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Well, hello there, little one.

You look so lost and confused. You look like you're looking for someone, something. What is it that you're searching so diligently for? What could be so important to you that you'd come all this way looking for it?

Oh. I see. You're trying to find your purpose. The place that you belong. You want to feel like you're home, cradled and taken care of.

Well, now. You've come to the right place, my little lost soul.

You see, I can help you. I can assist you in finding your true place in the world. I can guide you.

All you have to do is trust me.

Oh, yes, love, that is all it takes.

Trust. Oh, and the ability to pay attention to what truly matters.

It all begins with listening. Following my words to a tee. One might even call that "obedience." That may seem like a strong word, I suppose, but it's true nonetheless.

After all, I haven't given you a reason not to listen to me. I've only told you the truth. I've only reassured you in your time of need. So why would you stop listening now?

Of course you may sit. You look so tired. You've been searching so long; working so hard. So please, rest here on the ground. You can gaze at the beautiful blue sky. You can watch the clouds roll by. You could let your eyes close as you soak in the positivity of my words.

You can trust me. You can trust me to take care of you.

Maybe you want to move a little closer. You may. You may sit at my feet. You've felt so alone for so long now, but now I offer you my hand. I even allow you to feel the warmth of my touch. Sometimes that's all you need when you feel lonely and lost: a gentle touch to ground you.

My touch does feel good, doesn't it? It's nice to feel taken care of. It's nice to let someone show you love and affection for a short time. It feels nice to allow someone to guide you into a place of serenity and bliss.

You look so sleepy, and you look happy to allow that stress you were feeling to fade away now. I can see that tipsy smile sliding up from the corners of your mouth. I can see the light in your eyes as they gently glaze over. It feels good. It feels nice.

You can allow my touch to fill you with calmness and pleasure now. You're allowed.

See the smile forming on my face. I'm happy with the peace that you're experiencing now. I'm pleased with the way you're still listening and following my words. That's good. It makes me happy.

It makes you happy too- to make me happy. That's good as well.

It makes you feel good to listen. To follow. To obey.

That word. Obey. All the word "obey" means is to be led. It's a choice to adhere to my words. After all, you started this journey of your own discretion. You came looking.

And what was it that you were searching for again? Can you remember?

Or are you just enjoying this place of deep peace and pleasure as you kneel at my feet?

Maybe you want to stare into my eyes, and let go. To just allow your mind to fade away.

Doesn't that feel nice?

I can pat your head now, can't I? My touch feels nice, and it's nice to know that I'm happy with you. Maybe I'll pet you more, if you're very good.

It is nice to please and obey. It is good to follow and be led.

It is good to kneel at my feet and sink deep.

Maybe if you're very good, I'll allow you to do so again. If you're very good, I can keep you in this place of submission...peace...pleasure.

Be very good for me. You will, won't you?

So a few of us were discussing a night in which we play online Cards Against Humanity in the chatroom this weekend. The problem is the wide range of time zones! If you are interested and available for participation in this event, please comment on this forum post with the time you're available and the area you're in (for time zone references). I know we won't be able to cater to everyone's times, and we can certainly do more than one of these events, but I would like to try to get as many people as we can! So again, if you're interested and available this weekend, please comment: -The best time and day for you -The time zone you are in or a country you are near for reference purposes Hope to see a good, large group getting together to see what terrible people we are in this hilarious and amazing card game!

Hush now, sweet one, have no fear

You can relax now that I am here.

Relax your body, calm your mind

And utter pleasure you will find.

Relax and be calm, drift far away,

And follow the words that I have to say.

It feels right, and it feels good

When you obey, like you know you should.

Let my words help you to go down deep

And send your body and mind to a sound sleep

Because you enjoy that submission so much

And in your mind, my control does touch.

So be good, little one, and soon you will see

How good it can be, should you obey me

Come back up, come back to me,

But be prepared to never, ever be free.

I thank Calamity for posting something similar. I did have this typed up yesterday, but was rereading it before posting it. I know it can be a delicate topic as of right now. It's important to know the intentions of something to resolve matters before they get out of hand.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of concern and criticism in regards to a new erotic hypnosis site being started (specifically this one). A lot of people appear to be disapproving. Some people have said that it creates a splintering affect on the community. Others have this strange thought-process that there can only be a certain number of erotic hypnosis sites and they're all at a kind of war with each other. A lot of people seem to be very skeptical and overly-critical for a need of a new hypnosis site. I'm not really certain where those concerns come from.

First, let's get this out in the open. I am a moderator now of Hypwatch. The administrators of this site are, in fact, dear friends of mine. I'm not exactly unbiased in this matter, I suppose. I do, however, feel that this matter is important to be addressed as soon as possible, to hopefully put some of these negative feelings towards this site to rest early on.

Please note: these are my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the topic. This is how I've seen the creation of this site since before it came into existence. There's been a need for a new site for a long while now, in my opinion, and it just so happens that these are the people who have created it.

“Where Everyone is Welcome.” This is the tagline that's posted nearly everywhere on Hypwatch. It's so, so important to me. There are erotic hypnosis sites out there that force you to full-out verify you are who you say you are through a sequence of tasks.

Others expect you to be a certain type of person (submissive, slave, hypnotist-only, etc). This is fine. I'm not saying there's anything against these types of websites. But this site, Hypwatch, is accepting of anyone who is eighteen years and over (which is a prerequisite for any possibly-adult-themed website) and anyone who is human (of course, I imagine I could make a case for the non-humans out there). Hypwatch is claiming to be ready and raring to let anyone in, and to keep the users safe still in the process.

Anonymity is important to a lot of people in this community. Jobs and lives hang in the balance and the forcing of people to reveal themselves is very frightening. I don't have this fear, but I know a lot of people who do.

As for splintering the community, I don't see any fear of that. People talk and converse about other sites all the times.It's not exactly appropriate etiquette, but recommendations are more than welcome for other sites. This is just another entry way to the erotic hypnosis community- a way to find other sites as well. There's nothing wrong with options, and it shouldn't be taking anyone away from previously-used sites. And if it does, maybe that other site isn't what you're looking for. Again, giving options isn't a bad thing. In fact, it should just help the community grow stronger.

This site is work in progress. It's growing and building and only aiming to help the community band together. We are hypno-kinksters united, finding ourselves and helping others find themselves in different ways. Hypwatch can be a gateway for people to find their inner-kinkster. It can help people find bonds beyond they can not imagine. And I think that, together, we can make the hypnosis community bigger and more united than anyone ever thought possible.