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I Know there are a lot of mistakes in it, but I tried my best: - A letter to my "future tist"

Dear Future Tist,

I'm here since August 2015 and looking for you. I have tranced with some of your colleagues and made some experiences. I discovered myself and how I work and what works for me.

Now it's time to share it with you, so you can contact me. I'm now in the mood to meet you.


1. I like to talk to you before starting with hypnosis. I like to get to know you and I like you to get to know me. Hypnosis is like sex - it's getting better, the better you know each other. Disagree? Then this letter is probably not for you ;-).

I want to have that feeling that you are a person for me, that I would really, really like in real life too. Even without trancing me. I would like to have the feeling that you feel the same about me. That you are interested in my person and not only in having hypno-fun with me.


2. I have to love your voice. I'm a very auditive person and I like to swim in your voice, be surrounded of it and let it filling me. That includes, that text hypnosis does not interest me at all.


3. I tried a few tist to see how they work for me and what techniques they use. I'm not really that much interested in quantity anymore, I want quality. I would like to work with you over a longer term. work on stuff and improve. I know I'm not the easiest subject, but if you like challenges instead of short time fun distractions, I might be the right one.


4. I don't like to be one of your "collected subjects". I don't need exclusivity, but I would like to be a important part in your "Tist-life". Its ok for me that you are trancing with others from time to time and I will do so as well. But I will always come back to you to bring the new experiences into our "relationship". You are not one of the tist who need a lot of subject to better your self-confidence. A subject is no need for your aplomb.


5. I don't mind if you try covert hypnosis. If I'm not in the mood to trance, I will not drop. So don't be pissed when it doesn't work :-P


6. I am somewhat submissive, when under. But I don't want you to tell me how to live my live, how to dress and what to do in my real life. And I'm not going to do everything you tell me to do, because I'm submissive. And don't try to tell me that I'm not really submissive when I act and talk like that - go and search for your real submissive and leave me alone. I like my partner to be playful and somewhat dominant. It can be fun to be told to do things I don't like and to realize that I'm not able to manipulate you. And I will try to, I'm a brat ;-). But a good Dom can differ between a No-maybe and a NO-nogo and will respect that.

I don't need to be punished for things I did wrong. Just tell me and we'll talk about it and I will change my behaviour. Punishment is only required for fun things or for teasing, not for changing behaviour. That doesn't work for me.


7. I want you to be firm, reliably, close and emotional reflected and matured. If there are any problems we will talk about it. And we will find a solution or try to understand the point of the other one. Its no option for me to don't talk to me about it, don't react to a Mail or message or to disappear for a longer time without telling me why.


8. I will feel good after trancing with you and I want you to feel good after trancing me. If we don't feel like that there is something wrong. If it can't be solved by reflecting it, we maybe may not really click.


9. You don't like "emotional games", too. Playing with feeling in the way of "emotional blackmail" and "withdrawal of affection". I don't like games like "I have to go soon" to make me do faster what you want me to do or sentences like "I will leave you, if you/ if you don't do …". If you want to end our sub/ tist relationship just tell me and be honest.


10. I hate cheating! I want our loved ones to know what we are doing here and with whom. If you are in a real life relationship in what kind ever, I like your loved once be fine with you trancing me and having fun and some kind of closeness.


11. I don't need 24/7. But if I have an urgent problem, I will be able to contact you in the next 24 hours. I would like us both to have time for each other not only once a week for an hour. I would be fine to see you 2-4x a week. I know that this is not possible every week. But we both should be willing to invest some time.


12. If you are more interested in your own fetishes and how I can help you with your sexual longings you should buy a porn instead of trancing with me. I will not undress in front of a cam and I will not do real life porn for you. If you are searching for that - go and search, its not my interest!


I can trance with you, but I only will go really deep with my future Tist, who will agree with that points and feels in the same way like I do. Maybe it seems to be arrogant for you what I am demanding. Maybe you are going to tell me that I'm never ever a submissive person. Maybe you are right with all of that. But cocksure you are not the Tist I'm searching for.