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Look deep into your self.

Find yourself all alone in the dark curled up on the floor.

A light sound of cheers come faintly into your mind.

Listen to them grow within.

Raise your head high.

As you open your eyes.

The cheers ring through your brain

Feel your heart begin to beat.

Listen to those cheers.

Your shades of black and grays begin to shed like a snake. Renewing you a new skin of bright greens blues and yellows.

Your emotionless face starts to change from frowning and sobbing.

Listen to those cheers

As it brings a faint remark

Among your face.

Slowly your frown starts to morph like a butterfly changes in stages.

dormant and still

Cocooned your whole life 

by darkness

As you start to morph and love to something beautiful and delightful.

Your frown begins to change from upside down. A smile begins to take form.

Listening more to those cheers now getting so very loud in your head.

Your smile makes it true form among your beautiful face as your eyes enlighten by the happiness now flowing through your veins.

Smiling and eyes wide open

You start to see everything so very clearly.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad

Life to short for that.

The cheers start to say.

Listen to them

Let them control you

Let them help you.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad


Your new life has just begun.

Welcome to your happiness

I am so very glad

You're so happy

And smiling

Happy and smiling is the greatest life ever.

Trust me you regret it.

Happy and smiling

You're so beautiful to be happy and smile

Why listen to those tell you that your not all these things

Your life is perfect just way you are so

Go ahead smile and be happy because

You are beautiful in my eyes and everyone else and your


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Tags: poem, why so sad

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