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On the twelfth day of Christmas, my hypnotist gave to me

12 shiny baubles 

11 swinging watches

10 pattern interrupts

9 fascinating spirals

8 sparkly tinsels

7 new drop triggers

6 rapid inductions

5 met-ro-nomes

4 deep trances

3 crystals 

2 suggestions

And... Sleep!

As mentioned in Chapter 1, men significantly outnumber women here (and on most erotic sites), so our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance. 

So if you've read the profile of your intended hypno partner, and worked out that, yes, your interests and hers are compatible, and yes, you've got something to offer that'll help you stand out from the crowd of other guys, then you're ready for the my next tip, which is "BE RESPECTFUL".

The lady you're hoping will trance with you may or may not be a subject, a hypnotist, a top or domme or mistress, a bottom or submissive or slave, hypno-curious, etc.  But I can promise you, fellas, that most important of all, she actually is a flesh and blood person with emotions and feelings like everyone else and who should be treated with basic human respect.

So be polite.  There's nothing wrong with a genuine compliment of course, but starting out with a crude reference to body parts or what you want to do to/with her or the like is going to go down here about as well as it would in any other social interaction.  Make the effort to engage her in genuine conversation.  Treat the lady as a lady, rather than just a source for you to get your hypno-jollies. 

Likewise, don't assume that just because the lady is a hypnotist, or a subject, that she's interested in being a hypnotist or subject for you.  The ratio of men to women here (and on other erotic sites) is such that she's probably bombarded with requests and is not just going to go for the first or next guy to message her.

A little bit of basic courtesy, politeness and being interested in her as a person will go a long way.

If you are a male in search of a female hypno partner, remember that, as with most erotic sites, men SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber women here.  This means that our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance.

My tip for the guys today is that you need to make a good first impression.  When the lady of your desire is sifting through 10 or more messages, you'll need to stand out from the crowd if you want her attention.

I'd start with reading the lady's profile.  If she's clearly a subject only, she's not likely to be interested in wanting to trance you, no matter how desperate you come across.  Indeed, desperation is usually a big turn off.

Conversely, is she's solely a hypnotist, then she's unlikely to be interested in going into trance for you.  Or maybe she's only into other women, in which case you're out of luck, fellas.  Maybe she's specified age limits or something else.

So step number one, read the lady's profile and ask yourself: Do our interests align?  Are we likely to be compatible?  What do I have to offer that makes me better than being just another dude trying desperately to find a woman for a hypno quickie - unless her profile says she's all about quick hypno meetups

Next chapter: Be respectful 

We've received a few reports lately of people using private messages to spam members to lure them to their own pay sites/services, asking for credit card details, etc. Spamming of this nature is unacceptable and needs to stop now. Members are entitled to feel comfortable in engaging in personal private messaging with others, and that the other person is being upfront and isn't just there to covertly lure them to a pay site/service.

To be clear, we encourage our more professional members posting the occasional ad for their sites/services in the public newsfeed. Anything more than that, they can contact site management to negotiate some paid advertising space. But spamming in private messages for pay sites/services is not ok.

Hypwatch was conceived in around November 2015. It was the project of a number of people committed to make sure that the erotic hypnosis community would always have a friendly and welcoming online community open to all people interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

Hypwatch became public on 31 January 2016, exactly one year ago. Today is our first birthday. In that time, Hypwatch has grown to just under 1800 members, and continues to grow. Other metrics of note are 4397 friendships, 2745 photos and 8057 message conversations. We've come a very long way for a non-profit volunteer-run site.

For the Hypwatch management team, it's been an exciting, busy (and sometimes frustrating) year, but overall a happy one. We've managed to build an erotic hypnosis site that has remained true to our goal of being a friendly and welcoming online community. We've had a number of problems and challenges along the way that we've had to deal with (I might have broken the site a couple times and had to restore from backup, but don't tell anyone!), and we've gotten through most of them relatively intact.

There are still areas of the site that need improvement, and we'll continue to address them where and when we can. In the next six months (resources permitting), we hope to address some of the bigger issues, as well as making a lot of small and behind the scenes upgrades (which we are regularly doing). We also intend offering more educational resources as we do see Hypwatch as being a place of learning for the erotic hypnosis community.

With your support, Hypwatch will keep on growing, not only in numbers, but also in terms of the content, features and experiences and quality of service it provides for you, our members.

Thanks to the site management team:
* Skyla - the site represents one of your dreams and visions and I'm so happy to be able to help realise it with you
* doomsux and dannyk - thanks for all your technical help and other support
* RoseSpells and Nico - for all your advice, feedback, doing odd jobs here and there, and putting up with my requests

And the biggest thanks of all to you, our members. Without you there'd be no site.

Happy birthday, Hypwatch! May you have many, many more.

This site, Hypwatch, was conceived in around November 2015 by a number of moderators of the previous leading erotic hypnosis site, Hypbook. We were worried that Hypbook might not be maintained for much longer (with good reason, as events proved). We committed to make sure that people with interests in consensual erotic hypnosis (whether active hypno-kinksters, those just curious, or those in between) had a friendly and welcoming online community and social network.

This site became public on 31 January 2016, just under a year ago. It has not been without its share of challenges. Now, as Hypwatch approaches its first anniversary, our community needs us more than ever.

FetLife, the mother of all kink communities, has purged all groups and fetishes with "hypnosis" in the name - affecting thousands upon thousands of members. Its founder has said they "are still going through FetLife to see if anything else needs to be removed or cleaned up". So much for the idea of no "kink shaming", their founder's post of 11 hours ago makes it clear that erotic hypnosis (a perfectly legal activity) is no longer welcome on FetLife.

We all know how much of a setback for the erotic hypnosis community this is, and for our right to be acknowledged as practising a form of eroticism that is more safe, sane and consensual than many of the other "acceptable" kinks allowed to continue on FetLife.

Prior to the FetLife purge yesterday (my local time), this site had over 1500 members, which I personally thought was a reasonable achievement for our first year. We have seen an influx of new members since the purge and I expect this will continue. We will no doubt see many more new members joining the site (although many of them will be established hypno-kinksters from FetLife and elsewhere).

No doubt this will cause some more teething and technical issues and the odd clash of persons here and there. With our hard work as site administrators and moderators, and with your goodwill and support as members of the community, we will get through all of these challenges.

As a co-founder and administrator of this site, with the support of my colleagues, and I hope with your support as our members:

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch the very best, friendly and welcoming online community and social network for everyone interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place where people from around the world can meet, socialise, talk, exchange ideas and just have fun without being pressured to hide or feel ashamed of their kinks.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place of knowledge and education, where people can learn and exchange teachings about erotic hypnosis techniques, safety, ideas and all manner of related topics.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a true online home for the erotic hypnosis community, a place where members can feel safe while exploring their interests.

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