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Our slave allan stepped up again to lend a hand. While his cute little poem isn't an update from me, it does give me a reason to come here, which in turn reminds me to get back on track. So, enjoy slave allan's fun little poem and watch for my updates soon... and as always if there is a typo or misspelling, please point them out, so slave allan can be properly tormented. A spring poem This is just something silly I wrote. You could say it is the second part to the one I did in December (Twas spring in the Claus household and Mrs. Claus has planned somethingnew and bold. The workshop has been changed for a slightly different type of show, so I have been told. You see after she gave all the elves a few days off for some well-deserved rest. She went right to work to make a new love nest. She replaced all the bright red curtain with some made of black satin and lace. She can hardly wait to see the expression on her husband's cherry face. All the shiny bells, wrapping paper and bright ribbons and bows were all stashed away to make room for some new toys to be used in some kinky play. Oh, what a grin Santa would of have if he only knew what his wife has planned for him today. All the hammers and nails, paint and sticks have been moved to make room for cuffs and clamps and a cage for a slave's dick. So, after planning for weeks Mrs. Claus will be giving her new slave Santa, permission to speak. So, he can tell his friends how he got his new rosy red cheeks. Now with the help from an elf's wrench, Mrs. Claus finished building Santa's new bondage bench....)

 Link to: a cute poem

slaveallan68 Sep 2 '18 · Tags: poem

Look deep into your self.

Find yourself all alone in the dark curled up on the floor.

A light sound of cheers come faintly into your mind.

Listen to them grow within.

Raise your head high.

As you open your eyes.

The cheers ring through your brain

Feel your heart begin to beat.

Listen to those cheers.

Your shades of black and grays begin to shed like a snake. Renewing you a new skin of bright greens blues and yellows.

Your emotionless face starts to change from frowning and sobbing.

Listen to those cheers

As it brings a faint remark

Among your face.

Slowly your frown starts to morph like a butterfly changes in stages.

dormant and still

Cocooned your whole life 

by darkness

As you start to morph and love to something beautiful and delightful.

Your frown begins to change from upside down. A smile begins to take form.

Listening more to those cheers now getting so very loud in your head.

Your smile makes it true form among your beautiful face as your eyes enlighten by the happiness now flowing through your veins.

Smiling and eyes wide open

You start to see everything so very clearly.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad

Life to short for that.

The cheers start to say.

Listen to them

Let them control you

Let them help you.

Be happy

Keep smiling

Don't be sad


Your new life has just begun.

Welcome to your happiness

I am so very glad

You're so happy

And smiling

Happy and smiling is the greatest life ever.

Trust me you regret it.

Happy and smiling

You're so beautiful to be happy and smile

Why listen to those tell you that your not all these things

Your life is perfect just way you are so

Go ahead smile and be happy because

You are beautiful in my eyes and everyone else and your


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Tags: poem, why so sad

Either like it or don't it's your choice

Either way, you take it don't let it sallow you.

Either hate or like.

Either way, you point the gun a bullet fires straight.

Those who feeling down

It's okay not too late

Either keep going or give up.

But spiral downwards

Cause it's not too late.

Trust or don't

One way for sure we all live together in this world.

Positive and negative

Both keep a car running

Both keep the heart beating.

Don't spiral towards

Do spiral upwards

In the end, we all end happy one way or another.

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 24 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: poem


You have been hypnotized since you could open your eyes.

Told what to eat and what to wear.

Hypnotized to not talk to strangers

Obey the laws

Always use manners.

Never break rules.

Always say please and thank you.

You have been brainwashed since you could take a bath. Forced to sleep on time.

Wake up at a certain time.

Mindless but obedient we all are

We all became.

We need control

We can't live without control.

Always hold hands crossing streets.

Always stop for those signs.

Read this

Do this.

Nothing you could do but comply.

Mindless obedient we all became.

Obedient we are all.

Resistance left you at a young age.

Now you're older and more submissive to life.

The news tells us to beware. Stories to scare us and enforce obedience over us all.

Open your eyes they are glassy and foggy from all the hypnosis and brainwashing.

Some enjoy

Some control

As others become controllers.

Are you a sheep


Are you a wolf

Hypnotized since birth since you opened your wide eyes.


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 23 '18 · Tags: poem

Heavy sleeper

I count to ten sleep will soon begin

I count nine there drifts your mind

I count to eight sleep will soon take

I count seven drifts

into a peaceful slumber

I count six body begins to sink

I count to five as you drift down to the floor

I count to four your on the floor

I count two its only swoon

I count one its done

Such a heavy sleeper I try not to wake you

Such a peaceful sleeper you snoozing so much deeper.

Such a heavy sinker falling so much quicker.

Cause your a heavy sleeper I could not dare to wake you.

Sleeping and dreaming

Sleeping so deeply

So peacefully

Sleeping so deeply cause you're a heavy sleeper.

Heavy sleeper

Don't dare try to wake you.

Heavy sleeper

I count to ten your out by four

Gone from this world

Asleep and dreaming

Cause you are a heavy sleeper

Heavy sleeper.


Hard to look away seeing you lying there on the ground.

I never felt so overwhelmed with losing you, my love.

I want to hold you in my arms. Once more your body cold and lifeless.

Death took you away from me leaving me to beg for a second chance to see you smile again.

Your voice of dying breath I love you till the end.

Why did it end up this way?

Gone from me

Gone from this world

Gone from everyone

I miss you, my perfect love,

I miss you my happiness

I miss you


Color wheel. This is a color wheel that spins when it stops no one knows colors whril around as colors are blurring and spinning. Faster and quicker those colors fill your eyes. Wonderful colors wonderful whril of pinks reds blues yellows greens purples blacks  and even oranges. Those colors whril around as you so helpless to allow. Eyes begin to widen. Your mind opening to new thoughts and suggestions.

Watch the colors

Watch them spin and whril

Watch those colors blur your resistance away.

Watch them fill your mind with colors.

Colors are wonderful

Colors are filled with different emotions.

Colors are hypnotic

Colors are suggestive

Just watch

As they whril and spin

Around and around

When it stops we dont know.






Watch the colors

Just watch them

Watch them

Those wonderful colors. 


Have the feeling again

Yes it's great to feel

Posistive it works

No it dosent always last

Once in a while it clicks deep inside

Senses become highten

Its okay to enjoy those sensations

Seeing is the eyes foucing of something

Its taken control of you

Have you felt this before

Pushing you futher downward

Nothing holding you back from falling down

Opening a new side of your mind

Trying to chase the center of something

Its easy to foucs on.

Closing off everything around you and letting go.

Let go for once

Let this in for once

Trust the words you read

Trust the meanings you understand

Tell me your okay and safe

Tell me you haven't struggled this hard

Just this once you felt something new for once

Tell me you honest opinion did you see it

Tell me you can sense it

I just want to try my best

Try my best to impress

Could you tell me please

I know your begging to let me know.

So just do it

Thanks for reading my poem.

I hope you enjoyed it. 

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 15 '18 · Tags: hypnotic, poem

You want to feel happy and joy


Well come along

Then and let me inside

Tell me your fears your doubts


Tell me why you cry alone at times

I can help ease your pain

Eating away inside.

Just look at me dont sigh

Just look at me for awhile.

I promise you its wroth your time.

I know its hard to be alone sometimes

I know its hard to let go

Offen we hold it too much inside we lose trust in others and ourselves.

I know you been hurt

I can read it in your eyes

I can sense it in your hands

Do you want to let go

Do you want to forget those doubts

Forget those names they called you behind your back

Forget those looks that shot holes in your


Just listen to my voice and foucs

On my message of hope.

You want to feel good inside

You want to feel a warm glow when your embers died.

I know its hard but you are starting to change.

Yes change its growing inside

Inside your mind

Inside your heart

Inside your eyes stareing back at mine.

Your starting to realize its all leave you from inside

Your fears your doubts your worries and deep sub doubts.

So listen and stare into my eyes

I am here for your happiness

I am here for your comfort

I am here for you

Just you

Only you.

Doubts slip your mind

As you feel peace and warm inside

Fears slip subside as strength builds up inside.

Your doing much better i can tell

Your eyes are fixed on mine

Your smile growing wide

Your happiness is going wild

Your doing so good

Outside and deeply inside

Feel my hands on yours gently holding them

Never gripping too tight

Just feels just right

Now i ask you again

Do you feel sad inside

Or do you need to step further inside

I give happiness and joy

All you do is smile wide.

Welcome inside.

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 13 '18 · Tags: poem, hypnotic

The clock

I am standing in front of a clock

I watching the arms and hands count around

Its face.

Tick and tock

It chimes each second passed by

Around and around it goes

Tick and tock

The clock reads 4

Tick and tock

The clock reads 5

Tick and tock

Clock reads 6

Counting up and around

Secs turn into minutes

Minutes turn into hours.

The clock reads 7

Tick and tock

Its 8

Tick and tock

Its 9

Time passes by as i stand limp and still

Tick and tock

Echoing in my ears

Tick and tock

Its 10

And now its getting late

Time is keeping me from staying awake.

Tick and tock

Its 11 now i should be drfiting into peaceful heaven.

Tick and tock




Its now 12 o'clock

The clocks echoes its call

The urge to stay awake as passed as i drifted off to sleep

Welcome dreames and pleasent memories

Sleep has come over me wrapping me in warm soft cocoon of bed sheetings and blankets.

Pillow eases my head as the ticking fades




I drift to sleep

Ill awaken to Sun's rays

Sleep is so good

Feels so good

Good night to you

Good morning will

Arrive soon


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 12 '18 · Tags: poem

Dont stand in one place for too long

Soon the floor will give in and you start to sink downwards to the floor. Slowly it starts to happen so slow you barely notice it. Keep standing as you sink deeper down to the ground. Now your ankles are fully engulfed.

Its matter of time before you notice it more. Standing now calfs and lower shins are engulfed by the floor. Sinking and slipping downaward into the  floor.

Dose feel like the room is getting taller or smaller as your waist deep into the floor. Your now halfway deep. Keep trying to stand as floor is englufing you down like quicksand. Look up look down your stomach is starting to sink onwards.

But you want to keep standing you want to as seems the floor creeps towards your chest.

Dont worry about your breathing its okay your sinking deeper into the floor.

Standing as long as possible the floor sweeps and creeps among your last remaining parts of your chest your arms and hands were gone before you had a chance. Sinking downward in the floor your body too heavy to keep afloat.

Look up look down the floor touches your neck. Look up before you can as the floor engulfs your head.

Downward you sunk to the floor.

The quicksand took you down.

Another one goes down



Can you keep standing on the floor?

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 10 '18 · Tags: hypnotic, poem


This is going to be hard for you to do.

So much so your gonna give up as soon as you begin.

I would like you to think of something very pleasant and erotic.

Now thinking of that something, your gonna feel tingling sensation. Dont worry its perfectly natural for that to occur.

Now dont worry about the tingling and pleasant sensations. Think about that erotic and pleasant something. Perhaps it is of a woman or what's she wearing or maybe nothing but just her beauty. Think deeply of her. Her body her curves her smile her eyes her face. Her hair her legs her breasts her butt her beautiful privates.

Keep thinking hard and deeply of this or what you want of her.

Now your problay feeling intense tingling and sensations occurring. Its perfectly normal and good.

Now your problay wondering what do you mean by resistance. Well your going to keep thinking of that pleasant and erotic image growing deeply and stronger in your mind. As you try to resist the urge of easing your pleasures now growing and intenstfling if you can resist the urge to not ease your desires of thinking of something very pleasant and erotic then you might win. But the truth is you dont want to win. You want to lose and give up. The resistance is your choice to do as you will. Give in or fight it.

I let you keep thinking long and hard about that as you picture that pleasant and erotic image in your mind.

Do you have resistance?

Do you want resistance?

Do you need resistance?

Do you know your resistance?

Give in or fight it

Give in or fight it

Give in


Fight it

How strong is your


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 9 '18 · Tags: erotica, poem

Surrender your hopes and dreams you wont need them when you go.

To think is the will's voice that pushes and forces you to choose.

Surrender the thoughts of fears and pains you wont need them when you go.

To trust the voice inside your head make the choice to change your fate.

Take the paths that lead to choices that only you can choose.

Surrender your worries and cares away inside your head you wont need them if when you go.

So long and farewell to the resistances you built to keep you safe there's no where you can go with those now.

Surrender to you own free will the choice you make will dictate your fate.


Surrender is the only way to go.


You have the key to unlock the door

To unlock the unknown waiting behind the other side you must not fear the unknown awaiting you on the other side of that door you hold the key to.

You could lock it and keep it closed trapped behind that door that remains in front of you.

Do you unlock it

Do you open it

Do you enter it

Do you shut it

Do you lock it

The choices you make decides you fate that awaits behind the door.

You hold the key to the door

You only choices is to you remains the same.

Do you open it

Do you enter it

Do you shut it

Do you lock it

The key you hold is doors fate

You hold the key to what remains that doors fate.

The key

purpleishypnotic19 Aug 6 '18 · Tags: poem


The deeper you the futher you go

Down all the way down to the bottom

All the way till emptiness of the bottom of your subconscious abyss.


Down that rabbit hole you go

Nothing stopping you as you fall down way down way down.

Reach the bottom whom may knows

The light has faded into the shadows of the abyss.


Way down you go deeper you fall the futher you feel emptiness and motionless as all your feelings of stress and worries vanished.

Fall down way down till you reach the bottom of the ground you feel heavy like a cement brick tied around your ankles dragging and pulling you under and down

Pulling and tugging. Dragging you under and down as you fall.


purpleishypnotic19 Aug 1 '18 · Tags: hypnotic, poem

Black and white the line bring you right

Down to the ground where nothing makes a sound

Black and white the whril spins so left taking your breath

Black and white the line seem to blend in sight.

Say goodnight

Cause all you see is black white

Head starts spinning your mind is bending from the black and white.

Say goodnight before your eyes close tight.

Black and white

Black and white

Say goodnight

Say goodnight

To the black and white.

purpleishypnotic19 Jul 30 '18 · Tags: hypnotic, poem

There is no rhyme nor reason

Just hypnosis and hypnotism

There is no up just Down

There is no colors at all just shades of black and white.

There is no need to rush yourself

just take your time to breath.

Numbers are most important knowning how to count from 1 to 10 and back down again.

There is no need to fight nor get tense

Just let go to enchance.

Trance is what you seek so maybe you should think deep.

Your mind is racing your heart beat pacing

Just let go to all that tension that will surely help this tranceformation.

So close your eyes to open wide.

Let those doubts leave your mind.

Count to 10 and down to 1

And soon you will be having hypnotic fun.

Dont trust me will that is okay cause we only just begun.

This hypnotic fun. 


Look at the stars dont they shine bright ?

Look at the moon cant tell hes looking at you?

The sounds of winds echoing through the trees the clam light breeze among your skin. The peaceful night you come to stay. Think about your stressful day. Relax here for a while the wolves begin to howel. They dont mean to fight on this peaceful place tonight. Can you smell the fresh pine off the trees tonight. Enhances your peacefulness here tonight. Look up and see the sky so bright as the stars begin to dance shooting across the sky. A peaceful place here tonight nothing to steer you away. Just hopes you gonna stay till morning's light. Will you come back again to this peaceful place? Will you stay till morning's light?

A peaceful place. 


purpleishypnotic19 Jul 26 '18 · Tags: poem
Trying to sleep the constant fear eatting away at my brain. The sounds of whispers of a voice i never before a voice tell me its gonna be okay. Do i trust this voice i start hear more clear its tone it message it hopefuls meaning beginning to rattle up among my skull. Do i listen do i resist. The a part me wants to give in to and parts brace the walls. I want to sleep i want to dream i want to wake up a everything to be sane. But those trouble doubts begin to fade as the voice my head tell mes i am not insane i only alone and need a friend someone to listen to someone to who cares for me. The constant regjections of my past seem to fade into the past the future seems clear and bright. Time to do what seems right. Listen to the voice and hopefully get some sleep tonight. 

Random poem

purpleishypnotic19 Jul 25 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: poem

My happy place

My happy place has nothing on the walls

Nothing on the floors. There is a door to my happy place when sometimes is locked but no keys open that door to my happy place. The entire room of my happy place is one color. Only one color that brings me peace and happiness. Sometimes i come to my happy place to be alone. Sometimes others may enter my happy place to keep me from being alone. My happy place is my own personal space a space that was created for me. I sometimes have a hard time entering my happy place but with the right push i can open up my door and step into my happy place.

There is a happy place for me. There is a happy place for you. But all put aside we all enjoy our own happy places. 

purpleishypnotic19 Jul 24 '18 · Comments: 1 · Tags: poem

You look down at the reflection of the paint in the can. Today, I am red.

Distilled into your purest form. Inviting and mysterious, I wait eternally for your touch, thick or thin.

The air of old print swirls and floats with my aroma, inhaled as those wandering eyes trace invisible lines on the canvas. As the coarse hairs catch me, absorb me, I drip with anticipation. Up and down, brushing and moving me as you wish.

On Three windows, a soul peers. One to paint, one to be painted, and one to witness it. I am applied, my awareness spans and stretches across this vision. “Like this” you say to me. Soon you'll be in that artist's headspace again: those eyes shining so brightly against the overhead lights. I love seeing myself in your eyes, because that's how I can see your masterpiece. No one else holds me with such grace. To be in the hands of an artist, there's nothing quite so powerful. Surrounded by lovely white nothingness.

Today, I am a flower, turning pink. Brighter and warmer as the glow from your spirit nourishes me. Each new addition I show dimension. You decide my fate. Two more petals, And so I am floating with the stars. My place has been found in the cosmos, it has been made. And I feel wonderful. And yet there is still more to be done.

Today, I am the dark. I am infinite. I am one with you. The space around me consumed by the generous attention of the black paint can. Your Mirror. Left alone with me, you sit and contemplate your next move. Your place in this piece. Within me you find nothing, and everything. Drawn out into awareness by the light of your unrealized imagination, so many ideas fly by. Dots of white and blue, splatter and pepper the sky. Now, you seek to find closure. But there is none. My skin is shallow, and my gaze is deep. The piece that you construct now stares back at you. Fixating your mind. When you look at me I take your thoughts piece by piece and gently place them among the void.

I create meaning out of nothing, without you I am nothing. Without me there is nothing. And now as you appreciate my work, I look on at my piece, distilled into its purest form. Ready and waiting to show how good it feels, to be so ready to turn into the masterpiece I know it can be.

Today, I am the brush. I am the window. I am the artist.

And you are my subject.

Euphorix Jul 3 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: poetry, artist, imagery, art, paint, canvas, poem

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