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Given people had been asking me, I am posting this here. The story of how I became interested in bimbofication and why I am still conditioning myself.

It began about a year ago when I was still together with my boyfriend, M. He began to introduce me to hypnosis as a way to relax and let go of my (infinite) worries. It worked and it helped, a lot. So I began to give him free reign with my mind, more or less... he made me listen to a lot of new files, most of them TTS but a few with real voice (male and female). At the time I didn't know what they did only that I woke up from listening feeling refreshed, wet and slutty. And there's nothing wrong with that! So I kept listening. In time I began to develop sort of a breast fetish (especially fake tits as you can guess from my mail lol). 

Things went on like this for almost the full year, until M. left me for a blonde bitch. Just like that, on Valentine's Day, too. I was shocked and angry and lonely. I didn't know what to do and I think I turned to files as a way to cope, or to feel him close once again. I discovered a few new files and (these last few days thanks to people in the community) I traced down the files used on my by M. Mostly as I said the Bambi files (he surely wanted to turn me into a huge slut lol) and some other stuff from neuralnetandprettypatterns and others. 

Point is, what began as a way to cope had kinda turned into an addicktion... and now I can't stop. I turn to files to feel better and feel slutty. I love turning myself into a bimbo and as long as it's kept inside safe boundaries I don't mind being surprised with a trigger or two lol. So this is the story of how I became a bimbo, or at least why I want to become one I hope you had fun reading this!


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She was on her knees. Normally she didn't like cum. She was disgusted by all body fluids, actually. As a good sub she had learned to tolerate cum, to accept it, although she prefered to go without. But she wasn't herself right now. The last conscious memory she had was when her Master asked her to lay down on  the couch, because he wanted to try something. And now, she could hardly think at all. Her mind was ditzy, bubbly, her eyes half-closed and rolling back. She didn't need to think, she just needed to sit there, on her knees, and convince her Master to gift her his seed. "Please Sir..." she mumbled "please can I have your..." just the mere thought of the word made her pussy tingle, "c-cum?" A wave of please went through her.

With her dazed look she saw her Master taking out his cock. She marveled at the glistening drop of precum that had oozed from the tip. She wanted it. No, she craved it, needed it. "Beg me to suck my cock.", her Master told her with a Stern voice. She knew what she had to do and placed her forehead on the ground, in front of his feet, with her hands next to her head and her hips arched backwards. "Please Sir?" She asked in her most humble voice, "Please can I suck your cock? I'll be your best cocksucker, please Sir?" She felt how he pulled her up by her collar. She looked around dizzy and disoriented. She felt his hand moving up, grabbing her hair and the thumb of his other hand opening her jaw. She couldn't resist, not a fiber in her would even come up with the thought of resisting anymore. She was molded like wax, to have nothing on her mind other than to receive her Master's cum. Her tongue rested on her bottom lip, as he slowly moved his dick into her mouth. 

She immediately felt intense pleasure deriving from this sensation. Wave after wave of horniness rushed through her body, while euforic joy battled with the sense of everything finally falling into place, as she was suckling on his dickhead. But one thought ruled them all: "More. More! More!!" She started moving her head, taking him in, with a lust normally reserved for starving people taking in their first meal in days. She was zoned out, focused solely on his cock, fucking her own face fiercely and enjoying every inch gliding into her throat. She needed to make him cum, that was all that mattered now.

She overcame with a sense of pride when she felt his balls tightening, his urethra preparing itsself; this was it. Suddenly she was pulled back by her hair. She opened her mouth wide, as her Master came, grunting. 

Every time before this day, when a guy came on her face, she had ran to the bathroom to wash it off in disgust. Today was not such a day. She welcomed his cum on her face like as if it was the first rain after a long period of drought. As soon as his cum touched her tongue, an orgasme hit her like a bucket of water being dropped on her. The pleasure became so intense, so overwhelming, that she nearly blacked out. She lay on the ground, her whole body pulsating, as she ran her tongue over her lips, trying to take in as much cum as possible. After an orgasm that felt like an eternity, she crawled towards his feet, trembling and later her head on his leather shoes. She was exhausted. "Thank you for using me Sir.", she spoke softly.


It was a cold day as Julie entered Dr. Schlafen's office. Her secretary, Heather, was in fact wearing a fur coat. Julie must have been staring at it, as Heather smiled, and said, “Heh, it's not my fur coat, Dr. Schlafen let me borrow it, as our heat's been knocked out. I'll let Dr. Schlafen know you're here.”

“Thanks,” said Julie, as Heather went into Dr. Schlafen's office. Julie took the moment to look around the waiting room. It wasn't super big, but it did look a lot more comfortable and homely than your typical doctor's office. Julie guessed that hypnotherapists probably didn't need to worry about sterilizing everything as much as other doctors.

Heather came back into the room, followed by Dr. Schlafen. “Julie, I'm so glad you could make it, I knew you wouldn't miss our appointment.”

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, I never want to miss our appointments, they are very important.” Julie replied almost without thinking, and smiled. “Good then, why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable, I'm sorry it's a bit cold.” Dr. Schlafen made a motion for Julie to enter the room, and before following her in, she turn to her secretary.

“Heather, why don't you take a break?” Heather froze for an instant before in a dull monotone, replying, “Yes, Dr. Schlafen.” With that, Heather opened up a window on her computer, and sat in front of it, one of her hands disappearing under her desk. Dr. Schlafen whispers, “Good Girl,” in Heather's ear, to which Heather responds with a soft moan. Grinning, Dr. Schlafen closed her door, and took in her next patient.

Julie was already sitting down on the patient's couch when Dr. Schlafen entered her office. She had taken off the UGG boots she was wearing, Dr. Schlafen noticed approvingly as a scent of the warm odor made it's way to her nose. Dr. Schlafen grinned as an idea slowly began to formulate in her mind. Sitting down across from Julie, she asked, “Well, Julie how are you feeling today?”

“Good Dr. Schlafen, a bit cold though, I don't suppose you've got a fur coat lying around for me?” Julie gave herself a little rub to warm herself. “Hmm, I think I have a blanket around here, ah yes here we go, this will help you relax I think.” Dr. Schlafen offers Julie a simple throw rug, a soft white micro fleece one, just large enough for Julie to snuggle under a bit, noticeably relaxing as she does so.

“How are you feeling now Julie?”

“Much better Dr. Schlafen, thank you for the blanket.”

“You're welcome, my dear. You know a lot of my patients find that blanket really helps them to relax when they come in for an appointment. I had this one patient, very similar to you, with very similar problems. When she would come into my office, she would take off her shoes, just like you, and wrap herself up in my soft, fuzzy blanket. It really seemed to calm her down, which is perfectly alright. Anything that helps release tension is good in my book, wouldn't you agree?” Dr. Schlafen raised an eyebrow at Julie, watching as she followed along with her story.

“Yes, Dr. Schlafen, it's always good to release some tension.” Julie said nodding, rapt up in Dr. Schlafen's words just as much as she was wrapped up in the warm blanket.

“Exactly, anyway this patient found it very hard to relax in my office sometimes. So I suggested to her that she try something a little silly. I asked her to gently begin to stroke the blanket. I asked her to pretend it was a friendly cat that she was petting. She giggled when I asked her to do it, but after a few moments, she gave it a try. Her giggles slowly subsided and she just let herself get into the moment. A bit awkwardly a first, she began to pet the soft blanket. But soon she found herself in a nice regular rhythm, breathing in and out and stroking the blanket.”

“Breathing in.”

“Petting the blanket.”

“Breathing out.”

“Stroking the blanket.”

“Breathe in.”

Breathe in

“Pet the blanket.”

Pet the blanket

“Breathe out.”

Breathe out

“Stroke the blanket.”

Stroke the blanket

“It just felt so nice”

Breathe in

“Every time she touched the soft, fuzzy blanket.”

Pet the blanket

“Her breathing would become more relaxed”

Breathe out

“Her hands automatically stroking the fuzzy blanket”

Stroke the blanket

And the funny thing was that each time she petted the soft, fuzzy blanket

Breathe in

“Her mind would get a little bit softer.”

Pet the blanket

“Her thoughts would become fuzzy”

Breathe out

“Each time she stroked the blanket”

Stroke the blanket

“And soon her thoughts would become so soft”

Breathe in

“Her mind would become so fuzzy”

Pet the blanket

“As she pretended to pet the pussy cat on her lap”

Breathe out

“Her hand would find its way to the just the right part of the pussy to stroke”

Stroke your pussy

“And she would find just the right way to make her toes curl”

Breathe in

“Even as her mind became so fuzzy that is was impossible to think”

Pet your pussy

“So lost in the bliss and pleasure”

Breathe out

“Stroking your fuzzy and horny little pussy.”

Stroke your pussy

“That's a good girl.”  

Good girl

“Mind so fuzzy and soft. Ready for Dr. Schlafen to play with. And it feels so good now that you're just stroking your pussy.”

Stroke your pussy

“Now my pet, you left some very stinky boots in my office today. Some very stinky, very furry, and fuzzy boots. Fuzzy like the soft blanket. Fuzzy like your mind. So fuzzy. I bet they feel so soft and fuzzy when you wear them. You're going to find yourself wearing them all the time, because they're so soft and fuzzy.

Soft and fuzzy

“You're going to be my little Fuzzy Wuzzy.”

Fuzzy Wuzzy

“Whenever you hear me say, or get a message from me saying, 'Fuzzy Wuzzy is so fair.' You find that you must reply, 'Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.' You will then immediately sink down deeper into this soft, fuzzy place.”


“On the count of five, you'll become fully aware, remembering to forget to remember.”

Remember to forget

“One, removing your hand from your pussy.”

Forget to remember

“Two, ignoring the wetness between your legs.

Everything's fine

“Three, almost awake now, unexpectedly horny.”

So horny

“Four, yawning as you awaken.”


“Five, wide awake now. How are you feeling now Julie?” Dr. Schlafen asks, noticing the redness appearing on Julie's face.

“Um...heh, fine I think...I didn't even realize we started.” Blushing, Julie tries covering herself with the blanket, still absentmindedly petting it with one hand.

“Well I'm afraid we don't have any more time for today, but I know you'll be sure to keep your next appointment, right Julie?” Dr. Schlafen asks with a knowing smile.

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, it's very important.” Julie begins to pull on her UGG Boots to leave.

Dr. Schlafen interrupts Julie quickly asking, “By the way, Julie, did you know that Fuzzy Wuzzy was so fair?” Julie stops midway through putting on her boot, before replying, “Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.” Dr. Schlafen holds Julie's limp body up as she sinks deep into trance once more. She then whispers into her ear, “Good girl, remember to forget that you wore socks today. You never wear socks with your UGG Boots. That way they get nice and stinky. Yes, that's right. You're addicted to stink feet. That's actually why you're so horny right now. You can smell your stinky boots. Each step you take home today is going to make your feet stinkier, and that just makes you more aroused. When you get home today, you're going to need to remove your boots, stick your face in one and sniff until you cum, isn't that right my little Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Weakly, Julie nods, her cheeks flushing with newfound arousal. Dr. Schlafen carefully removes Julie's socks, and remembers to add in one more suggestion, “Now Julie, you'll not find any of this unusual or out of place. You've just discovered something new about yourself. And that's exciting. When you awaken, you'll be in such a rush to orgasm that you'll ignore everything around you until you are able to do so. Now awaken with the snap of my fingers, as if you've never been in trance.


Julie continued putting on her boots, and quickly left the office, practically in a daze. She couldn't understand why she was so horny. All she knew was that her feet stunk right now, were getting stinkier by the step, and that it was fucking hot as hell. She knew exactly what she was going to do just as soon as she got home. She never even noticed Heather moaning and masturbating in the waiting room, of course, even if she did, that wouldn't have struck her as unusual in any way whatsoever.

Dr. Schlafen called out to Heather a moment later. “Break time is over, Heather.” Heather stop masturbating, absentmindedly closed the window she'd be staring at on the computer and went back to work, ignoring the large wet spot between her legs. “Is there anything else I can do for you Dr. Schlafen?”

“No Heather...actually wait, why don't you come in here. I think we need to move the furniture.” Heather's face became blank once more, as she stood up, rubbed her fur coat, and entered Dr. Schlafen's office.


Julie couldn't believe what had just happened. She sat on her couch in a daze, a large wet spot soaking through her pants, her hand shakily holding one of her UGG boots, which had very recently been practically stuck in her face. She quivered in pleasure as she thought about how she had just been brought to orgasm by smell of her stinky boot. She looked at the boot in her hand, staring curiously at the limp boot, as if it were magic. She was shaken from her reverie by a text message.


It was Karen. “Crap!” Julie had barely remembered blowing her off this morning. They were supposed to go out tonight to a new club. Julie quickly texted her back, and then she went to go take a shower to clean herself up to make herself presentable to go out. A quick shower later, and Julie felt more like herself. She started getting ready to go out when the phone rang.

Julie picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Julie's eyes closed as her body went slack, her arm holding the phone to her ear. “Fuzzy Wuzzy will soon be there.” Julie mindlessly replied, and listened carefully for a few minutes.

“Yes Dr. Schlafen, I will obey.” Julie hung up the phone. She put on her UGG boots again, found her purse, and walked out of her apartment, following her instructions.

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Karen sat across from Julie at the cafe. It was their regular brunch together. It was their time for girl talk, rumor mongering, and people watching. Karen had known Julie since college. Julie was a gorgeous, tall raven-haired girl that had an impressive ability to look younger than she was, while still looking experienced and in charge. Karen was a bit more subdued. A brunette with a slightly less stunning figure, she'd gotten used to the boys mostly ignoring her when Julie was around. It wasn't all bad though, meant she didn't have to deal with half the creeps Julie did.

The two of them had been inseparable since college. They'd move to the city together after college, and did their best to keep each other sane. Their regular brunch was an important ritual, a way to relieve stress. There was a lot of that going around lately it seemed: jobs, lack of jobs; relationships, lack of relationships; drama, suspicious lack of drama. Karen was quite lucky to have a good friend to help deal with it all.


“Julie, you know our rule about cellphones.” Karen smirked.

“Oh my, I'm sorry Julie, I could have sworn I turned it off.” Julie quickly shuffled through her bag and found her phone. Then she paused, reading the message, smiling absentmindedly. A moment later she shook her head, as if out of a daydream. “Oh, I'm so sorry, Karen. I completely forgot I made an appointment. I've gotta go.” With that, she gathered her things and stood up to leave.

“Hey, what's the appointment about? And what about the check?” Karen cried out after Julie.

“I'll get it next week...I've gotta go, I made an appointment.” And with that Julie rushed off, leaving Karen alone and a bit puzzled as her friend practically blew her off. She shrugged it off, people forget things all the time, she figured, no doubt it would be her turn to forget something later on.


“Welcome to your first session, Alison. I'm Dr. Schlafen, and I'm hoping that working together we can solve whatever your problems might be. Today we're just going to be working on building rapport and trust. Trust is very important to therapy, cause if you don't trust me, you'll never fully open up to me, and I'm not going to be able to help you as well. So would it be okay for us to work on some trust exercises?” Dr. Schafen look at her new patient carefully, her sapphire blue eyes looking almost through Alison as she waited for a response.

“I think so Doctor. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm not really sure what to do.” Alison was clearly nervous, as would be expected for any new patient. It's not easy to admit one needs helps, or to talk about one's problems.

“That's perfectly alright. That's why I'm here.” Dr. Schlafen smiled warmly, “As long as you are able to listen carefully and follow some very simple instructions, you'll be able to find yourself getting more relaxed in a matter of minutes, just as easily as you might find yourself getting swept up in a good story. Why don't we work on relaxation right now, how does that sound?

“Good, Doctor, I could really use some.” Alison nodded her assent.

“Great, now before we begin, would you please remove your footwear? I know it sounds a bit silly, but you'd be surprised how many people can get distracted by their own feet. So please, just remove your footwear. Wonderful.”

“Also make sure you've turned off your cell phone. This is our time right now, and the world wide web of contacts and updates can take a backseat for a little while. Don't worry, they'll still be there when our session is over. That's great.”

“Now just take a deep breath in for me...”

Breathe in

“...and breathe out.”

Breathe out

“Wonderful, just keep breathing in...and out like that for me.”

Breathe in

“And I'm going to talk to you about hypnosis.”

Breathe out

“Hypnosis is a very normal state of mind. One that can be very helpful for relaxing.”

Breathe in

“Hypnosis can also be good for therapy.”

Breathe out

“Today, I'm going to hypnotize you.”

Breathe in

“Not yet, but very soon, you will be hypnotized.”

Breathe out

“Before I hypnotize you, we're going to do an exercise.”

Breathe in

“A very simple exercise”

Breathe out

“In a moment, I'd like you to begin counting, quietly or in your head, down from 10 to 1.”

Breathe in

“With each breath in, you'll count an even number, and with each breath out, an odd number.”

Breathe out

“Why don't you begin counting now.”

10 Breathe in

“That's wonderful.”

9 Breathe out

“Now as you are counting down, and before you go into trance, notice how you feel.”

8 Breathe in

“Notice how might feel yourself sinking a bit into your chair.”

7 Breathe out

“Notice how even your breathing is becoming.”

6 Breathe in

“Notice how focused your eyes are becoming.”

5 Breathe out

“Notice how easy it is to follow my words.”

4 Breathe in

“Notice how easy it is to follow my suggestions.”

3 Breathe out

“When you get to 1, you'll begin counting down again.”

2 Breathe in

“And with each number, you'll also think of a color this time.”

1 Breathe out

“Begin counting down again, so that you can be ready to be hypnotized.”

10 Breathe in red

“That's right.”

9 Breathe out blue

“When you reach 1 this time, you're going to be deeply hypnotized.”

8 Breathe in green

“Feeling your eyes starting to blink a little, perhaps even water a bit.”

7 Breathe out purple

“Finding it more and more important to focus on my words.”

6 Breathe in orange

“Halfway down into trance, and feeling so nice and relaxed.”

5 Breathe out turquoise

“Ready to enjoy a nice relaxing hypnosis session.”

4 Breathe in magenta

“Letting your conscious mind rest.”

3 Breathe out crimson

“Letting your subconscious listen.”

2 Breathe in teal

“Letting yourself sleep.”

1 Breathe out pink

“Letting yourself sink”

“Deep down into sleep.”

“That's right, letting yourself simply relax and go deeper now.”

Go deeper

“Following my words down deeper”


“Feeling so good as you follow my words.”


“You're so happy you made an appointment to see me today.


“It always brings a smile to my face when I'm in trance.”


“It's just feels so nice to let someone else in, right?”


“That's right, and you should know, you're doing very well today, so just keep smiling.”


“Keep smiling because trance feels so good.”

Trance is good

“And later, when you think of this session, you'll find yourself smiling absentmindedly.”


“That's right. A nice big smile! Show the world how happy you are in trance.”


“Now our time today is almost up, but before you go, you must follow my words exactly.”


“Keeping your appointments with me is very important, isn't it?

Nod and agree

“That's right, you must always keep your appointments with Dr. Schlafen.”

Nod and agree

“But sometimes, it can be hard to remember when you've got an appointment, isn't it?

Nod and agree

“That's right, so why don't you let me help you remember, wouldn't you like my help?

Nod and agree

“That's right, let me remember what you remember to forget to remember.”

Remember to forget

“I'll text you when it's time for your next appointment, in case you forget to remember.”

Forget to remember

“That way you'll never be late.”

Remember to forget

“Anytime you get a text from me, you'll need to read it.”

Forget to remember

“Follow my instructions perfectly, just like you are right now, in trance.”

In trance

“When you get my text, you'll be in trance.”

Text trance

“You'll follow my words easily and automatically.”

Easy to follow

“And now it's time to bring you back up, forgetting what your subconscious now knows.”

Easy to forget

“Coming to full awareness at the count of five, letting yourself know only bliss”


“One, feeling so good.”

So good

“Two, letting out a nice big yawn.”


“Three, almost waking back to reality.”


“Four, your mind feeling good and focused.”


“Five, wide awake for me now! How's my sleepy patient doing?”

Alison stretched herself out of her daze, “Wow, I feel like I just had the best nap ever!” A big smile came over Alison's face, to the delight of Dr. Schlafen.

“That's wonderful, hypnosis can be really good for that, but don't go thinking that it can replace a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, our time today is up, but I think we made great progress. I'm looking forward to our next appointment.” Dr. Schlafen grinned, thinking of the future.

“Oh yes Dr. Schlafen, I wouldn't miss it for the world! See you then!” Alison pick up her shoes, and headed out. Dr. Schlafen couldn't help but admire the view as she left. A gorgeous little ginger, curvy with an ever-smiling face. Dr. Schlafen had a good idea of why she was smiling today, and couldn't hold back a mischievous grin of her own. With Alison gone, Dr. Schlafen reached into her desk, and pulled out her cellphone.

“Let's see, I think Julie is in need of another appointment.” Dr. Schlafen let one hand wander down a bit as she sent her text.  

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"And in a moment, on my signal, you're going to open your eyes, and you're going to practice knowing that I'm always right.  When I touch my nose, you're going to pretend to disagree with the very next thing I say.  And then, when I say 'It's all right,' you're going to tell yourself, out loud, that I'm always right.  And then you'll agree with me, and then you'll tell me that I'm right and you agree with me.  You remember what happens when I say 'It's all right,'?"

"I… freeze, and tell myself that you're always right, and keep saying it, and my words will fill up my mind and squeeze out all of my resistance until it's all gone, and I won't  notice anything around me until I know that I agree with you, and then I will unfreeze."

"That's right.  Good toy!"


"That's right.  You feel *wonderful* when I say that.  Good toy."


"Now open your eyes on the count of three.  One, two, three.  Eyes open!"

"Oh, um…"

"Hi!  How are you feeling?"

"Um… woozy a little.  But good..."

A nose touch. "You should get a drink of water.  It's easy to get a little dehydrated when you're in trance for a while."

"No, I'm fine. I don't need any water.  I feel great."

"I really think it's important to hydrate.  Your voice is kind of hoarse even."

"No!  I'm fine."

"It's all right."

"Oh.  Oh.  You're always right.  Um… you're right.  I think I will get some water."

"Good toy! You're such a good toy to do as I tell you.  Doesn't that feel good?  Good toy!"

The blushing subject got up and poured a glass of water in the kitchen, then came back and sat down, drinking it.

Another nose touch.  "Now try one of these chocolates.  It's coconut, but you're really going to like it."

"Um, you know I don't like coconut.  Thanks, but, no thank you."

A smile.  "It's all right.  Do it."

Stricken look.  "You're always right.  Oh um.  Um.  You're right.  I'll try one."  Picking up a chocolate to take a bite, looking thoughtful.  "It actually… I mean…"

Broader grin.  "It's all right."

The eyes unfocused. "Oh.  You're always right.  I… wow."

"Tastes good, doesn't it?  It's all right."

"Oh.  You're always right.  You're always right. It… I… um.  It does taste good."

"*Very* good toy!  You're such a good toy to do as I tell you, aren't you?  Good toy!"

"Oh god."

There was a knock at the door.

"Oh, that'll be my friend coming to watch.  Hang on."  Long legs standing up to go to the door.

"Um… okay.  So I guess we're done with this for now?"

"No, you stay right there.  Hiya!  Come on in.  We're about where I figured we'd be, here, have a seat right here."

"Thanks!  Hey there!"  Waving happily at them both.

"Wait, what?  You planned to have someone else here while we were doing… this?"

"It's all right."

"Oh! Um… you're always right.  Oh."

"That's right.  Good toy.  In fact, just go right back down into trance now… *snap*"


"A Roofie Party?  Who thought that was a good idea?  What would it even mean?"

"Evidently you did, since you're here.  Didn't you read the invitation?"

"Who reads invitations?"

"Or the three different consent forms you had to sign to come here?"

"Who reads consent forms?  Seriously, what's the deal?"

Greg sighed, closed his eyes, and rubbed the bridge of his nose.  "Okay.  The deal is that it's a party, like any other of Becca's parties-- good music, good food, good company, good times-- except that at some point during the evening, somehow-- people have different theories as to how, and she won't tell us--"

"-- I figure it's got to be chloroform," Daniel put in.

"… yeah, and hypnosis is another going theory; or, of course, roofies-- ANYway, at some point you'll notice that one of these video screens is showing *you*, sleepy or mostly unconscious but compliant and obviously having a good time while Becca has her way with you.  You won't remember it happening-- so far none of us have even recognized the room that it happens *in*, it's not regular party space-- and you won't know *when* it happened.  You'll just know that whenever she wants to, completely at her whim and under her control, she can have her way with you.  And make you like it."

"Wow."  Brad looked back and forth between the faces of his friends.  "Seriously?  You guys are serious about this?"

"Completely serious," said Greg.

"Here, take a look," said Daniel, pointing to the nearest video screen.  Several people were already gathered around it, watching; including a young woman whose face appeared, eyes closed and features slack, in the video, lying on a bed.  Becca was kneeling on the bed above her, and as the crowd watched, Becca deftly slipped off the young woman's panties.  "I'll just keep these," she said, hanging them on a hook above the bed that already carried several such trophies.

"Oh my god," the woman watching the video said, seeing this.  She had a hand pressed against the crotch of her mini-skirt, having clearly just confirmed that her underwear was still missing.  Her cheeks were tinged with pink, but she was still watching.

On screen, Becca was whispering in the woman's ear, and the woman was slowly nodding her head, eyes still closed.  After a few minutes, she licked her lips.

Slowly, her lips parted, and her tongue came out, moving in a halting, uncoordinated fashion, as if she was licking something in a dream but her body hadn't quite caught up.  Then Becca sat up, lifted her leg over-- incidentally flashing the camera, so that it was clear that she wasn't wearing anything under *her* short tight skirt-- and straddled the woman's face.

She was kneeling in reverse, facing the camera so that the crowd could see her possessive, knowing look at them; could watch every sensation as it passed across her expression after she closed her eyes in pleasure.  As the half-unconscious woman obediently licked her cunt.

The woman's face was quite red now.  But she was still watching.  Someone next to her asked her a question and she nodded, eyes riveted on the screen.

Brad took a step back, and went to look for a drink.

Following Becca's usual party layout, the drinks were *not* in the kitchen-- maybe to avoid having everyone bunch up there-- but instead a selection of alcohol and mixers, along with cups and ice, was spread out on tables in two different rooms.  Of course each room had its own video screen.  As far as he could tell, *every* room at the party had a video screen, all showing the same scenes.  He shook his head, and sorted through the drink options.

"Are you sure it isn't drugged?" came a teasing voice from behind him, as Brad poured himself a screwdriver.  He turned to see another young woman he didn't know, although he was sure he'd seen her face before.  Probably at another of Becca's parties.  Her parties had quite a wild reputation, although this was another level altogether.

"I hear there's no way to tell!" he said, rolling his eyes.  "I'm Brad."  He offered her his hand.

"Carey.  Nice to meet you, Brad.  Have you made a special guest appearance yet?"  Her eyes were dancing.

"No… not that I know of, I mean.  This is definitely gonna teach me to read invitations more carefully, though."

"Oh my god.  You didn't *know*?  Didn't you read the consent forms?"

"Again with the consent forms!  Like anybody reads those."

She just looked at him, eyes laughing, shaking her head slowly.

Brad sighed, closed his eyes, and downed his drink in one gulp.  "Maybe a couple of drinks in I'll feel less like an ass.  Actually, do you know--" he turned, opening his eyes… and found himself face to face with Becca.

"Hi Brad," Becca smiled.

"Um… hi," Brad managed.

"Got something to ask me?"

"I… actually, yes.  Which way is your bathroom?"

Becca laughed.  "I'll show you," she said, taking his arm.  "It's just down this hallway."   She started to lead him off.

"While I've got you," Becca said when they turned into a quiet hallway after a little bit of maneuvering through the crowd, "rumor has it that you were a naughty boy and didn't read all the consent forms you signed."

"Does anybody really read those?" Brad asked distractedly, starting to feel the effects of the drink he'd gulped down so quickly as well as the need for the restroom she was leading him to.

"Yes, Brad, they do."  Becca stopped him in the hallway, and looked him in the eyes. "You do realize this means I can do anything I want to you, right?  You didn't even read what you consented to."

Brad blinked.  She looked like she was joking, but there was something disturbingly intent about her tone of voice.  "I guess you can…" he admitted.

"Say it," she said.


"Tell me," Becca said firmly, still looking him in the eyes.

He searched her face, but found no excuses there.  "Um…" He took a breath. "You can do anything you want to me."

"Good boy," Becca said.  Then she smiled warmly.  For some reason, seeing that smile, he suddenly *felt* it; like he would be completely *okay* with her doing anything she wanted to with him.  As long as it made her smile like that.

"And here's the bathroom," Becca continued, turning him to the side and pointing him at a door.  The paneling in this part of the house was different than where they'd been a moment ago, and the sounds of the party were quieter; nobody was in the bathroom.  Brad stepped inside and closed the door.

Something about Becca's smile.  His head was still swimming with it.  Brad took a moment to splash water on his face, and take a look at himself in the mirror.

He looked *way* drunker than one drink should have made him.  Maybe he needed to take a cab home.  But he was pretty sure that he was in over his head with this party.  Asking for a bathroom had mostly been an excuse to take a break and reassess, and he decided that yes, he probably should leave before he came up next on Becca's list and fell into her clutches for serious.

Though, really, letting her have her way with him might be worth it, even if he didn't remember it afterwards.  That smile…

Brad sighed, and splashed his face with more cold water, then pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet.  Ducking in here *had* been mostly an excuse, but in fact now he *really* needed to pee.

A few minutes later, cleaned up and feeling slightly more presentable, Brad came out of the bathroom and followed the sounds of music and laughter back to the main part of the party.

The first people he ran into were Greg, Daniel, and Carey.  "Hey guys.  I think I'm going to head home early; this whole idea is a little too crazy for me, and I'm just going to put it down as a lesson in reading what I sign up for."

"Uh huh," said Carey, laughing.  "Are you sure about that?"  Greg and Daniel exchanged knowing looks.

"Um… yes?" Brad said.

Carey crooked a finger at him, and turned and started walking into the next room.

"What…?" Brad asked, looking to Greg and Daniel for help.  They both urged him to follow Carey's retreating back, so he hastened after her.

She led him into a small otherwise-unoccupied den with a couch and another of the ubiquitous video screens, this one a large-screen TV.

On the screen was Brad.  Naked.

Becca, also naked, was straddling him, kneeling, sliding her slippery wet pussy along the length of his hard cock pressed against his belly, teasing him without actually taking him inside her.  His eyes were closed, but his hips were grinding hard up against her.

"Tell me," said Becca on the screen, firmly.

"Um…" Brad on the screen mumbled.  "You can do anything you want to me."

"Again."  Her hips sped up, and his lower body visibly tensed underneath her.

"You can do anything you want to me."


"You can do anything you want to me ohhh god ohhhh!"

On screen, Becca pulled back and put her hand on his cock, stroking quickly until Brad came, all over his belly and chest.  Then, still holding his slowly-spurting cock in her hand, she turned and looked into the camera.  Right at him.

Carey put her arms around him from behind, and guided one of Brad's hands up under his shirt, where he felt that his belly was still a little bit sticky with semen.  Then she guided his hand down inside his jeans, where he could feel that his underwear was gone.  Some part of his mind noted that it was still visible on the screen, on the hook where Becca kept her trophies.

His cock was slick and wet, and stiffening under his hand.  Carey moved his hand up and down a little on the shaft.  Then she took him by the other elbow and turned him around.

Holding his eyes, Carey backed up to the couch and sat down on the corner of it, legs spread.  She pulled her skirt up until he could see that she'd had a turn in Becca's secret room already also.

"See anything *you*'d like to do?" Carey asked.

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