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In the nation's capital a group of alluring young women use hypnosis to brainwash the city's power brokers. Madison goes undercover and joins the ranks of these seductive sirens. But when she is found out, Madison could be the next victim of this mind-control conspiracy.

Today and tomorrow my book The Spell is free at amazon. You don't need a kindle to read, you can use the amazon app on your phone or tablet or read n your PC's Browser

Gilbert's trip to see the alluring Mistress Cassandra takes a dangerous turn when the slinky Hypno-Domme casts a spell of financial slavery upon him. Now the race is on! Can Gilbert break Cassandra's spell before she bankrupts him completely?


Hi Fellow Hypwatchers!

Just wanted to let you know about my latest ebook.

By day Madison Van Buren is the hard-working CEO of an internet startup. At night as the superheroine Calithea she uses hypnosis to fight crime on the streets of Santa Maria. But Calithea may have met her match when she encounters The Queen of Hearts. 

Tall, blonde and beautiful, the villainous Queen can effortlessly make any man (or woman) fall in rapturous love with her. When the Queen sets her sights on the city's richest and most powerful men, it's up to Calithea to stop her. But can even our heroine resist The Queen of Hearts' seductive charms? 

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