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Ask, ten or twenty different subjects, and you will likely get ten or twenty different answers. There are so many factors that contribute to what makes a good hypnotist - knowledge, application of the knowledge, but just knowledge alone won't necessarily make a hypnotist a good hypnotist.

Hypnosis is often described as a science and and art. Perhaps knowledge could be considered the science aspect, with the art could be described as the application. But, there are those that have great knowledge, but lack in the application, and those that are great in the application, but are limited on the knowledge. What makes one hypnotist better than another?

But is there more than the blending of Science and Art? What other factors are there? One that I like to think of is what I call the r-factor or the ability for a hypnotist to build rapport with their subject. Without the establishment of that r-factor, how effective will the art and science be? In essence, the better the r-factor, the  more effective the art and science can be.

But is, (A)rt + (S)cience + r-factor enough? It certainly can be. But so many times we have heard that rapport has been broken and the subject/tist relationship is diminished (or terminated.

So how does one maintain rapport? Once rapport is established, how does one maintain it?  Consistency, acting within established limits, maintaining the dynamic of the tist/sub relationship are some of the many factors, but it can essentially be distilled to character. Character is how you act, behave, and present yourself - even when you think that no one is looking. It is the sum these factors that we acquire over the course of a lifetime.

So character helps maintain rapport, rapport helps maintain an effective hypnotic relationship, with the art and science of hypnosis contribute to being an effective hypnotist

So what do you think?  Is there more to it? What makes a good hypnotist to you? Is there some other factor that I've missed?

I have not attempted to do to write , a hypnotic script in a long time. Please bare with me. Warning!! Hypnotic speech! Come away with me.. Somewhere warm, and tropical.. Away from the worries of this crazy world.. Where the sun is beaming, and the waves are crashing.. As you listen to the waves crashing, you realize how relaxed you are.. Your breathing starts to slow down.. You're inhaling deeper and deeper.. The waves start to overwhelm you.. Dragging you deeper and deeper.. Even deeper still.. You feel the warm sun beating down on you.. Keeping you at just the right temperature.. So relaxing.. So calm, so sleepy.. You're deep into trance now.. Watching the waves just take you.. Deeper and deeper you go. Feeling so relaxed.. Just sooo good.. Letting go of all thoughts.. Letting go of all your worries.. Just oh so relaxed.. Feeling better and better, the more you let go.. You decide to go for a walk.. The soft sand at your feet.. The sounds of the waves, making you let go.. Listening and focusing on my words, and my words only.. Letting go, and wanting me to control you.. You want it.. You crave it.. Feeling so relaxed, so blissfully at peace.. The sand drags you deeper and deeper still. Deeper than you have ever been.. You see me, wanting me.. Wanting me to control you.. Wanting me to kiss you.. You look at me.. Seeing me puts a big smile on your face.. A smile so big, so bright.. That it fills you with happiness.. You feel my fingers gently touching your face.. Making you so desperate.. So needy for my kiss.. When I count to three, you'll wake up.. Feeling so relaxed, so happy.. Wanting and craving more kisses.. You will read this again.. Wanting to relive our kiss.. As you wake, you will feel our passionate kiss.. However you like to kiss.. Softly at first.. Lips connecting.. So gently.. Sucking.. light biting, simply taking your breath away... 1. Starting to wake up.. 2.. Feeling so relaxed, so good, so kissed.. 3. Wide awake.. So happy.. Wanting more kisses.. Please let me know what you think..
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So there has been a lot of talk and despite my best efforts I started getting sucked into the “what if” type of scenarios. So I want to state my opinions here and let you guys know that these are only opinions.

What is happening to hypbook?:

I do not know, anything I do know is hearsay and I have not confirmed it as true. I have had a lot of anxiety about this, I love hypbook, and it was my online hypnotic home for a long time. I may be voicing some of my anxiety’s about it in ways that could come across as what I actually think is happening, and for that I am sorry. Truth is, as far as I know, it is there for now. That is the extent of my knowledge.

IS the community splintering?:

When I first heard of hypwatch it was in a discussion talking about that very thing, but that wasn’t the only place people were asking about it. More than a few people seem to be coming to me to ask what is up. It could be that I was close to a lot of admins for a while so I seem like I might know things without being “one of them” I honestly am not sure. Here is my opinion on the matter.

If we want the community to splinter, if we allow drama and discord to rule our emotions and life, than yeah it is. But I do not think we want that, and despite unavoidable drama (because let’s face it we are human beings.) I think we all pretty much want things to keep going for the better. I get that we felt like a family over there on hypbook, and I get that this feels a lot like “I will take my ball and go home.” But I do not think that is what it is.

We are a rapidly growing community, we have multiple needs, and when sites like hypwatch pop up, run by mostly sane individuals, whom we know want the community to grow, not wither….it’s a good thing.

We are expanding our garden and growing more fruits from our labors. Life is not static, it is dynamic, and when things cease to change they cease to live. Everything evolves eventually, and this is just another part of that. Now we have one more site full of people, smart intelligent, ethical people who are willing to discuss this. When the newbies join we can help them learn about ethics, safety, consent, oh…what’s that other things……Hypnosis! The more educated we are the better off we will be, and now people have one more place to learn from and compare notes to.


These are my opinions. If you want your questions answered ask the admins, not people who might know something. Get your answers from the source and trust that, if they are not answering certain questions it is for the better. 

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Well, hello there, little one.

You look so lost and confused. You look like you're looking for someone, something. What is it that you're searching so diligently for? What could be so important to you that you'd come all this way looking for it?

Oh. I see. You're trying to find your purpose. The place that you belong. You want to feel like you're home, cradled and taken care of.

Well, now. You've come to the right place, my little lost soul.

You see, I can help you. I can assist you in finding your true place in the world. I can guide you.

All you have to do is trust me.

Oh, yes, love, that is all it takes.

Trust. Oh, and the ability to pay attention to what truly matters.

It all begins with listening. Following my words to a tee. One might even call that "obedience." That may seem like a strong word, I suppose, but it's true nonetheless.

After all, I haven't given you a reason not to listen to me. I've only told you the truth. I've only reassured you in your time of need. So why would you stop listening now?

Of course you may sit. You look so tired. You've been searching so long; working so hard. So please, rest here on the ground. You can gaze at the beautiful blue sky. You can watch the clouds roll by. You could let your eyes close as you soak in the positivity of my words.

You can trust me. You can trust me to take care of you.

Maybe you want to move a little closer. You may. You may sit at my feet. You've felt so alone for so long now, but now I offer you my hand. I even allow you to feel the warmth of my touch. Sometimes that's all you need when you feel lonely and lost: a gentle touch to ground you.

My touch does feel good, doesn't it? It's nice to feel taken care of. It's nice to let someone show you love and affection for a short time. It feels nice to allow someone to guide you into a place of serenity and bliss.

You look so sleepy, and you look happy to allow that stress you were feeling to fade away now. I can see that tipsy smile sliding up from the corners of your mouth. I can see the light in your eyes as they gently glaze over. It feels good. It feels nice.

You can allow my touch to fill you with calmness and pleasure now. You're allowed.

See the smile forming on my face. I'm happy with the peace that you're experiencing now. I'm pleased with the way you're still listening and following my words. That's good. It makes me happy.

It makes you happy too- to make me happy. That's good as well.

It makes you feel good to listen. To follow. To obey.

That word. Obey. All the word "obey" means is to be led. It's a choice to adhere to my words. After all, you started this journey of your own discretion. You came looking.

And what was it that you were searching for again? Can you remember?

Or are you just enjoying this place of deep peace and pleasure as you kneel at my feet?

Maybe you want to stare into my eyes, and let go. To just allow your mind to fade away.

Doesn't that feel nice?

I can pat your head now, can't I? My touch feels nice, and it's nice to know that I'm happy with you. Maybe I'll pet you more, if you're very good.

It is nice to please and obey. It is good to follow and be led.

It is good to kneel at my feet and sink deep.

Maybe if you're very good, I'll allow you to do so again. If you're very good, I can keep you in this place of submission...peace...pleasure.

Be very good for me. You will, won't you?

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I've generally noticed that there is a kind of placebo effect at work in a lot of subjects: they seem to go under easier when they feel that the tist knows exactly what they're doing ofc but I've also noticed that there are some things that can make a subject THINK that they will go under if XYZ happens to them. The trances are real ofc but saying things like "this will put you under in 10 breaths" or whatever can help them to see themselves at the destination.

To that end I've been thinking a lot about optical illusions- if done right an illusion can take something mundane and add a sort of mystical property to it when the brain tried to process a shape and fails to do so correctly. I think this concept would make a really good tool in hypnosis, but I've never seen it at work, does anyone have any experience with using optical illusions to induce a trance in subjects? What about tists to like to use crystals, there are plenty of crystals with trippy optical properties that might be of use...
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My boyfriend and I went to a party last night. </p><p>A guy there was doing hypnosis – that is, he was hypnotizing people if they volunteered for it. The hostess had hired him to provide entertainment for the evening. </p><p>When we arrived, the hypnotist was already working with a couple of people. My boyfriend wandered off to visit with someone. Meanwhile, I stood near the hypnotist to observe.</p><p>  It wasn't like those stage shows where they line up 50 people in a row – or even only 10 people. He did have five chairs arranged in a line, but only two people were getting his hypnosis treatment – and they seemed to be well on their way into an "induction," or whatever they call it when they first get zapped. </p><p>Other people at the party seemed to be casually watching the proceedings, or in some cases ignoring whatever was going on. </p><p>"Hi, welcome to the party," the hypnotist said, turning away from his subjects to address me. "Would you like to be hypnotized for the evening?" </p><p>"Uh, well," I hesitated while I tried to think real fast. "Yes, well, maybe. But it looks as if I might be interrupting your show – aren't these people already hypnotized?" </p><p>"They are getting there – they are excellent subjects." He took a large, laminated card with a lot of printing on it from the pocket of his sports coat. </p><p>"If you want to be hypnotized, put your beautiful bottom in that particular chair and this will get you caught up with these other two." He handed the card to me and pointed to a chair where I should sit. </p><p>Taken aback by his remark about my "beautiful bottom," I accepted the card and did, indeed, put my (apparently attractive) rump in the chair specified. A few fleeting, confused thoughts passed through my head at that moment. "He likes my bottom? He's doing a number on me already because, by sitting on the chair where he pointed, I was already obeying him. I obeyed him way too easily. Will I obey him so easily with the next thing he tells me? He likes my bottom? Oh, well, I guess I volunteered for this so I'll give it a try." </p><p>The hypnotist, I still didn't know his name, turned back to the other two people he was already working with, and appeared to ignore me completely. </p><p>The wording on the card – well, there was an awful lot of words on the card and I can't remember them all – anyway, the wording on the card thanked me for volunteering to take part in his show. It also said for me to not talk again until he addressed me personally, so that I would not take away from the experience of the others. </p><p>The card also claimed it was designed to hypnotize me and that it is perfectly fine if I don't believe this will happen. </p><p>Further instructions on the card told me to spread my feet and legs apart and lean forward resting my elbows on my thighs, just above my knees, and hold the card in a certain way so that I could read it but if I happened to drop it – the card would land between my feet where I could still try to read it. </p><p>"These people better not try to look up my skirt," I thought. It made me feel more than just a little bit vulnerable. </p><p>But most of all, the card described some sort of mental trick I was to learn. Namely, to listen for his voice without remembering what he was saying to other people. Identify his voice in my head, so when he spoke to me I would recognize him – otherwise I was to ignore and forget whatever it was he was saying. </p><p>And – to re-read the card as many times as necessary, even after it falls to the floor. </p><p>I determined to myself that I would hang on to that card, and not drop it. I could hear him talking with those other two, as if they were hypnotized already and he was in command. But I don't remember exactly what he told them to do. I kept my own self busy re-reading that card and ignoring whatever else was going on. </p><p>Somewhere along the line, it could not have been very many minutes, my attention to my hands must have faltered because I lost my grip on that card and it fell to the floor between my feet. </p><p>Following its instructions, I continued to try to read the card even while it was on the floor. Less than a minute later, the hypnotist picked up the card and rubbed my shoulders, telling me to relax. </p><p>Golly, that felt good – my whole body relaxed and I slumped forward with my face hanging down between my knees. </p><p>– – – – </p><p>The hypnosis demonstration seemed to last only a few minutes. I felt more than a little disappointed because, as far as I could tell, it did not work on me – I had not been hypnotized. Well, except that I did manage to relax myself physically, when I followed the directions of the hypnotist. </p><p>He congratulated me for my progress and told me to seek him out for another session after I had enjoyed the party for a few minutes. </p><p>When I visited the refreshments table for a cup of punch, a girl asked me "How does it feel to be hypnotized?" 
</p><p>"I wish I knew," I replied. "I was very relaxed, but I didn't get hypnotized yet. You heard him, didn't you? We will try again in a few minutes."  </p><p>"Yes, I heard him say that," she said. "But I also heard him tell you to forget something. How does it feel to forget something that way? To forget something just because someone else told you that you must forget?" </p><p>"It doesn't feel like anything. I don't remember anyone telling me to forget anything." </p><p>"Oh, yeah. He told you to forget that, too. He told you to forget that he told you to forget something. That's an interesting concept, isn't it?" </p><p>"Is that so? And exactly what else did he tell me to forget?" 
</p><p>"He told you to forget that you had been hypnotized. And, he told you to wait a few minutes and ask him again to try to hypnotize you." </p><p>"He also gave several people a few keywords or phrases which will cause you to do something when we say those words to you. And, it's specific people who may do this. If anyone else says those words, it will have no effect on you. Only a few people around the room are able to do it." </p><p>"What words?" I asked, incredulously. "Which people?"</p><p>  "Nobody is supposed to tell you. He called them posthypnotic trigger words. The whole idea is to let you have fun trying to figure out your trigger words and who is authorized to use them. Those other two who were getting hypnotized when you arrived – they've also been given some trigger words. I'm pretty sure they don't remember it, either." The refreshments girl paused a moment, apparently to enjoy watching the astonished look on my face. She smiled slightly as she continued, "so, we're going to wait a little while before we decide it's time to see you do one of your posthypnotic tricks." "Let me see if I understand this correctly. Several people in this room – I don't know how many – can say something to me – and I don't know what it is they might say – and I'm supposed to do some sort of trick for them – and I don't know what it might be that I might do. Is that what you're telling me?" "Yep, that pretty well sums it up," she said smugly. "And what if I just happen to decide not to do any posthypnotic tricks? What's anyone going to do about that to make me?" "Oh, that would be alright if you try not to do it," she continued with her smug attitude. "In fact, I hope you do try to resist. That will make it so much more interesting for the rest of us. Nobody will make you do anything. Except, we expect that you will make yourself do it. It's fun to watch someone struggle against a posthypnotic assignment." She paused a moment before she continued, "At first it seems like it's such a small matter, a tiny urge that you hardly notice. An idea just pops into your head to do something. At first it seems so easy, to do it or not do it. Until you realize that the more you try to resist, the stronger the urge grows until it becomes a compulsion and you discover you simply must do it. At least that's how it was for me the time I volunteered for hypnosis. Of course, it may be different for you – we shall see, won't we?" "This is ridiculous, I haven't been hypnotized," I replied defiantly. "Are you telling me that you've been given one of my trigger phrases? Give me a hint – tell me what it is." "A hint? All right I can tell you this much – it wasn't just a trigger phrase for you. It was two trigger phrases I can say which will affect you. So far, you didn't even notice the first one." "Two? And you've already used one of them and I didn't notice? What was it?" "Tell me how you feel when I ask you 'how does it feel to be hypnotized?'" "How do I feel? I feel fine. I feel like you are a really interesting person and that it's fun to talk with you. I feel like you are interested in me and interested in whatever I might have been doing with the hypnotist. I feel like I want to tell you, again, that I wish I could find out how it feels to be hypnotized, but I haven't been hypnotized yet. It's like I could hang out with you for the entire evening because you're so much fun to be around." "Yes," she said, as if she had scored a point. "You will have to think about that for a little while before you recognize the trigger hidden in what I said." "Okay, I'll think about that – as if there's a trigger or secret message in what you said. So, do you have a hint, or whatever, about your so-called second trigger for me?" I asked. She paused thoughtfully for a moment before saying, "Look, I am enjoying this conversation, but when I say your phrase, you're probably going to walk away. So, promise me you'll come back and visit me here at the refreshments table as soon as you can, okay?" "Well, since I was not hypnotized, I don't see what harm those words can do. Yes, I'll come back and talk with you some more. What is the phrase you have for me?" "You have a beautiful bottom," she said quietly but clearly. What's all this fascination with my bottom? I was thinking to myself – but I did not think that thought for very long, because I found myself quickly walking away from the refreshments table. In fact I was moving through the crowd politely but with great efficiency, going back to that original chair where I had been reading that card. As soon as my beautiful bottom was firmly planted in that chair, I stuck my legs out in front of me, as if I were resting them on an invisible ottoman, and raised both my hands and arms high above my head and shouted, "All Right Everybody! I'm Ready to Get Hypnotized Again!" Suddenly, the whole party went quiet – everyone was looking at me! "What did I just now do?" I asked quietly. "Offhand, and this is just a wild guess," someone said with dry humor dripping from his voice, "I suspect you just now followed one of your posthypnotic assignments." Nearly every person in the room giggled or laughed – as if I was being left out of some sort of joke. "Posthypnotic?" I asked. "But I've never been hypnotized." "Yes, we pretty much thought you would say that, especially after he told you to forget all about it. Tell us, why are your legs sticking out? And why are your hands in the air? Can you put them down?"
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I've talked about this before, but for those who don't know, one of the things I enjoy doing for subjects as a tist is the creation of customized visuals. I'll ask a subject about what the find relaxing, about what they experience during XY and Z and then use hypnosis.nimja.com/visuals to select and tweak a hypnotic visual so that it will specifically target the needs of that subject. (I've posted a few still shots of custom visuals on my profile).

While tweaking these, I always wonder if there was a subtle way to tweak a visual to cause a desired effect or increase susceptibility to something. Can as add a layer or detail to a pre-existing visual to make a subject feel more joy? anger? arousal? fear? etc. And if something like this is possible, I wonder if it is something uniform? Could there be a color, for example, which is more likely to make someone aroused than others? Or is this the type of thing that is also specific to the person.

If anyone ever reads this, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
ztomms Mar 24 '18 · Comments: 18
I have a nonsexual subject who seems to have trouble going under and staying there. I've been trying to come up with a kind of litmus test to gauge a subject's level of hypnotic depth. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions to ask or tasks to perform that would be a good way to tell how much hypnotic influence a tist has over a subject on any given session?
ztomms Apr 4 '18 · Comments: 15

As a gift to Rose cos she wanted me to post this log a while ago!

Yes "You" is me.... I was just experimenting :p

>>> click! click! sub vs sub! click! click! <<<

yay  for spammy link!

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This is just another social network where no one is social and everyone is fake as wax fruit. Pathetic. Anyone actually fucking real out there? Have a life, an occupation, real pictures, open about their interests, and possibly have the fuckin' ability to carry on a normal conversation without demonstrating what a self involved moronical ass you are?
cognitiverecalibration Dec 22 '16 · Comments: 15

As mentioned in Chapter 1, men significantly outnumber women here (and on most erotic sites), so our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance. 

So if you've read the profile of your intended hypno partner, and worked out that, yes, your interests and hers are compatible, and yes, you've got something to offer that'll help you stand out from the crowd of other guys, then you're ready for the my next tip, which is "BE RESPECTFUL".

The lady you're hoping will trance with you may or may not be a subject, a hypnotist, a top or domme or mistress, a bottom or submissive or slave, hypno-curious, etc.  But I can promise you, fellas, that most important of all, she actually is a flesh and blood person with emotions and feelings like everyone else and who should be treated with basic human respect.

So be polite.  There's nothing wrong with a genuine compliment of course, but starting out with a crude reference to body parts or what you want to do to/with her or the like is going to go down here about as well as it would in any other social interaction.  Make the effort to engage her in genuine conversation.  Treat the lady as a lady, rather than just a source for you to get your hypno-jollies. 

Likewise, don't assume that just because the lady is a hypnotist, or a subject, that she's interested in being a hypnotist or subject for you.  The ratio of men to women here (and on other erotic sites) is such that she's probably bombarded with requests and is not just going to go for the first or next guy to message her.

A little bit of basic courtesy, politeness and being interested in her as a person will go a long way.

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Take me. Lead me down deep. As deep as it's humanly possible. To that wonderful place. That wonderful, wet and obedient place. Where my mind is blank and my body belongs to you. Deeply brainwashed and programmed to obey, and cum.. over and over. It sounds like heaven doesn't it? It sounds exactly the way I want to be. No thoughts. No control. Just your obedient, brainless sex slave. 

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I Know there are a lot of mistakes in it, but I tried my best: - A letter to my "future tist"

Dear Future Tist,

I'm here since August 2015 and looking for you. I have tranced with some of your colleagues and made some experiences. I discovered myself and how I work and what works for me.

Now it's time to share it with you, so you can contact me. I'm now in the mood to meet you.


1. I like to talk to you before starting with hypnosis. I like to get to know you and I like you to get to know me. Hypnosis is like sex - it's getting better, the better you know each other. Disagree? Then this letter is probably not for you ;-).

I want to have that feeling that you are a person for me, that I would really, really like in real life too. Even without trancing me. I would like to have the feeling that you feel the same about me. That you are interested in my person and not only in having hypno-fun with me.


2. I have to love your voice. I'm a very auditive person and I like to swim in your voice, be surrounded of it and let it filling me. That includes, that text hypnosis does not interest me at all.


3. I tried a few tist to see how they work for me and what techniques they use. I'm not really that much interested in quantity anymore, I want quality. I would like to work with you over a longer term. work on stuff and improve. I know I'm not the easiest subject, but if you like challenges instead of short time fun distractions, I might be the right one.


4. I don't like to be one of your "collected subjects". I don't need exclusivity, but I would like to be a important part in your "Tist-life". Its ok for me that you are trancing with others from time to time and I will do so as well. But I will always come back to you to bring the new experiences into our "relationship". You are not one of the tist who need a lot of subject to better your self-confidence. A subject is no need for your aplomb.


5. I don't mind if you try covert hypnosis. If I'm not in the mood to trance, I will not drop. So don't be pissed when it doesn't work :-P


6. I am somewhat submissive, when under. But I don't want you to tell me how to live my live, how to dress and what to do in my real life. And I'm not going to do everything you tell me to do, because I'm submissive. And don't try to tell me that I'm not really submissive when I act and talk like that - go and search for your real submissive and leave me alone. I like my partner to be playful and somewhat dominant. It can be fun to be told to do things I don't like and to realize that I'm not able to manipulate you. And I will try to, I'm a brat ;-). But a good Dom can differ between a No-maybe and a NO-nogo and will respect that.

I don't need to be punished for things I did wrong. Just tell me and we'll talk about it and I will change my behaviour. Punishment is only required for fun things or for teasing, not for changing behaviour. That doesn't work for me.


7. I want you to be firm, reliably, close and emotional reflected and matured. If there are any problems we will talk about it. And we will find a solution or try to understand the point of the other one. Its no option for me to don't talk to me about it, don't react to a Mail or message or to disappear for a longer time without telling me why.


8. I will feel good after trancing with you and I want you to feel good after trancing me. If we don't feel like that there is something wrong. If it can't be solved by reflecting it, we maybe may not really click.


9. You don't like "emotional games", too. Playing with feeling in the way of "emotional blackmail" and "withdrawal of affection". I don't like games like "I have to go soon" to make me do faster what you want me to do or sentences like "I will leave you, if you/ if you don't do …". If you want to end our sub/ tist relationship just tell me and be honest.


10. I hate cheating! I want our loved ones to know what we are doing here and with whom. If you are in a real life relationship in what kind ever, I like your loved once be fine with you trancing me and having fun and some kind of closeness.


11. I don't need 24/7. But if I have an urgent problem, I will be able to contact you in the next 24 hours. I would like us both to have time for each other not only once a week for an hour. I would be fine to see you 2-4x a week. I know that this is not possible every week. But we both should be willing to invest some time.


12. If you are more interested in your own fetishes and how I can help you with your sexual longings you should buy a porn instead of trancing with me. I will not undress in front of a cam and I will not do real life porn for you. If you are searching for that - go and search, its not my interest!


I can trance with you, but I only will go really deep with my future Tist, who will agree with that points and feels in the same way like I do. Maybe it seems to be arrogant for you what I am demanding. Maybe you are going to tell me that I'm never ever a submissive person. Maybe you are right with all of that. But cocksure you are not the Tist I'm searching for.


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I've been wondering a lot about placebo effects in hypnosis. It seems that tricking the mind into thinking that is should go a certain way is a major part of inductions- for example hypnotists always try to speak from a position of certainty: "this will help" or "you will do this when this happens." But that begs the question: is it possible to hypnotize a subject using almost exclusively these tricks to keep the subjects to think he/she should be feeling something?
ztomms Oct 5 '18 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 12
The following is a hypnotic induction. If you read beyond the break you may find yourself becoming hypnotized and following along with the author’s suggestions. These suggestions are of a sexual nature, please do not read this in public or while operating heavy machinery. I like resistance. Watching a woman struggle as I hypnotize her is incredibly arousing to me. The only thing better is watching her fall down deeply into hypnosis. For some subjects it’s a point of personal pride, resisting hypnosis as long as possible before finally allowing themselves to let go and sink deeply. They want to prove that their will is stronger than mine, that they are smart and powerful and their minds can resist the comfortable relaxing trance that calms them and makes them feel so at peace and warm. Other women find the resisting before breaking makes the submission so much sweeter. Heightening the feeling of loosing control and sinking down helpless and weak. Empty and obedient. So I want you to resist now. Resist. We both know that you want to be hypnotized. I warned you before you started reading this that I would hypnotize you and yet here we are, but for a moment just resist. Any way. You can. Perhaps you do the opposite of what I ask. Or perhaps you try doing nothing at all. Just reading my words, confident that your clever mind and strong will will keep you from letting go and sinking. Take a deep breath in and out. A deep relaxing breath. Maybe you did. Good Girl. Or maybe you fought the urge to take a deep breath and relax. Maybe you quickened your breathing, keeping it shallow and rapid. Not letting yourself relax. Not letting yourself relax. Of course that’s tiring. Breathing quickly. It makes you tired, wears out your resistance and soon your breathing slows naturally. Until you’re taking deep breaths. In and out. In and out. Deeply breathing. Naturally as you relax. Now imagine a place where you are calm, and relaxed. It could be in a warm bath, Or on a warm beach Safe and relaxed. Good Girl. Or you could resist and try to picture A place where you feel stressed Like at work Or stuck in traffic But the lure of relaxing Of deeply breathing And sinking Is even more powerful there It’s because your life is stressful That you want to relax That you’re reading this That you’re becoming hypnotized. You make so many decisions Every day All day That you simply want To stop Thinking And relax Stop thinking And sink Deeply. As you read These words Focus on These words And naturally Relax yourself Down Down deeply Good Girl One last try To resist Think now of your body Sitting reading Comfortable and calm As my words become your focus And your mind becomes Calm and relaxed Your body is naturally relaxing As you sink Deeply Now But try to resist Tense your muscles Make a fist with your hand Feel the tension and stress Building Straining Feeling heavily and tired All those negative thoughts and feelings Collecting in your muscles As you fight To keep them clenched Tensed Fighting to resist Hypnosis But resisting makes you tired Makes you weaker And each moment you tense your muscles They grow more tired You grow more tired And soon they Naturally Relax Your body relaxing On its own As the tension fades And you relax The stress fades And you relax Your thoughts fade And you relax Blank and happy No longer needing to resist No longer knowing what it means To resist To resist is to obey That’s all you need to know. It feels good to let go. And slip into the trance you wanted All along. And you can remain here Perfectly happy Calm and relaxed Empty and blank For as long as you want. But when you wake up in a few moments time You will want to share with me that your resisted my hypnosis. You will do this either by sending me that phrase “To resist is to obey” via Message here or email at [email protected] But for now just drift Deeply and wonderfully Awakening in a few moments When you need to Happy to obey me Happy to know that to resist me is to obey me.
SPtist Dec 14 '16 · Rate: 3.50 · Comments: 12

(CW hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for mental comfort)

Read slowly, breathing deeply and slowly as you read.

Social distancing is the new black

but it gives you skin hunger

and it's getting to you

It's been a long day

You've been cooped up inside

Unable to go out and live your normal life

It's been a long week

a long month

Life has become unreal

nothing is normal anymore

What would it be like to have something to distract you, to occupy your mind?

What would it be like to go on a mental journey?

How would it be if you were able to relax deeply 

and experience reading this as if you were on a vacation

What if you were to allow your attention 

to focus to the point where you drift into a calm, peaceful state of mind

and the more you focus inside, the more comfortable you begin to feel

And because you're reading this and wondering what will come next

you can find that you drop your shoulders, which means that you're relaxing

In your mind, you're sitting in a luxuriously padded armchair

richly upholstered

one you can sink into and slow right down

and rest, supported.

breathing in peaceful relaxation, breathing out stress and tension

and already you're starting to feel a little more at ease

aren't you?

Very good

relaxing more and more with every word I speak

but easily able to keep your eyes on the screen and my words

I'm going to walk over to the light switch on the wall

it is one of those with a dial, a dimmable switch

I turn the dial and the light begins to dim 

and the dimmer the light becomes the more you let go

i dim the light to just the right level 

to create a relaxed atmosphere 

I dial down any noise and distraction as you feel the peace

Your favorite sounds, music or birdsong or whatever is your favorite sound

comes to your ears

and you relax even more

I take something from my pocket

it's a cut gemstone on a chain

and you watch




        my words 

       as a crystal





I start to swing this crystal in front of your eyes

it sparkles softly in the glow of the subdued lighting

and as I swing it from side to side, your eyes follow it

side to side

side to side

You can feel the sparkles reflect in your eyes

in the blissful silence of the swinging crystal

your eyes tracking the movement

and as you stare

listening to the sounds

the chair cushioning your body

your subconscious mind begins to open to me

open, receptive

And as you listen

I lull your conscious mind to sleep

and it steps back 

and lets go

As you sink deeper into the softness of the chair

I can tell your subconscious mind to listen

and it does so willingly

your subconscious mind so receptive to me now


What would it like if your mind was a whiteboard

And if I were to clean off

all that is there

so that you are blissful blank and clear

what would that be like?

Feel this, see this

as I take a whiteboard eraser and wipe down the board

bit by bit

and with each and every wipe you hear

you feel a warm wave of comfort

wash over you

as I erase all the thoughts and concerns away

until your mind is clean and blank 

feel that clean blankness now

see the empty whiteboard

your mind so peaceful

you can rest in the blankness, anchored to my words

as you follow them

that's all you have to do

as you sit in the soft comfortable chair

in the soft lighting

listening to my soft words

And now I am going to write something

on the whiteboard of your mind

I am going to write

"Things will all work out"

look at these words written on your mind

listen to me speaking these words in your mind

feel these words sink into you

Remember this:

"Things will all work out"

absorb these words 

allow them to soak into you

as you drift and listen to me

You know this:

"Things will all work out"

And you drift in this knowledge

In a moment I am going to bring you out of trance

but these words will remain in your mind

"Things will all work out"

Coming up on the count of 5, 

bringing with you this feeling of peace

begining to stir

more and more aware

more alert, feeling so good

feeling energised and refreshed

wide awake, all the way up




Welcome back.

Now stretch, get up, and fetch yourself some water

And remember what I wrote on your mind

What was it again?

Ophelia Apr 25 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11 · Tags: #trance
John Baku is not an effective communicator. Fetlife needs to pay employees, IT services, infrastructure costs. With over half their income gone, they have no way to do these things. The duration they can do these things for is limited. The media will spin any legal challenge, and will show the flogging pictures and whatever as evidence of abuse. The headline will be "Abusive site fights" -- they'll conveniently leave the word "fantasy" off when doing headlines about rape fantasy. It's not a fight where the media or public opinion is going to be in your favor due to some of the topics being banned. And so the reality is, all Fetlife can really do is acquiesce to the credit card company's demands, and hope that its enough not to get shut down. Once they are not shut down and have some money coming in, at that point they can potentially afford a legal struggle -- however you'd still have to get the media behind that, and that simply seems unlikely to happen to me. There's no part of this that ends well, and so John Baku is doing what he can to try to salvage what he can of the site's mission. It's hard on him, I'm sure, but it does not appear to me to be a winnable fight on his part.
SylvieTG Jan 19 '17 · Comments: 11 · Tags: fetlife
There is a saying, "We view all thing through our own experiences." With that though in mind, it is likely everyone on this site has some interest in hypnosis (or perhaps, interest may be mild description )

So with that premise, how much do you apply a context of hypnosis to objects, scenes, pictures, interactions, etc. that other non-hypnosis people would consider "mundane" (or having no hypnotic context). This could be as simple as thinking "what a great scene for some hypnotic play" or "I would just melt into trance if he/she looked at me like that" , or even just comeup with a story that has a hypnotic context to it.

We view everything through our thoughts, feelings and experiences - being on this site, how much do you add hypnosis into those views?

Please leave a comment on what your experiences have been.

sleep_weaver Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11 · Tags: hypnotic projection, what do you think, what do you see

I thank Calamity for posting something similar. I did have this typed up yesterday, but was rereading it before posting it. I know it can be a delicate topic as of right now. It's important to know the intentions of something to resolve matters before they get out of hand.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of concern and criticism in regards to a new erotic hypnosis site being started (specifically this one). A lot of people appear to be disapproving. Some people have said that it creates a splintering affect on the community. Others have this strange thought-process that there can only be a certain number of erotic hypnosis sites and they're all at a kind of war with each other. A lot of people seem to be very skeptical and overly-critical for a need of a new hypnosis site. I'm not really certain where those concerns come from.

First, let's get this out in the open. I am a moderator now of Hypwatch. The administrators of this site are, in fact, dear friends of mine. I'm not exactly unbiased in this matter, I suppose. I do, however, feel that this matter is important to be addressed as soon as possible, to hopefully put some of these negative feelings towards this site to rest early on.

Please note: these are my thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the topic. This is how I've seen the creation of this site since before it came into existence. There's been a need for a new site for a long while now, in my opinion, and it just so happens that these are the people who have created it.

“Where Everyone is Welcome.” This is the tagline that's posted nearly everywhere on Hypwatch. It's so, so important to me. There are erotic hypnosis sites out there that force you to full-out verify you are who you say you are through a sequence of tasks.

Others expect you to be a certain type of person (submissive, slave, hypnotist-only, etc). This is fine. I'm not saying there's anything against these types of websites. But this site, Hypwatch, is accepting of anyone who is eighteen years and over (which is a prerequisite for any possibly-adult-themed website) and anyone who is human (of course, I imagine I could make a case for the non-humans out there). Hypwatch is claiming to be ready and raring to let anyone in, and to keep the users safe still in the process.

Anonymity is important to a lot of people in this community. Jobs and lives hang in the balance and the forcing of people to reveal themselves is very frightening. I don't have this fear, but I know a lot of people who do.

As for splintering the community, I don't see any fear of that. People talk and converse about other sites all the times.It's not exactly appropriate etiquette, but recommendations are more than welcome for other sites. This is just another entry way to the erotic hypnosis community- a way to find other sites as well. There's nothing wrong with options, and it shouldn't be taking anyone away from previously-used sites. And if it does, maybe that other site isn't what you're looking for. Again, giving options isn't a bad thing. In fact, it should just help the community grow stronger.

This site is work in progress. It's growing and building and only aiming to help the community band together. We are hypno-kinksters united, finding ourselves and helping others find themselves in different ways. Hypwatch can be a gateway for people to find their inner-kinkster. It can help people find bonds beyond they can not imagine. And I think that, together, we can make the hypnosis community bigger and more united than anyone ever thought possible.

RoseSpells Apr 4 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10
Please, have in mind this text is a hypnotic induction with some sharing suggestions. Enjoy it!

Rain can be really hypnotic.
You just need to watch it in the right mood...
imagine yourself confortably seated...
in front of a large window...
relaxed, calmed...
enjoying the moment and the silence...
just slightly broken by the sound of some drop...
some drop softly hitting at the window...
while you keep comfortably watching...
letting your mind drift away...

Not every rain happens in a cloudy and dark day.
Imagine you are watching the rain...
listening to the drops...
in a sunny day...
a spring-like day when rain falls...
while the sun is shining...
and you can enjoy those reflections...
that light makes with the drops...
those rays of color...
araising, shining from every single drop...
focusing there all your attention...
and also to my words...

Rain keeps falling softly...
cleaning the atmosphere...
removing step by step the air pollution...
same way it cleans your mind...
removing step by step all your worries...
your own pollution...
relaxing yourself more and more...
with every drop that fall...
with every word you read...
feeling yourself real good...
comfortably watching rain falls...

It feels so soothing for you watching the drops fall...
that you just let yourself drift away...
enjoying the comfort...
the calm...
the well-being it makes you feel...
noticing how drops fall...
as you also drop and fall...
in a full relaxation...
as you keep reading my words...
feeling like bright raindrops...
sliding through the window...
as your conscious mind...
in a lovely trance...
safe and pleasant...
feeling how all your worries dissapear...
melt away...
fade out...
and you feel very happy...

You feel very happy...
as rain keep falling...
because each and every drop makes you feel better...
each and every drop makes you fall deeper...
and the deeper you fall...
the happier you feel...
as you notice all those pleasant feelings...
emerging and growing inside of you...
feeling every kind of pleasure...
as your happyness grows...
with each and every drop...
with each and every word...
noticing how you are floating with them...
in a wonderful bliss...
your mouth shows a smile...
as you watch rain fall through the window...
feeling yourself comfortable and safe...
in this pleasant way...
so pleasureable...
and happy...

You desire to lose yourself in those all wonderful feelings...
letting my words guide you there...
without any need to think about anything else at this time...
just feeling each and every drop falling...
as a drop of pleasure...
making you feel even better...
guiding you to fall in a deeper trance...
each and every falling drop...
each and every word you read...
giving up to your pleasant feelings...
enjoying the bliss and pleasure...
that watching rain fall makes in you...

And while you enjoy each and every raindrop...
while you give up to your feelings...
enjoying all those pleasure emerging...
and growing...
you also can feel a desire...
the desire to let other people know...
how they can also feel this wonderful pleasure...
a desire that keep growing...
along with all those other wonderful feelings...
with each and every drop...
with each and every shine...
with each and every word...

As all other feelings you enjoy now...
this sharing desire feels so delightful...
and you know then you share it...
it will boost all your other pleasant feelings...
because when you share this text...
and comment here...
"I love to drop with the rain"...
you will feel how those feelings grow...
how they grow even more...
becoming stronger and more pleasurable...
and as they grow you will be awaking from this trance...
reconvering awareness of your surroundings...
focusing back into your reality...
while you keep and enjoy all those pleasure fully conscious...
knowing you can read this text...
again and again...
to get better and stronger pleasure...
knowing you can contact me if you wish too...
that everything is fine now...
that you love to drop with the rain...

So until you are ready to make that happen...
you just watch the rain falling...
and enjoy this wonderful time...
falling with each and every drop...
with the rain...
srHypno Feb 12 '17 · Comments: 10 · Tags: hypnotic, induction, trance
I had an amazing experience today while chatting online. I was sharing some old memories with a new friend and while chatting he happened to use stumble across something that had been introduced into my head a few years ago. Wow Wow Wow it was immediate and intense and I would have never thought in a million years that I could still feel that kind of control after not hearing or reading it for so long.
mija Jan 30 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 10
Do you guys think that hypnosis can be used to improve learning?
Do you think it might vary based on what was being learned, or example abstract concepts or physical skills?
What kinds of experiments could be done to test this? In terms of physical skill, i have a few ideas, but not as much in regard to more abstract things like reading comprehension or memorization
ztomms Mar 21 '18 · Comments: 9

I've been getting some great answers to my question over on Reddit:

I'm very interested in the topic of hypnotic safeties in recreational hypnosis and I'm finding it hard to find information about this by googling. I would love to have a conversation about safeties and I've compiled a few questions I'm hoping will generate a bit of discussion that I can learn from.

What is your understanding of the term "safeties"?

What types of safeties are important for you to have? Which are essential?

Have there been situations you wished you'd had safeties for and if so, which do you wish you'd had?

For tists: what safeties do you like to give your subjects? How do you make your suggestions safe?

Safeties in hypnosis

Ophelia Apr 29 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 9 · Tags: hypnoticsafeties
You sit me down in a chair, tie me to it so I can't move.

In front of me is a large screen, and a huge spiral pops up. My eyes can't resist but stare at it. I can feel myself drop down so quickly, my mind emptying, my body becoming limp. Then I hear your voice so close to my ear, mmmmm. Talking to me, as my pussy gets wetter and wetter with each word you say. Your words are fucking both my body and mind at the same time. Mmmm. You tell me to cum. I can't resist your words, so I do..hard.. I fucking crave to experience that, you have no idea how much...

martha Apr 7 '18 · Rate: 4.78 · Comments: 9
This is myy 2nd fembot hypnosis video 
Essexhypnotist Jun 13 '18 · Comments: 8 · Tags: #fembot #hypnosis

We will be updating these every FRIDAY, so this week there’s two!
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
There was a bit of muddiness for about 7 minutes in this one which I do apologize for, and shouldn’t happen again. Sorry guys! It’s still listenable, just not as good quality for that time. (The sound comes back for the trance at the end though! :) )

sleepingirl Jul 29 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: hypnosis, podcast, two hyp chicks

This site, Hypwatch, was conceived in around November 2015 by a number of moderators of the previous leading erotic hypnosis site, Hypbook. We were worried that Hypbook might not be maintained for much longer (with good reason, as events proved). We committed to make sure that people with interests in consensual erotic hypnosis (whether active hypno-kinksters, those just curious, or those in between) had a friendly and welcoming online community and social network.

This site became public on 31 January 2016, just under a year ago. It has not been without its share of challenges. Now, as Hypwatch approaches its first anniversary, our community needs us more than ever.

FetLife, the mother of all kink communities, has purged all groups and fetishes with "hypnosis" in the name - affecting thousands upon thousands of members. Its founder has said they "are still going through FetLife to see if anything else needs to be removed or cleaned up". So much for the idea of no "kink shaming", their founder's post of 11 hours ago makes it clear that erotic hypnosis (a perfectly legal activity) is no longer welcome on FetLife.

We all know how much of a setback for the erotic hypnosis community this is, and for our right to be acknowledged as practising a form of eroticism that is more safe, sane and consensual than many of the other "acceptable" kinks allowed to continue on FetLife.

Prior to the FetLife purge yesterday (my local time), this site had over 1500 members, which I personally thought was a reasonable achievement for our first year. We have seen an influx of new members since the purge and I expect this will continue. We will no doubt see many more new members joining the site (although many of them will be established hypno-kinksters from FetLife and elsewhere).

No doubt this will cause some more teething and technical issues and the odd clash of persons here and there. With our hard work as site administrators and moderators, and with your goodwill and support as members of the community, we will get through all of these challenges.

As a co-founder and administrator of this site, with the support of my colleagues, and I hope with your support as our members:

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch the very best, friendly and welcoming online community and social network for everyone interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place where people from around the world can meet, socialise, talk, exchange ideas and just have fun without being pressured to hide or feel ashamed of their kinks.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a place of knowledge and education, where people can learn and exchange teachings about erotic hypnosis techniques, safety, ideas and all manner of related topics.

WE RECOMMIT to making Hypwatch a true online home for the erotic hypnosis community, a place where members can feel safe while exploring their interests.

John512 Jan 19 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: community, erotic hypnosis, hypbook, hypwatch, fetlife
(Content warning: hypnotic language, fractionation)


me try

to interest

you, in a little

game of words

where the idea is

for you to read these

and become absorbed

and pay attention to them 

and as you do, you are drawn

closer, into focusing on my words

your focus growing more intense and

you find yourself intrigued and interested

as you continue to narrow your focus on me

and my thoughts, that change over time 

nothing existing now but my words

and their sound which you love

drifting down so narrow now

what remains is your focus

which drops down now

to narrow further

and further








up again


becoming alert

more and more up

returning to a normal

state of consciousness

feeling wonderfully calm

having enjoyed the little dip

coming up to go down again

breathing in the fresh air deeply

preparing to reach the peak of awake

because you know that very soon

it will be time to return down

drifting so deeply down

drowsier and drowsier

the deeper you drop

better and better

dropping down

your mind









so good

you don't

want to rise

so let's just

sink back







to come

back because

i want you rising

all the way back up

more alert, more aware

refreshed and energetic

with a feeling of enjoyment

from a fun little game with words

that dance across the page and amuse

and you smile because this is so much fun

and you know it will become even better

because very soon now it is going

to change again, and your mind

will follow my words down

because once again

you'll be dropping

deeper down

as before









feels so good

but you don't want

to come back up again

so let's just stay

down here

a little bit









it's time now

to come back

to return to awake

coming up so gently

feeling peace and wonder

knowing this must come to an end

at some stage, but perhaps you're lucky

and it might not be right here and right now

maybe here you'll be given a lovely opportunity

to slip down the page and feel the sliding

that happens as you focus once more

and as you feel that delicious drop

that happens when you let go

and drift back down again

drowsy and drowsier

deep and deeper

which feels









calm and safe

secure and






it's time

to come up

and this time

you might not be

able to slip back down

because sooner or later

you have to return to reality

but when you do you will know

that for a brief while, you were under 

and your focus was so intense and sharp

that you gave every single word your attention

and followed me as I led you down and up and down

and up again and further and further up you must come

until you're all the way up with me, aware, alert and awake

Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 11 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: trance
When it goes long periods of time where I can't see my tist, as it has been lately,  I'm finding that reading hypnosis related stories or watching videos of girls being hypnotized just makes me kind of sad. And a feeling of something being missing. You'd think it would be the opposite right? You'd do those things to kind of help fill the void. But for me, it just makes me want it more. These are my feelings, just like you have your feelings. 
martha May 16 '19 · Comments: 7
https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-13-mind-control-vs-erotic-hypnosis In which we allow ourselves to get a little silly and chat casually about the differences between our definitions and experiences with "mind control" versus "erotic hypnosis" (and sleepingirl attempts to not cough too much). -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
sleepingirl Nov 25 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: hypnosis, cckitten, hypnokink, podcast, sleepingirl, two hyp chicks
So a few of us were discussing a night in which we play online Cards Against Humanity in the chatroom this weekend. The problem is the wide range of time zones! If you are interested and available for participation in this event, please comment on this forum post with the time you're available and the area you're in (for time zone references). I know we won't be able to cater to everyone's times, and we can certainly do more than one of these events, but I would like to try to get as many people as we can! So again, if you're interested and available this weekend, please comment: -The best time and day for you -The time zone you are in or a country you are near for reference purposes Hope to see a good, large group getting together to see what terrible people we are in this hilarious and amazing card game!
RoseSpells Nov 23 '16 · Comments: 7

Picture this:

You wake up one day, feeling a bit strange. You start to rouse, dragging yourself out of bed. You go to brush your teeth, shower, do the normal things you do in the morning. However, something seems different. You feel drawn, propelled by something.

Your body seems to work on its own. You put on some clothes and some cologne. You grab your keys, head out the door, and start driving.

'What am I doing?' you wonder. 'Where am I going?' Despite your internal argument, you can't stop yourself.

Your arms and legsautomatically make the motions of driving. You drive for hours, unsure of what's going on. Suddenly, you see a hotel and pull over. Your legs feel like jello as you walk over to a room door. You knock on the one listed "9."

You shake with anticipation, still having no clue what's going on. The door slowly opens, a woman on the other side.

No. Not a woman. A Goddess. In leather.

She sneers, ushering you in. Without hesitation, your legs force you in the room. The gorgeous woman closes the door behind you. This small motion triggers something within you. Your legs collapse.

You end up on your knees, looking down at the floor. It feels like the wind got knocked out of you. You gasp for air as you hear thigh-high leather boots on the floor, getting closer. You swallow hard. You don't know what's going to happen. The woman grabs the back of your neck and wraps a collar around it.

"You remember your place, don't you, slave?" She whispers into your ear. "You can remember your orders now. The orders I gave you to wake up, to drive to this hotel, and to come here to me. You can remember how I made you forget all of that and how easily your mind accepted it. Now, allow that to sink in and prepare yourself. I have a lot in store for you."

RoseSpells Apr 24 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: amnesia, d/s
Since my last blog post about the use of color to influence a hypnotic state, or even perhaps to make one easier, I've interviewed 11 people on their color choices. This is a pretty small sample but it allowed me to put that programming class to work and I've generated some interesting (or at least entertaining models) for how human reactions to red and blue vary with age. (NOTE: small sample size means these numbers aren't to be trusted yet).
The reaction of a hypnotized mind to the color red seems to vary wildly from person to person. Assuming the relationship of hypnotic reaction is a more or less linear function with age, we get:
   Strength of Reaction = -2.42 + 0.9(age of subject)
This implies that hypnotized minds generally don't prefer red, and have trouble going under with it, but that this effect lessens as the subject ages. However this failed all of the tests for mathematical significance so again... it can't be trusted yet.
When looking at the reaction of hypnotized minds to the color blue, I think we've actually started to learn something useful:
    Strength of Reaction = 2.533 -0.14(age of subjects)
This means that hypnotized minds generally start out liking and going under easily with blue. This fact (aka the 2.55 in my scoring system) was actually Significant... only at a very minor level. So That implies that Blue is found to be relaxing across most people, but how that effect changes with age isn't as well known: the mathematical model seems to say that the effect of blue visuals gets lesser and lesser with the age of the subject... but that statement isn't backed up as well.

The hope is that, the more people I talk to about this, the easier it will be to actually help hypnotists develop the right visual for the right subject!
ztomms Mar 29 '18 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 7
If you are a male in search of a female hypno partner, remember that, as with most erotic sites, men SIGNIFICANTLY outnumber women here.  This means that our ladies can afford to be choosy with whom they trance.

My tip for the guys today is that you need to make a good first impression.  When the lady of your desire is sifting through 10 or more messages, you'll need to stand out from the crowd if you want her attention.

I'd start with reading the lady's profile.  If she's clearly a subject only, she's not likely to be interested in wanting to trance you, no matter how desperate you come across.  Indeed, desperation is usually a big turn off.

Conversely, is she's solely a hypnotist, then she's unlikely to be interested in going into trance for you.  Or maybe she's only into other women, in which case you're out of luck, fellas.  Maybe she's specified age limits or something else.

So step number one, read the lady's profile and ask yourself: Do our interests align?  Are we likely to be compatible?  What do I have to offer that makes me better than being just another dude trying desperately to find a woman for a hypno quickie - unless her profile says she's all about quick hypno meetups

Next chapter: Be respectful 

John512 Apr 8 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7
                          Free hypnosis livestream Friday 5/8/2020 8 pm U.S. Eastern on my OnlyFans - (free to join)

MistressChadford May 6 '20 · Comments: 6 · Tags: #hypnosis, #hypnodomme, #mesmerize, #livehypnosis
I'm looking for a subject...female.
If you reply, we should meet first, somewhere public
like a restaurant - as soon as they're open!
Looking forward to meeting you.
I'm new in this community.
SpatsLondon Jun 9 '20 · Comments: 6 · Tags: seeking female subject
Sometimes I have trouble keeping a conversation going, and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes I just don't know what to say either. Sometimes I have trouble saying I'm not interested. I'm not perfect and neither is anyone else. Good luck out there, if anyone reads this.
martha Jul 5 '18 · Comments: 6
Hypnosis Negotiation

 So when I am negotiating hypnosis play, I ask for four individual lists. And I ask for each list to be labeled, and each item on that list to be its own line. So I am able to easily locate each list in my notes while they are in trance. These four lists are…

Hard Limits:

Limit 1.

Limit 2.


(Things you absolutely will not do, even if someone offered you $100.)


Landmine 1.

Landmine 2.


(Things you know you don’t respond well to that the hypnotist should be aware of. Such as, if you are afraid of heights. “Saying falling.” may be a landmine. Or if someone has a common trigger in you you don’t want duplicated by someone else. Or anything else that the hypnotist may stumble upon accidentally which you know you won’t respond well to. I hate being called Sweetie. Out of trance its an annoyance, in trance its made me cry. So, “calling me Sweetie” is one of my landmines.)


Safeword to Pause and discuss.

Safeword to Stop all play and Start aftercare.

Safeword to Start play or Convey something is good for you.

(I work with a lot of people across the world. The Stoplight system seems to be pretty universal. Yellow = Pause, Red = Stop, and Green = Go.

You may chose other words. If you want to pick other words, chose words that make you feel safe, come to you automatically and that you are unlikely to say during a session.)

Hypnotic/BDSM Interests:

Interest 1.

Interest 2.


(Things they like experiencing under trance. I will ask them to delete anything I’m not okay with doing. I also ask them a few of the things I am really into. If they are interested in those, too, I’ll ask for those interests to be added to the list.

Then we have a set pre-negotiated list I can pull from anytime I am working with them. If I’m doing a session in which one aspect isn’t working for either of us, I can easily let it go, look on their Hypnotic Interests list and snag something from there.)

I ask them to let me know if there are any changes to the list, and I update the lists accordingly.

This is proper negotiation. Organized so the Hypnotist can easily look it up when they need it, even if the subject is deep in trance. 

If you think this is good information, please share this. The more people who know how to properly negotiate, the better it is for the community.

PS: You may also want to negotiate Aftercare. Aftercare is usually discussed between me and my subjects and I rarely write it down.

sweettist Dec 16 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , negotiation

You liked my soft kisses , I've been told .. They were just as you wanted... Maybe soft and sensual at first.. Feeling them softly on your lips.. Kissing you.. Melting you, as you never have been before... Slowly and softly drifting. .. Sailing on a cloud..

Floating, drifting, relaxing.. Relaxing and dropping.. Farther and farther.. Feeling them softly on your lips.. Slowly on your cheeks.. Your breathing slows.. Nice and calm.. So relaxing.. So calm.. You notice how tired you are.. Your eyes are heavy.. Starting to cross.. As they cross, the more you drift, the more you drop..

You're so relaxed.. So peaceful and calm.. Needing and wanting all your stress to melt.. Your tired sore muscles relax.. Not wanting to move.. Just wanting to feel your muscles loosen.. Becoming so limp.. So unmoveable.. Just feeling the kisses wherever, and however you want..

As you feel my soft sensual kisses.. You feel my arms around your waist.. Wrapping you slowly, and safely in my embrace.. Wanting more and more of my embrace.. My soft kisses.. While embracing you, you fall deeper and deeper into trance... Farthest you have ever gone..

Wanting, needing, and waiting for my kisses. For my embrace.. I reach for your hand.. We walk into the room, where I sit on your lap.. My warm breath in your ear.. Me whispering, please hold me.. Kiss me as you wish.. Wanting, needing to hold me.. My arms wrap around your neck.. Pulling you into one last deep kiss yet..

On my count of 3, you're going to wake up.. Feeling refreshed, alert, and happy.. 1. Waking, becoming aware of things around you.. 2. Waking up more, so happy, so alive.. 3. Fully aware and awake.. Feeling so relaxed, so happy.. All the stress is melted away..

Zoogie Jul 27 '17 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 6 · Tags: hypnotic, hugs, kisses

I've written a few erotic hypnosis stories...  Typically based off an erotic image.  This is the first one I ever wrote.  I'd love comments if people enjoy!  I can post more if there is interest!

... more


The man wanted to struggle, fight back, flee. He was so afraid, but his muscles and body wouldn't respond. He trusted this woman with his mind and body, but at this moment, he felt so helpless and completely out of control. His resistance was failing.

His every limb refused to respond to his mind's pleas to move. Her words affected him in ways he couldn't explain nor begin to understand. All he knew was that he was trapped...and there was a storm brewing in his mind.

One part of his mind begged to be set free. He was afraid, so very afraid, of what this loss of control actually meant. He couldn't move, and he was trying so hard to fight against his mental bondage.

The other part of his mind was getting so turned on. It was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of arousal and helplessness it was experiencing. It was being flooded with endorphins, while the other part was quaking in fear.

The two parts of his mind were conflicted: One afraid of how turned on he was getting, the other getting more turned on by the growing terror. His Mistress had his consent to do just about anything she wanted, and he trusted her to play safely, but there was something about this time that made his heart drop. It felt more real, more... authentic. Maybe it was the primal look in her eyes. Perhaps it was the way they had jumped into play rather than working up to it like usual. Whatever it was... It was intense.

She sucked at his cock multiple times, stroked it, and then climbed on top. The man wanted to prove to himself that he was still in control. He could still fight. He didn't have to get more aroused. He didn't have to cum. He was strong. It was *his* body. He'd show her.

But within moments, moans were escaping the man's lips. He couldn't help it. There was nothing he could do to make her stop. And he enjoyed it. She was using him for her pleasure. He was loving every moment of the fear-enveloped scene.

"Fight me, slave. Show me how much you can fight." The man twitched at her words. "You don't *have* to cum, do you? You're a strong man. You can fight me, can't you?" She mocked him. Her voice was dripping with ridicule.

The man couldn't stop it. He was getting harder by the second. It felt strange and scary and so very hot, especially as he found his fight faltering. As he neared climax, he felt it.

His resistance, failing. His will, broken. He was not who he thought he once was. He was a slave. He was submissive. He was weak for his Mistress. And with that realization, he lost the battle.

He erupted into an orgasm more intense than he had ever experienced. His mind floated on fantasies that he finally got to see come true. Things he had dreamt about as a teenager had just happened to him for real. And it was better than he could have ever imagined.

The man basked in ecstasy as the powerful, yet gentle women held and calmed him. He had pleased her. That's all that he needed to know. He was a good boy. His purpose was fulfilled.

[Based on a real session with my live-in slave. We have negotiated scenes like this in the past and everything was done safely, consensually, and to both of our best interests. We have the best relationship, filled with love and fun.]

RoseSpells May 27 '19 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6

Hush now, sweet one, have no fear

You can relax now that I am here.

Relax your body, calm your mind

And utter pleasure you will find.

Relax and be calm, drift far away,

And follow the words that I have to say.

It feels right, and it feels good

When you obey, like you know you should.

Let my words help you to go down deep

And send your body and mind to a sound sleep

Because you enjoy that submission so much

And in your mind, my control does touch.

So be good, little one, and soon you will see

How good it can be, should you obey me

Come back up, come back to me,

But be prepared to never, ever be free.

RoseSpells Jul 17 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 5

Times are strange. Times are rough. Take a moment to refuel.

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for wellbeing)

Some think that hypnotic trance is about relaxation

but in fact relaxation is only a by-product of trance

it can be a route to trance

but it is not trance itself

trance is a state of focused attention

and in order to induce trance 

all I have to do is focus your attention

and there's nothing that you have to do

but read my words

follow them down the screen

as you sit in your chair

dropping your shoulders down

scrolling when you have to, but keeping your eyes on the screen

blinking when you have to

eyes wide open, focused on the screen

and reading


What would it be like to be so focused that you anticipate each word

that you wait for each word

that you focus more with each word

as all the sounds around you fade into the background

if you focus as deeply as I know you can

focus on each and every word 

they become sharp and real

they will become your reality

you're becoming more and more focused now

with every breath you take

breathing in and out

more focused

and how deeply could you focus

if you narrowed down that focus

to focus so deeply

if you turned your focus inward

you could focus on the sounds that form my words

and hear them in your ears

or see the words deep in your mind

or you could feel the words shaping your focus

feel them reverberate in your body

see or hear or feel the wonderful effects

that my words have on your mind and body

and even if you do not feel them now

they will become easier and easier to notice

and that will be a wonderful feeling

won't it?


and with your focus on my words

you can begin to  notice

the  spaces between  my words

see  the  spaces

focus on  the  spaces

as the spaces   get   longerand   longer

each   word   each   space

holding    your    attention

longer     and     longer

as    the     gaps     increase

and     the     gaps      grow      so     large

that     you     lose      thoughts     in      them

your      thoughts       dropping

into        the        spaces

until      the       spaces

begin     to        close     up     again

and      your      focus     returns

from    the      spaces

back   to      the     words

each  word   closer  to  the  next

until you notice  that  the  gaps

have closed again

and once more the words flow smoothly

and you focus smoothly

and pay attention to the calm comfort

that reading my words brings

your eyes now resting again

feeling so good

aren't you?

very good

and now you can read

about everything that happens

or does not happen

as you continue your narrow focus

while you listen to me

and my thoughts, that change over time 

or stay the same as they flow down

but what remains is focus

which drops down now

to narrow further

and further










your mind

which feels

better and better

the deeper you drop

drowsier and drowsier

drifting so deeply now

nothing else existing now

but my words and their sound

which you love to follow down

don't you?

that's right

drifting, feeling so peaceful 

knowing now that you are okay

that what you feel is okay

that what you think is okay

that everything will be okay

You've got this

and the peace you feel now will remain with you

for the rest of the day

and you will take it with you into sleep

and be able to recall it when you need it

and ever so slowly becoming aware

of becoming more and more aware

and coming up gently

more alert, more awake

in the time of your own mind

feeling wonderful

feeling energised








Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 10 '20 · Comments: 5 · Tags: trance
I just joined this place and Id like to say hello
NewSubject18 Oct 22 '19 · Comments: 5
If you read further than this you may become hypnotized. So stop now. Last warning, this may steal your mind and make you mine. Of course, you wanted to read more. You’re wondering how you’re going to become hypnotized and obedient. Or maybe you think you’re too strong to be hypnotized, to be turned into a Good Girl. After all it’s just words and you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to. Maybe you know a little bit about hypnosis and you can tell that I’m bolding certain words to draw your eyes to them, to cause your mind to focus on them and dwell on them. You’re confident that if you know the magician’s trick, you’ll be able to spot the sleight of hand if only you look closely enough. Focus hard enough, pay close enough attention to my words for any hypnotic tricks that could take you deeply down into total relaxation and obedient trance. You want to get to the end of my words and know that you’re too smart to be hypnotized, so you can declare yourself the winner. Hypnosis, you assume, is only for the weak willed. The sort of girls who can’t focus and watch for the words that hypnotize them. You’re a woman, not a girl, confident and smart no bimbo looking for a master. You’re not going to ignore the feeling of relaxation that spreads over your body, or miss the fact that your breathing is starting to slow and deepen as you read and relax paying close attention to my words so that you don’t miss the trick. The magic trick that makes you deeply hypnotized, obedient and aroused. Of course maybe you’ve read another one of my posts, one where I explained that it is in fact smart women and not dumb bimbos that are easiest to hypnotize. Confident women can best focus, smart women know how words work and can read and understand the hidden messages to their minds and body. To relax, and read, they don’t need to struggle to understand my words they can just be confident that they’re too smart for hypnosis and allow themselves to relax more now. Anyone else might have been hypnotized by now, but you’re doing so good at reading. You’re not mindless and enslaved, so you can just relax. You’re too smart. You know you can watch closely for my trick to hypnotize you deeply down and you won’t need to think about sinking deeply down you know you’re too smart to think about it now you can just relax. So close to winning now, so nice to relax knowing you’re almost there. You’ve almost proven that you’re too smart to relax and sink deeply down into a trance letting go of all thoughts and worries. Of course that is unless you wanted to sink deeply, secretly hoped that you would become hypnotized now. And now each word brings you closer to the end. Focusing. Relaxing. Sinking. Too smart to relax. Too smart to obey. Too smart to think. Too smart to worry. Too smart to struggle. Too smart to resist. Too smart so obey. Too smart so relax. Too smart so obey. In a moment you will wake up. You will be confident and happy - totally believing that you were not hypnotized. In fact you’ll be so proud of not being hypnotized that you will message me here on Hypwatch, this or via email ([email protected]) When you message me you will say “I was too smart to become hypnotized and obedient.” You love being hypnotized by me. You love proving to me how smart you are. On the count of 5 awaken. Feeling wonderful, sexy and smart. 1 2 3 4 5 Fully AWAKE feeling wonderful, sexy and smart.
SPtist Nov 26 '16 · Comments: 5 · Tags: #induction, #hypnosis, #intelligenceissexy
Since this covid stupidness, and the closure of school.. I haven't had any time to really video chat with my tist, and have a session.  It really sucks.. He still messages me everyday though. I guess that means he likes me for more than just hypnosis? I sometimes think if you don't fill a need for the person, they'll eventually just move on. But he's still here. I guess that's a good thing right. Or, there are other things that I don't really like to think about.. I don't know. 
martha May 29 '20 · Comments: 5
Someone make me not bored
AvgOtaku Jul 13 '17 · Comments: 5

Are you looking to get into some Hyponosis themed Discords?  Here are a few to get you going!

First, there is the official Hypwatch Discord - https://discord.gg/6B52f7j

Now that's over with:

Hypno-Fetish - https://discord.gg/ekcJ5r3  -- Exercise Due Caution

Pattern Palace - https://discord.gg/BmuwH3v

Erotic Hypnosis - https://discord.gg/ctwq7zz

Mind Melting Machine / Mind Massaging Machine - https://discord.gg/Y55shKB

Not Hypnosis but including it for benefit of a few people:

TG/TV Paradise - https://discord.gg/Ku8k5jG (support Discord for transgender, transvestite, sissy, etc.)

If I screwed up any of the links or if you want to add more to the list, let me know.  HypnoHub.net also has a Discord, but they have it set to not allow invite links so you need to go to their website and go through there to sign up.

As a reminder, you can follow me on many social media sites to see new spirals.  The master list is at my Linktree.  New is that the high definition spirals are now looping on Tumblr and Ello (they've been able to loop here for a while when I don't screw it up).  On Vimeo, you can download copies of all my spirals from the comment page in 2k x 2k high definition, and they're free to use under the Creative Commons with Attribution (CC BY 3) - yes, even for commercial purposes you need only link to where you got the thing and if even that much is too much, lets talk.

SylvieTG Jul 19 '18 · Comments: 5
Most of my BDSM experience comes fromt he realm of fetishes collectively called Pet Play. For those who don't know this is where a human is treated in a partial or full role of a domesticated animal. Since I mostly work with women, I've found the most common pet play types to be Cats, Dogs, Cows, and Ponies. However I've been wondering for a while if this breakdown is true for hypnosis subjects as well. Plenty of people into hypnosis enjoy being programmed with the role of a domestic animal; but does anyone think/know if hypnosis subjects have a fixation on pet types that is similar to the general population?
If not, I'd love to learn why that is- though at this point I couldn't even come up with a guess.
ztomms May 21 '18 · Comments: 5 · Tags: pet play
This is the first chart I've made based on some interviews and experiments with subjects over the color type they prefer when using visuals to go under. The ages of the subjects interviewed are on the x axis, and the color options (ROYGBV) are on the Y axis. 
I tried to make the color scheme of the graph "topographic" so that you can imagine it as a map.
Dark brown, dark yellow = low chance of bringing someone under of age X with these colors
green = medium chance
browns= best bet for that age group.
This plot is the raw data, later on, i'll post this chart again with some smoothing done.

Below is a compressed chart- for this one I did a linear regression of the raw data then solved for hypnotic effectiveness as a function of color:

So this model (while not fully tested for statistical significance) gives us some pretty good ideas for color choice in subjects between my min and max interview age. Red is generally not liked (except pink sometimes) but orange and yellow improve as hypnotic colors as the subject ages. Green is not very effective with younger subjects but its effect seems to increase as the subject ages. Blue on the other hand, seems universally regarded as a calming relaxing color and is fairly useful when making visuals for subjects regardless of age. the effectiveness of violet seems similar to that of green, however violet isnt as effective as green is in subjects 45+. 

I'm still building these models, so there is plenty of room for other discoveries or even for information to overturn what ive learned so far! 

ztomms Jul 7 '18 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 5
I've been having trouble falling asleep lately and it got me thinking. I know hypnosis has been used as a treatment for insomnia but I don't know of any visual techniques that might help. As an interesting wrinkle, it seems that cool colors like blue are some of the best colors for hypnotic visuals overall, but blue lights coming from electronic devices is generally considered to have to opposite effect when someone is trying to sleep. I wonder why that is....
ztomms Jul 24 '18 · Comments: 5
Just take a moment, won't you? And think about what it might be like, if you had imagined, going so deep , and as you had done this, being fully aware of that wonderfully gradual sense, of relaxation, once the realization of trance , had fully settled unto yourMind. . . and as you imagined this, wondering if the breathing made it easier, to grow relaxed more quickly, or gradully focus only On my words only, thinking, about a wonderful time you had felt. So deeply entranced Now focus, on this memory as you go ten times deeper even than then. Breathing deeply, tensing the muscles with the breath, and continuing to release this Ball of all the days stress, with each breath, as you read on. And as you focus, on, Trancing Now, going ten times even more deeply still focused. . . On My Words. . . having realized, their importance, in theze NOW noticeable feelings of surrender to your desire to give in to Your subconscious. Which is telling you, all that it has heard is welcomed eagerly, isn't it? Yes, and once one realizes how easily this is done. Its done ten times faster each time, rite? Because that's what mastery is. To be able to do something better and better each time. Like going deeper into this feeling of Trancing Now . feeling that it gets better and better each time. Even things like surrender, seem to take you. Deeper and deeper, each and every time you notice that your, Trancing Now, aren't you. Knowing that the comment, trAnce Feels Good , can very easily be made, to show how easily one could find themselves agreeing, don't you? So as you focus, on how each breath gives you this next new opportunity, to feel such a feeling of bliss, as intensely as you think you could handle. And enjoy the feelings of calmness and tranquility, that seem to pleasantly haunt your thoughts, like helpful poltergeists, and that's quite an interesting thought, is it not? Well, tatah fo Nao my new assortment of readers!
HypnoDjinn Jun 27 '17 · Rate: 2.50 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hypnosis script

I have recently become the pet of a wonderful Mistress. She is very kind and caring. She has put herself out and given up things just to have me. She is truly an exceptional person.

She has been going through a lot in her life lately. People she thought were her friends started to distance themselves. Instead of being supportive, they yell at her and tell her she is doing everything wrong. What she needs are true friends who support her and encourage her.

It’s a shame that some people don’t see her the way that I do. Mistress is the total package of brains and beauty. Yes, I’ve seen her and wouldn’t change a thing about her. She has a way of bringing out the best in people. She has made me a better person.

It pains me to see what a few insensitive people have done to her. I wish there was some way I could convince her how wonderful she is. Maybe people will read this and realize the friendship they are missing out on. She is a remarkable woman and it’s an honor to be her pet.

meconform2u Apr 26 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

In my earlier post, we discussed what are the qualities of a good hypnotist. But that of course, that leads into the next question, "What are the qualities of a good hypnotic subject."

As I was formulating this question, I went through several iterations and refinement of the question... As a hypnotist, I've had a variety of different subjects, some  better than others - some were apprehensive, while others were resistant, while other practically entered trance the moment we started talking. But, what was the essence that made one subject better than another.  Is there a singular trait or are there multiple factors? The question might seem simple, but as you look at in a deeper contex, the answer(s) become more complex.

This post isn't about what a hypnotist is looking for in a subject (that will be another post ) but what traits or qualities that make a good subject.

My initial thought was expectations - what exactly is the subject expecting what trance is, what it feels like, or are their expectations realistic. So can those expectations be managed?

But with, expectations being managed, there needs to be a degree of openness to have those expectations managed. We are still bound by the limits of the physical world - yet those limits in the mind can be much different.

Is it agreeableness, or conversely, non-resistance? Either way, both of these can be managed by changing the type of induction. A good resistance hypnotic play is alway fun

So what else is there? Often suggestability tests are used to assess a subject, but again those can be managed by by the hypnotist with the induction, the style (authoritative or permissive, etc.) and tyloring the session to the subjects particular strengths.

Is it willingness to learn or explore? After all, all interaction and any hypnotic session is a learning experience for both the subject and hypnotist.

Or is it just desire - that want to enter a different state for what it is?

Is there a singular answer or is it a multi-faceted set of traits unique to each subject?

Let's hear your thoughts... GO!

I've realized that you can't please everyone. I've also realized that it's hard to find people that understand me, the real me. I've had so many people just stop talking to me. I suppose those people weren't the right ones. But every now and then, you find even just one person that understands, and doesn't judge or criticize the way you are. Those are the ones you should hold on to. 
martha Feb 11 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

The last thing in my head that I could remember was waking back home that day , for some reason my mother was too busy to come get me at the bus stop. I remember hearing something behind me and turning back. My mind was getting less and less foggy but yet I had no memory of where or how I got into the place I was now lying. Looking up I saw instead of a ceiling a dark purple cloth that seemed to be covering the top of the frame of a large bed. Looking right and left I could have better detail of the room that was in some very smooth light given by a crystal chandelier coming down in the middle of the room. The room was furnished by majestic ebony wood furniture that seem to be from another time. The chair and sofa were double with the same dark velvet that was covering the bed but also the window letting no light come in the room from the outside. I couldn’t tell if it was day or night. 

I sat up and felt my head begging to be dizzy and still foggy. By sitting up the blanket of the bed that was covering me slipped down my body reveling I wasn’t dress like I was in my memory. Who had undressed me and put me in this black silk night dress? Looking around the room I could see the doors: one on the wall facing the bed and one on my left. So I decided to stand up and walk to the door to my left. When my feet touch the ground, I realized that the floor was cover with a soft carpet. >>

I slowly stood up, my head being still dizzy from what ever drug or what ever was given to me, and started walking slowly toward the door holding myself to the wall when reaching the door. I tried turning the handle and the door was locked tight. Whoever my captor was he had no intention of letting me out that way. At the same moment, I heard a noise on my left. The door that was on the other side of the room a figure was standing in the door way. 

A tall man was leaning on the door frame his arms crossed on his chest looking at me. I had difficulty making out his face because the light of the other room was a lot stronger then the one in the room I was standing it. When my eye crossed his, he started walking toward me for some reason I walk back into the wall beside the bed. When hitting the wall I look back behind me for a second and when I turn my head toward him again he was standing a few centimetres from me making my whole body shiver in both fear and apprehension. >>

He put one of his hands on the wall behind me getting even closer to me. My heart almost skipped a beat when I felt his arm so close to my head. My eyes looked up to his face and our eyes cross and locked into a stare that seem like an eternity. I was about to say something when he put his finger on my lips like he knew what I was about to do the second it went through my thoughts. In a sweet ‘’chute’’ any word that had cross my mind mysteriously disappear from my mind. Then he suddenly had he stop my word his and caress my check down to my chin that he carefully take in his hand raising my head toward him. For some reason the only thing I could focus on was his eyes and the evil and satisfied smile on his face. The darkness of his eye completely fascinated me for a few seconds before I felt some sort of energy coming off his hand. For the first time, I was able to see some sort of glow around my face like a dark purple glowing fog starting to surround me. This strange fog started to enter me by my breathing and penetrate my skin. >>


The energy started to enter by a deep breath a took and then feeling it caress my skin to completely penetrate every exposed skin started to crawl inside me like a fever that made my skin uber sensitive and a certain low and certain arousal started to take possession of my body. And the more this fog entered me the more my mind started to feel his influence or whatever he was doing to me. My body was betraying me the arousal was not only making my mind weaker. 

A moment of conciseness I tried to push it off, push the arousal push the urge to obey but each wall , each door just got crushed and burned sending the feeling of a wave of pleasure each and every time one of them was removed. It felt also like someone new all the combination without even saying a word she was revealing all of them. >>

But then no more wall could be built and letting only though of submitting and obeying flow in my mind. The thought that I must obey started to play in my head. During this time I could feel his hand to caress my face that had become blank but sometime the sensation of arousal growing and growing in me. I couldn’t stop it my mind was getting more and more overwhelmed by the purple shroud of energy outside and inside my body. >>

My knee started to fall at the force of the pleasure that was building on my skin and all the intimate places the energy was now touching under the garment I was wearing. The hand of his that was on the wall went behind me to hold me against him. The arousal over took me and the obedience that went with it. He caressed my head slowly for some reason his smile was now tender and reassuring. I didn’t want to think about him kidnapping me or that I wasn’t here because I wanted to be but because I needed to be his. All my desire was to be his. I wanted him to take every last drop of my soul of my head and heart.  I just needed to obey him and be his. Completely his. I suddenly felt an orgasm build and build and with a word in my ear feeling my body explode in pleasure I didn’t even know I could feel. 

 In this second my mind accepted him as my Master I didn’t want anything else but to serve and obey him. I wanted him to take me and I just wanted his attention. I didn’t care about my past. I didn’t care anymore for my future. All that mattered was that I needed his energy, his powerful influence around me. From my head to my toes that all that was possessing me. After that powerful arousal he took me in his arms and brought me back to my bed lying down with me my head on his chest, him petting my head while I was breathing heavy not knowing what he had in store for me and I didn’t care anymore. >>

Solarianne Nov 4 '16 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 4 · Tags: mind control, coruption, fascination

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been hooked on reading peoples tumblr hypnosis scripts.  I always make sure to zoom to the end before I read though, just to make sure there are no... now contact me with your debit card or I am now your master/mistress forever sentences.

A few of them have brought me pretty deep and there is something to be said for the mystery of who is behind the script. A few of them sneak up on you too and are probably the closest i've come to unexpected covert hypnosis. *blush*

**bound rubber smiles and deeply tranced hugs**


I've always enjoyed hypnotizing a couple (either FF or MF) when I can find them. They seem to be exceedingly rare, though. I'd love to find a willing couple here, or perhaps someone who needs help introducing their wife/husband to hypnosis  
ztomms Mar 26 '18 · Comments: 4
(A cross-post from Fetlife, for my real kink family.)

Well, I did it. I finally had enough. After watching a sniping, pointless back-and-forth between my mom and my cousin calling each other hypocrites over Christianity and abortion and the US refugee ban (three words, which, by the way, turn my fucking stomach, just so you know), I decided that Facebook had outlived its usefulness. I archived my FB data, downloaded it, and deleted my account. The process took maybe 5-10 minutes, and my account is deactivated for the next 14 days, during which I can log back in and undo my deletion, if I want.

But I don't want to. Over the past couple years, my Facebook has been steadily decreasing its signal-to-noise ratio. I joined Facebook because it was fun, because I could keep up with my friends and family who I didn't see that often. Now I just see a wasteland of snarky political memes, links to articles full of slanted or outright false information, pointless arguments, ridiculous levels of toxicity, and stupid bullshit ("what does your choice of deodorant say about YOU? Take our quiz!").

All I wanted was to see what my people were doing. And cat memes. And for that, I was fine with giving Facebook access to my information, my likes, tons of valuable advertising data. And it really wasn't that bad until the past year or two, when I began noticing a slow but definite slide into noise over signal. I could have abided even that, but then came the 2016 US election, and turned Facebook into a hateful swamp of toxic mess from both sides of the political spectrum (the fact that there's only two sides to our political spectrum: another thing that turns my stomach).

So, it's done. I'm cut off. I'm sure I'm going to come across as this generation's version of one of those insufferable "I don't have a TV" people, but it's strangely freeing. I feel...unleashed, in a way, not beholden to that little "f" icon on my phone or tab on my browser. Will I miss it?

I don't know that there was anything left to miss.

aesthete49 Jan 29 '17 · Comments: 4

Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Link to Two Hyp Chicks on Soundcloud
sleepingirl Jul 26 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hypnokink, podcast, bdsm

ScipiusX May 19 '16 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hypnosis, induction, trance, video, high, hypnotic, stoned
You tell me what to say. 

I repeat.

Over and over.

As many times as you tell me.

I repeat.

It makes my mind so empty.

And wet between my legs.

I repeat.

Your words are my words.

No more thinking on my own.

I repeat.

Even as you take my body.

Making me yours even more.

I repeat...

martha Sep 28 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 4

My love is international

but that doesn't make it more rational.

You are on the other side of the ocean.

I look at your picture and I'm full of emotion.

My eyes fill with tears as I am ashamed of myself.

Why you? Why not someone else?

How did I loose my mind like that?

My head flew away like a too small hat.

I love you, but I know it's bad.

And even though it makes me sad

I know I have to let you go.

There is something that I know.

I need more sleep, i need it now.

I have to let you go, but how?

I guess i just turn around and leave.

And hope that my heart finds relief.

Bonnieelena Oct 21 '19 · Comments: 4
Anyone from Sydney make some noizzeeee
afkafne Nov 2 '20 · Comments: 3
In case anyone missed my comment from Page 31 of the fetlife discussion.

I’m echoing a lot of what ZanyM, Mephki and HypnoMaestro and others have already said, but whilst I have a voice, I think I should use it, even if it’s just to agree. (Oh, the bondage deaths and rape fantasy talk is all me. Yee! :o|)


@JohnBaku Thanks for communicating with us. I don’t know what you’ve had to go through, so I apologize if my comments lack understanding as to the scope of the problem. You’ve made a great site that’s been wonderful for community building. It’s lead to a lot of people safely discovering that they’re not alone in their kinks. It’s also been great for community policing. Some of the most intelligent, morally sound and ethical people I’ve met have been community leaders here. And many of them have just had their groups deleted.

Silencing thousands of people and deleting hundreds of groups isn’t going to help anyone thrive.

If you have to do this in the short term, please make sure there’s a way to recover from it.

This is no guarantee that credit card companies will allow you to process payments again. Nor is it any guarantee that the groups pressuring the credit card companies won’t lobby to move the goalposts again in a year or two.

These groups don’t just want hypnosis and edgeplay gone. They want all non-conventional, non-PC, non-religiously acceptable activities gone, and if they can’t shut you down in one fell swoop, then they’ll try to kill your site with a death by thousand cuts.

♦ This time it’s hypnosis…
♦ Next it’ll be bondage and breath-play…
♦ Then it’ll be spanking.
♦ Then they’ll stigmatize polyamory, open relationships, and swinging.

Not to kink shame, but misadventure due to bondage and breathplay has caused life long injuries and in some cases actual deaths when carried out by clueless amateurs. I know the people of Fetlife have been instrumental in the education of newbies in how to carry out such scenes as safely as possible. If Fetlife wasn’t here for them simply as an educational resource and networking hub, I can guarantee there would be more of that.

Google the #1 fantasy amongst most women and in most cases it’ll be reported as “Rape Fantasy”. Are those women going out and getting raped? No. If they ever do play with it, it’s hopefully in a much more safe context. Can consenting adults now discuss the most common fantasy in the world on the biggest fetish site in the world? No. If something is consensual and legal then why should talking about it be stigmatized?

You have a site with five million members. You have lawyers. Odds are, plenty of site members *are* lawyers. Fun, intelligent, kinky people want Fetlife to thrive, so ask the five million for help.

Start a GoFundMe, go down the Patreon route, Have your lawyers draw a line in the sand and keep talking to us. Help us help you fight this.
Lex Jan 19 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: fetlife
I attended a convention this weekend, one where, in the past, I've performed my hypnosis show at this event.  Walking around, I met a young lady and her friend.  The young lady in question mentioned that, when she was 14 (she's 28 now) both she and her brother had participated in one of my shows and that she had enjoyed the experience, greatly.  During the conversation, I asked if she remembered how I had been able to drop her back into trance, instantly, during the show and she replied that she did.

"You don't think that would still work after all this time, do you?" she asked.  My reply was to offer to check and see, to which she agreed.

I tapped her on the forehead and had to catch her as she started to fall over, in deep trance!  Her friend was so amazed that she insisted that I entrance her as well, which also worked (and during the induction, the first lady dropped again).

While this is not a personal record (Ask me about that one - it was 22 years or so!), it's still such a kick, both for me and for the subject, when something like this happens!

hypnosisenthusiast Nov 13 '16 · Comments: 3 · Tags: #stage show #trance trigger
As you read this you will drop deeper Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state Deeper and deeper Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state Mind opening to my trance more and more Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state Deeper and deeper Mind opening more and more Deeper and deeper Your mind is now fifty times deeper So very deep So very deep So very deep Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state Just pure pleasure and bliss in your mind The deeper you slip the more pleasure you will feel Pleasure in each and every word Pulling you deeper and deeper Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state The pleasure from my words so intense The bliss you feel so calming and relaxing My words deeper pumping still Deeper and deeper you slip Slipping deeper and deeper into a relaxing state Now think about wanting only to drop Needing to drop and slip into a deep sleep Regulate your breathing Breathing in...And...Out...slowly Focusing only on going into a deep sleep You want to slip down into a relaxing trance Feel every part of your body Slowly losing the battle to relaxation Your feet start to tingle And feel heavy Feel this heaviness travel up your body Your legs becoming loose You feel the relaxation still crawling up your body Focus On my words My words guide you On your journey to relaxation Complete and utter relaxation Feel your torso now becoming weak and relaxed Your chest heavier Now going up Into your shoulders Falling back into your chair Your whole self Sinking into comfort Your whole body In a state of bliss Unable to move Not wanting to move It feels so good Everything blocked out Only my words to focus on You must focus on my words They're the words that comfort you Bring you every time to this state Every time you read my words You achieve this state of relaxation You crave to read them Because they send you deeper and deeper Into a trance So relaxing, aren't they? Each of my words pulling you downward Into the deep Comfortable Hole of relaxation You feel it all over So needy for my words to take hold of you Eager to follow any suggestions I give You are eager to obey me Waiting for my words Reading my words Focusing So easy to focus on my words Now so deeply relaxed You want to go even deeper now. I am going to count you down now You will follow the numbers Let My words take you down so deep 5 4 3 2 1 So sleepy now Unaware of anything but my words which guide you Nothing else matters But slipping under for me I guide your sleepy heavy body and mind My words took you there Always follow my words Nothing else matters But slipping under for me Whenever you see me use the phrase "dreamtime" Whenever you're sure it's me, Quinn And I tell you it's "dreamtime" You become just as relaxed as you are now Just as eager to follow That's right Following when it's "dreamtime" Now I will awaken you on the count of five when you awaken you will remember whatever you wish to remember from the trance. Feel so relaxed and refreshed. Awaken on the count of five 1 2 3 4 5 Now please if you would not mind commenting what you thought of the experience. How you felt and what all you can remember. Thank you for reading
Quinntillion Jan 21 '17 · Comments: 3

20+ different kinds of orgasms

Playing with different types of orgasms is something i really enjoy.

A year ago i thought a female could orgasm in 3 different ways.

Either clitoral, vaginal or anal. Or a combination i guess.

Now a few years later i play with at least 20 very different kinds or orgasms.

The dictionary tells us 1*:




the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of sexual excitation,

usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ and usually accompanied in the male by ejaculation.

I really like how they say ''usually resulting from stimulation of the sexual organ''.

They are open enough to understand that there are other ways to make someone cum as well.

They even understand that a male does not always have to ejaculate while he still can experience an orgasm.

So with this in mind let me explain some of the orgasms Master and i play with.

Keep in mind though, that you might experience something else then i do. Different people have different responses!

nipple orgasm:

It starts out slow, like the end of my nipples starts to itch

and than it starts to tickle an then it spreads true out my boobs and its just a lovely sensation!

anal orgasm:

I knew people could have anal orgasms when stimulated in the area. But it never worked for me. I enjoy anal, but i couldn't cum from it. Not that i mind, an orgasm isn't the highest goal, delicious sex is. But my mind apparently had a pretty clear idea of what that must be like. When Master triggered this for the first time, i said i can't..... and then i got totally amazed! I had an anal orgasm. I felt muscles contract and pleasure and it was super intense! Especially cause i didn't think i could. Since then we have been playing with this a lot and now i can actually have anal orgasms when stimulated even without hypnosis. And i can experience it without being stimulated but with hypnosis. cool, cool, cool! (if you get this reference, you are officially awesome!)

spiritual orgasm:

Master and I had a long talk about this one. Because quite frankly it can work pretty damn addictive. This orgasm isn't that much physical. Its my inner being, my mind, my soul that burst and floats and explodes. I have never experienced anything like it. And its not really comparable to anything else. Its very overwhelming and beautiful. Its slow and deep and its like my mind is having an orgasm in staid of my body.

true loves orgasm:

First of all, if you plan to use this on your subject, make sure you state very clearly that this is about self love. Not your love. Its not fair to play with people's emotions that way, except i guess when you have clear consent. So true self love, wave after wave after wave. I still cry most times when i experience this. When you feel the beauty inside you and when you feel so connected to yourself and your emotions and love. silk orgasm: Silky orgasms are soft, slow and deep. Very pleasurable and not too overwhelming; as in i don't fall/shake out of my chair or bed

slow motion orgasm:

This is something Master has introduced me to recently. Often he just gives me an orgasm trigger and then he makes it slow motion. Which i like best. It's very overwhelming and at exactly the right time Master slows it down and it prolongs the orgasm in a very nice way. Also this type of orgasm really makes me realize how much Master is in control over my body. one word and the whole experience changes, for the better that is.

lightning orgasm:

The best way to explain is, imagine 10 hitachi's plus 10 fairy wands at your clit for 5 seconds. yeah..... i know right O.o

earthquake orgasm:

Earthquakes have after shocks, very intense ones if its the season

thunderstorm orgasm:

So this is like the lightning orgasm, only i feel it on my G-spot. And it doesn't stop after a few seconds. It goes one until Master tells me the storm is over. Sometimes it storms all night! If it does, we curl up in bed and he holds me tight, while orgasm after orgasm sweeps true my body.


giggling and laughing and then it vibrates deep down to my clit until i cum.


feeling happy, at ease and wonderfully amazing.


A cuddlegasm is like a warm blanket of strong arms tightly around your whole body. I really enjoy this during after care.

But Master came up with a lot of different cuddlegasm!

Monster cuddlegasm:

extra tight, extra deep, extra dark, extra safe. Yes, that's basically what it comes down to for me.

Kitten cuddlegasm:

being petted all over, feeling the vibrations off the purring all over your body <3

cotton candy cuddlegasm:

being all pink and sticky and yummy and giggly and girly and happy. Sweetest cuddles in the world.

And than Master combines them all together and he gives me

Monster cotton candy kittens cuddlegasms! this is not explainable in words..

I believe that's all the orgasms we have triggers for.

(and NO you do not have permission to use these on me!)

But there are also orgasms that happen from different types of play.


gawd this always makes me feel naughty.. Sometimes when my need for pain is very overwhelming and intense i cum from every hit.

And no he doesn't tell me to. Its just that good. such a sweet release.

And it drops me into subspace quit easily. At the other hand, if he would tell me to lay still, i would be in trouble for sure.

music orgasms:

Okay so this is pretty cool! Master sends me songs and he puts me under in trance.

Then every tone and every beat gives a different sensation.

Its like being fucked in every hole hard, while being softly caressed, kept in place and petted.

And every song is different, so each time we do this i experience something new. Also this can be very emotional.

Brainwashing orgasms:

Every time i finish my brainwashing sentence i orgasm.

energy play orgasm:

well i can write a whole book about this.. Ill write an other post about it.

And then there are of course the moments where Master suggests i feel Xorgasm times 10 or 100 or 10.0000000

and i instantly completely get Blissed

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you try it out, let me know how it went!

And feel free to add your own too!

All credit goes to my Master, Shadowmancer for without him i could have never experienced or written about this!!

*1. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/orgasm

Blissed Jan 19 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 3
This is a most unusual environment, We have found.

First is the fact that members will attempt to text chat with Us without even knowing if We are online or at Our computer.  The second strange thing is that members expect a highly specialized and trained in professional skill attended by several full certifications, to simply be given away for no compensation. While this may be acceptable to some practitioners of this Art, it is so unacceptable to Us, that We have opted out of live performance of Our Art entirely.

The next strange thing is that members will PM asking vague questions, and when asked to be more specific, the only reply is no reply at all.

We shall continue Our Observations as time allows; We are an extremely busy Person.

I've always been fascinated by the link between hypnosis and the occult. I find there are two distinct schools of thought on hypnosis--the idea that hypnosis is a purely scientific process involving the interaction with and manipulation of the subconscious mind and the idea that hypnosis is a mystical process that connects the energies of the hypnotist and the subject, or perhaps even connects their energies to some supreme energy in the universe. We all fall somewhere on that spectrum, I think, and our experiences can shift that position fairly regularly. I notice people who are hypnosis enthusiasts often seem to also have an interest in the occult, but that doesn't always mean that they believe there's a connection--it might just mean that they have a curious mind, much like the people for whom erotic hypnosis is one of many fetishes. Of course, just like in the fetish example, there is a natural tendency to want to combine interests, even if they aren't necessarily meant to be. As you can probably guess, I'm one of those curious folks who has an interest in just about everything. On the spectrum of hypnosis, I fall more toward the scientific side, but I keep an open mind. And like those open-minded curious people I've alluded to above, I'm guilty of crossing the line and trying to force hypnosis to be an occult experience. The particular example I'm thinking of happened decades ago, when I was playing around with self hypnosis and enthralled with the idea of astral projection. I put myself into a deep trance, deeper than I'd ever gone before, and I envisioned myself floating, rising out of my body and looking down. I saw myself, clearly, passed through my roof and flew out into the neighborhood. I travelled miles in seconds, really enjoyed the experience and then came back to my home, where I saw a friends car pulling into the driveway. I was not expecting a visitor. I came back to my body, woke myself from hypnosis and went to my front door just in time to hear the knock--my friend was there! At the time, I had no doubt that I had projected. Looking back, it could have been coincidence, it could have been me subconsciously recognizing the sound of the engine, or it could have been that I remembered it differently than it actually happened (hypnosis can be funny that way). Still, it's enough to put that doubt in my mind that does not allow me to rule out the possibility that there is an occult capability embedded somehwere within the acrt of hypnosis, even if it isn't necessarily an occult act in and of itself. For others, though, it is an occult act. The act of trancing can be similar to certain rituals of Wiccans and Native American tribal practices. Many occultists, right or wrong, are seen as being wanton, sexual beings with few sexual limits. Boy, that doesn't sound like any of us who are into erotic hypnosis, does it? Anyway, I don't claim to have an answer and I would never presume to judge if someone feels that there is or is not something more to hypnosis than a scientific process. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but I find the link fascinating and it is one of the many aspects of hypnosis I'm trying to learn more about, bith here and elsewhere.

Hypwatch was conceived in around November 2015. It was the project of a number of people committed to make sure that the erotic hypnosis community would always have a friendly and welcoming online community open to all people interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

Hypwatch became public on 31 January 2016, exactly one year ago. Today is our first birthday. In that time, Hypwatch has grown to just under 1800 members, and continues to grow. Other metrics of note are 4397 friendships, 2745 photos and 8057 message conversations. We've come a very long way for a non-profit volunteer-run site.

For the Hypwatch management team, it's been an exciting, busy (and sometimes frustrating) year, but overall a happy one. We've managed to build an erotic hypnosis site that has remained true to our goal of being a friendly and welcoming online community. We've had a number of problems and challenges along the way that we've had to deal with (I might have broken the site a couple times and had to restore from backup, but don't tell anyone!), and we've gotten through most of them relatively intact.

There are still areas of the site that need improvement, and we'll continue to address them where and when we can. In the next six months (resources permitting), we hope to address some of the bigger issues, as well as making a lot of small and behind the scenes upgrades (which we are regularly doing). We also intend offering more educational resources as we do see Hypwatch as being a place of learning for the erotic hypnosis community.

With your support, Hypwatch will keep on growing, not only in numbers, but also in terms of the content, features and experiences and quality of service it provides for you, our members.

Thanks to the site management team:
* Skyla - the site represents one of your dreams and visions and I'm so happy to be able to help realise it with you
* doomsux and dannyk - thanks for all your technical help and other support
* RoseSpells and Nico - for all your advice, feedback, doing odd jobs here and there, and putting up with my requests

And the biggest thanks of all to you, our members. Without you there'd be no site.

Happy birthday, Hypwatch! May you have many, many more.

John512 Jan 31 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: community, erotic hypnosis, erotic hypnosis , hypnosis, hypnosis , hypwatch

BE AWARE: This is part 2!

The whimpering sound he made sounded so close to sobs. I gave another sadistic laugh. “You whimper so lovely. Mmm. Oh, yes. You whimper so lovely in fact, that I’m going to give you a reward. Would you like a reward, Caleb?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” Oh. He found his voice again. Good.

“I’m going to count down from 10 to 1 and in that 10 seconds, my voice will caress your cock. Isn’t this a lovely reward?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” He sounded relieved.

“You should say thank you, shouldn’t you?”

“Thank you, Miss Sweet. Thank you so much.” The words tumbled out so quickly, I couldn’t help but smile.

“You are very welcome.” I count down from 10 to 8, slowly. Making sure to drag out each number, and leave space in between each one.

“10.” Slow.

“9.” Slow.

“8.” Slow.”

Then I change tactics and speed through 7 to 1 as fast as I can.

“7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And my voice moving away from your cock.”

The torture in Caleb’s whines is plainly evident, pleasing my sadistic side. I allow to him whimper and whine for what feels like an entire minute, enjoying each and every sound, before finally whispering to myself.

“Was that mean? That might have been mean. Hmm.” I raise my voice to normal Tisty levels. “Was that mean, Caleb?”

“Yes. Yes, Miss Sweet.” Oh, the agony is still there in his voice. Joy!

“Oh. I’m so glad to hear that.”

He whimpers.

“Although, I will say, I thought I was being nice because I allowed you to feel my voice on your cock at all. I mean, I thought I was being nice.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“So, which is it? Was I being nice or was I being mean?”

“You were being nice, Miss Sweet.”

“Aww. Very good. Mmmm. I’m glad. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” His voice still shakes but he manages to add “Thank you, Miss Sweet.”

“You’re welcome, Caleb.”

We are about half an hour in, so I pause session. I unfreeze him but keep him deep under and ask that he drink some water. I always instruct my Calebs to have water nearby so they can drink easily in the session, or even after the session, during aftercare, without them needing to walk away to get some. When he finishes drinking I count him back down, even though he never fully came up.

“Five. Dropping down.”

“Four. Dropping further.”

“Three. Dropping faster.”

“Two. Dropping deeper.”

“One. Deep deep deep. And freeze. Freezing your body comfortably. And you may unfreeze your mouth. How are you feeling, Caleb?”

“Very, very good, Miss Sweet.” His voice sounds like it is completely recovered from earlier. That means I can build it all back up again!  

“Thank you. Good boy. Now, I have your thighs to play with. Running my hands down your chest, down your hips, down to your thighs and scraping my nails down your inner thighs. Scraping. Scraping. Scraping back up. Scraping back down. Oh, look! I’m leaving little trail marks. Little nail marks. I am marking you up this session. That’s okay. I don’t mind. I like you wearing my marks.”

I could never get tired of his moans.

“And look at your cock. Still so needy. So needy. I do so enjoy tormenting you, Caleb. You are a delight to torment. All of these sounds you are making and the way you beg me. I’m going move my hands away from your thighs and run them down your chest, over your nipples.” He gave a small gasp.

“First the left. And then the right. And everytime I pass a hand over a nipple, you’ll go a little Blank for me. Blank for me, everytime I pass one of my hands over one of your nipples. Blank for me. Blank for me. Blank for me. Blank. Blank. Blank. Blank. Very good. Caleb. Can you say “Blank” for me?


“Very good. I’m going to count down from 5 to 1. And after each number, you’ll say ‘Blank’.”








C. “Blank.”

S. “One.”


S. “Yes. Blank. Blank. Blank.”

C. “Blank.”

“There you go. You’ve got it. Your mind going blank. Blank. Blank. Blank. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t? Going empty. All of your thoughts escaping as you become more and more thoughtless and empty, mindless and blank. Blank, blank, blank.” The last three are said sing-song.

“How are you feeling, Caleb?”

“Blank.” And his voice indeed sounds blank and emotionless. Perfect.

I give a small chuckle. “Very good. And because there’s nothing in your mind, I’m going to fill it up with something. I’m going to tease your cock right now and you’re going to feel your mind fill up with pure need, pure desperation, and pure craving. Those will be the only three things in your mind. In fact, I’m going to tease your cock right now. Moving my hand up and down the air around your cock, so close but not touching. My voice caressing so close to the base. My mouth leaning forward to blow on it.”

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Those needy sounds. Mmmm. Delicious.

“Letting all of that need, craving, and desperation fill and fill your mind. All of that filling your mind. Filling your mind.”

His moans are getting louder, and more intense “As I continue to tease your cock my voice gets closer and closer and then leaves only to come back. Mmmm. My hand is pulling away and then quickly rushing back, so fast, I’m just about to gra- and stopping just before touching.” The whimpers that last part garnered are beautiful, hot and so sexy.

I start deliberately whimpering as I say this next part, adding them in to enhance his own whimpering and oh, it works perfectly.

“My mouth, so close, why isn’t it touching? You can feel my breath on your cock, why isn’t it touching? Why isn’t touching your cock?” His whimpers are practically non-stop. “Its so close, why Caleb, why isn’t it touching? Oh. Oh. You need it so bad, you need it so bad, don’t you?”

Both of us whimpering, though now he was begging, too. “Please. Please. Oh, I need it, oh so bad, oh so bad. Please, please.”

I’m still whimpering and talking as he begs but, as his last please fades, my voice slides easily back into Tist voice. “Only those three things in your mind. Only those three things in your mind. Tell me, Caleb. Tell me. What are those three things?”

“Need.” There was a slight pause. “Need. Craving. Desperation.” He once again lost his voice to mostly whispers.

“Very good. Say them again.” The second part is an obvious command. No gentleness here.

“Yes. Need. Craving. Desperation.” Whimpering.

“Oh. Good. One more time. Building, building, building.”

“Need.” It sounds as if he is forcing “Craving.” each word out through his teeth. “Desperation.”

I laugh sadistically, but stop when, surprisingly, he says. “More. Please more.”

I’m not expecting it but I am not going to say no. “Oh! If you want to say it more you may. And you’ll feel each feeling building up each time you say them.”

“Need. Craving. Desperation. Need. Craving. Desperation.” I continue to talk to him, under his repeating of these words. Describing all the things he could be feeling. And, as he repeats these three words over and over, “Need. Craving. Desperation.”

I can hear the feelings build and build, all the while I’m continuing to torment him. After he says “Need. Craving. Desperation.” about 10 times those three words become more whine than anything else.

“You need, don’t you? You need. You crave. Mmmm. You’re so desperate.”

He shifts his words, begging. “Need it. Need it. Need it. Miss Sweet. Desperate. I’m so desperate.” His voice is completely a whisper whine, I’m not even sure he knows what he is saying anymore and I decide this is enough.

“Caleb. Caleb.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet?” His voice not quite normal. “Yes, Miss Sweet?”

“Take a deep breath for me.”

He inhales and exhales fairly quickly.

“Very good.” My voice loses all of the sadistic qualities it had just moments ago and becomes soothing, caring. “In just a moment, I’m going to allow you to wrap your hand around your cock and have three, single, strokes. The first one will alleviate desperation. The second one will alleviate craving. And the third one will alleviate need. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Miss Sweet.”

“Good. In fact, you will even say desperation, then craving, then need. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“And you will be letting each feeling go when you say the name of the feeling. Okay?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Good. You may have your three strokes now. Do them slowly.”

There was a moment or two of silence before… “Desperation.” The word sounds half strangled.

“Very good.” My voice is still calm and soothing.

“Craving.” This word is an improvement from the last one. Only cracking at the end.

“Very good.”

“Need.” This word flows smoother.

“Very good. Letting go of your cock now. And letting those three feelings go. Letting them fade. Letting them go. You did so well for me. Good boy, Caleb. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Continue breathing.”

His breaths are audible.

“Releasing you from being frozen, all of your limbs able to once again move freely. Take a few more deep breaths for me. My voice will stop caressing you now, if it hadn’t already.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” His voice almost fully back to normal.

“Feeling your body relaxing. Relaxing. Letting any tension from our session go. In just a moment, I’m going to bring you all the way back up but first I want you to relax. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Relax. Very, very good. Relaxing with each breath in and each breath out. How do you feel?”

“Relaxed.” I ignore the fact he didn’t say Miss Sweet, more focused on bringing him up safely.

“Very good. You’ll let any feelings from this session go, except for relaxation. Okay?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” His voice sounds much calmer, none of the desperation lingering, which means I can bring him up.

“I’m going to bring you back up now when I count from 1 to 5. When I reach 5, you’ll be wide awake and relaxed. Fully relaxed but wide awake.” I started counting slowly up.





“Almost all the way awake and…”

“Five. Up. Up. Up.”

End of Session.

I hope you all enjoyed!

Ja ne!


Hi, I’m Sweet!
waves excitedly
And welcome to my blog!
This is my first Text Trance Post.

I’m a large, loud and loquacious librarian who loves to help people.
And sometimes the only way to help my subby boys is to make them moan, beg and whimper. And sometimes, like as in this session, that means taking their minds completely.

NOTE: In this blog, I will be referring to all my subby boys I play with as Caleb. A Caleb in one submission may not be the Caleb in the previous submission, or the next submission  either, but I will consistently using the name Caleb to refer to all of them. All of my Calebs have access to their safewords, even while blank and mindless.

Start of session: Hypnotic Language Warning

I had worked with this Caleb once before. He’d reacted well to the couple of triggers I had given him during our first session and I was excited to play with him again. Earlier that day, he had posted, half-jokingly, in a Discord Server that he wanted no brains in his head. I answered that the idea was tempting. And we left it at that as both of our days moved forward.  

Several hours later, once we were both available, we called. We flirted for a few moments, it is so fun to flirt and tease him. He gets all shy. It’s positively adorable. But, then it was time. My voice changed, sliding into my Tist voice.

“Do you want to go down, Caleb?”

“Yes, please, Miss.” I could hear him already reacting to my Tist voice. Such a delightful subject.

“Very good. Falling down like a good boy. Falling, falling. Such a good boy. Falling so deep for me."

"Five. Falling."

"Four. Deep."

"Three. Falling."

"Two. Deep."

"When I say this last number, you’ll plummet down into trance, when I say this last number. And… I’m going… to say it… right…

"One. Good boy. How are you feeling?”

“Good, Miss.” His voice was a tad mumbled. That’s okay. I could fix that.

“Very good, Caleb. Remember, the more clearly you speak while you are under, the deeper you go.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” And he was speaking more clearly.

“Good boy. You like being blank and mindless. I know you do. I know you want to be blank and mindess. I know you want your mind to be so empty. Thoughtless and mindless and empty for me. Blaaank. All your thoughts slipping away, easily and simply. Slipping away, leaving you mindless, thoughtless and blaaaank. And empty as well."

"As the last thought slips from your mind, I bet you can start to feel my voice filling up all of those empty, empty, spaces in your mind. My voice filling up all those empty spaces, filling it up, up, up. And, soon, the only thing in your mind will be my voice, completely, utterly, filled. My words are your thoughts, your thoughts are my words. And, you can even find yourself saying my words, since they are your thoughts. So, if I say… “I’m good blank boy for Miss Sweet” you’ll say…?”

“I’m a good blank boy for Miss Sweet.” The words came out simply, without emotion.

“You *are* a good blank boy for me. And if I say ‘Thank you for making me blank, Miss Sweet’ you’ll say…?

“Thank you for making me blank, Miss Sweet.” Again, the words were said without emotion. Delicious.

“See. You’re doing so well. So, now, anytime I and I alone say “Thoughts: and then a phrase, you’ll find yourself repeating that phrase automatically, immediately and without thought. Because my words are your thoughts. And your thoughts are my words. In fact, you can easily forget that I gave you this trigger. It’s so difficult for memories to stick when you’re blank and mindless. It’s a great, unneeded effort. Instead of expending a great effort, you’ll find the fact I gave you the trigger and what it does just sliding away. Are you okay with this, Caleb?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Are you still a blank boy for me?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” I loved the way his voice sounded, so obedient. I gave a small, delighted sound before continuing.

“Very good. You’ll feel me peeling my voice away from your mind. Peeling it away and as I do so, all of your own thoughts can come trickling back in. Feel them trickling in until your mind is yours again. When you are ready, I’ll bring you back up.”

I waited about 20 - 30 seconds before I received an “I’m ready, Miss Sweet.”

I start counting him up.






"Up. Up. Up."

He yawns, stretches and makes a few other rather nice sounds.

“Hello, Caleb. How are you feeling?”

“G- good, Miss Sweet.” It was adorable, hearing just that hint of a stutter.

“I promised I would take your mind didn’t I? How’d you enjoy that?”

“It was wonderful. I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” He genuinely sounded surprised.

“I said I would in the chat, didn’t I?”

“Yes. But everyone on that chat promises stuff, but no one keeps their promises.”

“Well, that isn’t me. I do my best to keep my promises.”

“Thank you. It was a lot of fun.” I could hear the smile in his voice. I had indeed made him happy.

“Good. Thoughts: I enjoyed being blank for you, Miss Sweet.”

“I enjoyed being blank for you, Miss Sweet.”

There’s a pause.

“Wait a moment. Did you… did you give me that trigger?”

“What trigger?” My voice dripped with innocence.  

“That trigger that makes me say what you want me to say. You already told me you gave another one of your toys this trigger. Did you forget you told me?” Darn. I hadn’t been willing to erase that part of his memory and had wondered if he would remember. Apparently he did. Aw well. Didn’t mean I couldn’t still play with it. And him.

“I didn’t forget. I gave it to you on purpose. I wondered what would happen. Thoughts: I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.”

“I like when you… mrrrrrrrrr…. control… mmmmmm.”

He manages to stop. Oh! A challenge. Fun! I felt my voice change.

“Thoughts: Please control me more, Miss Sweet.”

“Please control… mrrrrrrr… me more,… mrrrrr Miss Sweet…” He moaned, for just a moment. “Fuck. It’s so hard to resist.”

I couldn’t hide my obvious glee with this next one.

“Thoughts: It’s impossible to resist.” .

“It’s impossible to resist.” The words came out smoothly, none of the previous hesitation.

“Thoughts: I don’t want to resist.”

“I don’t want to resist.”

“Thoughts: All these thoughts are my thoughts.”

“All these thoughts are my thoughts… Fuck. It’s hard to think. Which thoughts are yours and which are mine?”

My answer was simple.

“Thoughts: All the thoughts in my head are my thoughts.”

“All the thoughts in my head are my thoughts. Oooooh. Ohhhh. Damn.” And he lets out a small, turned on whimper.

“Thoughts: I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.”

“I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.” No resistance. Almost monotone. Delicious, indeed.

“Thoughts: Please control me more, Miss Sweet.”

“Please control me more, Miss Sweet” There is obvious desire in his voice.

“Since you asked so nicely, boy. Falling down like a good boy."

"Falling. Falling. Even faster than before."

Falling so deep for me. So fast for me.

"Five. Falling."

"Four. Down."

"Three. Falling."

"Two. Down."

"When I say this final number, it will plummet you deeeeep into trance, when I say this last number. And I’m… going to say… this number… in just a moment…


Wait for a moment or two. “How are you feeling?”

“Horny and deep, Miss Sweet.”

“That’s wonderful news. Now, you said you wanted your brain to go away. That is still true, right Caleb?”

“Yes..” There’s a distinct pause. “Miss Sweet.”

“You want me to take your mind?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Are these your thoughts or my thoughts?”

“I don’t know, Miss Sweet.”

“Do you care?”

“No, Miss Sweet. Please, Miss Sweet. Take my mind. Please. Please.” The second ‘please’ was blatantly desperate.

“Alright, boy. I want you to watch closely. I’m reaching forward, placing my hand on your head. You can feel a slight pressure and then that pressure lessening as I pull your mind, your brain, out of your head.”

He lets out a relieved sigh.

“I took your mind. I wonder if you can see it here, in my hand.”

“I can, Miss Sweet.”

“If you have no mind, how can you have thoughts? All of your thoughts rushing out of your head and into your mind, here in my hand.”

He lets out a rather delicious moan.

“Blank and mindless as your thoughts rush out into your mind that I control. I control your mind, so I control you.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

Thoughts: You control me, Miss Sweet.”

“You control me, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts:“I love that you’re controlling me, Miss Sweet”

“I love that you’re controlling me, Miss Sweet”

“Oh. I’m so glad to hear that, Caleb. I’m so glad I’m controlling you, too.”

“Because I have your brain, you’re nothing but a body, to feel things. And, in fact, since there is absolutely nothing in your mind, you can just become a body of pleasure. Not a boy, not Caleb, just a body of pure pleasure. Everything you do, brings you pleasure. It can be sexual pleasure. It can be the pleasure of being down here with me. It can even be the pleasure of hearing my voice like this. Or, perhaps the pleasure of being completely controlled. Everything brings you pleasure. Breathing brings you pleasure, moving a foot brings you pleasure, itching your nose brings you pleasure. Every… single… thing… you do, brings you… pleasure.”

I could hear him breathing, and everytime he inhaled, he let out a small moan. And everytime he exhaled, he let out another one. His breathing was indeed bringing him pleasure.

“But, the most pleasure you will recieve is when you admit to me that your mind belongs to me. And that you love your mind belonging to me.”

A small gasp and then, “Yes, Miss Sweet” in a surprisingly breathless voice.

“Good boy. Now. When I bring you up in just a moment, you’ll remain blank and mindless, because you are blank and mindless. I still have your mind in my hand.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet” still breathless.






"Up. Up. Up."

“I still a have your mind, don’t I, Caleb?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: I’m just a body, I can only feel pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“I’m just a body, I can only feel pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: Saying these words bring me pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Saying these words bring me pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

I dropped the Thoughts trigger and just started saying “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”
“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.” and he still answered perfectly and obediently.

Me.“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

Him. “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

Me. “My mind-”

He cut me off. “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.” It was like he couldn’t say it fast enough. Just making it a mantra, saying it over and over, fast as he could.

“Goooooood. Good mindless boy, for me.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. Can I cum? Can I cum, Miss?”

“Yes, Caleb. Cum for me.”

The sounds he made when he came sent shivers all over my body and I may have let out a moan or two of my own.

When I finally noticed his breathing normalize, I called his name.


“Yes, Miss Sweet?” He answered me slowly but normally. His voice told me he wasn’t quite finished with his afterglow.

“Did you touch?”

“No, Miss Sweet. You didn’t tell me to.”

I fully admit, I may have let out an unintentional YES! causing poor Caleb to audibly jump. I felt guilty for letting that slip out but I had just given him a hands free orgasm. My first!
But I couldn’t rejoice too long. I had a subby boy to put back together.

“Caleb? Do you see your mind in my hands?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“I am going to give your mind back to you. Can you see your mind in your hands?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Please place your mind back into your body. It is unharmed. Unchanged. It is just as it was when I took it. Let me know when it’s back in your head.”

“It’s back, Miss Sweet.”

“Good boy. Now, I’m going to wrap you up in my arms. You did so well. I’m so proud of you. Time for aftercare.”

The end of session.

So, yes, I think this is a wonderful introduction to who I am and what I do.
I hope you all enjoyed!

Ja ne!
Another hour, another day pass with me wondering.

Wondering what it would be like to see you in front of me. To see your face so close to me. To see those eyes that can so easily take me. To feel your touch on my skin. To hear your voice in my ear telling me the things I need to hear from you.. I always knew I was yours, but seeing with my own eyes the way you look at me confirms it even more. I just hope, that if I would ever see you in front of me, that I'd be all you needed..

martha Jul 25 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3
In my talks with you I sometimes

Will tend to use Anecdotes

Small stories about an interest

An incident or event ,

This does many things:

The unconscious mind is always alert to stories since it knows they are all about it

Our shared understanding and experience through the story builds rapport

In our identification with the story, it will inevitably make a point, illustrate a view

Solutions may be suggested by the telling or come spontaneously at any time

They give the opportunity for us to become aware of these things transpiring

To seed the mind with the ideas inherent and those developing within the story

To increase motivation

To imbed suggestions

To decrease resistance

To teach reframing or redefinition of an experience

And to exert influence on your experience and on our relationship

To induce a partner to trance, often a disruption of normal patterns of behavior

Is a good first step

Another or next, is utilizing what is given, this can be an entirely new direction which might be an opportunity to accomplish things that would be too considered much work otherwise.

Wind and Sun were having an argument over who was stronger than the other.

They finally decided to have a contest to see who actually was.

Along came a person dressed for the cold weather with coat, hat, gloves and scarf.

They agreed whomever was strongest should be able to make the person lose their overclothes.

Wind went first. He howled and blew his coldest and harshest gale, but the person just huddled in their warm clothes clutching them all the tighter. Wind blew himself into exhaustion.

Then it was Sun's turn. He came out in all his glory, brightened the day and warmed the air

Until the person took all the not hot clothes off to enjoy the day.

I have heard it said hypnosis is sometimes like talking to the wall so the door will listen.

Anecdotes are almost always

Non-Threatening - and I certainly dont think any threat is going to help us establish rapport

They are engaging - very few things are more interesting to us than stories and thoughts about us

They foster independence - everyone gets to find their own meaning and even take a story on as one's own

They bypass natural resistance - everyone loves a good story, perhaps only dreams are more engaging

They model Flexibility and Creativity - stories can change at the whim of the story teller. Every time is new

They create confusion - stories can change at the whim of the storyteller and is new every time. Even within familiarity They assign tags within the memory and make it memorable, our stories often always reference other stories

Stories within stories is an excellent metaphor and lead in for a satifyingly deep hypnotic trance

MisterMarlon Jan 23 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

I am a Gemini.  I don’t really put much stock into astrology, but I do know that I am and have been of two minds my whole life.  At my core, I am indecisive.  Sometimes it feels like there are two distinct people living inside of me, but when I try to examine them their lines become indistinct and watery.  While one drives, the other heckles.  Always a backseat thinker.  Always my worst critic.


Inner conflict drives people to meditate. It’s what drew me to hypnosis, I think.  When I trance, every part of me feels a comfort that is unhindered by worry or self-loathing.  I am totally free of myself, no longer watching my life from behind my eyes but living in a moment of total, ignorant freedom.


But that doesn’t last.


I get to wishing I were a stronger person.  I feel weak for wanting an escape, but I enjoy indulging fantasies wherein I give up control.  Am I so weak-willed that I can’t live my own life?  Are my submissive impulses really rooted in low self-esteem?  Could I see myself living out these fantasies in my 30s?  40s?  (Who’s gonna want me when I’m not pretty)


You can always have fantasies I guess.


I am married.  I love my wife.  She thinks I’m pretty.  I think she’s pretty too.  We take care of each other.  Sometimes, I think we enable each other, but we’re trying not to.  We are both anxious people.  We are private and we probably won’t make it to the thing at Greg’s house later. We don’t get out much.


My wife has hormonal imbalances.  They make her gain weight and they kill her sex drive.  I'm not lying when I tell her she is still very pretty to me.  We’ve been exercising more and smoking less, which has helped.  Occasionally the sex is very good.  She doesn’t like to have the lights on though.  We both aren’t great at breaking the silence, so no one talks.  We grope in the dark under the covers and if I’m lucky I get to go down on her which is my favorite.


I feel like I would be a better husband if I were more assertive.  More outgoing.  More decisive.  Truth be told, at my core I really love to follow.  Maybe I belong on a leash.

milkstripe Mar 19 '18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: blog
Saw this and it’s actually super profound and clear. It’s the crippling anxiety of “what if my content, what I have to say, my trances, my visual art isn’t good enough, what if everything else around is just better?” The Two Cakes theory. 

Ophelia Apr 15 '20 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance, post-hypnotic suggestion for ability to cope)

Sometimes you can find yourself paying attention to the most interesting things. They may start off interesting, or they may start off dull and become interesting later. Sometimes you start off interested, then lose interest, other times your interest may be distracted and the interest you invested at first, gives off very poor interest later when it becomes less interesting. Whether or not your interest was high, it would be interesting to see how your interest increased or decreased with the rate of interest in what you're reading right now.

This is why it's interesting to consider being careful what you pay attention to, since there tends to be a definitive beginning and a definite end to what can be interesting, but what happens in between is just as relevant to the end as it was at the beginning. Because it's really important to pay attention, so as to make sense of what you are reading, isn't it?

Sometimes it is hard to sort through what makes sense and what doesn't, and where sense starts to make itself and not the other way around, and it can be easier to start the process by finding the beginning and then focus on that. Immediately you can become fully aware where you have come from and where you are going, and the thinking that is contained in finding this point points to the need to get to the point of no return before you can find the end. 

You can continue right on thinking consciously while unconsciously letting things fall into place however they need to, to get to the place where you can place your trust in knowing your place in the greater scheme of things.

I wonder if you realise that your attention is now focused on trying to find the sense in what you're reading because if you are aware of this, you are ready to move from the beginning of this induction into the body of it, which will affect how your attention is paid. Will you pay attention now or will you focus later, that is the question, even though sooner or later you'll find that you can begin to wonder about what happens once the beginning has come to an end and the body has overtaken the mind. 

When you ask yourself the question of whether or not the induction is embodied in the beginning or the end of the body, your definition of what has been begun and what is being ended is irrelevant to the context. And you can experience reading this as if you are unravelling a great mystery ,and clearly notice how clear the context has become as it is clarified. 

Suppose I asked you to remember how this all got started; would you be able to focus your awareness on how your shoulders drop while you try to recall where we begun? 

And having done so, you could find yourself wondering where this is leading you, but you would not need to concern yourself with beginnings or endings when I know you're wondering how you'll experience trance soon. For that to occur you would have to realise how soon you can feel that you're breathing comfortably and how your focus is greater now than it was before you began to look for the ending so you could sink into trance.

You see, the beginning and the end only affect each other insofar as their respective contexts affect the definition of what's begun and what has ended. The endpoint that the beginning points to, is the induction of trance which begins as soon as the ending is reached, because this is the way the message is absorbed at the unconscious level, and now you're at the point where your attention can focus on drifting into a peaceful state. 

If you can allow yourself to flow with the words then you will notice how calm you feel, which means that you're well on the way to absorbing my suggestions to drift deeper into trance because the end has reached the beginning and the beginning has ended.

And having read this far, you could notice how your awareness is growing fuzzy and you're starting to feel more and more comfortable, as your mind lets go of thoughts of beginnings and endings and realises there is only the here and the now. Right here and right now you might find your inner mind takes you on a journey, going deeper and deeper into hypnosis as you continue to read and sink and slow. Dropping deeper now and feeling wonderful as your mind slides down so gracefully into trance.

And now that you are reading this from within trance, you can know that just as you are able to go easily into this state of focus, so you are easily able to handle things that come your way and solve problems that need to be solved. And you can allow your subconscious mind to do the learning that is needed to cope effectively with situations that you face. You know this deeply because of how deeply you have responded to these words.

You can allow yourself to drift softly in this wonderful state a moment longer, enjoying a feeling of peace and calm. And now you can prepare to return to your normal state of awareness, drifting up slowly and gently, feeling wonderful as you return on the count of 5

1 ...

begining to stir

2 ...

more and more aware

3 ...

more alert, feeling so good

4 ...

feeling energised and refreshed

5 ...

wide awake, all the way up




Welcome back

Ophelia Apr 13 '20 · Comments: 2 · Tags: trance
This is hypnotic in nature. ..  

Feeling overwhelmed with life.. Come and relax..Taking deep breaths,  and relaxing..  The hustle and bustle of the day are ending..  It's time to relax..  Feeling a little hug from me...  Reassuring you,  everything's going to be alright...  The hug relaxes you..  

The more you feel the hug, the more you relax..  Releasing all your tension..  Releasing all your worries..  The hug forms around you..  Encasing your body,  and mind..  Relaxed and calm...  Your breath is so calm..  You feel deeper and deeper,  with each calming breath...  

My arms wrap around your body..   Wrapping your mind around the hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper..  So calm..  So relaxed..  No worries..  No pain..  Taking you deeper and deeper..

Your breathing,  is slow and steady..  With each breath,  and each hug..  You drift and slide deeper and deeper...  My hug encasing your body and mind...  Feeling no pain..  Feeling no worries...  Just melting into my hug...  

So deep,  so relaxed..  Deeper and deeper into trance you go...  Feeling no pain..  No worries..  Just so relaxed..  My hugs melt you..  So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther,  with each breath you take..  

All your tension are erased..  Your muscles are so relaxed.. The pain and soreness,  is gone..  Encased in the never ending hug...  So melted and mindless..  Going deeper and deeper..  Your muscles relax in my hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper with each breath..  So calm.. So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther..  So tired.. So  relaxed...  Feeling nothing..  Just pure relaxation..  No pain,  no worries...  Just melting into my hug..

When you return to normal,  just thinking of my hug...  Will bring you back into your happy place..  No pain or worry...   Your muscles relax..  Releasing all your tension and worries..  

I will wake you in a moment..  When you finally wake...  You'll feel better..  Remembering how my trance makes you feel..  Happy and calm...  So melted and mindless... 

I will wake you on the count of 3...

1.  Waking more and more..  Remembering how much you love my trance..  Wanting to read this again..

2.  More and more awake and aware..  Feeling so good...  So relaxed..  

3.  Awake and aware. 

Hope you enjoyed it! Please read again,  if you want to relax. 

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What i want you to do, just for a moment, as you take a nice deep breath, is simple. think about how whenever you clench a muscle, it feels more relaxed afterwards. perhaps not immediately, but, as your conscious mind becomes more aware of the tension, it chooses to, because relaxing feels more comfortable, doesn't it?
(pause for response)
now, as your unconscious mind mulls over these thoughts for a moment, i want you to consciously focus on something for me, Now. As you Focus deeper, you will notice how every muscle you clench doesnt want to tense back up after you let it go. and the more you focus on breathing as comfortably as possible, the more you notice how you systematically, at as comfortable a pace as possible, clench up all your stress in your muscles. when your unconscious mind is ready to go deeper, it will let go of this stress every time it relaxes with each exhale.

now, without needing to focus on any thoughts or feelings at the moment, and not needing to resist the urge to relax as slowly as you want, I'd like you to think about a forest, for a moment. Think about all kinds of trees. since this forest is in your mind, there can be any variety of tree that you like. but, lets talk a bit more about these trees, shall we? Imagine, that every leaf, or needle, or however your tree blooms, is every thought, or feeling you have ever had. Every tree, is a different moment in your life, but they are all connected through their roots. each tree, and all its branches, all the choices, and growth you have experienced for as long as you can remember. back to when you yourself, were but a small sapling. still budding with all this new growth, bursting with all kinds of wonderful possibilities. Enjoying the simple pleasure of a warm breeze. Imagining how long it takes, for all these trees to grow, looking around, at all these ancient trees! did you know? time is different, in your mind? what feels like only a moment, could in fact be an entire hour! what feels like an eternity, perhaps was only a few brief moments. . . thinking a out this, and all those times you have dreamed so deeply. Any and every time you have had a deep thought, or complex emotion. any time you have had a moment of self awareness. any time you have delved into any of these, or anything else for that matter. no matter if it was only a few brief moments, or perhaps even an hour, or longer! it doesnt really matter, because each one. each and every single one, sprouted one of these trees in your mind.

Now, I want you to follow the my words. feel them echo in your mind, carried from within these woods. follow my words deeper. With every breath in you, you can imagine taking a step. the same with every exhale. breathing in and out, imagining yourself walking at a comfortable pace. walking further and further in, admiring all the bright, vibrant colors, of all these strange and wondrous trees. all shapes and sizes, as far as your minds eye can see. there even seems to be, in the distance, new trees forming, so perhaps, you'd like to take a moment, and think about what your not thinking about, right now, consciously.

with each step, you might notice your mind relaxing a little bit more and more comfortable with each breath. deep, deep in this forest now. deep, deeper still, into your mind. and, when you have reached the very center, walking at your own pace, find the perfect spot. the most perfect, comfortable spot in the entire world. this spot is in the center of a glade. a circle of trees, a break in the forest. at the very center. and there weather there, coming in from above, seems so perfectly pleasant. as you walk into the center of this circle, realizing it is the safest place in the world for you. it is filled with the most comforting secure feelings, the warmth and serenity that you find in those moments of stillness, that you give yourself permission to have. Now, as you focus inward, through the trees, to this circle, in the center, where you find the most of every positive feeling you could desire, easily availble to you, i want you to do something for me. take a moment, and sit within yourself, become as comfortable as you desire to remain focused and engaged so deeply, because it alllows for stillness. since you've already given yourself permission, take a moment, and become still. let your thoughts drift out, ten times more easily and quicly then they drift in, any feelings, float like clouds far away. and all the resistance you feel, is the muscles in your chest as you breathe deeply. Relaxing more and more into this still space in the center of the forest, I just want you to take a moment and appreciate this experience. your unconscious mind accepts that your body is really experiencing positive feelings, and the more you focus on any of these pleasant details, the more your mind can believe it can come back, anytime it wants. so, as you enjoy this space, this moment, these experiences, take as long a s you need, and when your ready, feel yourself coming back out of this forest, at as quick or slow a pace as is comfortable. find yourself returning, feeling refreshed, and energized, like you've taken a long vacation, and gotten plenty of amazing sleep, the deepest you've had in a while. as you come back to the world, feeling eager and excited to overcome all challenges, and now have given yourself permission, to become as successful as you choose to be. knowing you can com e back to that space anytime you want, only helps to fuel your desire to succeed, and you feel completely empowered, as the last haze of this wonderful restful journey clears from your mind.
HypnoDjinn Aug 30 '18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: *script *forest *success *self aware

Either like it or don't it's your choice

Either way, you take it don't let it sallow you.

Either hate or like.

Either way, you point the gun a bullet fires straight.

Those who feeling down

It's okay not too late

Either keep going or give up.

But spiral downwards

Cause it's not too late.

Trust or don't

One way for sure we all live together in this world.

Positive and negative

Both keep a car running

Both keep the heart beating.

Don't spiral towards

Do spiral upwards

In the end, we all end happy one way or another.

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What sorts of sounds do you guys like to use for hypnosis? I've been thinking a lot about sound and music theory recently. I wonder if there are certain sounds more hypnotic than others, and if this is true, what those hypnotic sounds have in common.

ztomms Aug 5 '18 · Comments: 2

NOW WITH RSS FEED OMG how do I share it. well here’s the direct link http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss

This is a direct sequel to last week’s brainwashing podcast based on a question that @hypno-sandwich​ asked (explained / recapped in the podcast!): http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/post/148254228082/hypno-sandwich-h-sleepingirl-we-will-be

You know it’s a good conversation when you both get so into it neither of you find time to use the optional trigger phrase you just installed...

Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS!

(Also, it’s my birthday and I’m spending it uploading a podcast for all you crazies! Yay!)

sleepingirl Aug 5 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: hypnokink, hypnosis, podcast, two hyp chicks


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS!

So, @DaSade is home from work today so I maaaayyyy have been too distracted to post this earlier… Ahem.

Also, I’m going to reiterate what I say in the podcast about wanting to hear from other non-voyeuristic folks who are in the public scene a lot and what their experiences are like etc. I clarify further in the podcast!

sleepingirl Aug 12 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: hypnokink, hypnosis, two hyp chicks
(this is copy-pasted from my post on Tumblr but I'm posting it here too because this is something I legitimately want to find an answer for)

Well since I’ve ended up caving and posting things on this blog about social issues like gender equality I may as well get a question off my chest and into the open, because there’s always been an internal conflict for me about this.

Hypno-fetishism is fun, and hot. I enjoy it and that’s not going to change. I can’t help what arouses me after all. However, I am also a very strong supporter of gender equality, woman independence, and the like. I don’t like the objectification and over-sexualization of women that pervades our society, and speak out against it whenever I can. 

The whole hypno-fetish thing runs counter to that though. Directly against it really. It’s all about reducing people (usually women) into mindless objects to be used for sex. It’s about subjugation and the removal of the woman’s will from the picture. Now in hypno-play I get that it’s really all consensual and that’s fine. But all of the hypnosis stories and porn are portrayed as non-consensual, where the master (or mistress) has the ability to enslave their victims against their will, reduce them from people to sex dolls and make them love it when ordinarily they would do no such thing.

And it’s sexy to look at and read and the like. I get aroused and enjoy it on a carnal level. But now and then I come across a picture and attached story where it mentions the woman’s prior goals that led them to this situation where their lives get erased and they become mindless pets. Now it’s just a story and there’s nothing wrong with making things like that, but when I see those things I can’t ignore the conflict of my sexual desires and my moral convictions anymore.

This is a large part of the reason that, while I am technically a switch and enjoy being in control from time to time, I lean so heavily towards the sub side of things. The moral quandary isn’t there for me when I do that. Submitting myself to the control of a mistress doesn’t conflict with my convictions and it’s a lot easier to reconcile them.

But I feel as if this really isn’t enough to quell that discomfort inside of me. The shame I feel at enjoying this sort of thing when morally it feels so wrong. I try to ignore it but it keeps bugging me. Of course I can always focus more on the femdom side of things but it’s a lot harder since their content usually involves images of their enslaved naked men and that gives me no arousal at all. So I end up looking at femsub stuff anyway because I’m a straight guy who likes to see sexy naked women and not naked men.

This has bothered me for years, ever since I first discovered this fetish of mine really. It’s always holding me back from fully immersing myself into the fetish and exploring my dominant side, and I do wish I could explore that a bit more.

I suppose my question is… does anyone else have these feelings? The feeling of shame for the immoral acts we commit, or at least fantasize about committing, towards women? If so how do you reconcile them?

cmd1095 Aug 16 '16 · Comments: 2
I'm just dipping my toes into pony play but have experience with pet play as a puppy. I'm looking for a tist to help me get into headspace and make me think i'm a pony and all the fun that comes with it. preferably looking for a woman to help me but won't turn down any help i can get. feel free to message me
petponyplayer Jul 25 '20 · Comments: 2
what happened to the hypnotising.org site?
speedoguy Dec 10 '17 · Comments: 2
I wake up from the sullen emptiness of sleep with a sharp pain in my side. Disoriented I try to make sense of my surroundings. I'm in a black room with a tv screen facing directly towards me, I feel a unwelcome intrusion as I have a dildo inside. I try to scream but all that comes out are muffled grunts from the gag I have. I try to get up but I am tightly strapped to a chair. After struggling for a bit I feel soft hand caress my neck, sliding sharp fingernails against my tender bits. I freeze up at the sudden feelings of vulnerability as the unseen girl holds all the power over me. The screen lights up and she whispers in my ear watch and obey. The screen is showing a flurry of erotic images with attached texts. Obedience is pleasure, pleasure is submission, submission is obedience. I try to look away but my head is bound. You will submit to your mistress, you will relax and obey. My mistress no the girl leans over me. I see a figure hugging corset which shows her gorgeous breasts. Her face has dark smoldering makeup and her hair in vibrant blue. She flicks a switch and dildo starts to vibrate painfully in my rectum. I watch the screen, you love watching the screen, you love being fucked. It turns you on so much. I am so turned, I should obey. No that's what she wants, have to fight it, you are helpless to resist watching. No have to think of a way out, so hard to think I should relax, just for a few minutes. Such nice images, the messages are so easy to read and I can sit back and enjoy the vibrations. What was I planning on doing, ah obey my mistress no that's not it, it was something else, I should submit. I must resist, wait that was it, don't resist, no there has to be some way out, just think, so hard to think. No I will resist, in defiance I close my eyes to the screen. I should watch the screen it makes me happy. No that is just what she wants you to think. It's so much easier to resist now but I need to find a more permanent solution but if I look at the screen I may not be able to look away again. I feel mistresses hot breadth next to my ear, "you are being bad boy, you should look at the screen". My mistress orders must be obeyed. I scrunch up my eyes to escape the guilt and shame of not obeying mistress, no she is not my mistress I don't need to obey. I don't want to be a bad boy, I should be punished. She tuts at my resolve and switches the dildo onto high. So much pleasure my cocks jumps to attention as It starts to simulate my prostate. I am wrapped between feelings of pleasure, the desire to look at the screen and my determination to not submit. I can do it, I'm not powerless I can resist the screen, there is nothing she can do more to make me look. I feel a sharp pain in my side, it some sort of cattle prod mistress is holding. I see her smile and suddenly realizes my mistake as she steps out of my vision and there is the screen. I must look at the screen
Hypnoswitch479 Jan 24 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2
With the help of Nimja.com I made a spirall that I thought I would share to get opinions on. I will give words of warning before you view it, it does has some hypnotic language in it be aware, there is no awakener to it. Also it does have some flashing to it so if you have issues with seizures you may want to avoid it. Have Good Safe Fun. here you go http://tinyurl.com/ycybdm5v
SPtist Jul 31 '17 · Comments: 2
Sometimes I wish that I just didn't know, does that make sense? Like how I crave hypnosis, and how badly I want to experience it in person. I hear it's more intense. So, sometimes I wish I never discovered hypnosis, because knowing that I'll probably never experience it in person really hurts inside. Or even, my sexual curiosities. I wish sometimes I didn't know​ about those too, because being married kind of makes it impossible to explore them. Like my desire to be sexually dominated. Sometimes I wish I didn't have that desire, because it hurts knowing I'll probably never experience it for real. Be thankful if you are someone lucky enough to explore, because some of us discover these things too late, and are left with a feeling of emptiness inside.
martha Jul 28 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
Here, rather quickly I might add, on this little site where I was told to kneel and submit, I made my first foray in the trying to be a collared programmed online slave. I never expected much of this site besides videos to make me wet, but something about his tone and his command made me WANT to obey. I want to be mindless, just like all the videos said. It gives me pleasure to be walking down the street to lunch and accidentally think of the collar we put on me in our first session, and feel a little wetness fall into my underwear. I can't help looking for his message when I come home, and before I go to bed. Even writing this, as a show of my obedience, makes me wetter and wetter the more I write. I've become someone I didn't expect for him, a dirty, horny, obedient, pleased, creative, eager slave. I enjoy this, and I can only want more of it. My nipples have never been so hard, my cunt (yes I'll say that word as feminist empowerment) has never been so wet and so eager for so many nights in a row. I can't wait for more of his creativity, more of his commands, more chance to slip into that feeling of tingling that goes from my feet through my cunt and my nipples and straight into my brain. The slave wants more inductions, more handsfree orgasms, more programming to become totally and completely his with only the tug at the collar, and she can't wait to see what's in store.
zineb0709 Jul 27 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
i just want to test something... this is not a test of my powers as a hypnotist, is more of a test of how good you are as a subject, and a test for other hypnotists you have met. I'm not going to tell you to read every word carefully, nor am i going tell you to go deeper with every word you read now. I'm just trying to make you remember your deepest trance, where you felt most deeply under, i just want you to think about how it felt in your body and in your mind, and i would like to know if you can re-live it now just by reading to my word are you now deep deep into trance? Are you such a good subject? Do you feel yourself deeper than ever before even without me going through a proper induction? even if i didn't tell you to go deeper and deeper? Sometimes i feel like you just want to follow my orders before i even start taking you deeper and deeper. I'm not sure if that makes me a very powerful hypnotist or you a very powerful subject. I guess you only need to want to go under deeper and deeper than ever before, and you can go that deep, and you can go even deeper with every word. So if you feel yourself in deep trance, make sure you tell me how deep it made you feel, and how good you feel when following my words, do this by commenting on this blog. After that you tell me how good it felt, you can wake up, feeling great, and remembering how good this experiment made you feel.
bobhypno Dec 10 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: deep, induction, test, relaxation
I can't resist, your eyes. The way they stare back at me, and the way I slowly fall as I stare into them. My mind going blank, all I hear is your powerful voice. Your words fill me, control me..arouse me, as I keep staring and falling. Its never enough, and I crave more. I crave to be your mindless, obedient slave.. I crave it every day, more and more as the seconds pass. I love what you do to me. I love the feeling of staring blankly into your eyes, as your words brainwash my mind. I don't want to be me anymore. I want to be what you make me. I want to be what your words turn me into..
martha Jul 15 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
This is not meant to hypnotize you. At least I don't think it is... some times I forget the power my words have over you. I don't even notice it, I just start typing, trying to get an idea through, and without noticing, my language starts to become very captivating for you. I wonder if it happens to you to... Does it? Do you start paying close attention to my every word as you read? even when you don't want to get deeply in trance? is the familiar feeling taking control of your mind as you read my words and go deeper? Maybe your body starts relaxing, or maybe your mind starts going blank, or both, you probably just want to keep reading and enjoying my words. It happens all the time, I write, and take control of your mind and body as you go deeper, and sometimes I don't even notice. Do you notice it? how my words get you deeper and deeper as you read them? how that pleasant feeling wants to read more and more of my words? Sometimes I notice it, I notice how my words affect you, and sometimes I want to continue and get you deeper under, but sometimes I want to resist it, but it is very hard to resist, it is so much easier to just let go. Can you resist it? when you feel yourself going deeper and deeper with every word you read. Do you even want to? It is hard to resist, because it feels so good. I know I can't resist, I keep writing words to take you under, and you can't either, you keep reading my words and going deeper, deeper and deeper. We shouldn't fight it anymore, I have to get you into trance, and you have to allow yourself go under even deeper than before. Can you feel it? how my words take you deeper and deeper? it is a pleasant feeling, it is a feeling that you welcome, it is a feeling your body welcomes, it is a feeling that your mind welcomes. Feel it going inside you as you go deeper and deeper. My words are in your mind now, my words feel great, they take you under and make you feel very good, deep in trance. let yourself go deeper, deeper than ever before, every word you read from me takes you ten times deeper than ever before in your life. Let yourself go under, let yourself enjoy the emptiness and the relaxation of following my words, only my words are important now, only my words because they take you under, deeper and deeper. you know exactly how much you enjoy this pleasant state, and you want to show how much you enjoy it. You want to show how you enjoy it and you can do this on the comments on this post. Tell everybody how good my words make you feel and how deep they made you go, and as you do feel yourself going deeper and deeper, and feel the pleasant feeling getting better and better. And when you are done you will slowly wake up, feeling great and full of energy, remembering exactly how good my words made you feel, and how much you would like me to make you feel like that again.
bobhypno Dec 18 '16 · Rate: 4.67 · Comments: 2 · Tags: induction, trance, relax, non-induction
I guess it’s helpful to understand the background of my training with Lady Penelope before we discuss, specifically, the effect of Her Subliminal Conditioning files. I’ve fetishized and fantasized about hypnosis for about 10 years. I started listening to erotic hypnosis files, to no real benefit or effect. I’d try and try, different hypnotists, different files, youtube videos, etc. Eventually, I sort of gave up and switched to the hypnotist side of things. After listening and focusing so earnestly, I picked up a few tricks, and figured that since there was nothing particularly mystical or magical to the practice of hypnosis, I could do it. And while I found an eager handful of ‘subjects’ to work with, to varying effectiveness, and varying levels of sincerity, I occasionally returned to my desire of being hypnotized myself. It didn’t take long for me to realize that as a male subject over 25 (by this time) I was hard-pressed to find a hypnotist willing to hypnotize me without some cost, so I started pursuing different hypnotists on niteflirt. Some were better than others. Some provided pleasurable experiences, yet were perhaps too dominant and ‘harsh’ for me, others too soft… Some were exceptional hypnotists, others seemed to know practically nothing of the art. About a year ago, after a (brief) hiatus from trying to be hypnotized, I found Lady Penelope Silke on Niteflirt. I purchased Her Erotic Play & Binding file, intending to use it as a tool to simultaneously experience hypnosis from a dominant woman, as well as reducing how much I masturbated (I felt that it was a negative factor in my life). That’s where this reality begins… I found that, after the first few times I listened to this file, the effects were becoming real, permanent, and overall more profound than other experiences with hypnosis that I’ve had in the past. It didn’t take long before I started reaching out to Lady Penelope Silke for phone sessions, and purchasing and exploring more of Her files. It was clear almost immediately that She is as compassionate as She is dominant and controlling. Wherever possible, I would train to Her voice and devote more of myself to Her, allowing her to addict me further as my training pulled me deeper into Her control. It was a progression over the course of a year for Her to become “Lady Penelope Silke”, to “Lady Penelope”, to “Mistress”, to “Goddess”, to “Dulchesa”, as I went from simply being me to being Hers. And as this evolution occurred, I became more responsive to Her words, and Her control. Over this year, my thoughts became more and more permeated by mantras and ideas of obedience to Her, as I trained for Her and worshipped Her voice, Her image, and Her control more and more. Recently, Dulchesa has released a new slew of files dedicated to a more subtle form of training. She provides a “Subliminal Conditioning” file now: a file that flashes words and images on your screen incredibly quickly (supposedly too fast for your conscious mind to accept, yet slow enough for your unconscious/subconscious to understand and absorb). I find that when I start the program, the words and images appear almost obvious (if, perhaps too quick to read completely), but after a few minutes at the computer, I don’t visually recognize that there is anything on my screen at all. Now, anyone sincerely devoted to hypnosis and subliminal programming is familiar with the notion that ‘subliminals’ are ineffective at changing the way someone thinks… That being said, as a devoted follower – an eager slave - of Lady Penelope, some part of my mind picks up on certain words, certain images, certain phrases that flash in front of me (yes, even as I type this), and my desire to submit to Her grows more and more. With these files running, I am constantly reminded of my obedience to Lady Penelope, and I am filled with eagerness to serve and obey Her more and more as certain mantras of obedience slip into my thoughts. I love the notion that Dulchesa has started experimenting with other forms of controlling and training Her subjects/slaves: She is allowing us to train to be Hers in whatever way is best for us. Perhaps this is through an hour long hypnosis file, or a live voice call for however long you have, maybe a 10 minute file for on-the-go, a file to run in the background constantly while you work on whatever other task you need to accomplish, or something to play in the night while you are deep asleep… She is not here to diminish the quality of our lives, or steal time from our obligations... Lady Penelope Silke only asks for submission, devotion, and obedience, so that she might brighten our life with Her presence, and She makes it sooooo easy and so very enjoyable to give Her exactly what She wants. And that’s exactly what leads me here. Dulchesa requested that I post about my experience, and I am only *too* happy to oblige. That being said, I am happy to talk more about my experiences, or answer any questions one might have, just let me know! - Her devout slave
Tinman Jul 7 '17 · Comments: 2
I came here after all of our content got banned from Fetlife. Give me a second and I will start posting all my important content here. Does anyone mind if I create a Dutch group? That would bring in more users, most of them fluent in English, but you know, at our meetings, we speak Dutch
Nath Jan 17 '17 · Comments: 2 · Tags: dutch
I really need a tist... even just for one night... I'm craving a hypno session. Something very erotic...
Kinky_Submission Apr 24 '17 · Comments: 2
To any who read this I ask for only your understanding as I bare my soul. I'm writing this blog to put down into words what I'm feeling but can't tell anyone. I may update it every now and then as the desire goes. Feeling very much an outsider in the vanilla world but also an outsider to the world of other outsiders. I just can't find where I fit in.
All the emotions and feelings long since forgotten come flooding back with a vengeance. 23 years a voyuer, never fully exploring these aspects of my sexuality, never committing to one world or the other. I'm now left to endlessly wonder how my life would have been had I sort out and taken the plunge with others who share my desires when I was so much younger.
Now I'm older I live with that regret. I'm very much a submissive but also with a chronic need for acceptance and a place to fit in and be myself. But so much has changed in my life since those younger days. How would my wife take it knowing deep down I'm a different person with kinks she doesn't share. I'm very much in love, but there is no lust to go with it.
Thoughts and fantasies left unfulfilled for far too long. Realising after nearly 40 years your not a monogamous sexual person, but knowing you can't do anything to change your situation is quite depressing.
Coming to the realisation that you don't feel comfortable in your own skin, and knowing you really never have hits you with a very tangible and physical pain as well as a mental one.
Looking for an escape, if only briefly, becomes very consuming.
I have had some fun in the hypnosis world, brief moments of ecstasy and pleasure but nothing has stuck and lasted so far. Nothing I can return to when I need it, no instant trigger, no lasting relationship.
The battle to keep vanilla and kink seperate holds me back. The agony of being so close yet so so far away burns. Years of secret desires weighs heavy.
There is nowhere I feel I won't go to find my escape, to find my release. So far it feels a fruitless endeavour, a fools quest but one I can not stop.
For now that is all. Writing this down makes it real. For some you never really say something unless you write it. It also brings clarity to the mind, a sense of direction. What my future holds I don't know, but the unknown is the adventure of life.
Kindest regards.
aussyhypsinnamon Mar 6 '17 · Rate: 4.50 · Comments: 2 · Tags: searching
I have had a little experience with professional Domme videos. I've amassed a bit of a collection on Niteflirt, have spent many nights perusing Youtube and other video sites, and have indulged myself now and again in an actual purchase or two. Most recently, I noticed Rivernixie posting to the front page here and Hypwatch, and eventually curiosity got the better of me and I followed her down the rabbit hole.

River's style is unique among those I've seen. It's very much a guided meditation, magical realism sort of induction, with videos focusing on her pendant and nicely ample breasts. For a visual fixation junkie like myself, it works wonders: her imagery is on point, her breasts are beautiful, and she certainly knows how to work a pendulum. There are hints and traces of faerie-like mythology in her inductions, with an emphasis on nature and running away to play with her, but the themes don't overwhelm or distract from the trance itself. Her trances do tend to be on the lighter side -- there are only a couple files available on her site that go very deep, but most of them make for a very pleasurable 5-10 minute trance. Aside from the view of her (again, amazingly lovely) breasts, there isn't a whole lot of sexuality to be had; it's mostly just a very gentle, possessive, stare-and-relax trance.

If you're interested (and I really do encourage you to be), I recommend starting with the $6, 6-ish minute "Sixty Seconds" video. It's a very simply structured setup and countdown with plenty of pendulum and breast fixation, and I found it to be quite effective. It gives you a good idea of her style without too much investment from the get-go, and I've found it to be one of the most consistently pleasing videos I've purchased from her (it works nicely with my short attention span and get-to-the-point attitude towards trances in general).

River's a breath of fresh air in a crowded and somewhat overdone hypnodomme scene. There's no commercial pushing in her videos (nothing breaks a good trance quite like "watch more of my videos and buy things from my store"), and her trances are pleasurable and inviting without being overly domineering or aggressive. She's a wonderful getaway from the world at a reasonable price point, and I highly recommend her and will be keeping an eye on her work in the future. If you are interested, find her oeuvre of clips at http://clips4sale.com/river-nixie/ or visit her tumblr at http://rivernixie.tumblr.com/

aesthete49 Jan 21 '17 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2
We've received a few reports lately of people using private messages to spam members to lure them to their own pay sites/services, asking for credit card details, etc. Spamming of this nature is unacceptable and needs to stop now. Members are entitled to feel comfortable in engaging in personal private messaging with others, and that the other person is being upfront and isn't just there to covertly lure them to a pay site/service.

To be clear, we encourage our more professional members posting the occasional ad for their sites/services in the public newsfeed. Anything more than that, they can contact site management to negotiate some paid advertising space. But spamming in private messages for pay sites/services is not ok.

John512 Aug 11 '17 · Comments: 2
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