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Alice is owned by a rich and powerful couple. She has been their slave for many years. Her Master purchased her when he found out she is a trained hypnotist. He has a slight submissive side to him and he indulges it with her erotic hypnosis. He feels safe knowing that Alice's mistress his partner is watching every trance to make sure that no post-hypnotic suggestions are planted in him. After several years of training, Alice has become their trusted slave and are serving them well.
One day as Mistress obverses a hypnosis session that Alice is having with Master she decides that there is a fetish that she would like to play with. After going to some fetish parties Mistress discovered she enjoys male tease and denial. So she talks it over with Master and he agrees to get a male toy for Mistress.

They do not want any other slave serving them other than Alice. The male slave is just a toy for Mistress to tease and deny when she is in the mood. Mistress and Master then tell Alice that for all the years of faithful service that when Mistress is not playing with the boy toy. He is Alice's slave. Mistress and  Master put Alice in charge of the new slave's training. Using whatever methods that bring her the most pleasure. As an added bonus Master takes Alice to the auction to chose the slave that she would want. That is where Allan comes in. Alice's trains him to pamper her so she can better serve Master and Mistress.


My character is 35, I am slender with great legs, small dainty fingers, long straight hair and I have perky small breasts. I also have a round face with big brown eyes. Which are accentuated with some eyeliner and makeup, I like to wear darker shades on my eyes, the same goes for my makeup. I am most often dressed in dark colors or black with very short hemlines and tight tops. My owners love to draw attention to my legs and breast when they have me in public. Alice is Italian and her favorite exclamation  is "Porco Cazzo!"

I like to smile and laugh, and I get embarrassed easily. I also tend to be a bit naïve. My Mistress and Master are still training me, but at this auction, they are rewarding me with my own slave. Mistress has expressed that it is time for me to learn to control a man, so this is the first time for me being a dominant. Which scares me a lot, I am fearful of hurting my slave. Mistress said to stop being silly or I would be the one to get a punishment for showing weakness.

Mistress and I work for the same company. Master's company. Mistress is the vice president and I work in her office. This is where we both met. Mistress from time to time will bring back memories of when I started working for her and recall the facts that made me her slave today.
This auction is all very new to me. I didn't even know this type of thing was possible. I am here with Master, I am a bit terrified, I have never seen other slaves naked an attending to their owners in this fashion and in public before. I am no stranger to wearing a collar but seeing other slaves collared and on their knees in public is overwhelming. To me, I find the whole thing a little cruel and over exaggerated.

I live with a friend who doesn't know why every week, I spend 2 or 3 nights out and sometimes not sleeping at home at all. My roommate thinks that I have a secret lover and that I am keeping him hidden from her. I have an obsession with hypnosis as well. I like both being put under and putting others in a trance. In fact, I would rather be the one hypnotizing other people. It's the one time that I feel confident when I am in charge. I have tried to hypnotize my roommate many times, But she can't seem to give up control. At least having a slave I can hypnotize him as often as I like.

As for my Master, he is a very powerful man and I feel very submissive with him. But sometimes I thought about leaving because he can be very sadistic at times.


I will be a couple years older. 39 or 40. Mature enough not to be full of testosterone like a twenty-year-old, but still young enough that I don't need viagra. I am an average looking man. I watch what I eat and go for daily walks. I am not skinny but I am not fat either. I have wavy sand color hair an green eyes. My girlfriend and I chose to go separate ways when her job transferred her to Japan. Since being single I decide to explore my kinky submissive side. When I was dating my girlfriend, she made it clear that she had no interest in being kinky.  After parting ways I visited a couple of pro-Dommes and started going to fetish clubs. It is at one of these clubs that I saw a poster advertising a charity slave auction. After doing a google search I discover that once a year this club has an auction to raise money for several causes. Further investigation reveals to me that whoever volunteers to be a slave is agreeing to sign a one-year slave contract. That way the club can charge top dollar for the charity. The idea of being owned appealed to me, so I volunteered. I receive a package at home a few days later with a contract, a limits list and instructions for the day of the auction. On the day of the auction, I arrive at the club at the time I was directed to. Once there I hand in my paperwork and was ordered to strip naked...…………….


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