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First of all, We'd like to wish all on this site a very Happy New Year. That done, We'd like to ask members to look at the age of a post before deciding its contents raise a personal issue with them. If after looking at the age, if such members still decide there is an issue, might it not be better to take that issue up with Us in private, rather than "cause an unnecessary fuss?". Please see Our last blog post for the reason We state this at this point in time. Some personal observations We Ourself need to air now. A: We are not exactly running a business here. Yes, We do wish to be paid when We perform hypnosis; so would anyone with a trained skill which took time, effort, paid coursework and much practice to obtain. We doubt anyone here would expect to consult a doctor, dentist, or lawyer for free, and one should in general think of a trained and certified hypnotist of over half a century's (50 Years') experience in the same way. In other words, if one doesn't wish to pay, one need not ask to play. There are plenty of free providers here, and We are more than happy to accept they will take on the free session seekers. B: We spend most of Our time producing media for self-help; so We are not on the site all that often. Recreational hypnosis is more of a "very tiny hobby", and We expect it to remain that way. C: Should anyone wish to call this a "rant" or beratement of the membership, those persons are named as incorrect at the start. This is merely a statement of Our Official Position. We wish A/all well, and Happy Trancing to Everyone.
This is a most unusual environment, We have found.

First is the fact that members will attempt to text chat with Us without even knowing if We are online or at Our computer.  The second strange thing is that members expect a highly specialized and trained in professional skill attended by several full certifications, to simply be given away for no compensation. While this may be acceptable to some practitioners of this Art, it is so unacceptable to Us, that We have opted out of live performance of Our Art entirely.

The next strange thing is that members will PM asking vague questions, and when asked to be more specific, the only reply is no reply at all.

We shall continue Our Observations as time allows; We are an extremely busy Person.