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Color wheel. This is a color wheel that spins when it stops no one knows colors whril around as colors are blurring and spinning. Faster and quicker those colors fill your eyes. Wonderful colors wonderful whril of pinks reds blues yellows greens purples blacks  and even oranges. Those colors whril around as you so helpless to allow. Eyes begin to widen. Your mind opening to new thoughts and suggestions.

Watch the colors

Watch them spin and whril

Watch those colors blur your resistance away.

Watch them fill your mind with colors.

Colors are wonderful

Colors are filled with different emotions.

Colors are hypnotic

Colors are suggestive

Just watch

As they whril and spin

Around and around

When it stops we dont know.






Watch the colors

Just watch them

Watch them

Those wonderful colors. 


There is no rhyme nor reason

Just hypnosis and hypnotism

There is no up just Down

There is no colors at all just shades of black and white.

There is no need to rush yourself

just take your time to breath.

Numbers are most important knowning how to count from 1 to 10 and back down again.

There is no need to fight nor get tense

Just let go to enchance.

Trance is what you seek so maybe you should think deep.

Your mind is racing your heart beat pacing

Just let go to all that tension that will surely help this tranceformation.

So close your eyes to open wide.

Let those doubts leave your mind.

Count to 10 and down to 1

And soon you will be having hypnotic fun.

Dont trust me will that is okay cause we only just begun.

This hypnotic fun. 

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