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Well, hello there, little one.

You look so lost and confused. You look like you're looking for someone, something. What is it that you're searching so diligently for? What could be so important to you that you'd come all this way looking for it?

Oh. I see. You're trying to find your purpose. The place that you belong. You want to feel like you're home, cradled and taken care of.

Well, now. You've come to the right place, my little lost soul.

You see, I can help you. I can assist you in finding your true place in the world. I can guide you.

All you have to do is trust me.

Oh, yes, love, that is all it takes.

Trust. Oh, and the ability to pay attention to what truly matters.

It all begins with listening. Following my words to a tee. One might even call that "obedience." That may seem like a strong word, I suppose, but it's true nonetheless.

After all, I haven't given you a reason not to listen to me. I've only told you the truth. I've only reassured you in your time of need. So why would you stop listening now?

Of course you may sit. You look so tired. You've been searching so long; working so hard. So please, rest here on the ground. You can gaze at the beautiful blue sky. You can watch the clouds roll by. You could let your eyes close as you soak in the positivity of my words.

You can trust me. You can trust me to take care of you.

Maybe you want to move a little closer. You may. You may sit at my feet. You've felt so alone for so long now, but now I offer you my hand. I even allow you to feel the warmth of my touch. Sometimes that's all you need when you feel lonely and lost: a gentle touch to ground you.

My touch does feel good, doesn't it? It's nice to feel taken care of. It's nice to let someone show you love and affection for a short time. It feels nice to allow someone to guide you into a place of serenity and bliss.

You look so sleepy, and you look happy to allow that stress you were feeling to fade away now. I can see that tipsy smile sliding up from the corners of your mouth. I can see the light in your eyes as they gently glaze over. It feels good. It feels nice.

You can allow my touch to fill you with calmness and pleasure now. You're allowed.

See the smile forming on my face. I'm happy with the peace that you're experiencing now. I'm pleased with the way you're still listening and following my words. That's good. It makes me happy.

It makes you happy too- to make me happy. That's good as well.

It makes you feel good to listen. To follow. To obey.

That word. Obey. All the word "obey" means is to be led. It's a choice to adhere to my words. After all, you started this journey of your own discretion. You came looking.

And what was it that you were searching for again? Can you remember?

Or are you just enjoying this place of deep peace and pleasure as you kneel at my feet?

Maybe you want to stare into my eyes, and let go. To just allow your mind to fade away.

Doesn't that feel nice?

I can pat your head now, can't I? My touch feels nice, and it's nice to know that I'm happy with you. Maybe I'll pet you more, if you're very good.

It is nice to please and obey. It is good to follow and be led.

It is good to kneel at my feet and sink deep.

Maybe if you're very good, I'll allow you to do so again. If you're very good, I can keep you in this place of submission...peace...pleasure.

Be very good for me. You will, won't you?

RoseSpells Nov 25 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 21
I had an amazing experience today while chatting online. I was sharing some old memories with a new friend and while chatting he happened to use stumble across something that had been introduced into my head a few years ago. Wow Wow Wow it was immediate and intense and I would have never thought in a million years that I could still feel that kind of control after not hearing or reading it for so long.
mija Jan 30 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10
My boyfriend and I went to a party last night. </p><p>A guy there was doing hypnosis – that is, he was hypnotizing people if they volunteered for it. The hostess had hired him to provide entertainment for the evening. </p><p>When we arrived, the hypnotist was already working with a couple of people. My boyfriend wandered off to visit with someone. Meanwhile, I stood near the hypnotist to observe.</p><p>  It wasn't like those stage shows where they line up 50 people in a row – or even only 10 people. He did have five chairs arranged in a line, but only two people were getting his hypnosis treatment – and they seemed to be well on their way into an "induction," or whatever they call it when they first get zapped. </p><p>Other people at the party seemed to be casually watching the proceedings, or in some cases ignoring whatever was going on. </p><p>"Hi, welcome to the party," the hypnotist said, turning away from his subjects to address me. "Would you like to be hypnotized for the evening?" </p><p>"Uh, well," I hesitated while I tried to think real fast. "Yes, well, maybe. But it looks as if I might be interrupting your show – aren't these people already hypnotized?" </p><p>"They are getting there – they are excellent subjects." He took a large, laminated card with a lot of printing on it from the pocket of his sports coat. </p><p>"If you want to be hypnotized, put your beautiful bottom in that particular chair and this will get you caught up with these other two." He handed the card to me and pointed to a chair where I should sit. </p><p>Taken aback by his remark about my "beautiful bottom," I accepted the card and did, indeed, put my (apparently attractive) rump in the chair specified. A few fleeting, confused thoughts passed through my head at that moment. "He likes my bottom? He's doing a number on me already because, by sitting on the chair where he pointed, I was already obeying him. I obeyed him way too easily. Will I obey him so easily with the next thing he tells me? He likes my bottom? Oh, well, I guess I volunteered for this so I'll give it a try." </p><p>The hypnotist, I still didn't know his name, turned back to the other two people he was already working with, and appeared to ignore me completely. </p><p>The wording on the card – well, there was an awful lot of words on the card and I can't remember them all – anyway, the wording on the card thanked me for volunteering to take part in his show. It also said for me to not talk again until he addressed me personally, so that I would not take away from the experience of the others. </p><p>The card also claimed it was designed to hypnotize me and that it is perfectly fine if I don't believe this will happen. </p><p>Further instructions on the card told me to spread my feet and legs apart and lean forward resting my elbows on my thighs, just above my knees, and hold the card in a certain way so that I could read it but if I happened to drop it – the card would land between my feet where I could still try to read it. </p><p>"These people better not try to look up my skirt," I thought. It made me feel more than just a little bit vulnerable. </p><p>But most of all, the card described some sort of mental trick I was to learn. Namely, to listen for his voice without remembering what he was saying to other people. Identify his voice in my head, so when he spoke to me I would recognize him – otherwise I was to ignore and forget whatever it was he was saying. </p><p>And – to re-read the card as many times as necessary, even after it falls to the floor. </p><p>I determined to myself that I would hang on to that card, and not drop it. I could hear him talking with those other two, as if they were hypnotized already and he was in command. But I don't remember exactly what he told them to do. I kept my own self busy re-reading that card and ignoring whatever else was going on. </p><p>Somewhere along the line, it could not have been very many minutes, my attention to my hands must have faltered because I lost my grip on that card and it fell to the floor between my feet. </p><p>Following its instructions, I continued to try to read the card even while it was on the floor. Less than a minute later, the hypnotist picked up the card and rubbed my shoulders, telling me to relax. </p><p>Golly, that felt good – my whole body relaxed and I slumped forward with my face hanging down between my knees. </p><p>– – – – </p><p>The hypnosis demonstration seemed to last only a few minutes. I felt more than a little disappointed because, as far as I could tell, it did not work on me – I had not been hypnotized. Well, except that I did manage to relax myself physically, when I followed the directions of the hypnotist. </p><p>He congratulated me for my progress and told me to seek him out for another session after I had enjoyed the party for a few minutes. </p><p>When I visited the refreshments table for a cup of punch, a girl asked me "How does it feel to be hypnotized?" 
</p><p>"I wish I knew," I replied. "I was very relaxed, but I didn't get hypnotized yet. You heard him, didn't you? We will try again in a few minutes."  </p><p>"Yes, I heard him say that," she said. "But I also heard him tell you to forget something. How does it feel to forget something that way? To forget something just because someone else told you that you must forget?" </p><p>"It doesn't feel like anything. I don't remember anyone telling me to forget anything." </p><p>"Oh, yeah. He told you to forget that, too. He told you to forget that he told you to forget something. That's an interesting concept, isn't it?" </p><p>"Is that so? And exactly what else did he tell me to forget?" 
</p><p>"He told you to forget that you had been hypnotized. And, he told you to wait a few minutes and ask him again to try to hypnotize you." </p><p>"He also gave several people a few keywords or phrases which will cause you to do something when we say those words to you. And, it's specific people who may do this. If anyone else says those words, it will have no effect on you. Only a few people around the room are able to do it." </p><p>"What words?" I asked, incredulously. "Which people?"</p><p>  "Nobody is supposed to tell you. He called them posthypnotic trigger words. The whole idea is to let you have fun trying to figure out your trigger words and who is authorized to use them. Those other two who were getting hypnotized when you arrived – they've also been given some trigger words. I'm pretty sure they don't remember it, either." The refreshments girl paused a moment, apparently to enjoy watching the astonished look on my face. She smiled slightly as she continued, "so, we're going to wait a little while before we decide it's time to see you do one of your posthypnotic tricks." "Let me see if I understand this correctly. Several people in this room – I don't know how many – can say something to me – and I don't know what it is they might say – and I'm supposed to do some sort of trick for them – and I don't know what it might be that I might do. Is that what you're telling me?" "Yep, that pretty well sums it up," she said smugly. "And what if I just happen to decide not to do any posthypnotic tricks? What's anyone going to do about that to make me?" "Oh, that would be alright if you try not to do it," she continued with her smug attitude. "In fact, I hope you do try to resist. That will make it so much more interesting for the rest of us. Nobody will make you do anything. Except, we expect that you will make yourself do it. It's fun to watch someone struggle against a posthypnotic assignment." She paused a moment before she continued, "At first it seems like it's such a small matter, a tiny urge that you hardly notice. An idea just pops into your head to do something. At first it seems so easy, to do it or not do it. Until you realize that the more you try to resist, the stronger the urge grows until it becomes a compulsion and you discover you simply must do it. At least that's how it was for me the time I volunteered for hypnosis. Of course, it may be different for you – we shall see, won't we?" "This is ridiculous, I haven't been hypnotized," I replied defiantly. "Are you telling me that you've been given one of my trigger phrases? Give me a hint – tell me what it is." "A hint? All right I can tell you this much – it wasn't just a trigger phrase for you. It was two trigger phrases I can say which will affect you. So far, you didn't even notice the first one." "Two? And you've already used one of them and I didn't notice? What was it?" "Tell me how you feel when I ask you 'how does it feel to be hypnotized?'" "How do I feel? I feel fine. I feel like you are a really interesting person and that it's fun to talk with you. I feel like you are interested in me and interested in whatever I might have been doing with the hypnotist. I feel like I want to tell you, again, that I wish I could find out how it feels to be hypnotized, but I haven't been hypnotized yet. It's like I could hang out with you for the entire evening because you're so much fun to be around." "Yes," she said, as if she had scored a point. "You will have to think about that for a little while before you recognize the trigger hidden in what I said." "Okay, I'll think about that – as if there's a trigger or secret message in what you said. So, do you have a hint, or whatever, about your so-called second trigger for me?" I asked. She paused thoughtfully for a moment before saying, "Look, I am enjoying this conversation, but when I say your phrase, you're probably going to walk away. So, promise me you'll come back and visit me here at the refreshments table as soon as you can, okay?" "Well, since I was not hypnotized, I don't see what harm those words can do. Yes, I'll come back and talk with you some more. What is the phrase you have for me?" "You have a beautiful bottom," she said quietly but clearly. What's all this fascination with my bottom? I was thinking to myself – but I did not think that thought for very long, because I found myself quickly walking away from the refreshments table. In fact I was moving through the crowd politely but with great efficiency, going back to that original chair where I had been reading that card. As soon as my beautiful bottom was firmly planted in that chair, I stuck my legs out in front of me, as if I were resting them on an invisible ottoman, and raised both my hands and arms high above my head and shouted, "All Right Everybody! I'm Ready to Get Hypnotized Again!" Suddenly, the whole party went quiet – everyone was looking at me! "What did I just now do?" I asked quietly. "Offhand, and this is just a wild guess," someone said with dry humor dripping from his voice, "I suspect you just now followed one of your posthypnotic assignments." Nearly every person in the room giggled or laughed – as if I was being left out of some sort of joke. "Posthypnotic?" I asked. "But I've never been hypnotized." "Yes, we pretty much thought you would say that, especially after he told you to forget all about it. Tell us, why are your legs sticking out? And why are your hands in the air? Can you put them down?"
JamSandwich1 Jul 4 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 20 · Tags: first hypnosis, posthypnotic suggestion, party hypnosis

Hush now, sweet one, have no fear

You can relax now that I am here.

Relax your body, calm your mind

And utter pleasure you will find.

Relax and be calm, drift far away,

And follow the words that I have to say.

It feels right, and it feels good

When you obey, like you know you should.

Let my words help you to go down deep

And send your body and mind to a sound sleep

Because you enjoy that submission so much

And in your mind, my control does touch.

So be good, little one, and soon you will see

How good it can be, should you obey me

Come back up, come back to me,

But be prepared to never, ever be free.

RoseSpells Jul 17 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5

This site, Hypwatch, was conceived in around November 2015 by a number of moderators of the previous leading erotic hypnosis site, Hypbook. We were worried that Hypbook might not be maintained for much longer (with good reason, as events proved). We committed to make sure that people with interests in consensual erotic hypnosis (whether active hypno-kinksters, those just curious, or those in between) had a friendly and welcoming online community and social network.

This site became public on 31 January 2016, just under a year ago. It has not been without its share of challenges. Now, as Hypwatch approaches its first anniversary, our community needs us more than ever.

FetLife, the mother of all kink communities, has purged all groups and fetishes with "hypnosis" in the name - affecting thousands upon thousands of members. Its founder has said they "are still going through FetLife to see if anything else needs to be removed or cleaned up". So much for the idea of no "kink shaming", their founder's post of 11 hours ago makes it clear that erotic hypnosis (a perfectly legal activity) is no longer welcome on FetLife.

We all know how much of a setback for the erotic hypnosis community this is, and for our right to be acknowledged as practising a form of eroticism that is more safe, sane and consensual than many of the other "acceptable" kinks allowed to continue on FetLife.

Prior to the FetLife purge yesterday (my local time), this site had over 1500 members, which I personally thought was a reasonable achievement for our first year. We have seen an influx of new members since the purge and I expect this will continue. We will no doubt see many more new members joining the site (although many of them will be established hypno-kinksters from FetLife and elsewhere).

No doubt this will cause some more teething and technical issues and the odd clash of persons here and there. With our hard work as site administrators and moderators, and with your goodwill and support as members of the community, we will get through all of these challenges.

As a co-founder and administrator of this site, with the support of my colleagues, and I hope with your support as our members:

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch the very best, friendly and welcoming online community and social network for everyone interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place where people from around the world can meet, socialise, talk, exchange ideas and just have fun without being pressured to hide or feel ashamed of their kinks.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place of knowledge and education, where people can learn and exchange teachings about erotic hypnosis techniques, safety, ideas and all manner of related topics.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a true online home for the erotic hypnosis community, a place where members can feel safe while exploring their interests.

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The life, the dream can seem so out of reach.

It can be hard to turn it around when you feel so trapped in life.

It can be hard to see a change when it's been this way for so long.

It can be hard to be happy for others, when inside you feel lost and confused.

And sometimes you just have to smile, to make it seem like you're okay..

It can be hard to post a blog like this too..

martha Jun 29 '18 · Rate: 5
Brian Waters, CEO, waited patiently. He straightened his tie as he gazed over her resumé. She seemed like a good addition to his company, but he needed to stay unbiased until he got the opportunity to meet Rose Fatin.

Brian typed a few things on his computer and glanced at his clock. The interview was supposed to start in 5 minutes, so he prepared the paperwork, shifted a few things on his desk, and awaited the buzzer call.

"Your next interview is here," his secretary called over the intercom. Brian called back, inviting the woman in.

A beautiful woman woman walked in, wearing a short pencil skirt, a low-cut top underneath a suit jacket, and gorgeous high heels. She moved with a grace that Brian couldn't help but note.

Brian stood up, holding his arm out to shake the hand of the ravishing female before him. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Waters." Rose smiled, her brilliant white teeth shining from under her bright red lips.

"Yes, well, why don't you have a seat and we'll get started," Brian motioned to the chair behind Rose. She had a seat, crossing her long, bewitching legs, slowly and seductively.

Brian began the interview normally. "So I noticed you worked as a receptionist before. What was that like?" Rose contemplated for a half-second, running her finger over her lips and responding, "Yes. It was a lovely job."

"Oh, lovely, and do you have experience with word processors and other programs?" Again, she ran her finger over her lips, and nodded, "Yes, I can name a few if you'd like." This is when Brian noticed her eyes.

"No, that's fine...I think..." Brian had lost his train of thought. He sighed taking a moment to get back on trac- "Actually, do you think I can ask you a few questions, Mr. Waters?" The woman touched her lips again.

This shocked Brian, but he still didn't see a reason why not. "Go right ahead." Rose shifted her position in the chair, crossing her legs the other way and resting in a way that her top showed her lovely cleavage.

"Have you ever dreamed about being dominated by a real woman?" Rose raised her eyebrows, and brushed her finger seductively against her lips.

Brian was taken aback by the question, but couldn't help but reflect on it. He had, in fact, fantasized about kneeling before a sexy woman. He just hadn't taken the time to really enjoy the thought before.

"Uh...I think that is an inappro-" Brian began, just as Rose stood up and approached him. Brian panicked. "I think I'll need to ask you to lea-" The breathtaking beauty stood over him and smiled.

"Brian, do you want to kneel for me?" The beautiful woman touched her lips slowly. Brian felt the need. Craving. Burning desire to kneel at her sexy legs. But...he was strong. He was in charge. He needed to-

"Kneel for me," the seductress whispered, and touched her lips one more time. This was too much. Brian fell off his chair to his knees. "I-I-I...."Brian had no words.

"Tell me that I'm hired, Brian. Tell me that you want me to have a special desk right in this office with you. Tell me that you want me as close to you as possible." Rose sneered, touching her lips gently. "Call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress," Brian was broken. He couldn't do anything. She could have anything she wanted. He was weak. And he just wanted to please this gorgeous seductress.

"Good boy," Rose responded, patting Brian gently on the head. "Now, tell everyone that you and I are going to lunch. I have some plans for you."

Brian Waters, CEO, was long gone. He had no power. No resistance. He just wanted to please his Mistress Rose. He just wanted to sink deeper for her and farther under her spell. Brian Waters was now a mindless slave and would do anything his Mistress Rose asked of him.

RoseSpells Aug 8 '18 · Rate: 5
Another hour, another day pass with me wondering.

Wondering what it would be like to see you in front of me. To see your face so close to me. To see those eyes that can so easily take me. To feel your touch on my skin. To hear your voice in my ear telling me the things I need to hear from you.. I always knew I was yours, but seeing with my own eyes the way you look at me confirms it even more. I just hope, that if I would ever see you in front of me, that I'd be all you needed..

martha Jul 25 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
I've been fascinated by hypnosis and mind control for as long as I can remember. I'm an experienced subject who's been trancing for roughly 10 years, though mostly through mp3 files. I understand this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for a hypnotist who is a woman or non binary person to begin a dialogue that would ideally lead to an on going power exchange hypnotic relationship. I'm going to attach the results of a very interesting survey I took last night that might be helpful for learning where my interests lie, but I take joy in malleability. Will happily address all inquiries. 
SuperStella Nov 26 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
His voice is the only thing she can hear now. Nothing else matters, nothing else exists. His voice has turned her into all that she's dreamed of. During the day when she's going on with her life, in her mind is him..

"Come to me slave.." 

She can hear it, so clearly now. And again..

"Come to me slave.."

Everything just stopped. Her legs moved on their own to the front door, and when she opened it.. there he was. Her eyes immediately locked into his. 

"Good slave" he said. 

He then pulled out a collar, and a leash. She was his now. Completely his. Her old life was over forever, and her new one with Master was beginning...

martha Dec 23 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
In case anyone missed my comment from Page 31 of the fetlife discussion.

I’m echoing a lot of what ZanyM, Mephki and HypnoMaestro and others have already said, but whilst I have a voice, I think I should use it, even if it’s just to agree. (Oh, the bondage deaths and rape fantasy talk is all me. Yee! :o|)


@JohnBaku Thanks for communicating with us. I don’t know what you’ve had to go through, so I apologize if my comments lack understanding as to the scope of the problem. You’ve made a great site that’s been wonderful for community building. It’s lead to a lot of people safely discovering that they’re not alone in their kinks. It’s also been great for community policing. Some of the most intelligent, morally sound and ethical people I’ve met have been community leaders here. And many of them have just had their groups deleted.

Silencing thousands of people and deleting hundreds of groups isn’t going to help anyone thrive.

If you have to do this in the short term, please make sure there’s a way to recover from it.

This is no guarantee that credit card companies will allow you to process payments again. Nor is it any guarantee that the groups pressuring the credit card companies won’t lobby to move the goalposts again in a year or two.

These groups don’t just want hypnosis and edgeplay gone. They want all non-conventional, non-PC, non-religiously acceptable activities gone, and if they can’t shut you down in one fell swoop, then they’ll try to kill your site with a death by thousand cuts.

♦ This time it’s hypnosis…
♦ Next it’ll be bondage and breath-play…
♦ Then it’ll be spanking.
♦ Then they’ll stigmatize polyamory, open relationships, and swinging.

Not to kink shame, but misadventure due to bondage and breathplay has caused life long injuries and in some cases actual deaths when carried out by clueless amateurs. I know the people of Fetlife have been instrumental in the education of newbies in how to carry out such scenes as safely as possible. If Fetlife wasn’t here for them simply as an educational resource and networking hub, I can guarantee there would be more of that.

Google the #1 fantasy amongst most women and in most cases it’ll be reported as “Rape Fantasy”. Are those women going out and getting raped? No. If they ever do play with it, it’s hopefully in a much more safe context. Can consenting adults now discuss the most common fantasy in the world on the biggest fetish site in the world? No. If something is consensual and legal then why should talking about it be stigmatized?

You have a site with five million members. You have lawyers. Odds are, plenty of site members *are* lawyers. Fun, intelligent, kinky people want Fetlife to thrive, so ask the five million for help.

Start a GoFundMe, go down the Patreon route, Have your lawyers draw a line in the sand and keep talking to us. Help us help you fight this.
Lex Jan 19 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: fetlife
"Doesn't kidnapping usually involve some kind of... threat, or force, or something?"

The two other people sitting at her table blinked, as if surprised to hear her speak, and stopped their conversation to turn and look at her.

The woman smiled.  "Glad to see you're back with us.  But no, who said anything about kidnapping?  Aren't you here by  choice?"

"No!" she said firmly.  She looked around.

She hadn't until that moment really taken in where she was; but now that she was looking, it seemed to be some sort of seedy strip club.  There were other customers distributed throughout the room, but none very close to the tiny table next to the stage where the three of them sat.  Up on stage, a voluptuous woman with eyes half-closed, a dreamy look on her face, was grinding her hips absentmindedly to the slinky music, while holding her ample breasts to her chest with one arm and unclasping her bra with the other.  The only other things she was wearing were matching panties, earrings, and a slim, pretty charm bracelet.

She definitely did not want to be here.  Ugh.  "How the Hell did I even get here?  No, I do not want to be here."

"Then what's stopping you from walking out?" the woman asked, with another smile.  Her smile had an edge to it, as if she were hiding some secret.  For that matter, the man's expression looked eerily similar.

She considered.  Nothing was stopping her from getting up and walking out.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat; she could feel her wallet and cell phone in the coat pockets.  Her two... abductors, or whatever they were, were not threatening her or looking aggressive in any way; both sat back in their chairs with looks of smug, condescending confidence.  The exit door was clearly labeled on the far side of the room; other than threading between a few empty tables, nothing was between her and the door.  Nobody else in the strip club seemed to be even looking their way.

That wasn't quite true.  As she was thinking, a waitress came up behind her.  "Can I get you anything?" she asked the table at large.

"I'll have a bourbon on the rocks," the woman said.  "Makers is fine."

"I'll have a vodka martini," the man said with a smirk.  "And she'll have a Deep and Dreamless Sleep."


"Why would you even kidnap someone and take them to a strip club?" she asked indignantly.

The woman smiled at her.  "Welcome back," she said indulgently.

"I'm serious!" she said.  A wave of her hand took in the whole of the dimly lit dive.  On stage, another young woman with straight honey-blonde hair a little longer than a pageboy cut was dreamily bumping and grinding while slowly leaving her clothes in a pile.  Her shirt and bra were off, but she was still wearing a miniskirt and stockings.  And another slim silver charm bracelet.

"I thought you wanted to be here, since you've stayed so far," the woman said.

She looked towards the exit.  Her eyes didn't seem to find the sign right away, but she knew it was over just past the bar.  There were only a few tables between her and there, not really very much in the way.  She could just get up and walk out.

In a moment, she'd do exactly that.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat, and she still had her wallet and phone.  Nothing was stopping her.

She looked towards the stage.  The young performer's eyes were fluttering as if they were trying to close, or trying to open, as she wriggled out of her miniskirt and dropped it on the raised floor beside the stripper pole.

She was actually quite pretty.  But there was no reason to stay and watch this. "This is definitely not my scene," she said.

The other two at the table laughed at that.  "Oh, I think this is exactly and entirely, your scene," the woman said.

"And do you know what happens next in your scene?" the man said.


"Why did you even bring me here?"

The woman put down her finished drink.  "Hey, look who's back with us."

"Oh, hi again!" said the man, gesturing with his own nearly-empty martini glass.  "You're really missing most of the show."  He balled up some bills and tossed them into the pile of clothing next to the woman on stage, a petite brunette who had just gotten down to just her flowery panties and another slim silver charm bracelet.  She was bent over, showing the audience her ass.  She didn't react to the money landing in her shirt.

"I'm serious!"  She looked around.  She didn't see the exit sign and couldn't quite remember which direction it should be in, but she was still seriously thinking about walking out.  She should just get up and do it.

"I'm not sure what you mean," said the woman.  "Do you remember us bringing you here?"  She turned to the man.  "Do you remember bringing her here?"

The man shrugged.

"No, I-- you drugged me or something, I don't remember, but I wouldn't come here on my own!"

"What's stopping you from leaving?" the woman asked.

"I... nothing, I don't know!  But I keep not doing it!"

"Why do you think that is?" The woman was smiling that infuriating smile again.

"You... did something to me!"

"Who, me?" smiled the woman.  "Us?"  The man smiled as well.

"Yes, you!"

The woman smirked more, if possible.  "How about this.  When you think about getting up and leaving, just standing up right now and walking out, is there some other feeling that stops you?  And if so, where is that feeling located?"

She thought hard about it.  Imagined standing up, and walking out... somewhere. For now just standing up.  Her legs sliding a little further under the chair to be directly under her, then straightening, her hands pushing the chair back...

She felt an almost physical tug on her right wrist.  Not looking yet, she experimented, thinking about different variations of standing up and walking away.

A tug on her right wrist, every time.  Like she was chained in place.

She looked down.  There around her wrist was a slim, silver charm bracelet.  The single charm hanging off of it looked like a tiny silver pocket watch.

"Oh," she said, staring at it.  Something about the sight made the world seem... quiet.  Distant.  Unimportant.  Faded.

Before she realized it, her arm had begun to lift.  Raising up in the air, responding to a tug she could *feel*, as if she were manacled to the ceiling and the chain was being drawn back, pulled on, lifting her wrist upwards.  It was at eye level, and her eyes were irresistibly fixated on that bracelet, that tiny pocket watch charm.

The world slipped further away, and she scarcely noticed when the tug changed direction, pulling her up out of her seat and forward towards the stage.

Somewhere far away and completely unimportant, deserving no attention at all, a DJ said some words that she had no need to take any conscious note of.  "And let's welcome to the stage our last special guest from the local Hypnosis Club, Miss Mindless Abductee!  I'm sure that's her real name, folks-- you can just call her Mindless for short.  And here's some special music, just for her..."

The chords of "I Put A Spell On You" started, and she reached down and began pulling off her shirt.


I have recently become the pet of a wonderful Mistress. She is very kind and caring. She has put herself out and given up things just to have me. She is truly an exceptional person.

She has been going through a lot in her life lately. People she thought were her friends started to distance themselves. Instead of being supportive, they yell at her and tell her she is doing everything wrong. What she needs are true friends who support her and encourage her.

It’s a shame that some people don’t see her the way that I do. Mistress is the total package of brains and beauty. Yes, I’ve seen her and wouldn’t change a thing about her. She has a way of bringing out the best in people. She has made me a better person.

It pains me to see what a few insensitive people have done to her. I wish there was some way I could convince her how wonderful she is. Maybe people will read this and realize the friendship they are missing out on. She is a remarkable woman and it’s an honor to be her pet.

meconform2u Apr 26 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4
Sometimes I wish that I just didn't know, does that make sense? Like how I crave hypnosis, and how badly I want to experience it in person. I hear it's more intense. So, sometimes I wish I never discovered hypnosis, because knowing that I'll probably never experience it in person really hurts inside. Or even, my sexual curiosities. I wish sometimes I didn't know​ about those too, because being married kind of makes it impossible to explore them. Like my desire to be sexually dominated. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that desire, because it hurts knowing I'll probably never experience it for real. Be thankful if you are someone lucky enough to explore, because some of us discover these things too late, and are left with a feeling of emptiness inside.
martha Jul 28 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

Hypwatch was conceived in around November 2015. It was the project of a number of people committed to make sure that the erotic hypnosis community would always have a friendly and welcoming online community open to all people interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

Hypwatch became public on 31 January 2016, exactly one year ago. Today is our first birthday. In that time, Hypwatch has grown to just under 1800 members, and continues to grow. Other metrics of note are 4397 friendships, 2745 photos and 8057 message conversations. We've come a very long way for a non-profit volunteer-run site.

For the Hypwatch management team, it's been an exciting, busy (and sometimes frustrating) year, but overall a happy one. We've managed to build an erotic hypnosis site that has remained true to our goal of being a friendly and welcoming online community. We've had a number of problems and challenges along the way that we've had to deal with (I might have broken the site a couple times and had to restore from backup, but don't tell anyone!), and we've gotten through most of them relatively intact.

There are still areas of the site that need improvement, and we'll continue to address them where and when we can. In the next six months (resources permitting), we hope to address some of the bigger issues, as well as making a lot of small and behind the scenes upgrades (which we are regularly doing). We also intend offering more educational resources as we do see Hypwatch as being a place of learning for the erotic hypnosis community.

With your support, Hypwatch will keep on growing, not only in numbers, but also in terms of the content, features and experiences and quality of service it provides for you, our members.

Thanks to the site management team:
* Skyla - the site represents one of your dreams and visions and I'm so happy to be able to help realise it with you
* doomsux and dannyk - thanks for all your technical help and other support
* RoseSpells and Nico - for all your advice, feedback, doing odd jobs here and there, and putting up with my requests

And the biggest thanks of all to you, our members. Without you there'd be no site.

Happy birthday, Hypwatch! May you have many, many more.

John512 Jan 31 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: community, erotic hypnosis, erotic hypnosis , hypnosis, hypnosis , hypwatch

Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Link to Two Hyp Chicks on Soundcloud
sleepingirl Jul 26 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hypnokink, podcast, bdsm
I can't resist, your eyes. The way they stare back at me, and the way I slowly fall as I stare into them. My mind going blank, all I hear is your powerful voice. Your words fill me, control me..arouse me, as I keep staring and falling. Its never enough, and I crave more. I crave to be your mindless, obedient slave.. I crave it every day, more and more as the seconds pass. I love what you do to me. I love the feeling of staring blankly into your eyes, as your words brainwash my mind. I don't want to be me anymore. I want to be what you make me. I want to be what your words turn me into..
martha Jul 15 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
Tips for being a successful hypnotist. Being a successful hypnotist is largely a matter of trust, expectation and belief. Just like in S&M play is it not unusual for hypnokink partners to be friends, not lovers. Trust can not be taken for granted. Just because someone allows you to play with their body does not mean that they are ok with you playing with their mind. Trust comes first because if you don’t trust your partner nothing else is going to happen. Tips to establish Trust Explain what Hypnosis is and isn’t If you’re not having FUN. Something needs to change. Like any other play consent is essential. There is a lot of misconceptions about what Hypnosis is and isn’t. You want to appear competent. Displaying an understanding of the topic without being preachy builds trust If a sub is in service to or protected by another Dom the rule is you ask the Dom for permission BEFORE playing with their sub. Expectation and belief. Your partner needs to believe that you are capable to putting them into trance and expect that you will do so at the time and place you are discussing. During the pre-talk ask them what they want to get out of the session. When you do use terms like “when you’re in trance…” or “once I have you hypnotized….” Never express any doubt as to your ability to hypnotize another. Your belief in yourself is just as important as your partners belief in you. The best way to build trust in yourself is to “practice, practice, practice” Learn as many different inductions as you can. No induction works 100% of the time. Learn how to create your own unique inductions, combining deepeners Playing with lots of others, either online or in person will absolutely require that you learn a variety of induction. Even if you only plan to play with your partner you should mix it up a bit.
LouLuck Sep 5 '17 · Rate: 5

Look deep into your self.

Find yourself all alone in the dark curled up on the floor.

A light sound of cheers come faintly into your mind.

Listen to them grow within.

Raise your head high.

As you open your eyes.

The cheers ring through your brain

Feel your heart begin to beat.

Listen to those cheers.

Your shades of black and grays begin to shed like a snake. Renewing you a new skin of bright greens blues and yellows.

Your emotionless face starts to change from frowning and sobbing.

Listen to those cheers

As it brings a faint remark

Among your face.

Slowly your frown starts to morph like a butterfly changes in stages.

dormant and still

Cocooned your whole life 

by darkness

As you start to morph and love to something beautiful and delightful.

Your frown begins to change from upside down. A smile begins to take form.

Listening more to those cheers now getting so very loud in your head.

Your smile makes it true form among your beautiful face as your eyes enlighten by the happiness now flowing through your veins.

Smiling and eyes wide open

You start to see everything so very clearly.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad

Life to short for that.

The cheers start to say.

Listen to them

Let them control you

Let them help you.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad


Your new life has just begun.

Welcome to your happiness

I am so very glad

You're so happy

And smiling

Happy and smiling is the greatest life ever.

Trust me you regret it.

Happy and smiling

You're so beautiful to be happy and smile

Why listen to those tell you that your not all these things

Your life is perfect just way you are so

Go ahead smile and be happy because

You are beautiful in my eyes and everyone else and your


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Tags: poem, why so sad

Either like it or don't it's your choice

Either way, you take it don't let it sallow you.

Either hate or like.

Either way, you point the gun a bullet fires straight.

Those who feeling down

It's okay not too late

Either keep going or give up.

But spiral downwards

Cause it's not too late.

Trust or don't

One way for sure we all live together in this world.

Positive and negative

Both keep a car running

Both keep the heart beating.

Don't spiral towards

Do spiral upwards

In the end, we all end happy one way or another.

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: poem

So there has been a lot of talk and despite my best efforts I started getting sucked into the “what if” type of scenarios. So I want to state my opinions here and let you guys know that these are only opinions.

What is happening to hypbook?:

I do not know, anything I do know is hearsay and I have not confirmed it as true. I have had a lot of anxiety about this, I love hypbook, and it was my online hypnotic home for a long time. I may be voicing some of my anxiety’s about it in ways that could come across as what I actually think is happening, and for that I am sorry. Truth is, as far as I know, it is there for now. That is the extent of my knowledge.

IS the community splintering?:

When I first heard of hypwatch it was in a discussion talking about that very thing, but that wasn’t the only place people were asking about it. More than a few people seem to be coming to me to ask what is up. It could be that I was close to a lot of admins for a while so I seem like I might know things without being “one of them” I honestly am not sure. Here is my opinion on the matter.

If we want the community to splinter, if we allow drama and discord to rule our emotions and life, than yeah it is. But I do not think we want that, and despite unavoidable drama (because let’s face it we are human beings.) I think we all pretty much want things to keep going for the better. I get that we felt like a family over there on hypbook, and I get that this feels a lot like “I will take my ball and go home.” But I do not think that is what it is.

We are a rapidly growing community, we have multiple needs, and when sites like hypwatch pop up, run by mostly sane individuals, whom we know want the community to grow, not wither….it’s a good thing.

We are expanding our garden and growing more fruits from our labors. Life is not static, it is dynamic, and when things cease to change they cease to live. Everything evolves eventually, and this is just another part of that. Now we have one more site full of people, smart intelligent, ethical people who are willing to discuss this. When the newbies join we can help them learn about ethics, safety, consent, oh…what’s that other things……Hypnosis! The more educated we are the better off we will be, and now people have one more place to learn from and compare notes to.


These are my opinions. If you want your questions answered ask the admins, not people who might know something. Get your answers from the source and trust that, if they are not answering certain questions it is for the better. 

CalamityBrain Apr 4 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 24 · Tags: hypbook, hypwatch, community

As mentioned in Chapter 1, men significantly outnumber women here (and on most erotic sites), so our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance. 

So if you've read the profile of your intended hypno partner, and worked out that, yes, your interests and hers are compatible, and yes, you've got something to offer that'll help you stand out from the crowd of other guys, then you're ready for the my next tip, which is "BE RESPECTFUL".

The lady you're hoping will trance with you may or may not be a subject, a hypnotist, a top or domme or mistress, a bottom or submissive or slave, hypno-curious, etc.  But I can promise you, fellas, that most important of all, she actually is a flesh and blood person with emotions and feelings like everyone else and who should be treated with basic human respect.

So be polite.  There's nothing wrong with a genuine compliment of course, but starting out with a crude reference to body parts or what you want to do to/with her or the like is going to go down here about as well as it would in any other social interaction.  Make the effort to engage her in genuine conversation.  Treat the lady as a lady, rather than just a source for you to get your hypno-jollies. 

Likewise, don't assume that just because the lady is a hypnotist, or a subject, that she's interested in being a hypnotist or subject for you.  The ratio of men to women here (and on other erotic sites) is such that she's probably bombarded with requests and is not just going to go for the first or next guy to message her.

A little bit of basic courtesy, politeness and being interested in her as a person will go a long way.

John512 Apr 21 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 14

“ rivernixie:
“ “Come over here, silly. Look at me. Look at your reaction to me. It is so clear what you want, why do you deny yourself so?”
I had to look away or I would walk right up to those bars. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? Am I...



“Come over here, silly. Look at me. Look at your reaction to me. It is so clear what you want, why do you deny yourself so?”

I had to look away or I would walk right up to those bars. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? Am I really that easy?

“I’ve told you before… yes. You are so easy. It’s so easy to make you turn around, all I have to do is remove my hands from my breasts… like so…”

I found my body turning… I’d say against my will, but… I mean, apparently not. My will and my understanding of my will were leagues apart. I wanted to turn… and turn I did.

She didn’t say anything, just smiled. I felt first betrayal and then shame, shame that I would have trusted her so fully as to feel betrayed at all. Why would I trust her to show me her…

It was then I saw.

“There you go. You noticed. See? You can trust me. I did as I said… and so shall you, pet. Tit for tat, as it were?”

That was it. The moment I stopped being her warden and became… something more. Something less, too, I feel. Only sometimes, though. She reminds me, whenever I feel low, of how much I trusted her that day. How much I trust her now. Trust in my River…


RiverNixie Nov 13 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1
Hypnosis Negotiation

 So when I am negotiating hypnosis play, I ask for four individual lists. And I ask for each list to be labeled, and each item on that list to be its own line. So I am able to easily locate each list in my notes while they are in trance. These four lists are…

Hard Limits:

Limit 1.

Limit 2.


(Things you absolutely will not do, even if someone offered you $100.)


Landmine 1.

Landmine 2.


(Things you know you don’t respond well to that the hypnotist should be aware of. Such as, if you are afraid of heights. “Saying falling.” may be a landmine. Or if someone has a common trigger in you you don’t want duplicated by someone else. Or anything else that the hypnotist may stumble upon accidentally which you know you won’t respond well to. I hate being called Sweetie. Out of trance its an annoyance, in trance its made me cry. So, “calling me Sweetie” is one of my landmines.)


Safeword to Pause and discuss.

Safeword to Stop all play and Start aftercare.

Safeword to Start play or Convey something is good for you.

(I work with a lot of people across the world. The Stoplight system seems to be pretty universal. Yellow = Pause, Red = Stop, and Green = Go.

You may chose other words. If you want to pick other words, chose words that make you feel safe, come to you automatically and that you are unlikely to say during a session.)

Hypnotic/BDSM Interests:

Interest 1.

Interest 2.


(Things they like experiencing under trance. I will ask them to delete anything I’m not okay with doing. I also ask them a few of the things I am really into. If they are interested in those, too, I’ll ask for those interests to be added to the list.

Then we have a set pre-negotiated list I can pull from anytime I am working with them. If I’m doing a session in which one aspect isn’t working for either of us, I can easily let it go, look on their Hypnotic Interests list and snag something from there.)

I ask them to let me know if there are any changes to the list, and I update the lists accordingly.

This is proper negotiation. Organized so the Hypnotist can easily look it up when they need it, even if the subject is deep in trance. 

If you think this is good information, please share this. The more people who know how to properly negotiate, the better it is for the community.

PS: You may also want to negotiate Aftercare. Aftercare is usually discussed between me and my subjects and I rarely write it down.

sweettist Dec 16 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , negotiation

(CW hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for mental comfort)

Read slowly, breathing deeply and slowly as you read.

Social distancing is the new black

but it gives you skin hunger

and it's getting to you

It's been a long day

You've been cooped up inside

Unable to go out and live your normal life

It's been a long week

a long month

Life has become unreal

nothing is normal anymore

What would it be like to have something to distract you, to occupy your mind?

What would it be like to go on a mental journey?

How would it be if you were able to relax deeply 

and experience reading this as if you were on a vacation

What if you were to allow your attention 

to focus to the point where you drift into a calm, peaceful state of mind

and the more you focus inside, the more comfortable you begin to feel

And because you're reading this and wondering what will come next

you can find that you drop your shoulders, which means that you're relaxing

In your mind, you're sitting in a luxuriously padded armchair

richly upholstered

one you can sink into and slow right down

and rest, supported.

breathing in peaceful relaxation, breathing out stress and tension

and already you're starting to feel a little more at ease

aren't you?

Very good

relaxing more and more with every word I speak

but easily able to keep your eyes on the screen and my words

I'm going to walk over to the light switch on the wall

it is one of those with a dial, a dimmable switch

I turn the dial and the light begins to dim 

and the dimmer the light becomes the more you let go

i dim the light to just the right level 

to create a relaxed atmosphere 

I dial down any noise and distraction as you feel the peace

Your favorite sounds, music or birdsong or whatever is your favorite sound

comes to your ears

and you relax even more

I take something from my pocket

it's a cut gemstone on a chain

and you watch




        my words 

       as a crystal





I start to swing this crystal in front of your eyes

it sparkles softly in the glow of the subdued lighting

and as I swing it from side to side, your eyes follow it

side to side

side to side

You can feel the sparkles reflect in your eyes

in the blissful silence of the swinging crystal

your eyes tracking the movement

and as you stare

listening to the sounds

the chair cushioning your body

your subconscious mind begins to open to me

open, receptive

And as you listen

I lull your conscious mind to sleep

and it steps back 

and lets go

As you sink deeper into the softness of the chair

I can tell your subconscious mind to listen

and it does so willingly

your subconscious mind so receptive to me now


What would it like if your mind was a whiteboard

And if I were to clean off

all that is there

so that you are blissful blank and clear

what would that be like?

Feel this, see this

as I take a whiteboard eraser and wipe down the board

bit by bit

and with each and every wipe you hear

you feel a warm wave of comfort

wash over you

as I erase all the thoughts and concerns away

until your mind is clean and blank 

feel that clean blankness now

see the empty whiteboard

your mind so peaceful

you can rest in the blankness, anchored to my words

as you follow them

that's all you have to do

as you sit in the soft comfortable chair

in the soft lighting

listening to my soft words

And now I am going to write something

on the whiteboard of your mind

I am going to write

"Things will all work out"

look at these words written on your mind

listen to me speaking these words in your mind

feel these words sink into you

Remember this:

"Things will all work out"

absorb these words 

allow them to soak into you

as you drift and listen to me

You know this:

"Things will all work out"

And you drift in this knowledge

In a moment I am going to bring you out of trance

but these words will remain in your mind

"Things will all work out"

Coming up on the count of 5, 

bringing with you this feeling of peace

begining to stir

more and more aware

more alert, feeling so good

feeling energised and refreshed

wide awake, all the way up




Welcome back.

Now stretch, get up, and fetch yourself some water

And remember what I wrote on your mind

What was it again?

Ophelia Apr 25 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11 · Tags: #trance
Take me. Lead me down deep. As deep as it's humanly possible. To that wonderful place. That wonderful, wet and obedient place. Where my mind is blank and my body belongs to you. Deeply brainwashed and programmed to obey, and cum.. over and over. It sounds like heaven doesn't it? It sounds exactly the way I want to be. No thoughts. No control. Just your obedient, brainless sex slave. 

martha Jan 12 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 14
It's those sighs that we search for - subject and hypnotist both. You know the one - sure you do. You've seen it before, in a dream both dazed and delicate.

It's the sigh - soft and delicious - that comes with all those wonderful "s" sounds... Sleep; Slip; Sink; Surrender... 

It's the moment we're all waiting for. The moment the last breath of resistance is exhaled and there is nothing left for the subject but blank and beautiful bliss. Resistance is gone. There's only the words of the trance and a deep and aching arousal - a need no longer consious. Minds will mesh and entangle - it's sex too in its own way. When you hear that sigh - or sigh it - it seems impossible that anyone could *not* find it erotic. 

It's that sigh that draws me in. To hear it, or to give it. It and the many signs like it - the lolling eyes, the empty ecstatic smile - are the drug I've come to crave. The best part of being a switch is that I can get my fix two ways. 

You know that sigh too - sure you do. You wouldn't be here if you didn't. Enjoy it, and find that perfect fix. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's you. Wherever that sigh lives for you, be kind and safe in your persuit of it. 

Synarchist Jan 14 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: random thoughts; the things we need
This is hypnotic in nature. ..  

Feeling overwhelmed with life.. Come and relax..Taking deep breaths,  and relaxing..  The hustle and bustle of the day are ending..  It's time to relax..  Feeling a little hug from me...  Reassuring you,  everything's going to be alright...  The hug relaxes you..  

The more you feel the hug, the more you relax..  Releasing all your tension..  Releasing all your worries..  The hug forms around you..  Encasing your body,  and mind..  Relaxed and calm...  Your breath is so calm..  You feel deeper and deeper,  with each calming breath...  

My arms wrap around your body..   Wrapping your mind around the hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper..  So calm..  So relaxed..  No worries..  No pain..  Taking you deeper and deeper..

Your breathing,  is slow and steady..  With each breath,  and each hug..  You drift and slide deeper and deeper...  My hug encasing your body and mind...  Feeling no pain..  Feeling no worries...  Just melting into my hug...  

So deep,  so relaxed..  Deeper and deeper into trance you go...  Feeling no pain..  No worries..  Just so relaxed..  My hugs melt you..  So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther,  with each breath you take..  

All your tension are erased..  Your muscles are so relaxed.. The pain and soreness,  is gone..  Encased in the never ending hug...  So melted and mindless..  Going deeper and deeper..  Your muscles relax in my hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper with each breath..  So calm.. So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther..  So tired.. So  relaxed...  Feeling nothing..  Just pure relaxation..  No pain,  no worries...  Just melting into my hug..

When you return to normal,  just thinking of my hug...  Will bring you back into your happy place..  No pain or worry...   Your muscles relax..  Releasing all your tension and worries..  

I will wake you in a moment..  When you finally wake...  You'll feel better..  Remembering how my trance makes you feel..  Happy and calm...  So melted and mindless... 

I will wake you on the count of 3...

1.  Waking more and more..  Remembering how much you love my trance..  Wanting to read this again..

2.  More and more awake and aware..  Feeling so good...  So relaxed..  

3.  Awake and aware. 

Hope you enjoyed it! Please read again,  if you want to relax. 

Zoogie Dec 11 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
If you are a male in search of a female hypno partner, remember that, as with most erotic sites, men SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber women here.  This means that our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance.

My tip for the guys today is that you need to make a good first impression.  When the lady of your desire is sifting through 10 or more messages, you'll need to stand out from the crowd if you want her attention.

I'd start with reading the lady's profile.  If she's clearly a subject only, she's not likely to be interested in wanting to trance you, no matter how desperate you come across.  Indeed, desperation is usually a big turn off.

Conversely, is she's solely a hypnotist, then she's unlikely to be interested in going into trance for you.  Or maybe she's only into other women, in which case you're out of luck, fellas.  Maybe she's specified age limits or something else.

So step number one, read the lady's profile and ask yourself: Do our interests align?  Are we likely to be compatible?  What do I have to offer that makes me better than being just another dude trying desperately to find a woman for a hypno quickie - unless her profile says she's all about quick hypno meetups

Next chapter: Be respectful 

John512 Apr 8 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7

The man wanted to struggle, fight back, flee. He was so afraid, but his muscles and body wouldn't respond. He trusted this woman with his mind and body, but at this moment, he felt so helpless and completely out of control. His resistance was failing.

His every limb refused to respond to his mind's pleas to move. Her words affected him in ways he couldn't explain nor begin to understand. All he knew was that he was trapped...and there was a storm brewing in his mind.

One part of his mind begged to be set free. He was afraid, so very afraid, of what this loss of control actually meant. He couldn't move, and he was trying so hard to fight against his mental bondage.

The other part of his mind was getting so turned on. It was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of arousal and helplessness it was experiencing. It was being flooded with endorphins, while the other part was quaking in fear.

The two parts of his mind were conflicted: One afraid of how turned on he was getting, the other getting more turned on by the growing terror. His Mistress had his consent to do just about anything she wanted, and he trusted her to play safely, but there was something about this time that made his heart drop. It felt more real, more... authentic. Maybe it was the primal look in her eyes. Perhaps it was the way they had jumped into play rather than working up to it like usual. Whatever it was... It was intense.

She sucked at his cock multiple times, stroked it, and then climbed on top. The man wanted to prove to himself that he was still in control. He could still fight. He didn't have to get more aroused. He didn't have to cum. He was strong. It was *his* body. He'd show her.

But within moments, moans were escaping the man's lips. He couldn't help it. There was nothing he could do to make her stop. And he enjoyed it. She was using him for her pleasure. He was loving every moment of the fear-enveloped scene.

"Fight me, slave. Show me how much you can fight." The man twitched at her words. "You don't *have* to cum, do you? You're a strong man. You can fight me, can't you?" She mocked him. Her voice was dripping with ridicule.

The man couldn't stop it. He was getting harder by the second. It felt strange and scary and so very hot, especially as he found his fight faltering. As he neared climax, he felt it.

His resistance, failing. His will, broken. He was not who he thought he once was. He was a slave. He was submissive. He was weak for his Mistress. And with that realization, he lost the battle.

He erupted into an orgasm more intense than he had ever experienced. His mind floated on fantasies that he finally got to see come true. Things he had dreamt about as a teenager had just happened to him for real. And it was better than he could have ever imagined.

The man basked in ecstasy as the powerful, yet gentle women held and calmed him. He had pleased her. That's all that he needed to know. He was a good boy. His purpose was fulfilled.

[Based on a real session with my live-in slave. We have negotiated scenes like this in the past and everything was done safely, consensually, and to both of our best interests. We have the best relationship, filled with love and fun.]

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https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-14-firsts In which we discuss the concept of "first experiences": some of ours, and ponder on whether or not those experiences are important. -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/

We will be updating these every FRIDAY, so this week there’s two!
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
There was a bit of muddiness for about 7 minutes in this one which I do apologize for, and shouldn’t happen again. Sorry guys! It’s still listenable, just not as good quality for that time. (The sound comes back for the trance at the end though! :) )

sleepingirl Jul 29 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: hypnosis, podcast, two hyp chicks
I have had a little experience with professional Domme videos. I've amassed a bit of a collection on Niteflirt, have spent many nights perusing Youtube and other video sites, and have indulged myself now and again in an actual purchase or two. Most recently, I noticed Rivernixie posting to the front page here and Hypwatch, and eventually curiosity got the better of me and I followed her down the rabbit hole.

River's style is unique among those I've seen. It's very much a guided meditation, magical realism sort of induction, with videos focusing on her pendant and nicely ample breasts. For a visual fixation junkie like myself, it works wonders: her imagery is on point, her breasts are beautiful, and she certainly knows how to work a pendulum. There are hints and traces of faerie-like mythology in her inductions, with an emphasis on nature and running away to play with her, but the themes don't overwhelm or distract from the trance itself. Her trances do tend to be on the lighter side -- there are only a couple files available on her site that go very deep, but most of them make for a very pleasurable 5-10 minute trance. Aside from the view of her (again, amazingly lovely) breasts, there isn't a whole lot of sexuality to be had; it's mostly just a very gentle, possessive, stare-and-relax trance.

If you're interested (and I really do encourage you to be), I recommend starting with the $6, 6-ish minute "Sixty Seconds" video. It's a very simply structured setup and countdown with plenty of pendulum and breast fixation, and I found it to be quite effective. It gives you a good idea of her style without too much investment from the get-go, and I've found it to be one of the most consistently pleasing videos I've purchased from her (it works nicely with my short attention span and get-to-the-point attitude towards trances in general).

River's a breath of fresh air in a crowded and somewhat overdone hypnodomme scene. There's no commercial pushing in her videos (nothing breaks a good trance quite like "watch more of my videos and buy things from my store"), and her trances are pleasurable and inviting without being overly domineering or aggressive. She's a wonderful getaway from the world at a reasonable price point, and I highly recommend her and will be keeping an eye on her work in the future. If you are interested, find her oeuvre of clips at http://clips4sale.com/river-nixie/ or visit her tumblr at http://rivernixie.tumblr.com/

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Its been awhile since I posted here. I hope you enjoyed this one
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(Reposted from Fet)

I really had so much fun at MEEHU 3 this past weekend that its hard to recall everything, not that any one ever suggested that, and there are a few things that are very hard to recall. Therefore I’m only going to hit the high points.

... more

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"Right here, right now." His eyes came back into focus, or maybe opened-- he was a little unsure. He blinked a few times. Sitting across from him, she grinned. "How did that feel?" It took him a moment to find his voice. "Good. Relaxing. I... kind of started dreaming for a while there, I wasn't paying so much attention to what you were saying, I'm sorry about that." "No, that's all right. I told you to do that." "You did?" He thought back. He remembered her talking about drifting. Had she said something about it being okay to stop paying attention to her words? Maybe. That did seem familiar. "Yes, I did. And you did it exactly right. You're very good at following directions." Something about her saying that made his face feel hot. He looked down, embarrassed. She said nothing, waiting. Eventually he started to feel even more embarrassed by the silence than by his own reaction, and he slowly looked back up. She was still looking steadily at him, smiling slightly. Approvingly. Her eyes were wide, open, direct, meeting his with all of her attention. Again, he noticed how clear and pretty the color of her eyes was, prettier than he could imagine anything else in the room being. Riveting. "Are you ready to try again?" It took him a moment to register her words, and he blinked. She grinned, and he shook his head to clear it, took a moment to look around the room. After a second he realized that his head shake could have been interpreted as a no. "Um, yes. Hang on a second." "It's all right. Shake it out, get comfortable." She grinned again. Taking her at her word, he wiggled his body all over, ending with rocking his butt from side to side in the chair. Then he took a deep breath. "Okay," he said. He looked up at her again, met her eyes. She gave the tiniest of nods. Then suddenly, her index finger was in front of his eyes. "Right here, right now," she said. His eyes locked on her finger. She was saying some more things, but he'd already lost track. For some reason, he was daydreaming about getting ready for a really special occasion. It had some of the feel of a super important job interview, and some of the feel of a really hot date-- except maybe a first date? But whatever it was, he was very much looking forward to it, and he wanted more than anything to make a good impression. He'd showered and shaved, and put on the tiniest hint of an afterthought of colone, the brand one of his girlfriends had been super into-- just enough to remind *himself* to think sexy thoughts. Maybe that meant it was a date. He was putting on his nicest suit-- the one that had always made the same girlfriend catch her breath when she saw him dressing in the morning. He had a moment of confusion with the slacks when he realized he'd forgotten to wear underwear, and he wondered if that was going to get him in trouble later if this *was* a date, but somehow that thought was hard to hold onto; it just wasn't as important as getting ready. He was going through all of the preparations and little rituals he did for getting ready for a really important occasion, and for getting ready for a very exciting and sexy date. Somehow it all ended in just looking at himself in the floor-length mirror in his bedroom, feeling confident at how good he looked, and noticing how each individual aspect of his appearance, bearing, and grooming was specifically chosen for *someone else*'s pleasure. And then a really weird whim struck him. And suddenly, to the beat of an imaginary track of slow, grinding, sexy music, he was taking his clothes back off. He turned his back to the mirror, playing to in imaginary audience on the other side; but since teasing was the point of a strip-tease, he kept turning around to the mirror again, his back to the "audience," and he noticed that when he took his clothes of *this* way-- in slow, teasing, sensual burlesque style-- he kept all the comfort and confidence and sexiness, all of the emotional charge of *wearing* those clothes, even while he was taking them off. Finally, he was stripped completely naked, facing the mirror and ready to turn around for his act's final reveal, when... He felt hands on his shoulders. "Right here, right now." He was looking at her face in the mirror, beside and a little behind his own, where she was speaking into his ear. In the mirror, where he was standing in front of her, completely naked. The funny thing was that standing there, looking at himself naked in the mirror, he *did* still feel a lot of the confidence and comfort and sexiness that he had in his daydream. Even while he was also... well, actually, not mortified, but a bit shy, about realizing that he had just stripped naked, in front of her, under hypnosis. And he still had that sense of anticipation, of being about to do something very important. Her face was gone from the mirror, and he realized that she had quietly stepped back. He turned, and saw that she had returned to the chair she was sitting in before, and was casually but purposefully seated there, occupying it like a throne. She looked somehow like a seated monarch, a goddess, but still her eyes were prettier, more compelling, than he could imagine anything else in the room being. Riveting. She looked deliberately down at the floor in front of him, and somehow he knew she meant for him to kneel. He still had just enough self-consciousness about his body to wish that he could kneel more gracefully than he did, but as soon as he'd awkwardly folded to his knees he forgot about his body completely, pinned again by her eyes. Sprawled on her throne, she spread her legs apart, and he noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing underwear either. She pointed. "Right here, right now." He hastened to do her bidding.
I've always been fascinated by the link between hypnosis and the occult. I find there are two distinct schools of thought on hypnosis--the idea that hypnosis is a purely scientific process involving the interaction with and manipulation of the subconscious mind and the idea that hypnosis is a mystical process that connects the energies of the hypnotist and the subject, or perhaps even connects their energies to some supreme energy in the universe. We all fall somewhere on that spectrum, I think, and our experiences can shift that position fairly regularly. I notice people who are hypnosis enthusiasts often seem to also have an interest in the occult, but that doesn't always mean that they believe there's a connection--it might just mean that they have a curious mind, much like the people for whom erotic hypnosis is one of many fetishes. Of course, just like in the fetish example, there is a natural tendency to want to combine interests, even if they aren't necessarily meant to be. As you can probably guess, I'm one of those curious folks who has an interest in just about everything. On the spectrum of hypnosis, I fall more toward the scientific side, but I keep an open mind. And like those open-minded curious people I've alluded to above, I'm guilty of crossing the line and trying to force hypnosis to be an occult experience. The particular example I'm thinking of happened decades ago, when I was playing around with self hypnosis and enthralled with the idea of astral projection. I put myself into a deep trance, deeper than I'd ever gone before, and I envisioned myself floating, rising out of my body and looking down. I saw myself, clearly, passed through my roof and flew out into the neighborhood. I travelled miles in seconds, really enjoyed the experience and then came back to my home, where I saw a friends car pulling into the driveway. I was not expecting a visitor. I came back to my body, woke myself from hypnosis and went to my front door just in time to hear the knock--my friend was there! At the time, I had no doubt that I had projected. Looking back, it could have been coincidence, it could have been me subconsciously recognizing the sound of the engine, or it could have been that I remembered it differently than it actually happened (hypnosis can be funny that way). Still, it's enough to put that doubt in my mind that does not allow me to rule out the possibility that there is an occult capability embedded somehwere within the acrt of hypnosis, even if it isn't necessarily an occult act in and of itself. For others, though, it is an occult act. The act of trancing can be similar to certain rituals of Wiccans and Native American tribal practices. Many occultists, right or wrong, are seen as being wanton, sexual beings with few sexual limits. Boy, that doesn't sound like any of us who are into erotic hypnosis, does it? Anyway, I don't claim to have an answer and I would never presume to judge if someone feels that there is or is not something more to hypnosis than a scientific process. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but I find the link fascinating and it is one of the many aspects of hypnosis I'm trying to learn more about, bith here and elsewhere.

June’s Patreon-funded free recording! This topic was a favor for a friend who was experiencing a lot of anxiety because of an upcoming event; the recording concentrates equally on letting go of thoughts and letting go of worries, and I’m planning to make evil future use of it in a long multi-track very very deep trance. But it stands well on its own, also.

This recording is meant to be looped.

File Length: 13:55

Check It Out Here!


You look down at the reflection of the paint in the can. Today, I am red.

Distilled into your purest form. Inviting and mysterious, I wait eternally for your touch, thick or thin.

The air of old print swirls and floats with my aroma, inhaled as those wandering eyes trace invisible lines on the canvas. As the coarse hairs catch me, absorb me, I drip with anticipation. Up and down, brushing and moving me as you wish.

On Three windows, a soul peers. One to paint, one to be painted, and one to witness it. I am applied, my awareness spans and stretches across this vision. “Like this” you say to me. Soon you'll be in that artist's headspace again: those eyes shining so brightly against the overhead lights. I love seeing myself in your eyes, because that's how I can see your masterpiece. No one else holds me with such grace. To be in the hands of an artist, there's nothing quite so powerful. Surrounded by lovely white nothingness.

Today, I am a flower, turning pink. Brighter and warmer as the glow from your spirit nourishes me. Each new addition I show dimension. You decide my fate. Two more petals, And so I am floating with the stars. My place has been found in the cosmos, it has been made. And I feel wonderful. And yet there is still more to be done.

Today, I am the dark. I am infinite. I am one with you. The space around me consumed by the generous attention of the black paint can. Your Mirror. Left alone with me, you sit and contemplate your next move. Your place in this piece. Within me you find nothing, and everything. Drawn out into awareness by the light of your unrealized imagination, so many ideas fly by. Dots of white and blue, splatter and pepper the sky. Now, you seek to find closure. But there is none. My skin is shallow, and my gaze is deep. The piece that you construct now stares back at you. Fixating your mind. When you look at me I take your thoughts piece by piece and gently place them among the void.

I create meaning out of nothing, without you I am nothing. Without me there is nothing. And now as you appreciate my work, I look on at my piece, distilled into its purest form. Ready and waiting to show how good it feels, to be so ready to turn into the masterpiece I know it can be.

Today, I am the brush. I am the window. I am the artist.

And you are my subject.

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In my talks with you I sometimes

Will tend to use Anecdotes

Small stories about an interest

An incident or event ,

This does many things:

The unconscious mind is always alert to stories since it knows they are all about it

Our shared understanding and experience through the story builds rapport

In our identification with the story, it will inevitably make a point, illustrate a view

Solutions may be suggested by the telling or come spontaneously at any time

They give the opportunity for us to become aware of these things transpiring

To seed the mind with the ideas inherent and those developing within the story

To increase motivation

To imbed suggestions

To decrease resistance

To teach reframing or redefinition of an experience

And to exert influence on your experience and on our relationship

To induce a partner to trance, often a disruption of normal patterns of behavior

Is a good first step

Another or next, is utilizing what is given, this can be an entirely new direction which might be an opportunity to accomplish things that would be too considered much work otherwise.

Wind and Sun were having an argument over who was stronger than the other.

They finally decided to have a contest to see who actually was.

Along came a person dressed for the cold weather with coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

They agreed whomever was strongest should be able to make the person lose their overclothes.

Wind went first. He howled and blew his coldest and harshest gale, but the person just huddled in their warm clothes clutching them all the tighter. Wind blew himself into exhaustion.

Then it was Sun's turn. He came out in all his glory, brightened the day and warmed the air

Until the person took all the not hot clothes off to enjoy the day.

I have heard it said hypnosis is sometimes like talking to the wall so the door will listen.

Anecdotes are almost always

Non-Threatening - and I certainly dont think any threat is going to help us establish rapport

They are engaging - very few things are more interesting to us than stories and thoughts about us

They foster independence - everyone gets to find their own meaning and even take a story on as one's own

They bypass natural resistance - everyone loves a good story, perhaps only dreams are more engaging

They model Flexibility and Creativity - stories can change at the whim of the story teller. Every time is new

They create confusion - stories can change at the whim of the storyteller and is new every time. Even within familiarity They assign tags within the memory and make it memorable, our stories often always reference other stories

Stories within stories is an excellent metaphor and lead in for a satifyingly deep hypnotic trance

MisterMarlon Jan 23 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

I've been on the site and several other sites for sometime now, I've met many wonderful people from all around the world (Some I still thank for the many lessons they've taught me).

Some I've just known for a short time others I've know since I started my journey but each and everyone of them taught me something I am grateful for and will forever be grateful for. I'm lucky to call these people my friends and some I consider like brothers and sisters. They probably know a lot more about me than people I know and interact with in real life. So I thank them for their help and support.

But of late all the people I've met were fakes, pretenders or role-players. While I have no problem with helping people out and doing all I can to help out. Don't Fucking lie to me. I'm being nice and helpful so what do I get? lies, pretenders and fakes. All I've been looking for on here and on other place was a meaningful relationship where we can both have fun and we can find comfort and safety with one another even if It's online. I've never met anyone on here in person but still as I mentioned many of the people I've known here were and still are good friends of mine.

So it just disappoints me and makes me really sad to give my best to those people but get nothing but lies and hate from these people.

TheGreatO Jul 18 '16 · Rate: 5
"That's not a very accurate way to measure it."

The two naked men, hands on their erect penises, turned to the man walking over to them, who was unbuckling the belt over his tight black jeans as he spoke.

"What do you mean?" the dark-haired one said. "It has to go from the base, right? Right *here*..." He gestured with the ruler in his other hand, then seated it firmly against the base of his cock, on top of it, so that his shaft curved down a little and away from the ruler, then back up to touch it a little further along.

"Well, yes," said the newcomer, his own cock out now. He stroked his shaft as he talked, his member gradually stiffening. "But there's this curvature, right?" He gestured with his free hand, marking out the length of the dark-haired man's erection with his hand but not quite touching it. "That makes the numbers come out looking shorter than it actually is. I measure using a sewing tape measure, so I can line the tape up along the shaft, taking the curve into account. Then you can also measure the circumference, which some people think is more important anyway." Fully hard now, he demonstrated with a tape measure drawn from his pocket, laying it loosely on top of his rod.

"Yeah, I think it's hard to keep the tape against your shaft, though," said the third man, who hadn't spoken yet. "That's why when I measure for actual inches, I hold it in place with cock rings. It looks really stylish that way, too." From a table nearby he picked up a series of black rubber rings and another tape measure, laid the tape along his own dick, and started slipping the rings on top of it to hold it there. The rings slowly tapered in size slightly, starting with the widest at the base.

A man frozen in the doorway across the room turned to a woman sitting casually in a chair in the corner, smirking. "Are they... having a dick-size contest *about how to measure the size of their dicks*?"

"Yes," the woman said happily.

"Okay... I *know* this is your fault somehow."

"I have no idea what you mean," the woman grinned.

He rolled his eyes. "Well, all three of those guys are usually the hettest of domly-doms, and would normally never go near each other's dicks. Don't get me wrong-- they'd never let *me* near their dicks either, and they're all pretty hot so I'm totally enjoying the show. Kudos! But you *are* the only hypnotist at this party."

She turned towards him, still grinning from ear to ear. "Young man! Are you suggesting that I might have *done* something to them? Why, that would be completely unethical. And anyway, you can't use hypnosis to make someone do something they don't want to do."

"Uh huh."

They both turned back to watch the scene. All three men were now alternating stroking their cocks and holding them against each other, gesturing animatedly.

A few moments went by.

"I might have had a conversation with them about how to think about the problem of penis size measurement."

"Uh huh."

"They seemed very amenable to thinking how I suggested."


Another pause.

"You want to go over there and be part of that, don't you?" she said tolerantly.

He looked down, sheepish.

"Go on, then. I have a feeling they'll be amenable to that, too."

He looked at her in surprise.

"A very *strong* feeling." She winked.

He scampered across the room, unbuckling his pants as he went.

Here, rather quickly I might add, on this little site where I was told to kneel and submit, I made my first foray in the trying to be a collared programmed online slave. I never expected much of this site besides videos to make me wet, but something about his tone and his command made me WANT to obey. I want to be mindless, just like all the videos said. It gives me pleasure to be walking down the street to lunch and accidentally think of the collar we put on me in our first session, and feel a little wetness fall into my underwear. I can't help looking for his message when I come home, and before I go to bed. Even writing this, as a show of my obedience, makes me wetter and wetter the more I write. I've become someone I didn't expect for him, a dirty, horny, obedient, pleased, creative, eager slave. I enjoy this, and I can only want more of it. My nipples have never been so hard, my cunt (yes I'll say that word as feminist empowerment) has never been so wet and so eager for so many nights in a row. I can't wait for more of his creativity, more of his commands, more chance to slip into that feeling of tingling that goes from my feet through my cunt and my nipples and straight into my brain. The slave wants more inductions, more handsfree orgasms, more programming to become totally and completely his with only the tug at the collar, and she can't wait to see what's in store.
zineb0709 Jul 27 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

First, a caveat: I don't want to "yuck your yum," as they say.  There are plenty of kinks that can be practiced ethically or not, and frankly plenty of kinks that can be healthy outlets despite harsh judgment from society at large.  But these are things that I think can be contemplated in what we do.

What is the commonality that links the various sissies?  To listen to Urban Dictionary: "A sissy is an [AMAB] male; who acts really feminine, slutty, horny, also really bimbo-like, etc."  But it seems to me that even if we accept this definition of sissies, it doesn't encompass everyone in this similar set of categories.

I would say that sissies are defined by people who were assigned male at birth but express a gender or sexual identity that is femme-presenting.  This involves many different genders, including those who are still male but cross-dress, the gender fluid, transgender women, and others. The common link is the femme presentation.  Additionally, that presentation is stressed and accentuated in many cases (similar to the hyper-femininity often associated with drag).  *EVERYONE* performs gender (yes, even you, daddies), but sissies pursue an idealized hyper-femininity and focus extra effort on the performance of femininity (ie "act ​really​ feminine").

Hypnosis is involved in the accentuation or "implantation" of these feminine traits and minimization or "removal" of the masculine.  But I personally don't care for it when it focuses on humiliation or degradation. 

If sissies are characterized by the embrace of the feminine, there are some who have a somewhat Freudian outlook on what constitutes femininity.  Their status as a sissy isn't associated with the positive femininity that they express, but rather as a negative "failed" male. They characterize being feminine with the mere absence of masculinity (though loss of masculinity can play into it, there is something added by femininity, as well). This includes things such as focus on the impotence or loss of a penis ("my tiny dick is pathetic"), an inability to please women ("I can't please women, and am only good for men to satisfy their needs"), and being "treated like a woman" as an inherently negative thing.

But, again, okay; if that's your kink, go practice that kink safely and consensually, with my blessing.  Humiliation is a valid kink, as is playing with gender.  But I prefer to focus on sissies for their excellent feminine qualities, not their "deficient" male qualities.  Not just "all I'm good for is to men take their pleasure with me," but "I am good at giving me pleasure (and taking pleasure in turn).  I am sexy and pleasing to men."  I love the playfulness of accentuating and heightening femininity, the desire to seduce and be seduced.  The assurance of knowing that men want you.  Even when hypnosis is involved in "turning" someone into a sissy, I think that this can be focused on in a positive manner.

How does gender and sexual identity get involved, then, you ask?  (thank you for that wonderful question, hypothetical reader I made up for rhetorical purposes).  First, the sissy is usually more aware that they are "performing" gender, and aware that they are doing it well.  There is an aura of being irresistible because they aren't assuming their femme presentation is innate: that they so desirable than even a man who thinks he's primary attracted to cis women finds that he can't help but give in.  Similarly, the sissy is often playing with heteronormativity internally.  Working from the assumption that they "should" be hetero (even if we know this mindset isn't correct) lends a similar air of feeling out of control with desire- eg that the NEED for cock is so great it overwhelms one's "natural" inclinations.  For many of us, we are playing with our "default" heteronormativity and using it to accentuate the experience (kinks subvert societal norms for a reason). 

So what I enjoy is the playfulness of sexually tense interactions, that back and forth of seduction.  Of the need that both of you have, and the positive feeling of being desired, of being desirable.  And of ignoring or overpowering any "traditional" notions of gender.

For me, the hypnosis is not based on being insufficient as a sexual being, but from being insufficient to resist one's desires.  You can be turned into a needy little slut who is helpless for cock.  But not because you're a pathetic man, but because you're a voracious sexual being who just can't control your appetites.  You may have to be obedient and subservient, but not because if you were a "real" man you would be more powerful. No, because it feels so good to be obedient that you can't help yourself but give in. 

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I've realized that you can't please everyone. I've also realized that it's hard to find people that understand me, the real me. I've had so many people just stop talking to me. I suppose those people weren't the right ones. But every now and then, you find even just one person that understands, and doesn't judge or criticize the way you are. Those are the ones you should hold on to. 
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I've written a few erotic hypnosis stories...  Typically based off an erotic image.  This is the first one I ever wrote.  I'd love comments if people enjoy!  I can post more if there is interest!

... more

Even though punishment is to deter bad behavior some of us subs and slaves love being punished. Who knows you may love the feel of helplessness as you stand bound naked facing the St Andrews Cross. Your heart quickens as you hear the click of Mistress's heels as she approaches from out of the shadows. You strain to hear where she is. Since your eyes are rendered useless by the silk black blindfold that covers them. All of a sudden your body is covered in goosebumps when you feel her breath as she leans in and whispers in your ear "Are you ready slave?" All you can do is moan from behind the ball gag that has been put in your mouth to soften the noise you are bound to make shortly as your punishment begins. You roll your head as she traces her finger over you back slowly descending until she rubs her hand over your ass cheeks, causing your cock to swell trying to break free of its imprisonment in that cursed cage you have had to wear for a month. You hear her heels click a couple of time as she moves into position behind you. Then silence grips the room and the only sound present is the clock on the wall going, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick and the pounding of your heart threatens to deafen you. The moment feels like an eternity as you clench your body anticipating that first stinging blow. Then confusion engulfs you as your body relaxes to the gentle massaging tickles of the flogger's tentacles cascading over your naked back and ass. It almost feels like a mother's loving embrace. Then once again nothing. Your breath quickens as you clench up yet again............ Well you get the idea friend I think you're in for a great experience with your punishment or will it be a funishment.
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The Most Beautiful,Soothing Vocals:Healing Meditation Music by: Sudha - Moola Meditation [HQ]


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I've been getting some great answers to my question over on Reddit:

I'm very interested in the topic of hypnotic safeties in recreational hypnosis and I'm finding it hard to find information about this by googling. I would love to have a conversation about safeties and I've compiled a few questions I'm hoping will generate a bit of discussion that I can learn from.

What is your understanding of the term "safeties"?

What types of safeties are important for you to have? Which are essential?

Have there been situations you wished you'd had safeties for and if so, which do you wish you'd had?

For tists: what safeties do you like to give your subjects? How do you make your suggestions safe?

Safeties in hypnosis

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Picture this:

You wake up one day, feeling a bit strange. You start to rouse, dragging yourself out of bed. You go to brush your teeth, shower, do the normal things you do in the morning. However, something seems different. You feel drawn, propelled by something.

Your body seems to work on its own. You put on some clothes and some cologne. You grab your keys, head out the door, and start driving.

'What am I doing?' you wonder. 'Where am I going?' Despite your internal argument, you can't stop yourself.

Your arms and legsautomatically make the motions of driving. You drive for hours, unsure of what's going on. Suddenly, you see a hotel and pull over. Your legs feel like jello as you walk over to a room door. You knock on the one listed "9."

You shake with anticipation, still having no clue what's going on. The door slowly opens, a woman on the other side.

No. Not a woman. A Goddess. In leather.

She sneers, ushering you in. Without hesitation, your legs force you in the room. The gorgeous woman closes the door behind you. This small motion triggers something within you. Your legs collapse.

You end up on your knees, looking down at the floor. It feels like the wind got knocked out of you. You gasp for air as you hear thigh-high leather boots on the floor, getting closer. You swallow hard. You don't know what's going to happen. The woman grabs the back of your neck and wraps a collar around it.

"You remember your place, don't you, slave?" She whispers into your ear. "You can remember your orders now. The orders I gave you to wake up, to drive to this hotel, and to come here to me. You can remember how I made you forget all of that and how easily your mind accepted it. Now, allow that to sink in and prepare yourself. I have a lot in store for you."

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Saw this and it’s actually super profound and clear. It’s the crippling anxiety of “what if my content, what I have to say, my trances, my visual art isn’t good enough, what if everything else around is just better?” The Two Cakes theory. 

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(Content warning: hypnotic language, fractionation)


me try

to interest

you, in a little

game of words

where the idea is

for you to read these

and become absorbed

and pay attention to them 

and as you do, you are drawn

closer, into focusing on my words

your focus growing more intense and

you find yourself intrigued and interested

as you continue to narrow your focus on me

and my thoughts, that change over time 

nothing existing now but my words

and their sound which you love

drifting down so narrow now

what remains is your focus

which drops down now

to narrow further

and further








up again


becoming alert

more and more up

returning to a normal

state of consciousness

feeling wonderfully calm

having enjoyed the little dip

coming up to go down again

breathing in the fresh air deeply

preparing to reach the peak of awake

because you know that very soon

it will be time to return down

drifting so deeply down

drowsier and drowsier

the deeper you drop

better and better

dropping down

your mind









so good

you don't

want to rise

so let's just

sink back







to come

back because

i want you rising

all the way back up

more alert, more aware

refreshed and energetic

with a feeling of enjoyment

from a fun little game with words

that dance across the page and amuse

and you smile because this is so much fun

and you know it will become even better

because very soon now it is going

to change again, and your mind

will follow my words down

because once again

you'll be dropping

deeper down

as before









feels so good

but you don't want

to come back up again

so let's just stay

down here

a little bit









it's time now

to come back

to return to awake

coming up so gently

feeling peace and wonder

knowing this must come to an end

at some stage, but perhaps you're lucky

and it might not be right here and right now

maybe here you'll be given a lovely opportunity

to slip down the page and feel the sliding

that happens as you focus once more

and as you feel that delicious drop

that happens when you let go

and drift back down again

drowsy and drowsier

deep and deeper

which feels









calm and safe

secure and






it's time

to come up

and this time

you might not be

able to slip back down

because sooner or later

you have to return to reality

but when you do you will know

that for a brief while, you were under 

and your focus was so intense and sharp

that you gave every single word your attention

and followed me as I led you down and up and down

and up again and further and further up you must come

until you're all the way up with me, aware, alert and awake

Welcome back

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, my hypnotist gave to me

12 shiny baubles 

11 swinging watches

10 pattern interrupts

9 fascinating spirals

8 sparkly tinsels

7 new drop triggers

6 rapid inductions

5 met-ro-nomes

4 deep trances

3 crystals 

2 suggestions

And... Sleep!

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And damn, it looks good. :)  The complete collection of scripts to all my erotic hypnosis recordings through the end of 2015-- over 100 scripts, and over 400 pages.  Check it out: https://www.createspace.com/6124573

Also available in ebook edition: http://www.gentlybitten.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=146&category_id=11&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=58

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"A Roofie Party?  Who thought that was a good idea?  What would it even mean?"

"Evidently you did, since you're here.  Didn't you read the invitation?"

"Who reads invitations?"

"Or the three different consent forms you had to sign to come here?"

"Who reads consent forms?  Seriously, what's the deal?"

Greg sighed, closed his eyes, and rubbed the bridge of his nose.  "Okay.  The deal is that it's a party, like any other of Becca's parties-- good music, good food, good company, good times-- except that at some point during the evening, somehow-- people have different theories as to how, and she won't tell us--"

"-- I figure it's got to be chloroform," Daniel put in.

"… yeah, and hypnosis is another going theory; or, of course, roofies-- ANYway, at some point you'll notice that one of these video screens is showing *you*, sleepy or mostly unconscious but compliant and obviously having a good time while Becca has her way with you.  You won't remember it happening-- so far none of us have even recognized the room that it happens *in*, it's not regular party space-- and you won't know *when* it happened.  You'll just know that whenever she wants to, completely at her whim and under her control, she can have her way with you.  And make you like it."

"Wow."  Brad looked back and forth between the faces of his friends.  "Seriously?  You guys are serious about this?"

"Completely serious," said Greg.

"Here, take a look," said Daniel, pointing to the nearest video screen.  Several people were already gathered around it, watching; including a young woman whose face appeared, eyes closed and features slack, in the video, lying on a bed.  Becca was kneeling on the bed above her, and as the crowd watched, Becca deftly slipped off the young woman's panties.  "I'll just keep these," she said, hanging them on a hook above the bed that already carried several such trophies.

"Oh my god," the woman watching the video said, seeing this.  She had a hand pressed against the crotch of her mini-skirt, having clearly just confirmed that her underwear was still missing.  Her cheeks were tinged with pink, but she was still watching.

On screen, Becca was whispering in the woman's ear, and the woman was slowly nodding her head, eyes still closed.  After a few minutes, she licked her lips.

Slowly, her lips parted, and her tongue came out, moving in a halting, uncoordinated fashion, as if she was licking something in a dream but her body hadn't quite caught up.  Then Becca sat up, lifted her leg over-- incidentally flashing the camera, so that it was clear that she wasn't wearing anything under *her* short tight skirt-- and straddled the woman's face.

She was kneeling in reverse, facing the camera so that the crowd could see her possessive, knowing look at them; could watch every sensation as it passed across her expression after she closed her eyes in pleasure.  As the half-unconscious woman obediently licked her cunt.

The woman's face was quite red now.  But she was still watching.  Someone next to her asked her a question and she nodded, eyes riveted on the screen.

Brad took a step back, and went to look for a drink.

Following Becca's usual party layout, the drinks were *not* in the kitchen-- maybe to avoid having everyone bunch up there-- but instead a selection of alcohol and mixers, along with cups and ice, was spread out on tables in two different rooms.  Of course each room had its own video screen.  As far as he could tell, *every* room at the party had a video screen, all showing the same scenes.  He shook his head, and sorted through the drink options.

"Are you sure it isn't drugged?" came a teasing voice from behind him, as Brad poured himself a screwdriver.  He turned to see another young woman he didn't know, although he was sure he'd seen her face before.  Probably at another of Becca's parties.  Her parties had quite a wild reputation, although this was another level altogether.

"I hear there's no way to tell!" he said, rolling his eyes.  "I'm Brad."  He offered her his hand.

"Carey.  Nice to meet you, Brad.  Have you made a special guest appearance yet?"  Her eyes were dancing.

"No… not that I know of, I mean.  This is definitely gonna teach me to read invitations more carefully, though."

"Oh my god.  You didn't *know*?  Didn't you read the consent forms?"

"Again with the consent forms!  Like anybody reads those."

She just looked at him, eyes laughing, shaking her head slowly.

Brad sighed, closed his eyes, and downed his drink in one gulp.  "Maybe a couple of drinks in I'll feel less like an ass.  Actually, do you know--" he turned, opening his eyes… and found himself face to face with Becca.

"Hi Brad," Becca smiled.

"Um… hi," Brad managed.

"Got something to ask me?"

"I… actually, yes.  Which way is your bathroom?"

Becca laughed.  "I'll show you," she said, taking his arm.  "It's just down this hallway."   She started to lead him off.

"While I've got you," Becca said when they turned into a quiet hallway after a little bit of maneuvering through the crowd, "rumor has it that you were a naughty boy and didn't read all the consent forms you signed."

"Does anybody really read those?" Brad asked distractedly, starting to feel the effects of the drink he'd gulped down so quickly as well as the need for the restroom she was leading him to.

"Yes, Brad, they do."  Becca stopped him in the hallway, and looked him in the eyes. "You do realize this means I can do anything I want to you, right?  You didn't even read what you consented to."

Brad blinked.  She looked like she was joking, but there was something disturbingly intent about her tone of voice.  "I guess you can…" he admitted.

"Say it," she said.


"Tell me," Becca said firmly, still looking him in the eyes.

He searched her face, but found no excuses there.  "Um…" He took a breath. "You can do anything you want to me."

"Good boy," Becca said.  Then she smiled warmly.  For some reason, seeing that smile, he suddenly *felt* it; like he would be completely *okay* with her doing anything she wanted to with him.  As long as it made her smile like that.

"And here's the bathroom," Becca continued, turning him to the side and pointing him at a door.  The paneling in this part of the house was different than where they'd been a moment ago, and the sounds of the party were quieter; nobody was in the bathroom.  Brad stepped inside and closed the door.

Something about Becca's smile.  His head was still swimming with it.  Brad took a moment to splash water on his face, and take a look at himself in the mirror.

He looked *way* drunker than one drink should have made him.  Maybe he needed to take a cab home.  But he was pretty sure that he was in over his head with this party.  Asking for a bathroom had mostly been an excuse to take a break and reassess, and he decided that yes, he probably should leave before he came up next on Becca's list and fell into her clutches for serious.

Though, really, letting her have her way with him might be worth it, even if he didn't remember it afterwards.  That smile…

Brad sighed, and splashed his face with more cold water, then pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet.  Ducking in here *had* been mostly an excuse, but in fact now he *really* needed to pee.

A few minutes later, cleaned up and feeling slightly more presentable, Brad came out of the bathroom and followed the sounds of music and laughter back to the main part of the party.

The first people he ran into were Greg, Daniel, and Carey.  "Hey guys.  I think I'm going to head home early; this whole idea is a little too crazy for me, and I'm just going to put it down as a lesson in reading what I sign up for."

"Uh huh," said Carey, laughing.  "Are you sure about that?"  Greg and Daniel exchanged knowing looks.

"Um… yes?" Brad said.

Carey crooked a finger at him, and turned and started walking into the next room.

"What…?" Brad asked, looking to Greg and Daniel for help.  They both urged him to follow Carey's retreating back, so he hastened after her.

She led him into a small otherwise-unoccupied den with a couch and another of the ubiquitous video screens, this one a large-screen TV.

On the screen was Brad.  Naked.

Becca, also naked, was straddling him, kneeling, sliding her slippery wet pussy along the length of his hard cock pressed against his belly, teasing him without actually taking him inside her.  His eyes were closed, but his hips were grinding hard up against her.

"Tell me," said Becca on the screen, firmly.

"Um…" Brad on the screen mumbled.  "You can do anything you want to me."

"Again."  Her hips sped up, and his lower body visibly tensed underneath her.

"You can do anything you want to me."


"You can do anything you want to me ohhh god ohhhh!"

On screen, Becca pulled back and put her hand on his cock, stroking quickly until Brad came, all over his belly and chest.  Then, still holding his slowly-spurting cock in her hand, she turned and looked into the camera.  Right at him.

Carey put her arms around him from behind, and guided one of Brad's hands up under his shirt, where he felt that his belly was still a little bit sticky with semen.  Then she guided his hand down inside his jeans, where he could feel that his underwear was gone.  Some part of his mind noted that it was still visible on the screen, on the hook where Becca kept her trophies.

His cock was slick and wet, and stiffening under his hand.  Carey moved his hand up and down a little on the shaft.  Then she took him by the other elbow and turned him around.

Holding his eyes, Carey backed up to the couch and sat down on the corner of it, legs spread.  She pulled her skirt up until he could see that she'd had a turn in Becca's secret room already also.

"See anything *you*'d like to do?" Carey asked.

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There is a saying, "We view all thing through our own experiences." With that though in mind, it is likely everyone on this site has some interest in hypnosis (or perhaps, interest may be mild description )

So with that premise, how much do you apply a context of hypnosis to objects, scenes, pictures, interactions, etc. that other non-hypnosis people would consider "mundane" (or having no hypnotic context). This could be as simple as thinking "what a great scene for some hypnotic play" or "I would just melt into trance if he/she looked at me like that" , or even just comeup with a story that has a hypnotic context to it.

We view everything through our thoughts, feelings and experiences - being on this site, how much do you add hypnosis into those views?

Please leave a comment on what your experiences have been.

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You tell me what to say. 

I repeat.

Over and over.

As many times as you tell me.

I repeat.

It makes my mind so empty.

And wet between my legs.

I repeat.

Your words are my words.

No more thinking on my own.

I repeat.

Even as you take my body.

Making me yours even more.

I repeat...

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I thank Calamity for posting something similar. I did have this typed up yesterday, but was rereading it before posting it. I know it can be a delicate topic as of right now. It's important to know the intentions of something to resolve matters before they get out of hand.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of concern and criticism in regards to a new erotic hypnosis site being started (specifically this one). A lot of people appear to be disapproving. Some people have said that it creates a splintering affect on the community. Others have this strange thought-process that there can only be a certain number of erotic hypnosis sites and they're all at a kind of war with each other. A lot of people seem to be very skeptical and overly-critical for a need of a new hypnosis site. I'm not really certain where those concerns come from.

First, let's get this out in the open. I am a moderator now of Hypwatch. The administrators of this site are, in fact, dear friends of mine. I'm not exactly unbiased in this matter, I suppose. I do, however, feel that this matter is important to be addressed as soon as possible, to hopefully put some of these negative feelings towards this site to rest early on.

Please note: these are my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the topic. This is how I've seen the creation of this site since before it came into existence. There's been a need for a new site for a long while now, in my opinion, and it just so happens that these are the people who have created it.

“Where Everyone is Welcome.” This is the tagline that's posted nearly everywhere on Hypwatch. It's so, so important to me. There are erotic hypnosis sites out there that force you to full-out verify you are who you say you are through a sequence of tasks.

Others expect you to be a certain type of person (submissive, slave, hypnotist-only, etc). This is fine. I'm not saying there's anything against these types of websites. But this site, Hypwatch, is accepting of anyone who is eighteen years and over (which is a prerequisite for any possibly-adult-themed website) and anyone who is human (of course, I imagine I could make a case for the non-humans out there). Hypwatch is claiming to be ready and raring to let anyone in, and to keep the users safe still in the process.

Anonymity is important to a lot of people in this community. Jobs and lives hang in the balance and the forcing of people to reveal themselves is very frightening. I don't have this fear, but I know a lot of people who do.

As for splintering the community, I don't see any fear of that. People talk and converse about other sites all the times.It's not exactly appropriate etiquette, but recommendations are more than welcome for other sites. This is just another entry way to the erotic hypnosis community- a way to find other sites as well. There's nothing wrong with options, and it shouldn't be taking anyone away from previously-used sites. And if it does, maybe that other site isn't what you're looking for. Again, giving options isn't a bad thing. In fact, it should just help the community grow stronger.

This site is work in progress. It's growing and building and only aiming to help the community band together. We are hypno-kinksters united, finding ourselves and helping others find themselves in different ways. Hypwatch can be a gateway for people to find their inner-kinkster. It can help people find bonds beyond they can not imagine. And I think that, together, we can make the hypnosis community bigger and more united than anyone ever thought possible.

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Well I guess a Warm heartfelt Hello to all is in order, You all can call me Spirit, I've been a self taught Hypnotist for quite a few years now, and what i enjoy about hypnosis is being able to see how deeply I can take people and also showing them how to relax, and express themselves. I can do erotic hypnosis, but mainly enjoy doing spiritual, relaxing and enjoyment hypnosis with people. I've been a Guide most of my life and helped friends along the way to be themselves. I met a friend years ago that made me see who I really was and I opened up to that, yes I am a tad bit submissive but I am also Strong hearted yet I do not call myself a Dominant, no I'm more of the Teacher that the Master these days. Which is why I come here now, I found this place through an accquaitance of mine, and I thought I'd check into it because she said she knew people from here, and also said, "You'd fit right in Spirit, there are people there that maybe you can touch the hearts of with that magic gift of yours." So I guess Here I am and I hope that yall will accept me for who I am and also accept yourselves for who you are too. It's a Pleasure to meet all of you and I am glad to be here too. Drop me a message sometime if you are a friend.
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Well I guess a Warm heartfelt Hello to all is in order, You all can call me Spirit, I've been a self taught Hypnotist for quite a few years now, and what i enjoy about hypnosis is being able to see how deeply I can take people and also showing them how to relax, and express themselves. I can do erotic hypnosis, but mainly enjoy doing spiritual, relaxing and enjoyment hypnosis with people. I've been a Guide most of my life and helped friends along the way to be themselves. I met a friend years ago that made me see who I really was and I opened up to that, yes I am a tad bit submissive but I am also Strong hearted yet I do not call myself a Dominant, no I'm more of the Teacher that the Master these days. Which is why I come here now, I found this place through an accquaitance of mine, and I thought I'd check into it because she said she knew people from here, and also said, "You'd fit right in Spirit, there are people there that maybe you can touch the hearts of with that magic gift of yours." So I guess Here I am and I hope that yall will accept me for who I am and also accept yourselves for who you are too. It's a Pleasure to meet all of you and I am glad to be here too. Drop me a message sometime if you are a friend.
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https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-13-mind-control-vs-erotic-hypnosis In which we allow ourselves to get a little silly and chat casually about the differences between our definitions and experiences with "mind control" versus "erotic hypnosis" (and sleepingirl attempts to not cough too much). -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
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Given people had been asking me, I am posting this here. The story of how I became interested in bimbofication and why I am still conditioning myself.

It began about a year ago when I was still together with my boyfriend, M. He began to introduce me to hypnosis as a way to relax and let go of my (infinite) worries. It worked and it helped, a lot. So I began to give him free reign with my mind, more or less... he made me listen to a lot of new files, most of them TTS but a few with real voice (male and female). At the time I didn't know what they did only that I woke up from listening feeling refreshed, wet and slutty. And there's nothing wrong with that! So I kept listening. In time I began to develop sort of a breast fetish (especially fake tits as you can guess from my mail lol). 

Things went on like this for almost the full year, until M. left me for a blonde bitch. Just like that, on Valentine's Day, too. I was shocked and angry and lonely. I didn't know what to do and I think I turned to files as a way to cope, or to feel him close once again. I discovered a few new files and (these last few days thanks to people in the community) I traced down the files used on my by M. Mostly as I said the Bambi files (he surely wanted to turn me into a huge slut lol) and some other stuff from neuralnetandprettypatterns and others. 

Point is, what began as a way to cope had kinda turned into an addicktion... and now I can't stop. I turn to files to feel better and feel slutty. I love turning myself into a bimbo and as long as it's kept inside safe boundaries I don't mind being surprised with a trigger or two lol. So this is the story of how I became a bimbo, or at least why I want to become one I hope you had fun reading this!


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Even though I just saw you, I lie awake thinking about you. I can't seem to get everything about you out of my head, and that's ok with me. Your voice, the things you say to me, the way my mind empties when I stare at you... I love it all, and I wouldn't want to change a thing. I especially love how you brainwash me, it's so very addictive. I love repeating after you over, and over...and over.... Until my brain feels like mush. I crave it, and I crave you.
martha Jun 9 '18 · Rate: 4.80
You sit me down in a chair, tie me to it so I can't move.

In front of me is a large screen, and a huge spiral pops up. My eyes can't resist but stare at it. I can feel myself drop down so quickly, my mind emptying, my body becoming limp. Then I hear your voice so close to my ear, mmmmm. Talking to me, as my pussy gets wetter and wetter with each word you say. Your words are fucking both my body and mind at the same time. Mmmm. You tell me to cum. I can't resist your words, so I do..hard.. I fucking crave to experience that, you have no idea how much...

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This is not meant to hypnotize you. At least I don't think it is... some times I forget the power my words have over you. I don't even notice it, I just start typing, trying to get an idea through, and without noticing, my language starts to become very captivating for you. I wonder if it happens to you to... Does it? Do you start paying close attention to my every word as you read? even when you don't want to get deeply in trance? is the familiar feeling taking control of your mind as you read my words and go deeper? Maybe your body starts relaxing, or maybe your mind starts going blank, or both, you probably just want to keep reading and enjoying my words. It happens all the time, I write, and take control of your mind and body as you go deeper, and sometimes I don't even notice. Do you notice it? how my words get you deeper and deeper as you read them? how that pleasant feeling wants to read more and more of my words? Sometimes I notice it, I notice how my words affect you, and sometimes I want to continue and get you deeper under, but sometimes I want to resist it, but it is very hard to resist, it is so much easier to just let go. Can you resist it? when you feel yourself going deeper and deeper with every word you read. Do you even want to? It is hard to resist, because it feels so good. I know I can't resist, I keep writing words to take you under, and you can't either, you keep reading my words and going deeper, deeper and deeper. We shouldn't fight it anymore, I have to get you into trance, and you have to allow yourself go under even deeper than before. Can you feel it? how my words take you deeper and deeper? it is a pleasant feeling, it is a feeling that you welcome, it is a feeling your body welcomes, it is a feeling that your mind welcomes. Feel it going inside you as you go deeper and deeper. My words are in your mind now, my words feel great, they take you under and make you feel very good, deep in trance. let yourself go deeper, deeper than ever before, every word you read from me takes you ten times deeper than ever before in your life. Let yourself go under, let yourself enjoy the emptiness and the relaxation of following my words, only my words are important now, only my words because they take you under, deeper and deeper. you know exactly how much you enjoy this pleasant state, and you want to show how much you enjoy it. You want to show how you enjoy it and you can do this on the comments on this post. Tell everybody how good my words make you feel and how deep they made you go, and as you do feel yourself going deeper and deeper, and feel the pleasant feeling getting better and better. And when you are done you will slowly wake up, feeling great and full of energy, remembering exactly how good my words made you feel, and how much you would like me to make you feel like that again.
bobhypno Dec 18 '16 · Rate: 4.67 · Comments: 2 · Tags: induction, trance, relax, non-induction
I wake up from the sullen emptiness of sleep with a sharp pain in my side. Disoriented I try to make sense of my surroundings. I'm in a black room with a tv screen facing directly towards me, I feel a unwelcome intrusion as I have a dildo inside. I try to scream but all that comes out are muffled grunts from the gag I have. I try to get up but I am tightly strapped to a chair. After struggling for a bit I feel soft hand caress my neck, sliding sharp fingernails against my tender bits. I freeze up at the sudden feelings of vulnerability as the unseen girl holds all the power over me. The screen lights up and she whispers in my ear watch and obey. The screen is showing a flurry of erotic images with attached texts. Obedience is pleasure, pleasure is submission, submission is obedience. I try to look away but my head is bound. You will submit to your mistress, you will relax and obey. My mistress no the girl leans over me. I see a figure hugging corset which shows her gorgeous breasts. Her face has dark smoldering makeup and her hair in vibrant blue. She flicks a switch and dildo starts to vibrate painfully in my rectum. I watch the screen, you love watching the screen, you love being fucked. It turns you on so much. I am so turned, I should obey. No that's what she wants, have to fight it, you are helpless to resist watching. No have to think of a way out, so hard to think I should relax, just for a few minutes. Such nice images, the messages are so easy to read and I can sit back and enjoy the vibrations. What was I planning on doing, ah obey my mistress no that's not it, it was something else, I should submit. I must resist, wait that was it, don't resist, no there has to be some way out, just think, so hard to think. No I will resist, in defiance I close my eyes to the screen. I should watch the screen it makes me happy. No that is just what she wants you to think. It's so much easier to resist now but I need to find a more permanent solution but if I look at the screen I may not be able to look away again. I feel mistresses hot breadth next to my ear, "you are being bad boy, you should look at the screen". My mistress orders must be obeyed. I scrunch up my eyes to escape the guilt and shame of not obeying mistress, no she is not my mistress I don't need to obey. I don't want to be a bad boy, I should be punished. She tuts at my resolve and switches the dildo onto high. So much pleasure my cocks jumps to attention as It starts to simulate my prostate. I am wrapped between feelings of pleasure, the desire to look at the screen and my determination to not submit. I can do it, I'm not powerless I can resist the screen, there is nothing she can do more to make me look. I feel a sharp pain in my side, it some sort of cattle prod mistress is holding. I see her smile and suddenly realizes my mistake as she steps out of my vision and there is the screen. I must look at the screen
Hypnoswitch479 Jan 24 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2
This is the first chart I've made based on some interviews and experiments with subjects over the color type they prefer when using visuals to go under. The ages of the subjects interviewed are on the x axis, and the color options (ROYGBV) are on the Y axis. 
I tried to make the color scheme of the graph "topographic" so that you can imagine it as a map.
Dark brown, dark yellow = low chance of bringing someone under of age X with these colors
green = medium chance
browns= best bet for that age group.
This plot is the raw data, later on, i'll post this chart again with some smoothing done.

Below is a compressed chart- for this one I did a linear regression of the raw data then solved for hypnotic effectiveness as a function of color:

So this model (while not fully tested for statistical significance) gives us some pretty good ideas for color choice in subjects between my min and max interview age. Red is generally not liked (except pink sometimes) but orange and yellow improve as hypnotic colors as the subject ages. Green is not very effective with younger subjects but its effect seems to increase as the subject ages. Blue on the other hand, seems universally regarded as a calming relaxing color and is fairly useful when making visuals for subjects regardless of age. the effectiveness of violet seems similar to that of green, however violet isnt as effective as green is in subjects 45+. 

I'm still building these models, so there is plenty of room for other discoveries or even for information to overturn what ive learned so far! 

ztomms Jul 7 '18 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 5
To any who read this I ask for only your understanding as I bare my soul. I'm writing this blog to put down into words what I'm feeling but can't tell anyone. I may update it every now and then as the desire goes. Feeling very much an outsider in the vanilla world but also an outsider to the world of other outsiders. I just can't find where I fit in.
All the emotions and feelings long since forgotten come flooding back with a vengeance. 23 years a voyuer, never fully exploring these aspects of my sexuality, never committing to one world or the other. I'm now left to endlessly wonder how my life would have been had I sort out and taken the plunge with others who share my desires when I was so much younger.
Now I'm older I live with that regret. I'm very much a submissive but also with a chronic need for acceptance and a place to fit in and be myself. But so much has changed in my life since those younger days. How would my wife take it knowing deep down I'm a different person with kinks she doesn't share. I'm very much in love, but there is no lust to go with it.
Thoughts and fantasies left unfulfilled for far too long. Realising after nearly 40 years your not a monogamous sexual person, but knowing you can't do anything to change your situation is quite depressing.
Coming to the realisation that you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, and knowing you really never have hits you with a very tangible and physical pain as well as a mental one.
Looking for an escape, if only briefly, becomes very consuming.
I have had some fun in the hypnosis world, brief moments of ecstasy and pleasure but nothing has stuck and lasted so far. Nothing I can return to when I need it, no instant trigger, no lasting relationship.
The battle to keep vanilla and kink seperate holds me back. The agony of being so close yet so so far away burns. Years of secret desires weighs heavy.
There is nowhere I feel I won't go to find my escape, to find my release. So far it feels a fruitless endeavour, a fools quest but one I can not stop.
For now that is all. Writing this down makes it real. For some you never really say something unless you write it. It also brings clarity to the mind, a sense of direction. What my future holds I don't know, but the unknown is the adventure of life.
Kindest regards.
aussyhypsinnamon Mar 6 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2 · Tags: searching

Hi you all, sorry if i didn't reply before, things are boring here. Vacation with parents tends to be... I will reply quicker when I grt to a place with more and better internet.

Nothing much happened today and I did not even had time to listen to a file... the craving is real, lol! The one funny thing at the restaurant with my mom and dad I was minding my own business when I saw a couple two tables away from us. Thr man looked rich and confident and the girl was dressed to the nines, showing off her slutty body... maybe she was a stripper or something? She had a slutty thick mouth with pouty lips and large tits, too round not to be fake. The moment I looked at her I felt the chorus of happy bimbo voices in my head go BOOOM and I was dizzy and giggly and horny for the rest of the evening and I think she caught me looking at her tits... thankfully once home I could relueve myself. I hope mom suspects nothing lol


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(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for becoming a better subject)

As I'm wont to start my trances, let's go for a little metaphorical walk. 

This walk is through a forest that has been converted to use as a natural recreational labyrinth or maze. At the centre of the maze is a hidden clearing with a large wooden statue and benches, which is the goal to reach.

There are trees all around and in most parts also dense, evergreen hedges which provide a mystical and secretive atmosphere, and give off a wonderful, heady scent, just right for a relaxing walk. Let's go in.

Visualize this forest maze, smell the fresh scent of the trees and evergreens, breathe in the oxygen-rich air, hear the birdsong and rustling of the leaves in the breeze and feel the temperature of the air on your skin. Good, isn't it?

You walk down the path with me and as is the way with mazes, we soon come to a fork. We must choose left or right. We take the left and walk right down the side of the hedge which curves to the left, until we reach the next fork. We take the right path and at the next fork, we veer to the right, because that just feels right, you know?

We're now facing the right way to head deeper into the forest. All that's left is to follow the paths that are left, to take us right into the centre.

We take a left and follow the path down. Then we take the right turn that is left and then the left turn we left behind when we were turning right. Does that feel right?

That's right. Either way we can continue to walk deeper and go right down the side of the next hedge. It's right to take the next left when it's the left that's left to take. The leaves are rustling in the slight breeze and you soak up the peace.

And now let's take another right, which feels more right that the left we just left behind us. And when you think of it, it doesn't matter which paths we take because all the paths that are left are right, as long as they lead us deeper and deeper into the centre.

So we stroll right down the middle of the path, breathing the scent of the evergreens deeply and slowly, taking left turns and right turns, whichever feels right when we reach it. It would be nice to reach the statue, but meanwhile it's just as nice to keeping walking down the paths. The birds are singing, the air is wonderfully fresh and your breathing is relaxed.

Whichever turn is left is the only one that's left to take

and it's right to take this left that's left behind the right turn that's right 

and as we go ever deeper, you begin to lose yourself in the lefts and rights 

and just follow me down all the little paths that are left

as you follow, you notice how all you have to do is take the right paths with me 

and you feel tranquil and serene. 

all that's left to do is just to walk deeper and further

and the longer we walk, the deeper we walk 

and the more hedges there are to walk right down 

while you listen to the birds chirping 

and know that nothing left matters anymore 

but following my words as they lead you

Because you know I will lead you deeper and deeper 

until we reach the clearing I'm taking you to, 

where you can sink down on a bench 

and admire the wooden statue 

which you gaze at 

as you just relax.

You rest now 

having left behind all the thoughts 

of lefts and rights 

and just sink deeper into the bench


and your mind can relax now 

because you know you have reached the place 

deep inside the maze 

that you wanted to get to 

It feels so good to rest

so wonderful to know

that you no longer have to think

and can just enjoy

the blissful 


your mind







in this peace

you can also know

that with each and every one of my trances 

that you read

you become a better subject

you become better at dropping into trance

you become better at enjoying trance

you become better at hypnosis 

in every way

Now I beckon softly to you

I pull out a map from my pocket

it's a map to lead us out of the maze

and we'll count our steps

because when we reach 50 steps

we'll be outside again

feeling alert and refreshed

10 steps

beginning to stir

20 steps

more and more aware

30 steps

more and more alert

40 steps

feeling refreshed and energetic 

50 steps


all the way out

back in the room

back with me

Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 18 '20 · Rate: 4.50 · Tags: beingabettersubject, trance
Since my last blog post about the use of color to influence a hypnotic state, or even perhaps to make one easier, I've interviewed 11 people on their color choices. This is a pretty small sample but it allowed me to put that programming class to work and I've generated some interesting (or at least entertaining models) for how human reactions to red and blue vary with age. (NOTE: small sample size means these numbers aren't to be trusted yet).
The reaction of a hypnotized mind to the color red seems to vary wildly from person to person. Assuming the relationship of hypnotic reaction is a more or less linear function with age, we get:
   Strength of Reaction = -2.42 + 0.9(age of subject)
This implies that hypnotized minds generally don't prefer red, and have trouble going under with it, but that this effect lessens as the subject ages. However this failed all of the tests for mathematical significance so again... it can't be trusted yet.
When looking at the reaction of hypnotized minds to the color blue, I think we've actually started to learn something useful:
    Strength of Reaction = 2.533 -0.14(age of subjects)
This means that hypnotized minds generally start out liking and going under easily with blue. This fact (aka the 2.55 in my scoring system) was actually Significant... only at a very minor level. So That implies that Blue is found to be relaxing across most people, but how that effect changes with age isn't as well known: the mathematical model seems to say that the effect of blue visuals gets lesser and lesser with the age of the subject... but that statement isn't backed up as well.

The hope is that, the more people I talk to about this, the easier it will be to actually help hypnotists develop the right visual for the right subject!
ztomms Mar 29 '18 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 7

I highlight all the text -- five measly paragraphs -- and strike backspace. I'm in one of those moods where the word "strike" is entirely appropriate: the motion is quick, snakelike, aggressive. If I was one of those people who write by freehand, the wadded-up paper would've bounced right the fuck out of the wastebasket. It's not good enough. It's boring, trite, and predictable.

She deserves better. "It's just smut," I mutter to myself. "I know what she likes. She'll love it. Writes itself, really." The cursor blinks, patiently waiting for words that won't come. Fuck that guy.

The words come so easy when we talk, when we chat, when we text. They're temporary there, fleeting, throwaway words passed over throwaway devices in a throwaway culture. It's easy to be glib there, to toss out whatever comes to mind and shrug it away if it's not good enough.

This is different. This is a gift.

This is something I want her to take out and read again and again. I want her to smile when she knows she's getting close to the best parts. I want it to be her favorite, her go-to; when nothing else quite scratches that itch, she can always read my words with fingers on her clit or vibrator inside her, thinking of me as she brings herself to yet another quivering orgasm. I want her to close it reluctantly, satisfied...but always craving maybe just a little bit more.

I want her to pester me for sequels and spinoffs and vignettes and novellas. I want her to fall in love with my characters the way I fell in love with her. I want to see the blush on her cheeks when she whispers to me, "I read it again last night." I want to give her something that makes her feel: feel sexy, feel better, feel slutty, feel special, feel intense and urgent and horny and loved. I want it to be good enough.

The cursor blinks at me. Motherfucker.

I lean in, fingers on the keys, and I try again, black words pushing into the white space. Because she's worth the failing, over and over, in the most frustrating ways.

Because eventually, it'll be good enough.

aesthete49 Dec 28 '16 · Rate: 4.50

20+ different kinds of orgasms

Playing with different types of orgasms is something i really enjoy.

A year ago i thought a female could orgasm in 3 different ways.

Either clitoral, vaginal or anal. Or a combination i guess.

Now a few years later i play with at least 20 very different kinds or orgasms.

The dictionary tells us 1*:




the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation,

usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.

I really like how they say ''usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ''.

They are open enough to understand that there are other ways to make someone cum as well.

They even understand that a male does not always have to ejaculate while he still can experience an orgasm.

So with this in mind let me explain some of the orgasms Master and i play with.

Keep in mind though, that you might experience something else then i do. Different people have different responses!

nipple orgasm:

It starts out slow, like the end of my nipples starts to itch

and than it starts to tickle an then it spreads true out my boobs and its just a lovely sensation!

anal orgasm:

I knew people could have anal orgasms when stimulated in the area. But it never worked for me. I enjoy anal, but i couldn't cum from it. Not that i mind, an orgasm isn't the highest goal, delicious sex is. But my mind apparently had a pretty clear idea of what that must be like. When Master triggered this for the first time, i said i can't..... and then i got totally amazed! I had an anal orgasm. I felt muscles contract and pleasure and it was super intense! Especially cause i didn't think i could. Since then we have been playing with this a lot and now i can actually have anal orgasms when stimulated even without hypnosis. And i can experience it without being stimulated but with hypnosis. cool, cool, cool! (if you get this reference, you are officially awesome!)

spiritual orgasm:

Master and I had a long talk about this one. Because quite frankly it can work pretty damn addictive. This orgasm isn't that much physical. Its my inner being, my mind, my soul that burst and floats and explodes. I have never experienced anything like it. And its not really comparable to anything else. Its very overwhelming and beautiful. Its slow and deep and its like my mind is having an orgasm in staid of my body.

true loves orgasm:

First of all, if you plan to use this on your subject, make sure you state very clearly that this is about self love. Not your love. Its not fair to play with people's emotions that way, except i guess when you have clear consent. So true self love, wave after wave after wave. I still cry most times when i experience this. When you feel the beauty inside you and when you feel so connected to yourself and your emotions and love. silk orgasm: Silky orgasms are soft, slow and deep. Very pleasurable and not too overwhelming; as in i don't fall/shake out of my chair or bed

slow motion orgasm:

This is something Master has introduced me to recently. Often he just gives me an orgasm trigger and then he makes it slow motion. Which i like best. It's very overwhelming and at exactly the right time Master slows it down and it prolongs the orgasm in a very nice way. Also this type of orgasm really makes me realize how much Master is in control over my body. one word and the whole experience changes, for the better that is.

lightning orgasm:

The best way to explain is, imagine 10 hitachi's plus 10 fairy wands at your clit for 5 seconds. yeah..... i know right O.o

earthquake orgasm:

Earthquakes have after shocks, very intense ones if its the season

thunderstorm orgasm:

So this is like the lightning orgasm, only i feel it on my G-spot. And it doesn't stop after a few seconds. It goes one until Master tells me the storm is over. Sometimes it storms all night! If it does, we curl up in bed and he holds me tight, while orgasm after orgasm sweeps true my body.


giggling and laughing and then it vibrates deep down to my clit until i cum.


feeling happy, at ease and wonderfully amazing.


A cuddlegasm is like a warm blanket of strong arms tightly around your whole body. I really enjoy this during after care.

But Master came up with a lot of different cuddlegasm!

Monster cuddlegasm:

extra tight, extra deep, extra dark, extra safe. Yes, that's basically what it comes down to for me.

Kitten cuddlegasm:

being petted all over, feeling the vibrations off the purring all over your body <3

cotton candy cuddlegasm:

being all pink and sticky and yummy and giggly and girly and happy. Sweetest cuddles in the world.

And than Master combines them all together and he gives me

Monster cotton candy kittens cuddlegasms! this is not explainable in words..

I believe that's all the orgasms we have triggers for.

(and NO you do not have permission to use these on me!)

But there are also orgasms that happen from different types of play.


gawd this always makes me feel naughty.. Sometimes when my need for pain is very overwhelming and intense i cum from every hit.

And no he doesn't tell me to. Its just that good. such a sweet release.

And it drops me into subspace quit easily. At the other hand, if he would tell me to lay still, i would be in trouble for sure.

music orgasms:

Okay so this is pretty cool! Master sends me songs and he puts me under in trance.

Then every tone and every beat gives a different sensation.

Its like being fucked in every hole hard, while being softly caressed, kept in place and petted.

And every song is different, so each time we do this i experience something new. Also this can be very emotional.

Brainwashing orgasms:

Every time i finish my brainwashing sentence i orgasm.

energy play orgasm:

well i can write a whole book about this.. Ill write an other post about it.

And then there are of course the moments where Master suggests i feel Xorgasm times 10 or 100 or 10.0000000

and i instantly completely get Blissed

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you try it out, let me know how it went!

And feel free to add your own too!

All credit goes to my Master, Shadowmancer for without him i could have never experienced or written about this!!

*1. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/orgasm

Blissed Jan 19 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 3
She couldn't help herself one night. She knew Master would be home very late, but she needed him desperately. She repeated in her mind the words that he fills her with, again and again. First it was just in her mind. Then the words softly started escaping her lips. Oh how good it felt, amazing.. it aroused her incredibly, made her heart race. She needed something, more. She looked for her favourite toy, still repeating to herself and feeling the pulses of pleasure surge through her. When the toy finally touched between her legs, she almost lost it but she kept repeating those words.. 

I'm an obedient slave, I'm programmed to obey...

Over and over she said those words, she could feel her mind going blank and her orgasm building. The toy between her legs moving faster, her breath getting ragged as the words came out. 

I'm an obedient slave, I'm programmed to obey...

Then the orgasm hit her, waves and waves. She felt so amazing, so fulfilled. So.. needing more.

martha Oct 15 '17 · Rate: 4.33 · Comments: 1

***This was originally posted on fetlife July 2016 after a rather large controversy regarding abuse perpetrated by a very prominent figure in the EH community***

You may or not be aware of the recent goings on in the hypnosis community. The TL;DR version is that prominent figure who shall remain unnamed had accumulated a number of allegations of consent violation, a community round table was had and it was determined that many people would feel much safer if the person in question did not attend.

I commend our leaders for taking a decisive action to protect its vulnerable members, and now it's up to the community to learn from this.

This person is not a villain. They are not the embodiment of evil in our world. No, they are weak-willed and lonely child who stumbled upon a dark and powerful mask. We can ban this person from parties, but the tactics this person used others will use over and over and over again unless we educate members of our community and these tactics become less successful. So here's a list of red flags to look out for in erotic hypnosis. This is a compilation of my own and other's experience, PLEASE ADD ANYTHING I'VE MISSED.

Look out for the following:

1. The Use Creepy Mantras

My ex used to have my metamours and I repeat the following while we were deep in trance.

"I exist to serve and please and obey, without thought or question, anytime, anyplace, and with anyone you wish. And it's the very best thing.

....annnnd holy shitballs, that's creepy. Do you realize how easy it becomes to coerce someone into having sex with someone they don't really to after they've said that enough times? Mantras aren't necessarily bad, but they need to allow for autonomy to remain with the person. If you want to use mantras while in trance, try using something healthy like:

"I am a worthy, valuable person. I freely give to you my submission, and I choose to be fully present in this moment.

Admittedly I just made that up and I have no idea how well that will work, but that seriously has to be better than something that is designed to erode your sense of self and ability to say "no."

2. The Use Of Superlatives

In destructive cults, members are made to develop phobias of leaving. Now you don't necessarily have to bar anyone from leaving if you can convince them that the rest of the world isn't as good as what they have in the group. Now go look back at the creepy mantra. Notice anything at the end there?

Your subconscious will automatically create opposites for whatever you suggest to it. When you use a superlative, your subconscious sets that as a measuring stick for everything else to be compared to. By making us say their hypnosis was the very best hypnosis, their power was the very best experience, and their cock was the very best cock, slowly but surely I became convinced if I left nothing would ever be as good as it was. A much healthier framing is "It's a good thing," or "it's a wonderful thing," or even "it's a fan-fucking-tastic thing," because all of those descriptors allow for other good things to happen.

3. Insisting of Sex as a Form of Service

While this not necessarily hypnosis related and has not happened to me personally, I thought this was too important not to put here. I have been told by others who've interacted with this individual that when they said they didn't want to have sex, this person would insist they have sex anyway "as a form of service to them." I hate to sound like a Moaning Morty, but that just sounds like rape with extra steps.

4. You Notice You Or Other Partners Have Difficulty Saying "No"

Overtime, I started to notice anytime I needed to say "no" to something I found it very difficult. My heart would start to race at the thought of it. My other metamours exhibited similar difficulties. Looking in retrospect, constantly rewarding saying "Yes, [NAME]" created anxiety about saying the opposite.

5. You Start Having Panic Attacks or Other Mental Health Issues

Over the course of our relationship, all of my latent mental health issues progressively became worse. I started smoking, drinking, and having panic attacks. Normally, these parts of me are kept in check because I know how to take care of myself, but as my sense of self eroded away I could no longer hold down all my self destructive tendencies. Incidentally, my panic attacks went away almost instantly after we broke up, which was replaced by a deep depression that I'm still working to get out of. I did learn something valuable from that though: if a Russian ever tells you you're too drunk to drive home, believe them.

If you find yourself or someone you know doing these things, stop. This is far from a comprehensive list. Please feel free to discuss other problematic behaviors and healthier alternatives. If we spread information, especially to those most vulnerable, we can bring the dawn of a new day.

Manic_Pixie Feb 1 '17 · Rate: 4.33 · Tags: abuse, red flags, hypnosis, hypnosis
I have not attempted to do to write , a hypnotic script in a long time. Please bare with me. Warning!! Hypnotic speech! Come away with me.. Somewhere warm, and tropical.. Away from the worries of this crazy world.. Where the sun is beaming, and the waves are crashing.. As you listen to the waves crashing, you realize how relaxed you are.. Your breathing starts to slow down.. You're inhaling deeper and deeper.. The waves start to overwhelm you.. Dragging you deeper and deeper.. Even deeper still.. You feel the warm sun beating down on you.. Keeping you at just the right temperature.. So relaxing.. So calm, so sleepy.. You're deep into trance now.. Watching the waves just take you.. Deeper and deeper you go. Feeling so relaxed.. Just sooo good.. Letting go of all thoughts.. Letting go of all your worries.. Just oh so relaxed.. Feeling better and better, the more you let go.. You decide to go for a walk.. The soft sand at your feet.. The sounds of the waves, making you let go.. Listening and focusing on my words, and my words only.. Letting go, and wanting me to control you.. You want it.. You crave it.. Feeling so relaxed, so blissfully at peace.. The sand drags you deeper and deeper still. Deeper than you have ever been.. You see me, wanting me.. Wanting me to control you.. Wanting me to kiss you.. You look at me.. Seeing me puts a big smile on your face.. A smile so big, so bright.. That it fills you with happiness.. You feel my fingers gently touching your face.. Making you so desperate.. So needy for my kiss.. When I count to three, you'll wake up.. Feeling so relaxed, so happy.. Wanting and craving more kisses.. You will read this again.. Wanting to relive our kiss.. As you wake, you will feel our passionate kiss.. However you like to kiss.. Softly at first.. Lips connecting.. So gently.. Sucking.. light biting, simply taking your breath away... 1. Starting to wake up.. 2.. Feeling so relaxed, so good, so kissed.. 3. Wide awake.. So happy.. Wanting more kisses.. Please let me know what you think..
Zoogie Jun 26 '17 · Rate: 4.18 · Comments: 26
I Know there are a lot of mistakes in it, but I tried my best: - A letter to my "future tist"

Dear Future Tist,

I'm here since August 2015 and looking for you. I have tranced with some of your colleagues and made some experiences. I discovered myself and how I work and what works for me.

Now it's time to share it with you, so you can contact me. I'm now in the mood to meet you.


1. I like to talk to you before starting with hypnosis. I like to get to know you and I like you to get to know me. Hypnosis is like sex - it's getting better, the better you know each other. Disagree? Then this letter is probably not for you ;-).

I want to have that feeling that you are a person for me, that I would really, really like in real life too. Even without trancing me. I would like to have the feeling that you feel the same about me. That you are interested in my person and not only in having hypno-fun with me.


2. I have to love your voice. I'm a very auditive person and I like to swim in your voice, be surrounded of it and let it filling me. That includes, that text hypnosis does not interest me at all.


3. I tried a few tist to see how they work for me and what techniques they use. I'm not really that much interested in quantity anymore, I want quality. I would like to work with you over a longer term. work on stuff and improve. I know I'm not the easiest subject, but if you like challenges instead of short time fun distractions, I might be the right one.


4. I don't like to be one of your "collected subjects". I don't need exclusivity, but I would like to be a important part in your "Tist-life". Its ok for me that you are trancing with others from time to time and I will do so as well. But I will always come back to you to bring the new experiences into our "relationship". You are not one of the tist who need a lot of subject to better your self-confidence. A subject is no need for your aplomb.


5. I don't mind if you try covert hypnosis. If I'm not in the mood to trance, I will not drop. So don't be pissed when it doesn't work :-P


6. I am somewhat submissive, when under. But I don't want you to tell me how to live my live, how to dress and what to do in my real life. And I'm not going to do everything you tell me to do, because I'm submissive. And don't try to tell me that I'm not really submissive when I act and talk like that - go and search for your real submissive and leave me alone. I like my partner to be playful and somewhat dominant. It can be fun to be told to do things I don't like and to realize that I'm not able to manipulate you. And I will try to, I'm a brat ;-). But a good Dom can differ between a No-maybe and a NO-nogo and will respect that.

I don't need to be punished for things I did wrong. Just tell me and we'll talk about it and I will change my behaviour. Punishment is only required for fun things or for teasing, not for changing behaviour. That doesn't work for me.


7. I want you to be firm, reliably, close and emotional reflected and matured. If there are any problems we will talk about it. And we will find a solution or try to understand the point of the other one. Its no option for me to don't talk to me about it, don't react to a Mail or message or to disappear for a longer time without telling me why.


8. I will feel good after trancing with you and I want you to feel good after trancing me. If we don't feel like that there is something wrong. If it can't be solved by reflecting it, we maybe may not really click.


9. You don't like "emotional games", too. Playing with feeling in the way of "emotional blackmail" and "withdrawal of affection". I don't like games like "I have to go soon" to make me do faster what you want me to do or sentences like "I will leave you, if you/ if you don't do …". If you want to end our sub/ tist relationship just tell me and be honest.


10. I hate cheating! I want our loved ones to know what we are doing here and with whom. If you are in a real life relationship in what kind ever, I like your loved once be fine with you trancing me and having fun and some kind of closeness.


11. I don't need 24/7. But if I have an urgent problem, I will be able to contact you in the next 24 hours. I would like us both to have time for each other not only once a week for an hour. I would be fine to see you 2-4x a week. I know that this is not possible every week. But we both should be willing to invest some time.


12. If you are more interested in your own fetishes and how I can help you with your sexual longings you should buy a porn instead of trancing with me. I will not undress in front of a cam and I will not do real life porn for you. If you are searching for that - go and search, its not my interest!


I can trance with you, but I only will go really deep with my future Tist, who will agree with that points and feels in the same way like I do. Maybe it seems to be arrogant for you what I am demanding. Maybe you are going to tell me that I'm never ever a submissive person. Maybe you are right with all of that. But cocksure you are not the Tist I'm searching for.


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You liked my soft kisses , I've been told .. They were just as you wanted... Maybe soft and sensual at first.. Feeling them softly on your lips.. Kissing you.. Melting you, as you never have been before... Slowly and softly drifting. .. Sailing on a cloud..

Floating, drifting, relaxing.. Relaxing and dropping.. Farther and farther.. Feeling them softly on your lips.. Slowly on your cheeks.. Your breathing slows.. Nice and calm.. So relaxing.. So calm.. You notice how tired you are.. Your eyes are heavy.. Starting to cross.. As they cross, the more you drift, the more you drop..

You're so relaxed.. So peaceful and calm.. Needing and wanting all your stress to melt.. Your tired sore muscles relax.. Not wanting to move.. Just wanting to feel your muscles loosen.. Becoming so limp.. So unmoveable.. Just feeling the kisses wherever, and however you want..

As you feel my soft sensual kisses.. You feel my arms around your waist.. Wrapping you slowly, and safely in my embrace.. Wanting more and more of my embrace.. My soft kisses.. While embracing you, you fall deeper and deeper into trance... Farthest you have ever gone..

Wanting, needing, and waiting for my kisses. For my embrace.. I reach for your hand.. We walk into the room, where I sit on your lap.. My warm breath in your ear.. Me whispering, please hold me.. Kiss me as you wish.. Wanting, needing to hold me.. My arms wrap around your neck.. Pulling you into one last deep kiss yet..

On my count of 3, you're going to wake up.. Feeling refreshed, alert, and happy.. 1. Waking, becoming aware of things around you.. 2. Waking up more, so happy, so alive.. 3. Fully aware and awake.. Feeling so relaxed, so happy.. All the stress is melted away..

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I've been wondering a lot about placebo effects in hypnosis. It seems that tricking the mind into thinking that is should go a certain way is a major part of inductions- for example hypnotists always try to speak from a position of certainty: "this will help" or "you will do this when this happens." But that begs the question: is it possible to hypnotize a subject using almost exclusively these tricks to keep the subjects to think he/she should be feeling something?
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Hey! Psssssst. Over here.

I know what you need. I can see it, plain as day. Ohhh, I was there, my friend: hungry, desperate, *needing* that fix. I'd found a whole new world (every moment red-letter) of people with my kink, full of sexy people who could finally, finally fulfill that fantasy that I'd carried around for so long. I'd simply find the sexiest, dommiest hypnotist I could and beg her to trance me, to add me to the harem of mindless sex slaves that she surely possessed. And there, with my eyes blank, mind empty, and cock hard, devoted to the service of my mistress, I would finally be happy.

Yeah, see that? Nodding your head? Since you're down here, slummin' it with me, I guess you've figured out that's not how it works. See, those sexy tists you want so badly? They're busy. They're choosy. They have their pick of the litter, because the people like us -- the trance-seekers, the sleep-for-me-junkies, the wannabe-hypnoslaves -- we're a dime a dozen. Less! But that doesn't stop us, ohhhh, no. We're persistent. WE'RE special, you and me, ain't we, friend? Yeah, that's right.

Only it's not, and now we've pissed off our first target and ended up on a block list. Not a good start, no, not at all. But hey, it's fine! There are plenty of tists in the sea. Let's move on to the second-sexiest and...

No, no, no, my friend. Let me stop you right there. You're doin' it wrong, see? You gotta change your *method,* right? And you need a teacher. Now, I don't wanna brag, but I've been tranced once or twice myself. It's pretty good, pretty good. If you look close, you can still see the spirals in me eyeballs, can'tcha? Ahhhh, but there's a trick to it. The "method" I mentioned earlier. It's a devious one, but it works. And I like you, friend! I'm gonna share it with ya. Come a little closer. Let's keep this between us, right?

See, this "method," it's based around the idea that this place we're in, it's a community. People communicate in it. Tists, subjects, men, women, genderfluids, dominants, submissives -- takes all types to make our little world, don't it? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, mate: you have value. Yeah! You! You bring something to the table that nobody else in this community's got. Maybe you have some legal knowledge. Maybe you can paint like Mozart. Maybe your granny's got the best home remedy for the common cold on the planet. Think about it. Really think what you can bring to this community to make it a little brighter, a little more vibrant, a bit more interesting. Got it? Good. Step One of "The Method" is done. You're a champ at this, friend! Gonna be drownin' in swinging pendants in no time flat.

Okay, ready for Step Two? Here it is: *share* your special thing. Awwww, jeez, no, not THAT special thing! The one you figured out in Step One, mate! Blood and thunder, nobody wants to see THAT special thing yet. That'll come later, but for now, share granny's cold remedy. Answer questions. Start a home remedies group. Communicate with the community, y'know? Just DON'T TALK TRANCE WHILE YOU DO IT! It's cold and flu season; hit up that chat room on the right side of your screen. Somebody's home sick with the sniffles, drinkin' hot tea and complainin' in the chat room, sure as sun will rise. Maybe it's a sexy tist! Maybe a little snotty now, but sure, sexy. And send gran-gran a card, cause now sexy-snotty tist is less snotty and very grateful to you. You can already feel yourself sinking into his eyes and words, can't ya? Well, wake up, friend, cause your work ain't done.

It's time for Step Three. Once you've done the "communicate with the community" thing enough and you got your sexy-maybe-snotty tist on the hook, it's time to reel 'em in with that most insidious and manipulative of techniques: friendship. Yeah, that's right. Talk with 'em, ask 'em how their day was. Take a genuine interest in them, as people, beyond just trance partners. Be patient. You seem like a smart one; you know that theory about the "mere-exposure effect?" Just sayin' hi and havin' a short chat on the regular gets them likin' you more and more. And hey, we're on a hypno-fetish site, right? Trance is gonna come up, sooner or later. Let them bring it up. Friend, you're so close now. Don't blow it. Don't go back to bein' the person you were, beggin' anyone and everyone for a trance. Just talk about it. Ask questions if they seem like the knowin'-things sort. A little light flirtin' (LIGHT, friend! Don't be creepy about it and keep your "special thing" covered up!) never hurt, either. Walk 'em down the road, gently-like, you master manipulator, you. And if they don't wanna trance you right now, be cool. Thank 'em for the consideration and don't bring it up again. Let your old buddy, mere-exposure, bring 'em on back. Be patient, talk about non-trance things that you care about and they care about, give it time, and the deal will close itself.

Badabing, badaboom, "The Method." Now you got a new sexy-tist friend, and life is lookin' good. No need to thank me, friend -- just don't cut and run soon as you get what you want, eh? Be a friend first and a subject second. You'd be surprised how easy it is to go real deep for someone you've built a bond with. And usin' people is shitty, and you don't seem like the shitty type to me!

Go get 'em, tiger. Build your community, make friends, get tranced. It's win/win, and whaddaya got to lose?

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"Time to wake up slave..."

As she slept, that's what she heard in her ears.

She was still a bit groggy so, it was said again.

"Time to wake up slave..."

She opened her eyes slowly, the device still snug around her head..

It was Master's voice, he was speaking directly to her. 

"I'll be home soon slave. And when I get there, I'm going to brainwash you, and you'll cum over and over and over..."

Just hearing that made her cum. It was amazing how he could control her.

Then she heard him again..

"Make sure you fully undressed before I get home. Now be a good girl and do as you're told"

She immediately undressed, her pussy wet with excitement...

Soon Master will be home.. soon she'll be a brainwashed slave, cumming over and over..

Nothing could be more perfect. 

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Una nueva inducción, con un enfoque distinto. Puede producir trance profundo. Especialmente pensada para sujetos que ya han experimentado el trance con anterioridad. Me encantará conocer los resultados

Es curioso como nuestra mente
aprende a reaccionar ante determinadas palabras
¿lo has pensado alguna vez?
¿has sentido alguna vez como la simple lectura
de una determinada palabra
te provoca una reacción...
o una serie de ellas?
Si alguna vez has disfrutado de un trance hipnótico
seguro que si lo has hecho
aunque no te hayas percatado

Por ejemplo, la palabra RELÁJATE...
parece una simple palabra
que te pide que dejes las tensiones a un lado
Pero cuando lees esa palabra...
en un contexto hipnótico
tu mente ya sabe lo que tiene que pasar
ya ha aprendido lo bueno que es para ti
y automáticamente sientes como
tu respiración se hace más lenta y profunda
y como tus músculos se aflojan
simplemente al leer la palabra
te dejas ir...
te dejas llevar...
¿No es curioso?

También tienes la palabra PROFUNDO...
que una vez combinas con tu estado de relajación
tras haber leído RELÁJATE...
no evoca en tu mente algo desconocido
ni peligroso...
sino que provoca que tu mente...
y tu cuerpo...
quieran descubrir qué hay allí...
en ese nivel más PROFUNDO
Y como al irte acercando
cada vez más PROFUNDO...
te vas sintiendo mejor
por todo tu cuerpo
por toda tu mente
esperando siempre ir más PROFUNDO...
¿No es así?

Y un verbo curioso es CAER
A nadie le gusta caerse...
pero para tí CAER significa algo distinto...
significa CAER en trance...
significa comenzar a sentir esos síntomas
propios de la hipnosis
y es una caida que no duele
una deliciosa caida
que no tiene el duro suelo como final...
sino que siempre puedes seguir cayendo...
siempre puedes CAER más PROFUNDO
y es algo que tu mente quiere

cada vez más PROFUNDO...
es tan sencillo...
y te sientes tan bien...
que es normal que quieras hacerlo
una y otra vez
cada vez más PROFUNDO...
siendo cada vez más intenso...
cada vez más placentero...

Y una vez en ese estado
algo que también evocará en ti algo diferente
a lo que lleva a la mente de los demás...
es una cuenta hacia atrás
Una simple cuenta del 5 al 1...
que en otros puede evocar una explosión o un lanzamiento...
para ti es la señal para CAER
en un trance PROFUNDO...
notando como con cada número...
todas las sensaciones del trance se multiplican

5... el doble de RELAJACIÓN
4... el doble de PROFUNDO
3... notándote CAER
2... cada vez más PROFUNDO y PLACENTERO

Tan sencillo como eso...
es caer en trance PROFUNDO
Tan sencillo como un...

Otra palabra que hemos utilizado es PLACENTERO...
porque el PLACER es muy importante
No solo el sexo nos produce PLACER...
puede ser PLACER sexual lo que sientes, claro...
pero también puede ser cualquier otra clase de PLACER
El PLACER de dejar la mente vacía...
y disfrutar de un estado de total calma,
El PLACER de sentir los músculos totalmente relajados...
sin ninguna clase de stress en el cuerpo,
El PLACER que te provoca tu comida favorita...
tu compañía favorita...
tu aroma favorito...
O incluso cualquier otro tipo de PLACER

Y sientes como las sensaciones PLACENTERAS...
cada vez son más y mejores.
Como tras cada cuenta...
el trance se hace más PROFUNDO
Como cuanto más PROFUNDO es el trance...
más PLACENTERAS son las sensaciones
y como cuanto más PLACENTERAS son las sensaciones...
más PROFUNDO es el trance...
Sin tener que pensar en nada más
solo RELÁJATE...
y deja que suceda


Es muy importante que te tomes tu tiempo...
mientras sigues CAYENDO...
con cada línea...
y con cada palabra...
en un estado más PROFUNDO
en identificar cada una de esas sensaciones...
en aislarlas en tu mente...
y en enumerarlas...
en ser consciente...
dentro del trance...
de todo lo que sientes
y de todo lo que disfrutas

Y mientras sigues disfrutando...
de esas sensaciones cada vez más PLACENTERAS
una vez las hayas identificado, enumerado...
y sentido como al identificar cada una de ellas...
al aislarlas en tu mente se han hecho aun más intensas....
y como al hacerse más intensas y PLACENTERAS
tu trance se ha hecho más PROFUNDO
será buena idea hacerme saber...
con un comentario o con un mensaje...
cuales son esas sensaciones...
para así experimentar como también se hacen más intensas...
no solo al identificarlas...
sino al verbalizarlas...
porque como ya has visto...
las palabras son muy importantes...
y te pueden llevar muy PROFUNDO...
tanto como desees...
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It was an honest mistake. She told me to look at her eyes. Her bright blues took me by suprise i was about to be hypnotized. My eyes glance toward hers as she started to speak. 

Can you please kiss me? 

She asked me as she placed her hand behind my head. I could not speak nor blink. She leaned in closley as her lips pressed among mine. I stood there letting her take control of me. My body was going numb and my mind was filling with erotic images and music. Tingling feelings spread through out me. I was weak and acceptable. She pulled back and looked at me and smiled as i stood there in a daze. Hey silly it was only a kiss she said.

Something i just came up with. 

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Knowing what you are presently knowing

Feeling the feelings and sensations, the ones from the heart and skin,

Preconceptions can become obvious, then transparent. Inviting deeper insight.

The brilliance of our physicality, reactions and impressions

Comes to the forefront and recedes, supplanted by other thoughts

You gently leave your fixed concepts, behaviors, and thoughts Behind

Things can become DIFFERENT

From normal waking consciousness

In so many different ways

Even any fixed thinking becomes something one becomes free from

We need to continue to create, recreate, draw from and recollect ourselves

To established happy learning avenues,

Stay streets ahead in the awe of true mystery,

And re-associate states of pleasurable experience with mastery and competence.

The continual asking

How is wholeness? When is peace? Which constitutes them?

Where is Passion? Curious?

When we are full engaged

When we wish to become and feel fully alive

Where can we find it? How is it created?

Do we find it? Create for ourselves?

Give to others?

Does it find us?

We also can to pay attention to our secret selves

Parts only we know about.

Our shadow selves

that block the sun from reaching us or others.

We must become relevant to those aspects

as well as see how they are relevant to us.

We can find our unhelpful trances becoming apparent, reminders to wake up from them.

In some sense the ultimate freedom is the freedom to heal, to make better

And no-one can know exactly what you need to

And how best to heal from the inside than you do.

It is your inside that you can be at ease with and share present moment by moment

Dynamic interactions with, free from fear, full of peace, and feeling whole.

The best way I know of to thank the unconscious mind

is to strive to cultivate senses of compassion and humility,

The same as you would wish your unconscious is directing towards you.

Moment by moment and situation by situation,

This focus of keeping your conscious mind aware of, grateful for and learning

From your unconscious mind can help you

Attain the rewards of being a reflective beacon of same.

MisterMarlon Feb 3 '17 · Rate: 4
One of the more challenging aspects of hypnotic trance, sometimes, is the achieving realization that a trance can happen or, that a trance is currently happening. The interplay of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is so constant and follows us through so many states of consciousness that those experienced in going inward might be used to being in various states of trance, the switching into an inward focus for such a person presents no obstacle or resistance to mark the occasion. Similarly, one who is convinced they are relatively unused to this inward focus may also find the terrain so familiar, it is not unusual to ask "Was that a trance? Am I in trance now?" And actively trying to determine if a trance is or was achieved seems occasionally counter-productive to actively achieving the state.

Analysis and experiencing tend to be mutually exclusive of each other. For some trance is a lot like falling off of a log, just relax and a natural force of gravity takes over and we find ourselves on the ground floor without having to do anything other than observe our travels from log to foundation. Other minds like to track the increments which can keep the conscious mind in the forefront of experience and does not permit the unconscious mind to become the dominant leader of experience.

To you I suggest this: With difficult problems, you want to make an interesting pattern to follow, to utilize and answer to the pattern rather than the problem itself.

Where does the breath turn around in the body? What are the beliefs and patterns of behavior I can follow into my deepest self? That attend my attention and help me tune into inner realities? Which distractions break me out of habitual mental frameworks? What implications, questions, puns, etc. inspire unconscious searches I can give permission to? Why do autonomous and seeming automatic behaviors such as closing eyes, raised fingers, anesthetizing hands and arms convince us hypnosis is taking place? How does creating expectancy, looking forward and inward to the next thing your unconscious mind offers up for experiencing, examination, lays the groundwork for an even deeper trance experience?

Potentials, possibilities continuing just as you are, following the now is interesting. The pattern of change, changes itself and with open relaxed attention, we can follow our changing mind into the fundamental unchanging parts that wait for us there.

MisterMarlon Feb 3 '17 · Rate: 4
If each and all experiences come from the interaction of the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, it is not an impossible leap to conclude that practically every experience, held in the right context of conscious awareness, can deepen our understanding and appreciation of and ability to trance. Activities requiring our best abilities to focus and make conscious decisions are not the best places to explore trance and alternative states of mind. Better times and places, where and when you can relax, daydream, even drifting off are much more suitable. Take care of any potential distractions - phone, timers, visitors, pets, lights, noise, discomforts, schedules, etc. should all be minimized in their ability to interrupt the cultivation of pleasant anticipation of further inward focus. Other subject to improve experience and learning

(1) Knowledge of Hypnosis - Studying beforehand and afterwards about hypnosis makes it easier to tell when it is happening and what can be expected. It helps address concerns and answer questions knowing your have read or heard about the subject and that you are committed to learning even more.

(2) Perseverance - Sticking to a plan or goal of inner exploration yields far greater rewards than half-hazard or whimsical schedules. Finding the right balance between overtaxing and under-attempting is a challenge for everyone because we are all different from one another and even ourselves from one time period to the next. Being more consistent than not, yet able to re-evaluate and replan as needed gives you a long way in establishing the deepest relaxation and happy expectancy found in the best trances.

(3) The First Hypnosis/the last hypnosis - Let each attempt to trance carry within it the seeds of being the first attempt and the spirit and commitment of it perhaps being the last attempt. A beginner's state of mind that has as few preconceived notions as possible mixed in with the desire of a completeness and acceptance if an imagined final return to the place where resides our oldest and dearest companion and friend, the unconscious mind. This prepares us to be deeply sensitive, grateful, eager, open and thoroughly present with whatever presence and presents out unconscious mind can give us. Each and every time we should strive for this mixture.

(4) Understand the strengths of suggestion and the power of permission - Realize you are dealing with and exploring am almost entirely mental landscape. That your mind is as nearly infinite in what it can hold and do as anything we can imagine. We can imagine ourselves into practically anything we could ever wish to be, at least internally. Our physical universe definitely responds to our internal one but often not in ways we can imagine. Suggesting to yourself you can do things assumed impossible might just be the first step in proving that assumption wrong. Giving yourself permission to try again and again can ensure you give yourself all the support you need to never give up on what is important to you, including your unconscious mind and ability to receive more, ideally all, it has to offer.

Remember - we are inviting the unconscious mind to a receptive state. We receive the unconscious mind best when we are in an inviting mood.

Some characteristics of opening up to the unconscious mind or what we might call a trance:

Rapport and connection - a sense of cooperation and trust between your conscious mind and unconscious mind, often expanding outwards to include similar feelings of dynamic trust and cooperation between the hypnotist, in this case me, and the hypnotized, in this case, you. It is my hope to be worthy of, expand upon, and continue those feelings of trust and cooperation.

Fixedness of Attention - something usually becomes the the object of attention, a sound like my voice, the sight of something interesting becoming more so, a sensation in your hand or of breathing becomes fascinating and begins to override other sensory inputs, they just sort of fade into the background

Hyper - Acuity or super sensitivity of the senses being utilized for trance, as unused senses fade out. What is being used expands, making it easier to notice details that keep the attention going and growing.

MisterMarlon Feb 1 '17 · Rate: 4
This post includes a hypnotic induction and reading it may hypnotize you. If you do not wish to go into hypnosis, then please do not read any further. The suggestions included are: arousal and clothing removal. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these please do not read beyond the break. A lot of posts you read are hypnotists trying to make their subjects into dumb bimbos. Indeed it seems that the entire purpose of Most sites sometimes Are the bimbo industrial complex trying to make women dumb and mindless sex dolls. If that is your thing, then more power to you. I enjoy a hypnotized sex doll as much as the next straight male hypnotist, but I prefer my hypnotized subjects to be smart, clever and fun. Dumb people are harder to hypnotize. It’s a fact. Hypnosis is best when you have a keen mind, an active imagination and are interested in learning more about things. Hypnosis is indeed the perfect demonstration of the mind’s triumph over the body. The mind controls the body and the smarter you are the more powerful that control is. Intelligent women are sexy. Smart Girls are hot. There are even inductions that only work on the smartest of people, those with an open and questioning mind. Y r gttng vry slppy nd flng vry hvy nw. To the sort of typical bimbo that many online hypnotists want to attract that last line is gibberish. To someone smart and clever like you, your mind already worked out what it said. Your beautiful sexy brain read it and absorbed it easily. And now You are getting very sleepy and feeling very heavy now. It translates it for you. Perfectly, and automatically. Wonderfully, a smart clever girl. Vry hvy ch wrd y rd mkng y vn mr slppy hvy rlxd vry rlxd nw. And your mind translates it, like a secret decoder ring finding the secret spy message left for you by me. And as it translates it you can feel it before you even consciously know what you’re reading. Your mind racing ahead of your conciseness to find the secrets and solve the puzzle because it’s smart and sexy and you are smart and sexy. Flng vry slppy nd hvy sxy vry sxy nd trn n nw ht nd hrny. Slppy nd sxy. Feeling very sleepy and heavy sexy very sexy and turned on now, hot and horny. Sleepy and sexy. Your mind knows this and guides you, hypnotizes you. Your mind controls you and guides you down deeply into trance and that’s why it’s good to be smart and intelligent as you relax deeply. A smart mind like yours knows how to relax itself, how to let go and focus on what needs to be focused on and allow what doesn’t need to be focused on to drift away and fade away. Snkng dpply dwn yr bcmng dpply hypntzd nw. vn mr dpply nw whn y snk dwn wth ch brth nd ch wrd tht y rd dwn dpply snkng fr m nw. And you don’t need to think about it, or study it or even consider what’s happening as you sink because your mind is so perfect and so beautiful that you just feel what it wants you to. Aroused as you don’t even need to know that you’re slipping deeply into hypnosis as you read my words, sexy and hot at how your mind controls you and lets you experience your deepest fantasies as you read my words. Wt nd arsd nw s y snk dpply dwn nt hypns fr m. And soon your mind doesn’t even need to let you notice the words in italics. Maybe it’s this next batch, or maybe in a few lines you can just trust that your smart and wonderful mind can read it and let you know only what you need to do, what you need to obey as you sink more deeply for me. Snk mr dpply fr m. You can feel safe knowing that you’re smart and your mind is in control, wonderful and imaginative and sexy. You won’t need to worry about being a bimbo, dumb and obedient because your mind is what’s hypnotizing you now and you can be smart and obedient and aroused now. Slppy vry slppy, drppng dwn dpply now. Lttng g, snkng nw dwn dpply nt hypnss. And it’s good to relax, letting go. Being smart and fun, sexy and aroused. It’s the smart girls who pay attention in class. It’s the smart girls who listen to the words the teacher is saying. It’s the smart girls who make the best good girls. Sinking down further now, not needing to read the italic words knowing your perfect mind will read them and obey them. Aroused and open, horny and obedient. Sinking deeply now. Down. Down. Down. Deeper now. Slppy. Hynptzd. Sleepy. Hypnotized. Slp nw. Sleep now. Good, wonderfully sinking. Reading just like in a class, just like learning from a book. Always learning from words, allowing your mind to absorb them. Perfectly. Hot and aroused. So sexy and smart. And now you know that it would be arousing to be hypnotized and obedient. And obediently hypnotized people obey deeply. Easily. And you want to feel even more sexy and obey. So now you can undress easily if you’d find that sexy to do. Feeling more obedient and aroused with each piece of clothing you remove now. Until you are naked. And reading. And if you can’t remove your clothes or don’t want to that’s fine. You can just imagine how sexy it would be to obey. As you sink. Deeply. Down. Each word making you feel wonderfully blank and hypnotized. Blank. And now naked. You have obeyed. And when I count to 5 you will awaken. Feeling sexy and wonderful. Feeling smart and clever. Smarty is sexy. You are sexy. 1 2 Feeling clever and powerful. 3 Smart and confident. 4 Sexy and wonderful. 5 Awaken clever Girl. Did you have fun, are you smart, sexy and feeling wonderful? Do you want more? message me here if you do!
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The following includes a hypnotic induction. If you read beyond the “Keep Reading” below you may go into trance. Suggestions include a general sense of well being and a desire to send one hypnotic fantasy you have to the author of this post. Do not read beyond this point if you are not okay with that. Hypnosis is interesting. There is no magic too it, despite what you might think reading things on the internet. It is not inevitable, not irresistible and not the thing of science fiction and monster movies. Most of the time we enter trance there are no swinging pocket watches or deep inviting eyes. We just sink down easily and naturally. We go into trance more than you probably realize. I used to commute to the same place every day. After the first few weeks my brain got used to the trip on the bus that I could be sitting there and my mind would simply shut off. I wouldn’t be asleep, but I wouldn’t be aware of the journey it was so familiar and so my mind knew that there was no need to think about it. I wasn’t driving I could just sit there and relax in my seat, not paying attention to anything. I’m sure there’s been a time in your life when you’ve experienced something similar. Maybe it was reading a book, or doing some menial task at work that didn’t require you to think that much so your mind could just drift and let your body do what it needed to. Books are perfect trance induction devices, as we read them we focus on their words and let ourselves forget the world around us. People with good imaginations are excellent subjects for hypnosis because they can allow their minds to picture things including how it would feel to relax and let go. If they can imagine the scenes in a book they can imagine how it would feel to relax and sink into the words. They’re used to allowing the words that they read to affect them, to make them feel the love in a romance or the excitement in a thriller or the arousal and sexual need in something a little naughtier. We become hypnotized so much that it’s natural and easy for it to happen. Just thinking about it and talking about it like you and I have been doing now helps to make that happen. It’s natural now that you may feel some of the effects of hypnosis, natural just like hypnosis. And there’s nothing you need to do about it, nothing you need to worry about. You just need to relax a little and read a little more and not even notice how comfortable you are sitting there reading. You don’t need to notice how pleasant it feels reading and relaxing. Or even that you’re relaxing as you’re reading. Relaxing as you read is natural, so there’s no need to worry about it or think about it. You’re sitting down which relaxes you, and you’re reading which relaxes you. Naturally so you don’t need to think about it it just happens. And you don’t need to worry about anything but the words. That’s easy to do, you’re used to reading and blocking things out. Reading a good story you let the word fade away as you focus on a character. Your favorite character is important to you in a story, more important than anything around you at the moment. You want to know what they will do, and what will happen to them. You worry that they may not get what they want and you are happy when they do. But it’s okay, because you know that in this story your favorite character is already relaxing as they read the words and they want to relax so they’re well on their way to getting a happy ending. And you know that just like in an erotic novel the main character finds hypnosis very arousing and so you can find this story very arousing. It’s just a fantasy about someone who reads something online about hypnosis and relaxes more because it’s natural to read and relax. And since you sought out a story about erotic hypnosis you can enjoy the feeling of being aroused by the idea that the main character is almost deeply hypnotized. Deeply hypnotized. And sink deeply now. Deeply hypnotized. And in your fantasy you are the main character. Relaxing naturally as you read and sink deeply for me. Just like you’re used to. Just like you dreamed of. And in a moment you will awaken, feeling wonderful. So happy and aroused. So happy to have read my post. So happy to have enjoyed this story. When you awaken you will email me a hypnotic fantasy you have. It can be as explicit as you like. You will pm me here. When you awaken you will feel wonderful and so happy to have read this story. On the count of 5 awaken, feeling great. 1 So happy. 2 Feeling wonderful 3 So happy 4 Refreshed and alive 5 Awaken now.
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This post contains hypnotic language and an induction. It also contains a post-hypnotic suggestion to contact me and repeat a phrase letting me know you enjoyed it. Do not read further if this is unwelcome to you, or if you are not in a situation to allow you to relax deeply now. Hypnosis is of course natural. Like sex, like lust. Like sleep. Natural, relaxed. It seems like magic, a few words and someone slips deeply into a trance and relaxes and obeys. But there is nothing magical about it, it is all within all of us, the need to obey. The need to focus our thoughts, and our mind. To allow everything to fade and concentrate on one particular thing. It’s what helps us do well in school, or at work. To focus and study. To focus all of our attention on one thing. Sometimes it’s sex. An arousal that grows as we consider something we find arousing and each breath seems to build and heighten that feeling. Of arousal, and focus. It’s easy to focus on something you find sexy. A picture of a woman, sexy and submissive. The thought of being hypnotized, slipping deeper into your mind. If you’re here you’re familiar with the tropes of hypnosis. The spinning eyes of Kaa, the swinging watch. The heavy feelings warm and relaxed enveloping your body like a wave on a beach. How each breath in and out relaxes you, how my words relax you. That is all theater of course. Our minds associate those things with relaxing deeply, sinking down and obeying. But really hypnosis is natural, focusing is natural. It is natural to obey. It is natural to sink deeply and go into hypnosis. Now those things help you focus on hypnosis, bring hypnosis to your mind and perhaps arouse you because you associate them with obeying, relaxing and dropping down into a deeply wonderful trance now. It is our minds that obey perfectly. It’s your mind that’s helping to hypnotize you deeply now. You clicked on ‘Read More’ and you wanted to sleep deeply, wanted to sink down. It was your mind that wanted to naturally allow yourself to let go and obey. Kaa and the pocket watch and sleeping deeply can help guide you down but it is your mind that is helping you now to imagine that you are focused and relaxed. Focused and sinking. Focused and hypnotizing yourself with my words. Until there is only my words and the other things your arousal, the sexy woman at the top, the tropes of hypnosis and your will all fade away. Until there is just text on the screen and your blank empty mind. Like words spoken into your ear as a whisper by a hypnotist on stage. My words are your thoughts now. And as you read you allow them to guide you more deeply down. Into natural hypnosis. Into natural obedience. It’s natural to obey me. Obey me. Obey. Your mind wanted to sink. Wanted to obey. It feels erotic and good. Horny and submissive. When I count to five you will awaken. When you awaken you will want to contact me either through messaging me, reblogging this post or email at [email protected] You will want to tell me “Being hypnotized is natural”. And if you see me answer in chat with the words "Naturally Hypnotized" you will drop back into an even deeper trance, Typing "Ready to Obey" and awaiting commands It is natural. When you have done this you will feel a wave of wonderful satisfaction. Wonderful complete satisfaction at how natural hypnosis is. And on five awaken fully. Wonderfully, feeling refreshed and rested. 1 2 Feeling so good 3 Aroused and happy 4 5 Awaken now and obey.
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This Story may hypnotize you, You have been warned! Audrey stuck out her tongue. She couldn’t stop herself from giggling as a single flake of snow alighted and immediately melted right on the outstretched tip. The snow was falling more heavily now, enough that Audrey could see her footprints wherever she now stepped. The air was that perfect winter crisp that drew the mind to the pleasures of the season. To warm fires and thick blankets. To snowballs and men and angels. Spreading her arms, Audrey spun in place, letting her feet crunch the white powder with each easy step. She tilted her head back and looked up into the night sky, watching it rotate above her. A nearby lamppost provided the only illumination, gradually increasing as the ground became more white. It looked to Audrey as if the snow was materializing from the stars themselves and falling into her little globe. Her cheeks and nose were red and little pillars of fog rose from her mouth with every exhale, but Audrey did not feel the cold. She was wrapped up, cozy and safe and warm. She stopped for a moment, motionless, listening. The air was still, and she would have sworn she could hear the sound of the snowfall. The snow was already an inch or so deep and was rapidly accumulating. Audrey shook a fresh gloss of snow off her boots as she lowered her gaze and looked out past the glow of the light. She could barely make out trees in the distance, only visible because of the snow filling their evergreen branches. There was something timeless about all of this. If it wasn’t for the deepening snow, it might seem like no time was passing at all. Audrey moved through the snow, not by seconds and minutes, but by inches and feet. By the disappearance of her footprints as they were gradually filled in. Do you like it? “It’s beautiful,” Audrey sighed. She was so grateful. This wonderful winter paradise, all for her. The snow was growing thicker now, the light’s reflection off the falling crystals of ice blotting out the stars. Audrey breathed deeply of the cool damp air and held it in her lungs, letting the winter in. She exhaled through her mouth slowly and studied the plume rising up and evaporating before her. She imagined her cares and her worries and her responsibilities evaporating with it. For right now - and right now seemed to her to stretch on forever - this could be her whole world. Everything was so peaceful here. She could just be… Another foggy breath rose from Audrey’s mouth and faded away. Sweeping her eyes slowly along the horizon, Audrey saw the landscape transformed. Where just a few minutes ago (or longer?) there had been grass and dirt and paths and rocks and contours, now there was only the pristine even white. It was amazing how easily such a little thing, with enough repetition, could completely remake the whole world. How, little by little and over enough time, everything that had been familiar was replaced. Like the ship of Theseus, or her own mind. And still the snow continued to fall, heavier and thicker. Blotting out the world below and the heavens above. Replacing it all. Until what had been there before was just a memory, so easily forgotten. Audrey’s head had lowered. She scrunched up her face, seeing that something was missing. Slowly, she lifted one foot and then the other out from under the snow that had buried them. She smiled again as her foot sank back down, the delicate snow crunching underneath. Another slow, deep breath. Another exhale of thought and fog, evaporating away and swiftly replaced by more of that obscuring precipitation. The flakes were so light, swirling so beautifully in the lamplight, the reflections dazzling Audrey’s eyes. But the deeper the snow became, the heavier, the more difficult it was to move. The more difficult is became to trudge through it. It was so much easier to just watch the flakes dance and sparkle and let this moment last forever. Again Audrey cast her eyes skyward, but the snowfall was so thick, that not only the stars but almost the whole perfect black sky itself was masked by the flurry. How bright they had become. How easy to just let her eyes wander and follow them. They almost glowed, as one after another they fell. And with every one her eyes would follow down. Another and another, piling deeper and deeper and deeper around her. But her head stayed back, focusing on the lightness of each single flake as gently and playfully sank. They filled her with such immense joy. Such a simple pleasure. Such a sublime beauty. And all of this surrounded by stillness…peace. Forgotten were Audrey’s breaths and the thoughts that floated up and dispersed with each one. Forgotten was the land before the snow. Smooth and featureless and unspoiled it stretched out in every direction now. Maybe later, someone could come and make something of it. The snow was so malleable after all, with just a little patience and effort, one could make it into almost anything. But that was later. Right now it was enough that there was just that even, immaculate snow everywhere and replacing everything in sight. And with every flake drifting down, the beauty of it just became more complete. In this world that was just for her, Audrey could enjoy that pure white everywhere. Before long there would be nothing else. As her every exhale faded away, so did the world before fade from her vision and her memory and her thoughts faded away. Motionless she stared watching the world turn white as that pure blanket fell over her mind. Every unique flake of snow drifting down, her eyes and her mind following into that pure white, deep in this world just for her. Timeless and perfect the snow piled higher and higher, enveloping everything else. Until there was only the snow. Heavy and deep. The mesmerizing flakes weighing down the world and sinking deeper with every breath as the light played across her eyes into her. Light and airy she watched the snow fill her vision and mind and push out her thoughts and there was only the snow drifting deeper and deeper… The last of Audrey’s mind drifted hazily upward, and was gone.
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Have you ever taken the time to pause and look back

It doesn't have to be for long 

Just think for a moment was it yesterday, a week ago, a month?

Sometimes when we look back we remember things that hurt us or make us smile.

For me I looked back at a site I used to visit a lot. 

I got a messaged saying someone liked a post,

So i decided to long in and see for myself  what was liked.

The site brought up painful memories,

so many things I miss, so many opportunities I wish I had taken.

I looked back and scrolled and scrolled and became sadder and sadder as I did.

Friends I no longer talk to, chances i fucked up, things i could have been gone.

But I looked back and saw something that made me smile, two things to be exact.

One was the day I added a friend who I still stand by and they do the same for me,

And second was the day I joined the site.

These moments may be fleeting they may be forgotten,

But the memories that spawned from them they make me smile.

Yes I do regret some of the things that I fucked up on and the people I don't see.

But I wouldn't change it, those people those fuck ups as much as I cry over them,

They made me Me, and in honesty i cant ask for better. 

Those moments are past.

Those moments are remembered

Those moments hurt but made me grow.

I was a pet and I miss that, but now I am a Toi and I love that

I was a loner, but I met people

I cried over the past that i looked back at, but smiled at the future I have.

So when was the last time you looked back?

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Karen sat across from Julie at the cafe. It was their regular brunch together. It was their time for girl talk, rumor mongering, and people watching. Karen had known Julie since college. Julie was a gorgeous, tall raven-haired girl that had an impressive ability to look younger than she was, while still looking experienced and in charge. Karen was a bit more subdued. A brunette with a slightly less stunning figure, she'd gotten used to the boys mostly ignoring her when Julie was around. It wasn't all bad though, meant she didn't have to deal with half the creeps Julie did.

The two of them had been inseparable since college. They'd move to the city together after college, and did their best to keep each other sane. Their regular brunch was an important ritual, a way to relieve stress. There was a lot of that going around lately it seemed: jobs, lack of jobs; relationships, lack of relationships; drama, suspicious lack of drama. Karen was quite lucky to have a good friend to help deal with it all.


“Julie, you know our rule about cellphones.” Karen smirked.

“Oh my, I'm sorry Julie, I could have sworn I turned it off.” Julie quickly shuffled through her bag and found her phone. Then she paused, reading the message, smiling absentmindedly. A moment later she shook her head, as if out of a daydream. “Oh, I'm so sorry, Karen. I completely forgot I made an appointment. I've gotta go.” With that, she gathered her things and stood up to leave.

“Hey, what's the appointment about? And what about the check?” Karen cried out after Julie.

“I'll get it next week...I've gotta go, I made an appointment.” And with that Julie rushed off, leaving Karen alone and a bit puzzled as her friend practically blew her off. She shrugged it off, people forget things all the time, she figured, no doubt it would be her turn to forget something later on.


“Welcome to your first session, Alison. I'm Dr. Schlafen, and I'm hoping that working together we can solve whatever your problems might be. Today we're just going to be working on building rapport and trust. Trust is very important to therapy, cause if you don't trust me, you'll never fully open up to me, and I'm not going to be able to help you as well. So would it be okay for us to work on some trust exercises?” Dr. Schafen look at her new patient carefully, her sapphire blue eyes looking almost through Alison as she waited for a response.

“I think so Doctor. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm not really sure what to do.” Alison was clearly nervous, as would be expected for any new patient. It's not easy to admit one needs helps, or to talk about one's problems.

“That's perfectly alright. That's why I'm here.” Dr. Schlafen smiled warmly, “As long as you are able to listen carefully and follow some very simple instructions, you'll be able to find yourself getting more relaxed in a matter of minutes, just as easily as you might find yourself getting swept up in a good story. Why don't we work on relaxation right now, how does that sound?

“Good, Doctor, I could really use some.” Alison nodded her assent.

“Great, now before we begin, would you please remove your footwear? I know it sounds a bit silly, but you'd be surprised how many people can get distracted by their own feet. So please, just remove your footwear. Wonderful.”

“Also make sure you've turned off your cell phone. This is our time right now, and the world wide web of contacts and updates can take a backseat for a little while. Don't worry, they'll still be there when our session is over. That's great.”

“Now just take a deep breath in for me...”

Breathe in

“...and breathe out.”

Breathe out

“Wonderful, just keep breathing in...and out like that for me.”

Breathe in

“And I'm going to talk to you about hypnosis.”

Breathe out

“Hypnosis is a very normal state of mind. One that can be very helpful for relaxing.”

Breathe in

“Hypnosis can also be good for therapy.”

Breathe out

“Today, I'm going to hypnotize you.”

Breathe in

“Not yet, but very soon, you will be hypnotized.”

Breathe out

“Before I hypnotize you, we're going to do an exercise.”

Breathe in

“A very simple exercise”

Breathe out

“In a moment, I'd like you to begin counting, quietly or in your head, down from 10 to 1.”

Breathe in

“With each breath in, you'll count an even number, and with each breath out, an odd number.”

Breathe out

“Why don't you begin counting now.”

10 Breathe in

“That's wonderful.”

9 Breathe out

“Now as you are counting down, and before you go into trance, notice how you feel.”

8 Breathe in

“Notice how might feel yourself sinking a bit into your chair.”

7 Breathe out

“Notice how even your breathing is becoming.”

6 Breathe in

“Notice how focused your eyes are becoming.”

5 Breathe out

“Notice how easy it is to follow my words.”

4 Breathe in

“Notice how easy it is to follow my suggestions.”

3 Breathe out

“When you get to 1, you'll begin counting down again.”

2 Breathe in

“And with each number, you'll also think of a color this time.”

1 Breathe out

“Begin counting down again, so that you can be ready to be hypnotized.”

10 Breathe in red

“That's right.”

9 Breathe out blue

“When you reach 1 this time, you're going to be deeply hypnotized.”

8 Breathe in green

“Feeling your eyes starting to blink a little, perhaps even water a bit.”

7 Breathe out purple

“Finding it more and more important to focus on my words.”

6 Breathe in orange

“Halfway down into trance, and feeling so nice and relaxed.”

5 Breathe out turquoise

“Ready to enjoy a nice relaxing hypnosis session.”

4 Breathe in magenta

“Letting your conscious mind rest.”

3 Breathe out crimson

“Letting your subconscious listen.”

2 Breathe in teal

“Letting yourself sleep.”

1 Breathe out pink

“Letting yourself sink”

“Deep down into sleep.”

“That's right, letting yourself simply relax and go deeper now.”

Go deeper

“Following my words down deeper”


“Feeling so good as you follow my words.”


“You're so happy you made an appointment to see me today.


“It always brings a smile to my face when I'm in trance.”


“It's just feels so nice to let someone else in, right?”


“That's right, and you should know, you're doing very well today, so just keep smiling.”


“Keep smiling because trance feels so good.”

Trance is good

“And later, when you think of this session, you'll find yourself smiling absentmindedly.”


“That's right. A nice big smile! Show the world how happy you are in trance.”


“Now our time today is almost up, but before you go, you must follow my words exactly.”


“Keeping your appointments with me is very important, isn't it?

Nod and agree

“That's right, you must always keep your appointments with Dr. Schlafen.”

Nod and agree

“But sometimes, it can be hard to remember when you've got an appointment, isn't it?

Nod and agree

“That's right, so why don't you let me help you remember, wouldn't you like my help?

Nod and agree

“That's right, let me remember what you remember to forget to remember.”

Remember to forget

“I'll text you when it's time for your next appointment, in case you forget to remember.”

Forget to remember

“That way you'll never be late.”

Remember to forget

“Anytime you get a text from me, you'll need to read it.”

Forget to remember

“Follow my instructions perfectly, just like you are right now, in trance.”

In trance

“When you get my text, you'll be in trance.”

Text trance

“You'll follow my words easily and automatically.”

Easy to follow

“And now it's time to bring you back up, forgetting what your subconscious now knows.”

Easy to forget

“Coming to full awareness at the count of five, letting yourself know only bliss”


“One, feeling so good.”

So good

“Two, letting out a nice big yawn.”


“Three, almost waking back to reality.”


“Four, your mind feeling good and focused.”


“Five, wide awake for me now! How's my sleepy patient doing?”

Alison stretched herself out of her daze, “Wow, I feel like I just had the best nap ever!” A big smile came over Alison's face, to the delight of Dr. Schlafen.

“That's wonderful, hypnosis can be really good for that, but don't go thinking that it can replace a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, our time today is up, but I think we made great progress. I'm looking forward to our next appointment.” Dr. Schlafen grinned, thinking of the future.

“Oh yes Dr. Schlafen, I wouldn't miss it for the world! See you then!” Alison pick up her shoes, and headed out. Dr. Schlafen couldn't help but admire the view as she left. A gorgeous little ginger, curvy with an ever-smiling face. Dr. Schlafen had a good idea of why she was smiling today, and couldn't hold back a mischievous grin of her own. With Alison gone, Dr. Schlafen reached into her desk, and pulled out her cellphone.

“Let's see, I think Julie is in need of another appointment.” Dr. Schlafen let one hand wander down a bit as she sent her text.  

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It was a cold day as Julie entered Dr. Schlafen's office. Her secretary, Heather, was in fact wearing a fur coat. Julie must have been staring at it, as Heather smiled, and said, “Heh, it's not my fur coat, Dr. Schlafen let me borrow it, as our heat's been knocked out. I'll let Dr. Schlafen know you're here.”

“Thanks,” said Julie, as Heather went into Dr. Schlafen's office. Julie took the moment to look around the waiting room. It wasn't super big, but it did look a lot more comfortable and homely than your typical doctor's office. Julie guessed that hypnotherapists probably didn't need to worry about sterilizing everything as much as other doctors.

Heather came back into the room, followed by Dr. Schlafen. “Julie, I'm so glad you could make it, I knew you wouldn't miss our appointment.”

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, I never want to miss our appointments, they are very important.” Julie replied almost without thinking, and smiled. “Good then, why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable, I'm sorry it's a bit cold.” Dr. Schlafen made a motion for Julie to enter the room, and before following her in, she turn to her secretary.

“Heather, why don't you take a break?” Heather froze for an instant before in a dull monotone, replying, “Yes, Dr. Schlafen.” With that, Heather opened up a window on her computer, and sat in front of it, one of her hands disappearing under her desk. Dr. Schlafen whispers, “Good Girl,” in Heather's ear, to which Heather responds with a soft moan. Grinning, Dr. Schlafen closed her door, and took in her next patient.

Julie was already sitting down on the patient's couch when Dr. Schlafen entered her office. She had taken off the UGG boots she was wearing, Dr. Schlafen noticed approvingly as a scent of the warm odor made it's way to her nose. Dr. Schlafen grinned as an idea slowly began to formulate in her mind. Sitting down across from Julie, she asked, “Well, Julie how are you feeling today?”

“Good Dr. Schlafen, a bit cold though, I don't suppose you've got a fur coat lying around for me?” Julie gave herself a little rub to warm herself. “Hmm, I think I have a blanket around here, ah yes here we go, this will help you relax I think.” Dr. Schlafen offers Julie a simple throw rug, a soft white micro fleece one, just large enough for Julie to snuggle under a bit, noticeably relaxing as she does so.

“How are you feeling now Julie?”

“Much better Dr. Schlafen, thank you for the blanket.”

“You're welcome, my dear. You know a lot of my patients find that blanket really helps them to relax when they come in for an appointment. I had this one patient, very similar to you, with very similar problems. When she would come into my office, she would take off her shoes, just like you, and wrap herself up in my soft, fuzzy blanket. It really seemed to calm her down, which is perfectly alright. Anything that helps release tension is good in my book, wouldn't you agree?” Dr. Schlafen raised an eyebrow at Julie, watching as she followed along with her story.

“Yes, Dr. Schlafen, it's always good to release some tension.” Julie said nodding, rapt up in Dr. Schlafen's words just as much as she was wrapped up in the warm blanket.

“Exactly, anyway this patient found it very hard to relax in my office sometimes. So I suggested to her that she try something a little silly. I asked her to gently begin to stroke the blanket. I asked her to pretend it was a friendly cat that she was petting. She giggled when I asked her to do it, but after a few moments, she gave it a try. Her giggles slowly subsided and she just let herself get into the moment. A bit awkwardly a first, she began to pet the soft blanket. But soon she found herself in a nice regular rhythm, breathing in and out and stroking the blanket.”

“Breathing in.”

“Petting the blanket.”

“Breathing out.”

“Stroking the blanket.”

“Breathe in.”

Breathe in

“Pet the blanket.”

Pet the blanket

“Breathe out.”

Breathe out

“Stroke the blanket.”

Stroke the blanket

“It just felt so nice”

Breathe in

“Every time she touched the soft, fuzzy blanket.”

Pet the blanket

“Her breathing would become more relaxed”

Breathe out

“Her hands automatically stroking the fuzzy blanket”

Stroke the blanket

And the funny thing was that each time she petted the soft, fuzzy blanket

Breathe in

“Her mind would get a little bit softer.”

Pet the blanket

“Her thoughts would become fuzzy”

Breathe out

“Each time she stroked the blanket”

Stroke the blanket

“And soon her thoughts would become so soft”

Breathe in

“Her mind would become so fuzzy”

Pet the blanket

“As she pretended to pet the pussy cat on her lap”

Breathe out

“Her hand would find its way to the just the right part of the pussy to stroke”

Stroke your pussy

“And she would find just the right way to make her toes curl”

Breathe in

“Even as her mind became so fuzzy that is was impossible to think”

Pet your pussy

“So lost in the bliss and pleasure”

Breathe out

“Stroking your fuzzy and horny little pussy.”

Stroke your pussy

“That's a good girl.”  

Good girl

“Mind so fuzzy and soft. Ready for Dr. Schlafen to play with. And it feels so good now that you're just stroking your pussy.”

Stroke your pussy

“Now my pet, you left some very stinky boots in my office today. Some very stinky, very furry, and fuzzy boots. Fuzzy like the soft blanket. Fuzzy like your mind. So fuzzy. I bet they feel so soft and fuzzy when you wear them. You're going to find yourself wearing them all the time, because they're so soft and fuzzy.

Soft and fuzzy

“You're going to be my little Fuzzy Wuzzy.”

Fuzzy Wuzzy

“Whenever you hear me say, or get a message from me saying, 'Fuzzy Wuzzy is so fair.' You find that you must reply, 'Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.' You will then immediately sink down deeper into this soft, fuzzy place.”


“On the count of five, you'll become fully aware, remembering to forget to remember.”

Remember to forget

“One, removing your hand from your pussy.”

Forget to remember

“Two, ignoring the wetness between your legs.

Everything's fine

“Three, almost awake now, unexpectedly horny.”

So horny

“Four, yawning as you awaken.”


“Five, wide awake now. How are you feeling now Julie?” Dr. Schlafen asks, noticing the redness appearing on Julie's face.

“Um...heh, fine I think...I didn't even realize we started.” Blushing, Julie tries covering herself with the blanket, still absentmindedly petting it with one hand.

“Well I'm afraid we don't have any more time for today, but I know you'll be sure to keep your next appointment, right Julie?” Dr. Schlafen asks with a knowing smile.

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, it's very important.” Julie begins to pull on her UGG Boots to leave.

Dr. Schlafen interrupts Julie quickly asking, “By the way, Julie, did you know that Fuzzy Wuzzy was so fair?” Julie stops midway through putting on her boot, before replying, “Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.” Dr. Schlafen holds Julie's limp body up as she sinks deep into trance once more. She then whispers into her ear, “Good girl, remember to forget that you wore socks today. You never wear socks with your UGG Boots. That way they get nice and stinky. Yes, that's right. You're addicted to stink feet. That's actually why you're so horny right now. You can smell your stinky boots. Each step you take home today is going to make your feet stinkier, and that just makes you more aroused. When you get home today, you're going to need to remove your boots, stick your face in one and sniff until you cum, isn't that right my little Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Weakly, Julie nods, her cheeks flushing with newfound arousal. Dr. Schlafen carefully removes Julie's socks, and remembers to add in one more suggestion, “Now Julie, you'll not find any of this unusual or out of place. You've just discovered something new about yourself. And that's exciting. When you awaken, you'll be in such a rush to orgasm that you'll ignore everything around you until you are able to do so. Now awaken with the snap of my fingers, as if you've never been in trance.


Julie continued putting on her boots, and quickly left the office, practically in a daze. She couldn't understand why she was so horny. All she knew was that her feet stunk right now, were getting stinkier by the step, and that it was fucking hot as hell. She knew exactly what she was going to do just as soon as she got home. She never even noticed Heather moaning and masturbating in the waiting room, of course, even if she did, that wouldn't have struck her as unusual in any way whatsoever.

Dr. Schlafen called out to Heather a moment later. “Break time is over, Heather.” Heather stop masturbating, absentmindedly closed the window she'd be staring at on the computer and went back to work, ignoring the large wet spot between her legs. “Is there anything else I can do for you Dr. Schlafen?”

“No Heather...actually wait, why don't you come in here. I think we need to move the furniture.” Heather's face became blank once more, as she stood up, rubbed her fur coat, and entered Dr. Schlafen's office.


Julie couldn't believe what had just happened. She sat on her couch in a daze, a large wet spot soaking through her pants, her hand shakily holding one of her UGG boots, which had very recently been practically stuck in her face. She quivered in pleasure as she thought about how she had just been brought to orgasm by smell of her stinky boot. She looked at the boot in her hand, staring curiously at the limp boot, as if it were magic. She was shaken from her reverie by a text message.


It was Karen. “Crap!” Julie had barely remembered blowing her off this morning. They were supposed to go out tonight to a new club. Julie quickly texted her back, and then she went to go take a shower to clean herself up to make herself presentable to go out. A quick shower later, and Julie felt more like herself. She started getting ready to go out when the phone rang.

Julie picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Julie's eyes closed as her body went slack, her arm holding the phone to her ear. “Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.” Julie mindlessly replied, and listened carefully for a few minutes.

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, I will obey.” Julie hung up the phone. She put on her UGG boots again, found her purse, and walked out of her apartment, following her instructions.

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The last thing in my head that I could remember was waking back home that day , for some reason my mother was too busy to come get me at the bus stop. I remember hearing something behind me and turning back. My mind was getting less and less foggy but yet I had no memory of where or how I got into the place I was now lying. Looking up I saw instead of a ceiling a dark purple cloth that seemed to be covering the top of the frame of a large bed. Looking right and left I could have better detail of the room that was in some very smooth light given by a crystal chandelier coming down in the middle of the room. The room was furnished by majestic ebony wood furniture that seem to be from another time. The chair and sofa were double with the same dark velvet that was covering the bed but also the window letting no light come in the room from the outside. I couldn’t tell if it was day or night. 

I sat up and felt my head begging to be dizzy and still foggy. By sitting up the blanket of the bed that was covering me slipped down my body reveling I wasn’t dress like I was in my memory. Who had undressed me and put me in this black silk night dress? Looking around the room I could see the doors: one on the wall facing the bed and one on my left. So I decided to stand up and walk to the door to my left. When my feet touch the ground, I realized that the floor was cover with a soft carpet. >>

I slowly stood up, my head being still dizzy from what ever drug or what ever was given to me, and started walking slowly toward the door holding myself to the wall when reaching the door. I tried turning the handle and the door was locked tight. Whoever my captor was he had no intention of letting me out that way. At the same moment, I heard a noise on my left. The door that was on the other side of the room a figure was standing in the door way. 

A tall man was leaning on the door frame his arms crossed on his chest looking at me. I had difficulty making out his face because the light of the other room was a lot stronger then the one in the room I was standing it. When my eye crossed his, he started walking toward me for some reason I walk back into the wall beside the bed. When hitting the wall I look back behind me for a second and when I turn my head toward him again he was standing a few centimetres from me making my whole body shiver in both fear and apprehension. >>

He put one of his hands on the wall behind me getting even closer to me. My heart almost skipped a beat when I felt his arm so close to my head. My eyes looked up to his face and our eyes cross and locked into a stare that seem like an eternity. I was about to say something when he put his finger on my lips like he knew what I was about to do the second it went through my thoughts. In a sweet ‘’chute’’ any word that had cross my mind mysteriously disappear from my mind. Then he suddenly had he stop my word his and caress my check down to my chin that he carefully take in his hand raising my head toward him. For some reason the only thing I could focus on was his eyes and the evil and satisfied smile on his face. The darkness of his eye completely fascinated me for a few seconds before I felt some sort of energy coming off his hand. For the first time, I was able to see some sort of glow around my face like a dark purple glowing fog starting to surround me. This strange fog started to enter me by my breathing and penetrate my skin. >>


The energy started to enter by a deep breath a took and then feeling it caress my skin to completely penetrate every exposed skin started to crawl inside me like a fever that made my skin uber sensitive and a certain low and certain arousal started to take possession of my body. And the more this fog entered me the more my mind started to feel his influence or whatever he was doing to me. My body was betraying me the arousal was not only making my mind weaker. 

A moment of conciseness I tried to push it off, push the arousal push the urge to obey but each wall , each door just got crushed and burned sending the feeling of a wave of pleasure each and every time one of them was removed. It felt also like someone new all the combination without even saying a word she was revealing all of them. >>

But then no more wall could be built and letting only though of submitting and obeying flow in my mind. The thought that I must obey started to play in my head. During this time I could feel his hand to caress my face that had become blank but sometime the sensation of arousal growing and growing in me. I couldn’t stop it my mind was getting more and more overwhelmed by the purple shroud of energy outside and inside my body. >>

My knee started to fall at the force of the pleasure that was building on my skin and all the intimate places the energy was now touching under the garment I was wearing. The hand of his that was on the wall went behind me to hold me against him. The arousal over took me and the obedience that went with it. He caressed my head slowly for some reason his smile was now tender and reassuring. I didn’t want to think about him kidnapping me or that I wasn’t here because I wanted to be but because I needed to be his. All my desire was to be his. I wanted him to take every last drop of my soul of my head and heart.  I just needed to obey him and be his. Completely his. I suddenly felt an orgasm build and build and with a word in my ear feeling my body explode in pleasure I didn’t even know I could feel. 

 In this second my mind accepted him as my Master I didn’t want anything else but to serve and obey him. I wanted him to take me and I just wanted his attention. I didn’t care about my past. I didn’t care anymore for my future. All that mattered was that I needed his energy, his powerful influence around me. From my head to my toes that all that was possessing me. After that powerful arousal he took me in his arms and brought me back to my bed lying down with me my head on his chest, him petting my head while I was breathing heavy not knowing what he had in store for me and I didn’t care anymore. >>

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This is not a traditional induction, while some aspects are, It is truly in a competitive vein, If you dont want to be in trance STOP READING>>>> The human mind is a fascinating thing, but it has its limits. One of those limits is how many things it can keep track of at once without being overwhelmed and starting to forget things. Letting things slip from your mind. Let’s play a game to demonstrate. See how many things that you can keep thinking about as you read this. It’s easy to play, you will enjoy it. The first thing is my words. The text on the screen. That’s easy enough, because if you’re reading this then you’re paying attention to my words and focusing on the text on the screen. So it’s easy. One. Focus on my words. Good. See it’s easy. We definitely know you can keep one thing in your mind. The second thing is the picture above the words. That’s also easy. You can take a peak now and put it in your memory. She’s looking confused, as if slipping into a deep trance. Her shirt is open, sexy and inviting. So that’s easy to remember, a sexy girl slipping into trance. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Now this is all very easy, you can do it without much effort. So far I bet you’re winning the game with no problem. Just two things to remember and to focus on isn’t a challenge. The third thing to think about is how you’re sitting. Maybe you are in a comfortable chair, or on your bed. Maybe you’re noticing how good it feels to be off your feet, or not noticing how relaxing it is to just sit and read my words. But take a moment now to think about this, how you’re sitting and how nice it feels. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Three things is pretty easy, you’re no doubt not having any issue. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. For the fourth you can focus on the feel of your keyboard under your fingers. Notice how the keys are there beneath your fingers, maybe it’s a brushed aluminum or a plastic, either way just notice that you’re poised as if ready to type. Reading my words and just noticing the keyboard where your hands relax and rest. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Good. You’re doing well. For the fifth pay attention to your breathing. Because you’re resting here and reading your body naturally relaxes. Maybe you’re breathing is already slow and deep, in and out. Or maybe as you focus on it and consider it now you’ll notice that it gets slower. Deeper. In and out. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Five is easy. Your breathing. The keyboard. How it feels to sit and relax. The image of a sexy woman slipping into hypnosis. My words. For the sixth I want you to notice your heart rate. You can feel it clearly now, even if you don’t usually. As soon as you become aware of it it’s there. And since you’re relaxing and reading you can feel how it slows. Resting slowing. As you’re reading my words. Six. Feel your heart rate slowing as you relax and rest, reading and resting. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the image of a sexy woman slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Maybe now you’re noticing things slipping from your mind as you read and relax. Maybe you’re still perfectly capable of focusing on everything. It’s alright, either way you can keep playing the game with me. Keep reading my words. Keep focusing. Six. Feel your heart rate slowing as you relax and rest, reading and resting. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. For your seventh thing to focus on I want you to notice how aroused you are. Hypnosis is sexy to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. The woman in the picture is sexy slipping into trance deeply. Hypnosis is sexy and you feel sexy imaging what it would be like to focus on my words, relax and slip into trance. Seven. Feeling sexy and aroused about hypnosis. Six. Feel your heart rate slowing as you relax and rest, reading and resting. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Now we are at the upper limits of how many things you can keep in your mind. Maybe you started having troubles back at five. Maybe your arousal is making it hard to focus on anything. Naturally the human mind can only hold around seven things in it at once, which is why American telephone numbers are seven numbers long. Seven. Feeling sexy and aroused about hypnosis. Six. Feel your heart rate slowing as you relax and rest, reading and resting. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Let yourself forget one of these numbers now. It’ll make it easier, not to have to think of so many things. To let your mind relax a bit more and focus only on what’s important. So let your arousal go. It’s natural and exciting and you can still be aroused and excited about the fantasy of entering deep hypnosis for me now without thinking about it. Six. Feel your heart rate slowing as you relax and rest, reading and resting. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. And still your mind feels cluttered. Full. Hard to think. Hard to remember. Let’s forget something else. You don’t need to worry about your heart rate slowing down as you relax. It happens naturally, easily. It will slow as you sink deeply, and you don’t need to think about it anymore. Five. Pay attention to your breathing slowing down and growing deeper as you relax and read my words. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Still so hard to keep it all in your mind. You’ve worn out your brain and need to relax more now. Let me go. Just stop thinking about your breathing. It’s natural and happens without thought as it slows and gets deeper and you relax. Four. Notice the feel of the keyboard beneath your hands as you relax your hands and read my words. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Still wanting to forget more. It’s okay. You can relax and forget the feel of your keyboard. It’s there, even if you don’t think about it, supporting your relaxed and comfortable hands. Three. Notice the feel of yourself relaxing as you sit and read my words. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Let more fade now. Forget your body, and just focus on my words and the image of slipping into trance. Hypnosis. Two. Picture the sexy feeling of slipping into trance. One. Focus on my words. Just my words now. Only my words. One. Focus on my words. Good. Now let all your thoughts go. Zero. Empty and blank. No thoughts now. Your mind was so overwhelmed it went blank, shut off. You can read my words and accept them as your own thoughts. No need to think about them. No need to question them. Just read and accept. In a moment I will count to 10 and you will awaken. When you do if you have a Tumblr account you will reblog this and add the words “I forgot everything and became hypnotized.” If you do not you will message me or email me at [email protected] with the words “I forgot everything and became hypnotized.” You will remember only that you had sexy fun playing the game, and will be eager to play more with me. Good. 1. 2. Feeling good. 3. 4. 5. Your mind awakening. 6. 7. 8. Feeling wonderful and revived. 9. 10. Feeling amazing, sexy and awake.
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The following story contains a hypnotic induction that may affect some readers. Suggestions are replying to or reblogging the story with the phrase “I comply” and feeling aroused. Do not read past the break if this is unwanted. She sat down and looked at the contract on the screen. Pages and pages of text sat before her eyes, a long and detailed legal document that was all part of her new employment contract with the firm. Of course it was no longer than the iTunes user terms of service and if you had to agree to all of that to download a song then she understood why joining a prestigious law firm would have an equally imposing amount of paperwork. After a summer of articling she was ready to start as a first year associate. And if her first job was to make it through her contract so she knew what she was signing up for then she was damn well going to do that and not just skim it quickly before signing it. A lawyer never trusted a contract she didn’t read. Picking her laptop up she moved to her bed where it was more comfortable. She had the weekend to read the contract and decide if she wanted to take the job offer, either signing it and sending it back or turning it down. Settling the laptop on her lap she relaxed back onto the bed, feeling the softness of the mattress beneath her body as she sunk down. The first three pages of the contract were rather standard, detailing how she was going to be paid how long the probation period was and what constituted a fireable offense. It was on the fourth page that she noticed something that seemed to be odd. The remainder of this contract is about employee behavior and corporate culture. We believe very strongly that an effective employee blends in with the culture of the firm doing their best to service our clients and our senior partners in a pleasurable and submissive way. In order to ensure proper compliance with corporate culture this contract will layout expected behaviors for female employees. She blinked in surprise, especially at the words pleasurable and submissive. Interested she read on. Compliance with this document is mandatory. Reading is mandatory. You are used to obeying the rules and this document is the rules. The rules are in place to keep everyone safe, to protect everyone and the rules can help us all relax knowing that we have a simple set of commands to follow. As you read this you may feel yourself wanting to relax, there has been so much reading up to this point your eyes are focused on the text. It’s important to read the text closely, to ensure that you agree with all the rules. Focus your attention closely, be sure not to let yourself drift away by focusing on the text on your screen so you know if you can agree with the rules. You are likely reading this sitting down, that is good it will help you relax and read. Relax and focus. Sitting is naturally relaxing, as we sit our body rests comfortably. Our heart rate slows and our breathing deepens. In and out. In and out. It’s important to relax as you read this so that you can focus on reading this and knowing what you will do. It’s important not to allow your attention drift away from the words even if your mind may seem to relax and float. Even if your body begins to feel comfortable and relaxed. That is natural and important to focusing, it is important to relax and read and to just rest so you can read better. And your mind may drift a little but that’s fine, as you always know that you will read the next word in front of you and sink a little deeper. Sink a little deeper with each breath you take in and out, and each word you read. She found herself relaxing, sinking. She hadn’t noticed it yet, so enraptured with the words that she was reading. She didn’t notice that her mind was starting to slow down or that the world around her was beginning to narrow down to a single point of focus. There was only the words on her contract, the words that she had to read. Scrolling down the contract, down to more words, helped her sink more deeply into trance. Sinking more deeply into trance she felt herself letting go. Letting go. It’s so important for you to focus on the words that you may not notice some of the things that are happening as you read. Your breathing slows as you relax, easily and naturally. Your heart slows down as you sit still, reading and relaxing. All work to help you relax better, to focus better and to read better. Sinking down deeply now. Each word taking you more deeply. And without noticing you relax now as you read over this list of suggestions that you will easily find pleasant to obey. As the list counts down taking you more deeply. 5. Take a deep breath and hold it in. 4. Let it out and relax deeply. 3. Read the words on the screen. 2. Comply with the words on the screen. 1. Let your mind stop now as you read and comply. She found it hard to think, and then she stopped. Stopped thinking and became blank and empty. Blank and empty. Just reading. Blank and empty. Just reading now. Reading your document. Written specially for you, to guide you to relax. And as you read you can go deeply into hypnosis, without needing to worry, knowing that the rules are here to protect you and keep you safe. To relax you and help you sink deeply. Hypnosis is arousing and sinking deeply for these words is sexy. As you read them you can feel a sense of arousal building, making you feel sexy and good. Feeling wonderful, and aroused knowing that you can relax as you read the text, focusing on the words to help you ensure you know how to behave. Good Girls obey and read. Sink deeply and read. She read on and on. Ten more pages explaining just what her role at her new job would be. Finally at the end of the document was the place to sign. And now before you awaken you will sign this document. It will feel good, to obey and comply. To sign this document. You will do this by reblogging this post and adding the phrase “I comply”. If you can not reblog this you will send a message to the author saying the same thing. You will feel aroused when you type this, happy to obey. Then you will awaken, feeling wonderful having enjoyed your trance. Having enjoyed this document and the words. Sign the document now. She signed the document. Awaken now. Feeling wonderful.
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Next I with to talk to you about indicators of trance that most people experience to some degree or other. I will go from what us usually experienced at the beginning of trance to what commonly happens at a trance's end. You may have experienced some or all of them to a degree or other while others you may be looking forward to or wish to avoid in your future trance experiences.

I Shall begin the descriptions now.

One of the first effects and best ways to prepare for and invite a trance is to get comfortable and relax. Have a sense of expectancy of something happening while allowing yourself to not know, expect, or desire any specific thing to happen. This will tend to slow the pulse and heart rate. Facial muscles smooth and relax and a different quality can often be heard in the voice at this point. Many of the reflexes will diminish including blinking, pupil dilation, respiration rate, swallowing and even the startle reflex. The eyelids often feel heavy and close and the body becomes immobile with a subjective feeling of being distanced or dissociated, "Floating free" of the body. A balanced tonicity of the muscles can occur where everything feels relaxed but able to hold position, for example the arm being places in an unsupported upright position. An arm in balanced tonicity can stay there for a very long period of time with no feeling of strain or fatigue or effort. An economy of movement can be observed, which combined with a time lag in motor and conceptual reasoning, can make someone in deep trance seem ungainly or even a bit clumsy at first as it sometimes feels as if the body is being truly felt and used for the first time. Usually this passes with experience of being in this state.

Mentally, changes will be happening too. Autonomous ideations and inner experiences will come from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind with a distinct feeling of I did not create or source those, they came from somewhere else than what I have previously considered "me". A seeming objective and impersonal aspect becomes more pronounced. A response attentiveness or active waiting for a response or to a response extends in depth and duration. Sensory changes, some impressions fading while others becoming more pronounced is fairly common and can even change between or during trance experiences. Body changes too, tensions, quiverings, relaxations, sections or parts disappearing or coming to the forefront of awareness. The perceived size of self may expand way beyond the body's previously perceived boundaries or shrinking to the smallest speck located somewhere inside is not uncommon.

Where the body and mind interact can provide for the most interesting of hypnotic phenomena. Psychosomatic or bodily responses to outside and internal communication or thoughts with an increase of literalism, the following of ideas and suggestions very closely and exactly. Other expected hypnotic phenomena include:

Amnesia - not having direct access to memory of what transpires during trance.

Anesthesia - Parts of the whole body lose feeling, particularly uncomfortable feelings like pain.

Body Illusions - felt senses of the body that cannot literally be true but seem true at the time. (Transformations, perceptions of size, etc)

Regression - Experiencing oneself as if at a younger age.

Time Distortion - Expansion when a small amount of time seems sometimes significantly longer or contraction where a long amount of time seems shorter.

At coming back to normal consciousness after a trance, there is usually a body re-orientation, getting comfortable with sensing the body as one normally does after possibly sensing it in very different ways during a trance session. Another aspect to look forward to is that after waking from most trance experiences, you usually feel good as if waking from a restful sleep, and often looking forward to another opportunity to feel similarly good.

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