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Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

One Track Mind - $35

Give into your desires at long last with this powerful and erotic hypnosis session. This recording will make you crave cock like never before. You will lose any sexual interest in women and be obsessed with finding men who will degrade and use you. Available now on Niteflirt.

Tlatzlotl - $35

Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to relax you and take you down into trance. Once she has you entranced she explains that she is going to deepen your love for her, and your desire to serve, obey, suffer for her and worship her. You will learn to worship all of her and everything that comes from her, and that like the Goddess Tlatzlotl she can transform your notion of sanctity. Available now on Niteflirt.

Leather Sadist - $40

A dark and powerful hypnosis session for all those potential slaves who crave the most degrading and painful treatment. A disdainful Mistress Clarissa will take you down into a deep trance and will then explain to you that you are worthless and only fit to be torture meat. Available now on Niteflirt.

Loser Lullaby - $20

Learn to accept yourself as the loser you are with a powerful brainwashing file designed to be listened to as you sleep. This recording will not judge you for being a pathetic sexual failure but instead warmly encourages you come to terms with your identity and stop trying to change. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 1 Sissy Rules - $14

This file is the first of four loops designed to provide structure and practical support for those embarking on the sissification process. Each file will contain ten rules which you will be required to follow to qualify as a sissy of that stage. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 2 Sissy Rules - $12.50

This is the second in a series of four files designed to provide a practical training plan for your sissification. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 3 Sissy Rules - $14

This third file in my comprehensive sissy training schedule features ten more rules that all sissies should follow to become their true selves. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 4 Sissy Rules - $15

This session features ten more rules which focus on your feminization, sexuality and behaviour and is intended to prepare you for being owned by a Mistress or a dominant man. Available now on Niteflirt.

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced to half price throughout the month of April.

Basic Maid Training - $12.50

Half price for April only! This file is aimed at all those who wish to serve a Mistress or Master as a feminized or sissy domestic maid. You will be taught exactly what service submission requires and precisely where your place is in the world. Available now on Niteflirt.

Consequences Loop - $7.50

Half Price off for April only! This brainwashing loop is suitable for male submissives who wish to continue their advanced hypnotic training with Mistress Clarissa. It operates alongside the previous consequences file and all the previous slave training, chastity and CEI training files and loops. Available now on Niteflirt.

You Want What I Want - $15

Half price for April only! You will love listening to Mistress Clarissa’s beautiful soft voice and sinking into a deep relaxing trance. Once in trance she will guide you deeper into submission. As you listen you will realise that you love her for changing you, for redefining submission for you, and remaking you as her impotent devoted slave, her masochist and her humiliation addict. Available now on Niteflirt.

Pansy The Sequel - $12.50

Half price for April only! Much like the first file in this series, this is not a nice file. You will not be lulled into a gentle sissy state or transformed into a woman. This file will turn you into a Pansy, a limp-wristed fairy, obsessed with humiliation and longing to push your emasculation further and further. Available now on Niteflirt.

Twisted Cuckold - $15

Half price for April only! A dark and delicious brainwashing loop for all those sissies and losers who crave to be cuckolded and then abandoned and left alone to their lives of chronic masturbation and humiliating porn. Available now on Niteflirt.

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission. From now on I shall be sending out a message each time a new file is released so keep an eye on your inbox. And do remember to leave feedback if you have enjoyed my files.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa






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