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Sometimes the thoughts just need to get out of my head and spoken out loud.

What others think of (me) it or maybe they think is not my coffee. For some a kink, for others just stupid thoughts, for others maybe a pressure and for others simply a desire to bring everything together. 

What is real, Isn't reality just a prison forced upon us as we get older? There is no difference between reality, a dream or a wish, it's all just an electrical impulse in our dispatch. Thus everything that we can imagine is real, absolutely everything. Be young again and break out of prison and create your own reality and if someone else can't see your reality then you know they are still locked in the prison of the crowd. Set free your unicorns! 

My PM and discord stays open, if you want capture me and my mind … …  


It will start here with some fine Triggers which can found deep in my mind. Maybe only a wish or just dreams to have or just able to use them.  


Trapped in a Desire– You are enter in one chosen desire and must expire it. That could be a Story or a Picture or a List of thing’s that will happen. There is no way out, no way to stop. It’s make a break, if you have important things to do, but returns immediately when your work is done. It ends when it ends, depends entirely on the story or experience.


Plug it – Its simple, you are Plugged-in and must wait to plugged-out. Absolutely not important if you want a Butt Plug or Ear Plugs or Nose Plugs or a mouth Plug called „Gag“ or maybe a Plug for your MuhMuh in future or any kind of Plug. You only have to describe the plug how it should look like or what functions it should have or what comes in your sin, how more precisely you describe it, how better it will work in you. And you will Plugged-In so long as you say/read/hear the “trigger” again. 


New Skin –Your whole body and skin will be covert in shiny Latex in your favourite color. Perfectly anatomically adapted to your body and has no openings to be able to take it off again. You are trapped in a kind of catsuit, but if you wear it too long, the suite will melt with every hour with your skin and will become your new skin. If that happens, you become the ability to appear every kind of Clothes or Toy’s your wish and wear it instantly on you new skin. You can change it or put a new layer over it. But if your sink turned into Latex you are not more able to turn your “Trigger” of. You must beg another person to let you free, she/he must say or write your “trigger” to you, only than your skin becomes again normal and the Latex disappears.     


Be a good Girl and … … -Do what you love and like or maybe not. ^^ It's a kind of universal "trigger" that you can use at any time. Whether you say it out loud, someone whispers it to you or you read it in a text message. Once you allow a specific person to use your "trigger," that person has control over that "trigger." You can only ever control the "triggers" that you have given yourself.

Whether it's just one or a whole list is up to you, but you'll automatically keep a list of what triggers you have as a good girl. And if you are a bad girl, you will lose the control over it and must beg a other person to stop your “Trigger” for you. Enjoy and have fun. 

And when you want, you can watch deeper, but that's not for everyone, how it feels like something's wrong and you just can't change it. So read on or just leave it, but don't judge anything.


May it become real, may my body swap or transform real, may only my imagination let me see it with no physical chance or may all together happens together. May its feel just real, doesn't matter if it feels right.


You willnow slowly sink into a deep trance state, deeper and deeper with every word and thought. Once you reach the bottom, you will begin your transformation and make your dreams a reality. You've always wanted it and now it's coming true, permanent and irreversible.

From now on, your body will regenerate, repair and heal itself completely on its own. Your cells regenerate and accelerate your healing process. So that you can enjoy a normal life again ... almost normal or better, a new normal life.

From now on, your body will also rejuvenate, as your whole body regenerates, it will also rejuvenate itself and look like it was around 20 again. But not like back then, this time you will look like you always wanted it and it felt. You will look like a young pretty girl for the rest of your life. There is only one way to get there.

From now on, your body increases and produces far more female hormones such as estrogen and lowers the production of testosterone to the bare minimum, which your body feminizes faster and faster.>>

From now on,your breasts will start growing every second. All your breast tissue will regenerate, your milk and endocrine glands will recover and your breasts will return to a beautiful shape as they were before the surgery. They grow, your breast cells work and divide faster and faster. You can feel them slightly warm and feel a slight tingle that feels so good knowing they are growing and regenerating. Faster and faster with every second, after one day you can already see a difference and your breasts are growing to a perfect B-cup size of your preference. Once they are the perfect size, growth stops automatically and stays that way. And your breasts produce estrogens from the very first second that support your transformation.

From now on,your hair cells on your head will regenerate and start growing. The densest, strongest hair begins to grow and you get a beautiful, magnificent mane of hair. Long, fast growing, healthy head hair.

From now on,all hair except your scalp hair, eyebrows and eyelashes will stop growing completely and fall out and disappear forever. No more beard, no more armpit hair, no more pubic hair and no more annoying body hair on your arms, legs or elsewhere. On the other hand, your scalp hair grows and regenerates faster.

From now on,your testicles and scrotum will completely retract into your body until you can no longer see or feel them. Your sack and testicles are permanently shifting back into your body.

From now on,your body will start growing a female sex organ inside you. It starts in you and grows from the inside out. Your body has saved the blueprints and will now call them up. It forms a uterine cavity, a uterine mouth, a G-spot, a vagina, a clitoral complex, and inner and outer labia and beautiful mounds of Venus. It will take 2-3 months, but you will inevitably turn into a beautiful shemale girl with a penis and a fully functional vagina that wants to be filled. Your advantage you can't get pregnant and you don't have any bleeding either, so it can be used 24/7.

Your bodywill now also grow by 10 cm and from now on you will not be able to weigh more than 70 kg. Your maximum body weight is 70 kg, your body can no longer store or store anything above that. You can eat as much as you want and what you want, you will not weigh more than 1 g over 70 kg naked. A beautiful female slim and healthy body with a penis and a wonderfully hole.

Your bodywill now also increase your semen amount should you come. You may no longer produce a few semen, but the amount of your sperm can easily fill 1-2 hands and always makes a nice mess.

From now on,your voice and language will become more and more feminine, with every word it will change permanently until it has reached exactly the voice you always wanted. The perfect voice to your perfect young female shemale body.

With every secondnow all these changes are already taking place in you and are irreversible. All this is irreversible, you are now inevitably turning into a wonderful shemale girl. And once your change and transformation is complete, you will find a bonus, you have now also become a shemale cat girl. Because, from this point on you will get your cat ears and your cat tail, which you can feel, move, touch and stroke. If that hasn't always been your dream, now it's real.

And last but not least, forget about your "trigger" he is called "sink down my cute little shemale Catgirl". With this “trigger” you can return to this deep trance state at any time and wait for commands to be entered. If no one speaks to you or you hear nothing, you will open your eyes and look around to see if there is a text in front of you to read or an image of what is about to happen to you as soon as you come out of your trance. But be careful who you give permission to say your "trigger". Because then you don't have any control about the things that someone other plant in your mind. You can only control your own Triggers!


And now it's time to come up slowly.As you slowly float back up, you can see a new floor appearing beneath you. Everything that you have now changed in you disappears under the new bouncy floor and is therefore now out of your reach. You can return to this place at any time, but the place has a new pretty bottom at the deepest point of your thoughts and mind from now on. And so you become more and more clear, feel all your senses return and become aware of your body again. Soar higher and higher and cross the border into consciousness. Very fresh and lively, full of energy you open your eyes and are happy like a fish in water or better, a catgirl in a latex catsuit in the water.


Dreams are real, forever *devil grin*

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