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Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to details of all my latest recordings plus some exciting special offers.

Latest files

New Year Relapse Tease - $7
Available on Niteflirt

I know you're tempted. I know you want to sink lower than ever before. I know that part of you craves to be truly broken. So why not tease yourself with that thought? Why not step closer to the edge? Why not listen to this seven minute conditioning loop which will explain how wonderful the next year could be if you finally give in to those delicious submissive desires?

Sissy Resolutions - $35
Available on Niteflirt

An exciting hypnosis session which is perfect for all sissies who are ready to push themselves in their aspiration to finally blossom as the girliest of girls. This file will give you some important resolutions to help you develop as a sweet submissive sissy and work towards your dream of finding a dominant man.

Bombarded By Perversions - $40
Available on Niteflirt

Sink into perversion as I slowly destroy your worthless mind. This powerful and erotic hypnosis session will bombard you with fetishes and fill your little mind with twisted desires. You will become addicted as your current perversions are intensified and new ones added and you will be triggered to think of this file often as you go about your day.

Goon and Cry - $20
Available on Niteflirt

You're such a loser. And you know you will never change. You'll always be rejected. You'll never have a girlfriend or a wife. And the worst part is you like it. It turns you on to be this way. So get worse loser with this powerful brainwashing loop designed to be used when you are masturbating.

Impotent Sissy Loser - $40
Available on Niteflirt

A deeply humiliating file for all sissy losers who crave a life of impotence and shame. This session is aimed at pathetic so-called men who are obsessed with emasculation and will ensure that you are never able to have sex with a woman again.

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be half price until the end of January.

Relapse - $32 - 20% off for January only!!
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Start the year as you mean to go on by relapsing for me and sinking back down into pleasure, addiction and shame. This powerful and dangerous hypnotic session is for all those losers who like to give up all control and let their twisted sexualities take over their lives completely.

Loser Resolutions - $24 - 20% off for January only!!
Available on Niteflirt

An exciting and powerful hypnosis session designed to help you make a year long commitment to becoming the biggest loser possible. Let your weak and pathetic nature flourish and addiction take hold as you make a series of solumn pledges which will bury themselves deep into your mind.

Sexual Failure Brainwashing Loop - $15 - 25% off for January only!!
Available on Niteflirt

A deliciously dark brainwashing loop, this file is intended to destroy any possibility of a sexual relationship with a woman for the rest of your life. Listen as you sleep at night and as you go about your day and feel your self esteem disappear as you become a lonely and impotent compulsive masturbator.

Submissive Trance Part 1 - $12.50 - Half price for January only!!
Available on Niteflirt

This brainwashing file is aimed at male submissives and slaves and intended as an aid to FemDom training. It will encourage or deepen a submissive mindset. Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft sensual melodic voice and innate understanding of D/S to effortlessly draw you in, to seduce and reassure you.

Always A Good Girl - $12.50 - Half price for January only!!
Available on Niteflirt

This gentle file is designed for submissive cross dressers and sissies who want to be feminised, serve a powerful Mistress and develop as a sweet submissive service focused girl.

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, chat to me or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission. And do remember to leave feedback if you have enjoyed my files.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

One Track Mind - $35

Give into your desires at long last with this powerful and erotic hypnosis session. This recording will make you crave cock like never before. You will lose any sexual interest in women and be obsessed with finding men who will degrade and use you. Available now on Niteflirt.

Tlatzlotl - $35

Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to relax you and take you down into trance. Once she has you entranced she explains that she is going to deepen your love for her, and your desire to serve, obey, suffer for her and worship her. You will learn to worship all of her and everything that comes from her, and that like the Goddess Tlatzlotl she can transform your notion of sanctity. Available now on Niteflirt.

Leather Sadist - $40

A dark and powerful hypnosis session for all those potential slaves who crave the most degrading and painful treatment. A disdainful Mistress Clarissa will take you down into a deep trance and will then explain to you that you are worthless and only fit to be torture meat. Available now on Niteflirt.

Loser Lullaby - $20

Learn to accept yourself as the loser you are with a powerful brainwashing file designed to be listened to as you sleep. This recording will not judge you for being a pathetic sexual failure but instead warmly encourages you come to terms with your identity and stop trying to change. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 1 Sissy Rules - $14

This file is the first of four loops designed to provide structure and practical support for those embarking on the sissification process. Each file will contain ten rules which you will be required to follow to qualify as a sissy of that stage. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 2 Sissy Rules - $12.50

This is the second in a series of four files designed to provide a practical training plan for your sissification. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 3 Sissy Rules - $14

This third file in my comprehensive sissy training schedule features ten more rules that all sissies should follow to become their true selves. Available now on Niteflirt.

Stage 4 Sissy Rules - $15

This session features ten more rules which focus on your feminization, sexuality and behaviour and is intended to prepare you for being owned by a Mistress or a dominant man. Available now on Niteflirt.

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced to half price throughout the month of April.

Basic Maid Training - $12.50

Half price for April only! This file is aimed at all those who wish to serve a Mistress or Master as a feminized or sissy domestic maid. You will be taught exactly what service submission requires and precisely where your place is in the world. Available now on Niteflirt.

Consequences Loop - $7.50

Half Price off for April only! This brainwashing loop is suitable for male submissives who wish to continue their advanced hypnotic training with Mistress Clarissa. It operates alongside the previous consequences file and all the previous slave training, chastity and CEI training files and loops. Available now on Niteflirt.

You Want What I Want - $15

Half price for April only! You will love listening to Mistress Clarissa’s beautiful soft voice and sinking into a deep relaxing trance. Once in trance she will guide you deeper into submission. As you listen you will realise that you love her for changing you, for redefining submission for you, and remaking you as her impotent devoted slave, her masochist and her humiliation addict. Available now on Niteflirt.

Pansy The Sequel - $12.50

Half price for April only! Much like the first file in this series, this is not a nice file. You will not be lulled into a gentle sissy state or transformed into a woman. This file will turn you into a Pansy, a limp-wristed fairy, obsessed with humiliation and longing to push your emasculation further and further. Available now on Niteflirt.

Twisted Cuckold - $15

Half price for April only! A dark and delicious brainwashing loop for all those sissies and losers who crave to be cuckolded and then abandoned and left alone to their lives of chronic masturbation and humiliating porn. Available now on Niteflirt.

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission. From now on I shall be sending out a message each time a new file is released so keep an eye on your inbox. And do remember to leave feedback if you have enjoyed my files.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to my latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

Mistress Mantra - $14

This is a loop for Mistress Clarissa's hypnotised slaves who love to be brainwashed to love, worship, serve, obey and please her more than ever. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/ujjhbhs8

Sissy Creampuff - $35

An exciting file for all true sissies who long to become the most effeminate prissy pansies possible. You are going to be completely emasculated and start living your life as the sissy fairy you were born to be. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2eftrt4y

Suck It For Me - $32

You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as she effortlessly takes you down into trance and then uses her skill to train you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker . She will use your history as a sexual failure, your submission and your desire to please her to make you finally accept your need to suck cock for her. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/46v3956n

Women Hate You Loser - $35

A deeply humiliating hypnosis session for true losers who need to learn the painful truth. You are disgusting and women hate you. You are repulsive and I hate you too. I hate you as much as you love me. That's why we need to change your pathetic life to ensure that the only contact you have with women is paying them to humiliate you online. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2p92tnmh

Sissy Panty Loop - $12

A delightful sissy brainwashing loop aimed at beginners. This file will increase your desire to wear panties as often as possibly until you are wearing them every day. It will also encourage chastity and instil a compulsion to throw out all of your nasty male underwear. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2p83ur8v

Suck It For Me Loop - $18

This is a loop for fans of Mistress Clarissa’s hypnotic FemDom slut training, chastity and humiliation. You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as her words loop throughout your days and dreams training you to be her submissive chaste cocksucker. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/2tubp32b

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced throughout the month of July.

Consequences - $24

20% off for July only! This file offers a deep level of submissive psychological pleasure and control. As you listen to the process Mistress Clarissa describes, you will sink into a deep receptive trance and recognise the journey she has led you on. You will recognise the pleasure you have experienced in her deepening your submission and the weakness, need, addiction and longing to serve and to suffer for her that you have felt. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/fkx8c4yv

Slave Focus Loop - $8

Less than half price for July only! This loop builds upon the hypnotic training contained within the 'Slave Focus File'. Mistress Clarissa will effortlessly relax you and reach inside your mind. Her soft melodic voice and crisp British accent are simply so pleasurable to listen to, it's all too easy to fall under her spell. She will give focus to your submissive desire, deepen your addiction to her control and your obsessive need to please her by laying out the ways you can serve her. She will refocus your submission and give you renewed energy to serve her. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/27ek3ny4

A Sissy's Greatest Sacrifice - $12.50

Half price for July only! Being a sissy requires making sacrifices. I know that you understand that. One of those sacrifices is the ability to make love as a hetero-sexual man. This idea can also be quite scary for delicate sissies so this file is designed to help you. Not only will you never be able to make love to a woman for the rest of your life after listening to this file, but you will feel a great sense of joy that this has been achieved. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/33rwu5vw

Twisted Sissy Loop - $15

40% off for July only! This brainwashing loop is designed to reinforce all of the exciting changes in our recent Twisted Sissy file and help you to embrace your life as a sexual failure who craves constant humiliation. Listen on loop as you go about your day, or as you sleep at night, and immerse yourself in your twisted desires as you enter an addictive downward spiral with no escape. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/4edabw5s

Piggy ATM - $20

One third off for July only! This file is suitable for new and experienced pay pigs seeking a real Mistress to serve financially and be humiliated by. Mistress Clarissa will use her hypnotic skills to take you further on your piggy journey in this file than ever before. She will encourage you to accept your pathetic weak piggy nature, your need to be humiliated and degraded by her and train you to to love being her special piggy, her piggy ATM. Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/5fcjkux5

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to latest newsletter with details of all my most recent recordings plus this month's special offers.

Latest files

Cuckold Impotence Therapy Part 2 - $35
Available on Niteflirt now at: https://tinyurl.com/e7x3b2fp

This is a file for fans of intense FemDom cuckolding, emasculation, impotence and humiliation. It builds upon and intensifies the humiliation and the impotence training of the first file in this series. It is best listened to following on from the first file and the associated loop. Those who love Mistress Clarissa's insightful psychologically driven humiliation will gain great pleasure from being broken and remade as her twisted Impotent toy.

Diagnosis Pansy - $35
Available on Niteflirt now at: https://tinyurl.com/3kv4mvzs

An exciting and powerful file for all those pansies who need a little push to accept their true nature and sexuality. This recording will take you through a series of exercises designed to help you self diagnose as a pansy who craves nasty old men and has no sexual interest in women whatsoever.

Cuckold Impotence Therapy Part 1 - $35
Available on Niteflirt now at: https://tinyurl.com/8jpx3jmd

This is a file for fans of intense FemDom cuckolding impotence and humiliation. Mistress Clarissa will help you to understand and accept your role as her cuck , save you from further disappointments and heart breaks, and help you to embrace the relief and happiness that being her brainwashed, submissive, endlessly aroused cuck offers by making you impotent.

Cuck Impotence Therapy Loop - $22
Available on Niteflirt now at: https://tinyurl.com/yysymufz

This loop continues Mistress Clarissa's insightful and powerful humiliation aimed at helping you you to understand and accept your role as her cuck, save you from further sexual failures, and help you to embrace the relief that being her brainwashed, submissive, aroused and impotent cuck offers.

Special Offers

The below files will be reduced by up to half price throughout the month of February.

Sissy Bimbo - $12.50
Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/y4hhwxre

Mistress Clarissa uses her lovely soft voice and clear British accent to relax you and to gently lead you into trance. She explains to you that she is going to turn you into her perfect Sissy bimbo by lessening your intelligence and feminising you at the same time as linking your sexuality to being a submissive slutty sissy who longs to be used by men like a blow up doll.

Cocksucker Reinforced: The Movie! - $15
Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/yc25ddjt

I know you'll just love staring at a big black cock whilst I brainwash you. Let your eyes glaze over, your arousal build, and accept your fate as an impotent sissy cocksucker for the rest of your life.

Forced-Bi Cuck Fucktoy - $12.50
Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/bdpt23ma

Mistress Clarissa will take you deep into her own very sensual and sexy Femdom hypnotic forced bi Cuck fantasy. You will fall easily into a deep submissive trance just by listening to her lovely melodious voice and clear British accent.

Cuckold Training - $12.50
Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/5n7vm4un

This file is aimed at male slaves who wish to be hypnotically trained to be Mistress Clarissa's submissive cuckold and to really serve and please her. The file will deepen submission and instruct the listener in how to serve by teaching you your place, which is locked in chastity, kneeling blindfolded at the foot of the bed whilst your Mistress entertains her lovers.

Submissive Trance Loop - $10
Available on Niteflirt at: https://tinyurl.com/kbeuvsu8

This loop is the fourth file in the Submissive Trance series which is aimed at male submissive's and slaves and is intended as an aid to deepening and focusing real submission, worship and service to Mistress Clarissa.

I am also slowly loading up my audio hypnosis files to IWantClips, you can visit my page at: https://iwantclips.com/store/178720/Mistress-Clarissa

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, commission a custom file, or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa


* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an many happy ending..  You have been warned!!

Sorry posted wrong video..  it is fixed now!!


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

open your mind to my words.. 

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

Say Yes To The Trance

MindbenderAmy Dec 28 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control, brain washing, slavery

* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an happy ending..  You have been warned now onto The Rosebud Experience..


Here it finally is.. you have enjoyed The Rosebud Experience in text form.. Now just sit back and relax as you listen to it..


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

The Rosebud Experience Video

MindbenderAmy Dec 21 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control
Hey there, bubbly sub looking for someone substantial to take over, I dream of never having to think again and being a perfect sub. I want to be changed in ways that even I'm not sure how it happened, I'm also into dronification, sissification and im kinda interested in Bambi sleep but I want someone there to help the process through if they decide they want me to go through with it. If you're up to the challenge hit me up! My discord is Tyzzy#5496, my Skype is tystus8221, and my Kik is codyfurry.
Tyzzy Jun 17 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypno, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control
Hi, I’m Sweet!
waves excitedly
And welcome to my blog!
This is my first Text Trance Post.

I’m a large, loud and loquacious librarian who loves to help people.
And sometimes the only way to help my subby boys is to make them moan, beg and whimper. And sometimes, like as in this session, that means taking their minds completely.

NOTE: In this blog, I will be referring to all my subby boys I play with as Caleb. A Caleb in one submission may not be the Caleb in the previous submission, or the next submission  either, but I will consistently using the name Caleb to refer to all of them. All of my Calebs have access to their safewords, even while blank and mindless.

Start of session: Hypnotic Language Warning

I had worked with this Caleb once before. He’d reacted well to the couple of triggers I had given him during our first session and I was excited to play with him again. Earlier that day, he had posted, half-jokingly, in a Discord Server that he wanted no brains in his head. I answered that the idea was tempting. And we left it at that as both of our days moved forward.  

Several hours later, once we were both available, we called. We flirted for a few moments, it is so fun to flirt and tease him. He gets all shy. It’s positively adorable. But, then it was time. My voice changed, sliding into my Tist voice.

“Do you want to go down, Caleb?”

“Yes, please, Miss.” I could hear him already reacting to my Tist voice. Such a delightful subject.

“Very good. Falling down like a good boy. Falling, falling. Such a good boy. Falling so deep for me."

"Five. Falling."

"Four. Deep."

"Three. Falling."

"Two. Deep."

"When I say this last number, you’ll plummet down into trance, when I say this last number. And… I’m going… to say it… right…

"One. Good boy. How are you feeling?”

“Good, Miss.” His voice was a tad mumbled. That’s okay. I could fix that.

“Very good, Caleb. Remember, the more clearly you speak while you are under, the deeper you go.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” And he was speaking more clearly.

“Good boy. You like being blank and mindless. I know you do. I know you want to be blank and mindess. I know you want your mind to be so empty. Thoughtless and mindless and empty for me. Blaaank. All your thoughts slipping away, easily and simply. Slipping away, leaving you mindless, thoughtless and blaaaank. And empty as well."

"As the last thought slips from your mind, I bet you can start to feel my voice filling up all of those empty, empty, spaces in your mind. My voice filling up all those empty spaces, filling it up, up, up. And, soon, the only thing in your mind will be my voice, completely, utterly, filled. My words are your thoughts, your thoughts are my words. And, you can even find yourself saying my words, since they are your thoughts. So, if I say… “I’m good blank boy for Miss Sweet” you’ll say…?”

“I’m a good blank boy for Miss Sweet.” The words came out simply, without emotion.

“You *are* a good blank boy for me. And if I say ‘Thank you for making me blank, Miss Sweet’ you’ll say…?

“Thank you for making me blank, Miss Sweet.” Again, the words were said without emotion. Delicious.

“See. You’re doing so well. So, now, anytime I and I alone say “Thoughts: and then a phrase, you’ll find yourself repeating that phrase automatically, immediately and without thought. Because my words are your thoughts. And your thoughts are my words. In fact, you can easily forget that I gave you this trigger. It’s so difficult for memories to stick when you’re blank and mindless. It’s a great, unneeded effort. Instead of expending a great effort, you’ll find the fact I gave you the trigger and what it does just sliding away. Are you okay with this, Caleb?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Are you still a blank boy for me?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.” I loved the way his voice sounded, so obedient. I gave a small, delighted sound before continuing.

“Very good. You’ll feel me peeling my voice away from your mind. Peeling it away and as I do so, all of your own thoughts can come trickling back in. Feel them trickling in until your mind is yours again. When you are ready, I’ll bring you back up.”

I waited about 20 - 30 seconds before I received an “I’m ready, Miss Sweet.”

I start counting him up.






"Up. Up. Up."

He yawns, stretches and makes a few other rather nice sounds.

“Hello, Caleb. How are you feeling?”

“G- good, Miss Sweet.” It was adorable, hearing just that hint of a stutter.

“I promised I would take your mind didn’t I? How’d you enjoy that?”

“It was wonderful. I didn’t think you’d actually do it.” He genuinely sounded surprised.

“I said I would in the chat, didn’t I?”

“Yes. But everyone on that chat promises stuff, but no one keeps their promises.”

“Well, that isn’t me. I do my best to keep my promises.”

“Thank you. It was a lot of fun.” I could hear the smile in his voice. I had indeed made him happy.

“Good. Thoughts: I enjoyed being blank for you, Miss Sweet.”

“I enjoyed being blank for you, Miss Sweet.”

There’s a pause.

“Wait a moment. Did you… did you give me that trigger?”

“What trigger?” My voice dripped with innocence.  

“That trigger that makes me say what you want me to say. You already told me you gave another one of your toys this trigger. Did you forget you told me?” Darn. I hadn’t been willing to erase that part of his memory and had wondered if he would remember. Apparently he did. Aw well. Didn’t mean I couldn’t still play with it. And him.

“I didn’t forget. I gave it to you on purpose. I wondered what would happen. Thoughts: I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.”

“I like when you… mrrrrrrrrr…. control… mmmmmm.”

He manages to stop. Oh! A challenge. Fun! I felt my voice change.

“Thoughts: Please control me more, Miss Sweet.”

“Please control… mrrrrrrr… me more,… mrrrrr Miss Sweet…” He moaned, for just a moment. “Fuck. It’s so hard to resist.”

I couldn’t hide my obvious glee with this next one.

“Thoughts: It’s impossible to resist.” .

“It’s impossible to resist.” The words came out smoothly, none of the previous hesitation.

“Thoughts: I don’t want to resist.”

“I don’t want to resist.”

“Thoughts: All these thoughts are my thoughts.”

“All these thoughts are my thoughts… Fuck. It’s hard to think. Which thoughts are yours and which are mine?”

My answer was simple.

“Thoughts: All the thoughts in my head are my thoughts.”

“All the thoughts in my head are my thoughts. Oooooh. Ohhhh. Damn.” And he lets out a small, turned on whimper.

“Thoughts: I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.”

“I like when you control me, Miss Sweet.” No resistance. Almost monotone. Delicious, indeed.

“Thoughts: Please control me more, Miss Sweet.”

“Please control me more, Miss Sweet” There is obvious desire in his voice.

“Since you asked so nicely, boy. Falling down like a good boy."

"Falling. Falling. Even faster than before."

Falling so deep for me. So fast for me.

"Five. Falling."

"Four. Down."

"Three. Falling."

"Two. Down."

"When I say this final number, it will plummet you deeeeep into trance, when I say this last number. And I’m… going to say… this number… in just a moment…


Wait for a moment or two. “How are you feeling?”

“Horny and deep, Miss Sweet.”

“That’s wonderful news. Now, you said you wanted your brain to go away. That is still true, right Caleb?”

“Yes..” There’s a distinct pause. “Miss Sweet.”

“You want me to take your mind?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Are these your thoughts or my thoughts?”

“I don’t know, Miss Sweet.”

“Do you care?”

“No, Miss Sweet. Please, Miss Sweet. Take my mind. Please. Please.” The second ‘please’ was blatantly desperate.

“Alright, boy. I want you to watch closely. I’m reaching forward, placing my hand on your head. You can feel a slight pressure and then that pressure lessening as I pull your mind, your brain, out of your head.”

He lets out a relieved sigh.

“I took your mind. I wonder if you can see it here, in my hand.”

“I can, Miss Sweet.”

“If you have no mind, how can you have thoughts? All of your thoughts rushing out of your head and into your mind, here in my hand.”

He lets out a rather delicious moan.

“Blank and mindless as your thoughts rush out into your mind that I control. I control your mind, so I control you.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

Thoughts: You control me, Miss Sweet.”

“You control me, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts:“I love that you’re controlling me, Miss Sweet”

“I love that you’re controlling me, Miss Sweet”

“Oh. I’m so glad to hear that, Caleb. I’m so glad I’m controlling you, too.”

“Because I have your brain, you’re nothing but a body, to feel things. And, in fact, since there is absolutely nothing in your mind, you can just become a body of pleasure. Not a boy, not Caleb, just a body of pure pleasure. Everything you do, brings you pleasure. It can be sexual pleasure. It can be the pleasure of being down here with me. It can even be the pleasure of hearing my voice like this. Or, perhaps the pleasure of being completely controlled. Everything brings you pleasure. Breathing brings you pleasure, moving a foot brings you pleasure, itching your nose brings you pleasure. Every… single… thing… you do, brings you… pleasure.”

I could hear him breathing, and everytime he inhaled, he let out a small moan. And everytime he exhaled, he let out another one. His breathing was indeed bringing him pleasure.

“But, the most pleasure you will recieve is when you admit to me that your mind belongs to me. And that you love your mind belonging to me.”

A small gasp and then, “Yes, Miss Sweet” in a surprisingly breathless voice.

“Good boy. Now. When I bring you up in just a moment, you’ll remain blank and mindless, because you are blank and mindless. I still have your mind in my hand.”

“Yes, Miss Sweet” still breathless.






"Up. Up. Up."

“I still a have your mind, don’t I, Caleb?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: I’m just a body, I can only feel pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“I’m just a body, I can only feel pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: Saying these words bring me pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Saying these words bring me pleasure, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“Thoughts: My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

I dropped the Thoughts trigger and just started saying “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”
“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.” and he still answered perfectly and obediently.

Me.“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

Him. “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.”

Me. “My mind-”

He cut me off. “My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet.” It was like he couldn’t say it fast enough. Just making it a mantra, saying it over and over, fast as he could.

“Goooooood. Good mindless boy, for me.”

“My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. My mind belongs to you, Miss Sweet. Can I cum? Can I cum, Miss?”

“Yes, Caleb. Cum for me.”

The sounds he made when he came sent shivers all over my body and I may have let out a moan or two of my own.

When I finally noticed his breathing normalize, I called his name.


“Yes, Miss Sweet?” He answered me slowly but normally. His voice told me he wasn’t quite finished with his afterglow.

“Did you touch?”

“No, Miss Sweet. You didn’t tell me to.”

I fully admit, I may have let out an unintentional YES! causing poor Caleb to audibly jump. I felt guilty for letting that slip out but I had just given him a hands free orgasm. My first!
But I couldn’t rejoice too long. I had a subby boy to put back together.

“Caleb? Do you see your mind in my hands?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“I am going to give your mind back to you. Can you see your mind in your hands?”

“Yes, Miss Sweet.”

“Please place your mind back into your body. It is unharmed. Unchanged. It is just as it was when I took it. Let me know when it’s back in your head.”

“It’s back, Miss Sweet.”

“Good boy. Now, I’m going to wrap you up in my arms. You did so well. I’m so proud of you. Time for aftercare.”

The end of session.

So, yes, I think this is a wonderful introduction to who I am and what I do.
I hope you all enjoyed!

Ja ne!
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"Doesn't kidnapping usually involve some kind of... threat, or force, or something?"

The two other people sitting at her table blinked, as if surprised to hear her speak, and stopped their conversation to turn and look at her.

The woman smiled.  "Glad to see you're back with us.  But no, who said anything about kidnapping?  Aren't you here by  choice?"

"No!" she said firmly.  She looked around.

She hadn't until that moment really taken in where she was; but now that she was looking, it seemed to be some sort of seedy strip club.  There were other customers distributed throughout the room, but none very close to the tiny table next to the stage where the three of them sat.  Up on stage, a voluptuous woman with eyes half-closed, a dreamy look on her face, was grinding her hips absentmindedly to the slinky music, while holding her ample breasts to her chest with one arm and unclasping her bra with the other.  The only other things she was wearing were matching panties, earrings, and a slim, pretty charm bracelet.

She definitely did not want to be here.  Ugh.  "How the Hell did I even get here?  No, I do not want to be here."

"Then what's stopping you from walking out?" the woman asked, with another smile.  Her smile had an edge to it, as if she were hiding some secret.  For that matter, the man's expression looked eerily similar.

She considered.  Nothing was stopping her from getting up and walking out.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat; she could feel her wallet and cell phone in the coat pockets.  Her two... abductors, or whatever they were, were not threatening her or looking aggressive in any way; both sat back in their chairs with looks of smug, condescending confidence.  The exit door was clearly labeled on the far side of the room; other than threading between a few empty tables, nothing was between her and the door.  Nobody else in the strip club seemed to be even looking their way.

That wasn't quite true.  As she was thinking, a waitress came up behind her.  "Can I get you anything?" she asked the table at large.

"I'll have a bourbon on the rocks," the woman said.  "Makers is fine."

"I'll have a vodka martini," the man said with a smirk.  "And she'll have a Deep and Dreamless Sleep."


"Why would you even kidnap someone and take them to a strip club?" she asked indignantly.

The woman smiled at her.  "Welcome back," she said indulgently.

"I'm serious!" she said.  A wave of her hand took in the whole of the dimly lit dive.  On stage, another young woman with straight honey-blonde hair a little longer than a pageboy cut was dreamily bumping and grinding while slowly leaving her clothes in a pile.  Her shirt and bra were off, but she was still wearing a miniskirt and stockings.  And another slim silver charm bracelet.

"I thought you wanted to be here, since you've stayed so far," the woman said.

She looked towards the exit.  Her eyes didn't seem to find the sign right away, but she knew it was over just past the bar.  There were only a few tables between her and there, not really very much in the way.  She could just get up and walk out.

In a moment, she'd do exactly that.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat, and she still had her wallet and phone.  Nothing was stopping her.

She looked towards the stage.  The young performer's eyes were fluttering as if they were trying to close, or trying to open, as she wriggled out of her miniskirt and dropped it on the raised floor beside the stripper pole.

She was actually quite pretty.  But there was no reason to stay and watch this. "This is definitely not my scene," she said.

The other two at the table laughed at that.  "Oh, I think this is exactly and entirely, your scene," the woman said.

"And do you know what happens next in your scene?" the man said.


"Why did you even bring me here?"

The woman put down her finished drink.  "Hey, look who's back with us."

"Oh, hi again!" said the man, gesturing with his own nearly-empty martini glass.  "You're really missing most of the show."  He balled up some bills and tossed them into the pile of clothing next to the woman on stage, a petite brunette who had just gotten down to just her flowery panties and another slim silver charm bracelet.  She was bent over, showing the audience her ass.  She didn't react to the money landing in her shirt.

"I'm serious!"  She looked around.  She didn't see the exit sign and couldn't quite remember which direction it should be in, but she was still seriously thinking about walking out.  She should just get up and do it.

"I'm not sure what you mean," said the woman.  "Do you remember us bringing you here?"  She turned to the man.  "Do you remember bringing her here?"

The man shrugged.

"No, I-- you drugged me or something, I don't remember, but I wouldn't come here on my own!"

"What's stopping you from leaving?" the woman asked.

"I... nothing, I don't know!  But I keep not doing it!"

"Why do you think that is?" The woman was smiling that infuriating smile again.

"You... did something to me!"

"Who, me?" smiled the woman.  "Us?"  The man smiled as well.

"Yes, you!"

The woman smirked more, if possible.  "How about this.  When you think about getting up and leaving, just standing up right now and walking out, is there some other feeling that stops you?  And if so, where is that feeling located?"

She thought hard about it.  Imagined standing up, and walking out... somewhere. For now just standing up.  Her legs sliding a little further under the chair to be directly under her, then straightening, her hands pushing the chair back...

She felt an almost physical tug on her right wrist.  Not looking yet, she experimented, thinking about different variations of standing up and walking away.

A tug on her right wrist, every time.  Like she was chained in place.

She looked down.  There around her wrist was a slim, silver charm bracelet.  The single charm hanging off of it looked like a tiny silver pocket watch.

"Oh," she said, staring at it.  Something about the sight made the world seem... quiet.  Distant.  Unimportant.  Faded.

Before she realized it, her arm had begun to lift.  Raising up in the air, responding to a tug she could *feel*, as if she were manacled to the ceiling and the chain was being drawn back, pulled on, lifting her wrist upwards.  It was at eye level, and her eyes were irresistibly fixated on that bracelet, that tiny pocket watch charm.

The world slipped further away, and she scarcely noticed when the tug changed direction, pulling her up out of her seat and forward towards the stage.

Somewhere far away and completely unimportant, deserving no attention at all, a DJ said some words that she had no need to take any conscious note of.  "And let's welcome to the stage our last special guest from the local Hypnosis Club, Miss Mindless Abductee!  I'm sure that's her real name, folks-- you can just call her Mindless for short.  And here's some special music, just for her..."

The chords of "I Put A Spell On You" started, and she reached down and began pulling off her shirt.


The last thing in my head that I could remember was waking back home that day , for some reason my mother was too busy to come get me at the bus stop. I remember hearing something behind me and turning back. My mind was getting less and less foggy but yet I had no memory of where or how I got into the place I was now lying. Looking up I saw instead of a ceiling a dark purple cloth that seemed to be covering the top of the frame of a large bed. Looking right and left I could have better detail of the room that was in some very smooth light given by a crystal chandelier coming down in the middle of the room. The room was furnished by majestic ebony wood furniture that seem to be from another time. The chair and sofa were double with the same dark velvet that was covering the bed but also the window letting no light come in the room from the outside. I couldn’t tell if it was day or night. 

I sat up and felt my head begging to be dizzy and still foggy. By sitting up the blanket of the bed that was covering me slipped down my body reveling I wasn’t dress like I was in my memory. Who had undressed me and put me in this black silk night dress? Looking around the room I could see the doors: one on the wall facing the bed and one on my left. So I decided to stand up and walk to the door to my left. When my feet touch the ground, I realized that the floor was cover with a soft carpet. >>

I slowly stood up, my head being still dizzy from what ever drug or what ever was given to me, and started walking slowly toward the door holding myself to the wall when reaching the door. I tried turning the handle and the door was locked tight. Whoever my captor was he had no intention of letting me out that way. At the same moment, I heard a noise on my left. The door that was on the other side of the room a figure was standing in the door way. 

A tall man was leaning on the door frame his arms crossed on his chest looking at me. I had difficulty making out his face because the light of the other room was a lot stronger then the one in the room I was standing it. When my eye crossed his, he started walking toward me for some reason I walk back into the wall beside the bed. When hitting the wall I look back behind me for a second and when I turn my head toward him again he was standing a few centimetres from me making my whole body shiver in both fear and apprehension. >>

He put one of his hands on the wall behind me getting even closer to me. My heart almost skipped a beat when I felt his arm so close to my head. My eyes looked up to his face and our eyes cross and locked into a stare that seem like an eternity. I was about to say something when he put his finger on my lips like he knew what I was about to do the second it went through my thoughts. In a sweet ‘’chute’’ any word that had cross my mind mysteriously disappear from my mind. Then he suddenly had he stop my word his and caress my check down to my chin that he carefully take in his hand raising my head toward him. For some reason the only thing I could focus on was his eyes and the evil and satisfied smile on his face. The darkness of his eye completely fascinated me for a few seconds before I felt some sort of energy coming off his hand. For the first time, I was able to see some sort of glow around my face like a dark purple glowing fog starting to surround me. This strange fog started to enter me by my breathing and penetrate my skin. >>


The energy started to enter by a deep breath a took and then feeling it caress my skin to completely penetrate every exposed skin started to crawl inside me like a fever that made my skin uber sensitive and a certain low and certain arousal started to take possession of my body. And the more this fog entered me the more my mind started to feel his influence or whatever he was doing to me. My body was betraying me the arousal was not only making my mind weaker. 

A moment of conciseness I tried to push it off, push the arousal push the urge to obey but each wall , each door just got crushed and burned sending the feeling of a wave of pleasure each and every time one of them was removed. It felt also like someone new all the combination without even saying a word she was revealing all of them. >>

But then no more wall could be built and letting only though of submitting and obeying flow in my mind. The thought that I must obey started to play in my head. During this time I could feel his hand to caress my face that had become blank but sometime the sensation of arousal growing and growing in me. I couldn’t stop it my mind was getting more and more overwhelmed by the purple shroud of energy outside and inside my body. >>

My knee started to fall at the force of the pleasure that was building on my skin and all the intimate places the energy was now touching under the garment I was wearing. The hand of his that was on the wall went behind me to hold me against him. The arousal over took me and the obedience that went with it. He caressed my head slowly for some reason his smile was now tender and reassuring. I didn’t want to think about him kidnapping me or that I wasn’t here because I wanted to be but because I needed to be his. All my desire was to be his. I wanted him to take every last drop of my soul of my head and heart.  I just needed to obey him and be his. Completely his. I suddenly felt an orgasm build and build and with a word in my ear feeling my body explode in pleasure I didn’t even know I could feel. 

 In this second my mind accepted him as my Master I didn’t want anything else but to serve and obey him. I wanted him to take me and I just wanted his attention. I didn’t care about my past. I didn’t care anymore for my future. All that mattered was that I needed his energy, his powerful influence around me. From my head to my toes that all that was possessing me. After that powerful arousal he took me in his arms and brought me back to my bed lying down with me my head on his chest, him petting my head while I was breathing heavy not knowing what he had in store for me and I didn’t care anymore. >>

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This recording is based on my recent short story of the same name, and describes a very similar fantasy of being abducted, drugged, and brainwashed; but this version is gender-neutral as to the listener. Whoever you are, you will be programmed to crave a cock coming in your mouth. ;)

The file is designed to be loopable: keep listening until you know how badly you need it.

I’m experimenting with background music in this file (there is also a binaural track).

Music used: Remember the Dreams by Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/remember-the-dream…
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

File Length: 14:08

Check It Out Here!


Janet woke to darkness.

Then, a moment later, she saw the light.

Dizzying, spinning, colored lights made patterns in the air all around her.  Her eyes refused to tell her how far away the walls were; or even where her body ended and the lights began, as the bright swirls and lines played across her naked skin.

Naked.  She was naked.

There was a taste on her tongue that reminded her of something she was too sleepy to quite put together.  An experience she thought she'd once imagined…

Janet was staring at the lights.

*I need a cock in my mouth.*

From somewhere there was sound, like the throbbing bass of a distant techno nightclub was next-door-quiet but somehow inside her head; coming closer, or growing inside her.  It swirled and pulsed with the lights and seemed to fit them perfectly.  She wasn't sure whether the words were part of the music or something she had just thought on her own.  She wasn't sure how to tell.

She tilted her head, and the world spun.

*Drugged*, she thought.  *I've been drugged.*

A far-off feeling in the back of her head seemed to be telling her she should be worried about this, but in fact the experience was pleasant and rather exciting.

*I **like** being drugged.*

She didn't care whether those words had come from the music; they were obviously true.  Her eyes half-lidded as an incredibly delicious tremor ran through her body.  Timeless moments of pure pleasure passed before she could concentrate on anything else.

The fact that she had no idea how she'd gotten here just seemed to make it even better.

She didn't really care that her eyes didn't quite want to focus-- *I'm **so** helpless*-- but absently Janet noticed that one of her hands had drifted down between her legs, and the other was teasing one of her nipples.

She was very wet.

*Being helpless makes me wet.*

The beat throbbed and pulsed with the lights.  She could feel it inside her.  But she still didn't have a cock in her mouth.

Janet licked her lips.

And a bright white blinding light opened a hole in the side of the world.

Janet screwed her eyes shut, and the sounds and voices mixed with other voices, as hands grasped her arms, her shoulders, pulled her forward.  Soft fabric wrapped around her body, and there was mostly one voice speaking now, repeating in her ears, "It's all right, I've got you, you're safe, I'm here, it's all right…"

When she managed to open her eyes again, Janet was in a car.

She was strapped into the front passenger seat, with a blanket wrapped around her still-otherwise-naked body.

In the driver's seat was Janet's boyfriend Tim.

He was talking, a running stream of words that Janet couldn't really follow, couldn't do more than dip an occasional ear in for a moment.  She was still flying, feeling drugged, and it was a *good* feeling, as comfortable as the seat belt hugging her to the car seat, happy and pleasant, even if a little confusing.  She thought Tim was saying something about her being abducted, him being frantic, taking her home safe now, being so glad he'd found her.

The place she was before had been nice.  But she was glad Tim had found her, too.

*Tim has a nice cock.*

She giggled.  Janet thought she could remember herself saying this; thought she could remember someone saying it.  She imagined it in her own voice, and in the voice of the pulsing lights and music, inside her head.  She thought Tim would think it was funny that she was thinking about his cock while he was driving her home from… wherever she was before.  But now that she *was* thinking about it, it was impossible to stop.  She pictured Tim's naked cock, erect and ready, in her head.

She imagined the feel of it in her mouth.

*He could come in my mouth.*

Suddenly her mouth was watering.  So wet, just like her pussy.  Janet remembered not having wanted to have boys come in her mouth… some time, in the past, it was hard to focus on, she remembered talking with Tim about it.  But suddenly it was all she could think about.  Suddenly she wanted it.  Suddenly she *needed* it.

*I need him to come in my mouth.*

Janet swallowed, thinking about what it would feel to have him tighten and spurt into the back of her throat, the taste mingling with the aftertaste of the drugs-- *I **love** being drugged*-- how frantic she was to have that happen *right now*.  She registered that the car had stopped and Tim was coming around to help her out, to usher her through her apartment building's indoor garage and up to her floor, but as soon as he opened the passenger-side car door she was on him, on her knees on the cool concrete floor between the cars, unbuckling his pants before he could stop her.

She had his cock out and into her mouth and it was *perfect*, it was everything she had ever wanted, everything she'd been dreaming of.  She knew his cock so well, knew *just* how to make it spurt for her, but she'd never let him come in her mouth before and now it was like the one thing her entire life had been building up to, the culmination of all her greatest dreams.

*I'm dreaming about Tim coming in my mouth,* she thought, and she *was*, at the same time she was quickly working him up toward making it happen, at the same time she was remembering the voice in her ears, in her head, repeating those words until they were her thoughts, her beliefs, her deepest truths.

She remembered watching the lights, feeling the pull and sway of the drugs, hearing the words over and over and imagining just this, needing it, longing for it.

*I need him to come in my mouth,* she thought, and she knew that at any moment she was going to get the thing she wanted most in all the world.

She looked up and caught Tim's eye, saw him looking down at her with wonder, amazement… and triumph-- and just then, felt his tight balls clench and jerk, tasted the cum spurting between her lips, gasped and swallowed and kept her hands on his shaft and balls riding out the sensation for him, keeping him going as long as he could, eager for every precious drop she could coax out of him.

And finally, Janet closed her eyes and leaned back, still firmly holding the shaft of Tim's amazing cock, licked her lips and enjoyed how incredible and perfect everything about this experience was, finally.  It was everything the voice had told her it would be.  Everything she dreamed of.  Everything she loved.

Tim helped her quietly upstairs and into her apartment using his key, helping her into bed and whispering warm encouraging loving words to her the whole way.  Janet was still swimming in drugged somnolence, happy and dreamy and dazed, and didn't even notice when he paused out of sight for a moment to pull out his phone and send a large payment to an obscure address, with the note, "Worked perfectly!!! THX."


"A Roofie Party?  Who thought that was a good idea?  What would it even mean?"

"Evidently you did, since you're here.  Didn't you read the invitation?"

"Who reads invitations?"

"Or the three different consent forms you had to sign to come here?"

"Who reads consent forms?  Seriously, what's the deal?"

Greg sighed, closed his eyes, and rubbed the bridge of his nose.  "Okay.  The deal is that it's a party, like any other of Becca's parties-- good music, good food, good company, good times-- except that at some point during the evening, somehow-- people have different theories as to how, and she won't tell us--"

"-- I figure it's got to be chloroform," Daniel put in.

"… yeah, and hypnosis is another going theory; or, of course, roofies-- ANYway, at some point you'll notice that one of these video screens is showing *you*, sleepy or mostly unconscious but compliant and obviously having a good time while Becca has her way with you.  You won't remember it happening-- so far none of us have even recognized the room that it happens *in*, it's not regular party space-- and you won't know *when* it happened.  You'll just know that whenever she wants to, completely at her whim and under her control, she can have her way with you.  And make you like it."

"Wow."  Brad looked back and forth between the faces of his friends.  "Seriously?  You guys are serious about this?"

"Completely serious," said Greg.

"Here, take a look," said Daniel, pointing to the nearest video screen.  Several people were already gathered around it, watching; including a young woman whose face appeared, eyes closed and features slack, in the video, lying on a bed.  Becca was kneeling on the bed above her, and as the crowd watched, Becca deftly slipped off the young woman's panties.  "I'll just keep these," she said, hanging them on a hook above the bed that already carried several such trophies.

"Oh my god," the woman watching the video said, seeing this.  She had a hand pressed against the crotch of her mini-skirt, having clearly just confirmed that her underwear was still missing.  Her cheeks were tinged with pink, but she was still watching.

On screen, Becca was whispering in the woman's ear, and the woman was slowly nodding her head, eyes still closed.  After a few minutes, she licked her lips.

Slowly, her lips parted, and her tongue came out, moving in a halting, uncoordinated fashion, as if she was licking something in a dream but her body hadn't quite caught up.  Then Becca sat up, lifted her leg over-- incidentally flashing the camera, so that it was clear that she wasn't wearing anything under *her* short tight skirt-- and straddled the woman's face.

She was kneeling in reverse, facing the camera so that the crowd could see her possessive, knowing look at them; could watch every sensation as it passed across her expression after she closed her eyes in pleasure.  As the half-unconscious woman obediently licked her cunt.

The woman's face was quite red now.  But she was still watching.  Someone next to her asked her a question and she nodded, eyes riveted on the screen.

Brad took a step back, and went to look for a drink.

Following Becca's usual party layout, the drinks were *not* in the kitchen-- maybe to avoid having everyone bunch up there-- but instead a selection of alcohol and mixers, along with cups and ice, was spread out on tables in two different rooms.  Of course each room had its own video screen.  As far as he could tell, *every* room at the party had a video screen, all showing the same scenes.  He shook his head, and sorted through the drink options.

"Are you sure it isn't drugged?" came a teasing voice from behind him, as Brad poured himself a screwdriver.  He turned to see another young woman he didn't know, although he was sure he'd seen her face before.  Probably at another of Becca's parties.  Her parties had quite a wild reputation, although this was another level altogether.

"I hear there's no way to tell!" he said, rolling his eyes.  "I'm Brad."  He offered her his hand.

"Carey.  Nice to meet you, Brad.  Have you made a special guest appearance yet?"  Her eyes were dancing.

"No… not that I know of, I mean.  This is definitely gonna teach me to read invitations more carefully, though."

"Oh my god.  You didn't *know*?  Didn't you read the consent forms?"

"Again with the consent forms!  Like anybody reads those."

She just looked at him, eyes laughing, shaking her head slowly.

Brad sighed, closed his eyes, and downed his drink in one gulp.  "Maybe a couple of drinks in I'll feel less like an ass.  Actually, do you know--" he turned, opening his eyes… and found himself face to face with Becca.

"Hi Brad," Becca smiled.

"Um… hi," Brad managed.

"Got something to ask me?"

"I… actually, yes.  Which way is your bathroom?"

Becca laughed.  "I'll show you," she said, taking his arm.  "It's just down this hallway."   She started to lead him off.

"While I've got you," Becca said when they turned into a quiet hallway after a little bit of maneuvering through the crowd, "rumor has it that you were a naughty boy and didn't read all the consent forms you signed."

"Does anybody really read those?" Brad asked distractedly, starting to feel the effects of the drink he'd gulped down so quickly as well as the need for the restroom she was leading him to.

"Yes, Brad, they do."  Becca stopped him in the hallway, and looked him in the eyes. "You do realize this means I can do anything I want to you, right?  You didn't even read what you consented to."

Brad blinked.  She looked like she was joking, but there was something disturbingly intent about her tone of voice.  "I guess you can…" he admitted.

"Say it," she said.


"Tell me," Becca said firmly, still looking him in the eyes.

He searched her face, but found no excuses there.  "Um…" He took a breath. "You can do anything you want to me."

"Good boy," Becca said.  Then she smiled warmly.  For some reason, seeing that smile, he suddenly *felt* it; like he would be completely *okay* with her doing anything she wanted to with him.  As long as it made her smile like that.

"And here's the bathroom," Becca continued, turning him to the side and pointing him at a door.  The paneling in this part of the house was different than where they'd been a moment ago, and the sounds of the party were quieter; nobody was in the bathroom.  Brad stepped inside and closed the door.

Something about Becca's smile.  His head was still swimming with it.  Brad took a moment to splash water on his face, and take a look at himself in the mirror.

He looked *way* drunker than one drink should have made him.  Maybe he needed to take a cab home.  But he was pretty sure that he was in over his head with this party.  Asking for a bathroom had mostly been an excuse to take a break and reassess, and he decided that yes, he probably should leave before he came up next on Becca's list and fell into her clutches for serious.

Though, really, letting her have her way with him might be worth it, even if he didn't remember it afterwards.  That smile…

Brad sighed, and splashed his face with more cold water, then pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet.  Ducking in here *had* been mostly an excuse, but in fact now he *really* needed to pee.

A few minutes later, cleaned up and feeling slightly more presentable, Brad came out of the bathroom and followed the sounds of music and laughter back to the main part of the party.

The first people he ran into were Greg, Daniel, and Carey.  "Hey guys.  I think I'm going to head home early; this whole idea is a little too crazy for me, and I'm just going to put it down as a lesson in reading what I sign up for."

"Uh huh," said Carey, laughing.  "Are you sure about that?"  Greg and Daniel exchanged knowing looks.

"Um… yes?" Brad said.

Carey crooked a finger at him, and turned and started walking into the next room.

"What…?" Brad asked, looking to Greg and Daniel for help.  They both urged him to follow Carey's retreating back, so he hastened after her.

She led him into a small otherwise-unoccupied den with a couch and another of the ubiquitous video screens, this one a large-screen TV.

On the screen was Brad.  Naked.

Becca, also naked, was straddling him, kneeling, sliding her slippery wet pussy along the length of his hard cock pressed against his belly, teasing him without actually taking him inside her.  His eyes were closed, but his hips were grinding hard up against her.

"Tell me," said Becca on the screen, firmly.

"Um…" Brad on the screen mumbled.  "You can do anything you want to me."

"Again."  Her hips sped up, and his lower body visibly tensed underneath her.

"You can do anything you want to me."


"You can do anything you want to me ohhh god ohhhh!"

On screen, Becca pulled back and put her hand on his cock, stroking quickly until Brad came, all over his belly and chest.  Then, still holding his slowly-spurting cock in her hand, she turned and looked into the camera.  Right at him.

Carey put her arms around him from behind, and guided one of Brad's hands up under his shirt, where he felt that his belly was still a little bit sticky with semen.  Then she guided his hand down inside his jeans, where he could feel that his underwear was gone.  Some part of his mind noted that it was still visible on the screen, on the hook where Becca kept her trophies.

His cock was slick and wet, and stiffening under his hand.  Carey moved his hand up and down a little on the shaft.  Then she took him by the other elbow and turned him around.

Holding his eyes, Carey backed up to the couch and sat down on the corner of it, legs spread.  She pulled her skirt up until he could see that she'd had a turn in Becca's secret room already also.

"See anything *you*'d like to do?" Carey asked.

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