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I've listened to quite a few hypno recordings before, though I've only had a couple of brief interactions with real life hypnotists. I've found that for me trance works (that delicious sensation alone is reason enough to play with hypnosis), visualisation stuff is good, and somewhat passive suggestion can work (for example, I've experienced suggested sensations, and restraint). Posthypnotic triggers don't seem to work on me at all, or even more active suggestions during trance.

So, somebody recently played with some hypno stuff, did an induction, and then tried the "your arm lifts of its own accord" thing. As with every video or audio I've ever listened to, my arm did nothing. :-(

The worst part is that when it gets to that stage, and I fail to respond it kind of pulls me out of things. " 'Feel your arm lift'... uhhh... nope... Ah. Do I fake it? Do we continue? Do I apologise for being a crappy subject?". Suddenly I am thinking again, and my wonderful floaty quiet state has gone away. :-(

Now, in my kink life I'm a brat. I struggle. Much of the fun in bottoming is to fight, to be overwhelmed, and to ultimately lose. Resistance is a large component of my personality, but when it comes to hypnosis I'm generally going along with it, and not struggling, because I really want it to work!

Anyway, does anybody else experience this kind of thing? If suggestions don't tend to work on somebody is it an innate issue, or can it be overcome somehow? Do failed suggestions necessarily mean end of trance?