying in bed. I started off with your run of the mill vanilla searches but somehow by just pressing on the link on the side of YouTube I eventually found myself staring at a list of hypnodomme recordings. As I was scanning through the list I came by one of my favorite Domina's. I used to view a lot of her recordings before discovering FetLife. I was going through the title on YouTube, but I had view most of them already. I was about to type in another search when I remembered that the Domina had recording on a site called Soundgasm. So, I looked it up and sure enough she was there, and she had tons of new recording https://slaveallan68.blogspot.com/2018/02/omg-i-had-erection.html

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