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I want you to SLEEP!

Actually, I want you to drop so deeply into hypnosis that the next time I tell you to SLEEP!...

...that you drop so deeply into hypnosis that you've forgotten you've been hypnotised before...

...but your subconscious knows that you have...

...and wants to comment on this post with the word 'open'...

...so that I know you are open to my suggestions...

...and are excited about reading and liking all my other stories and posts...

...but for now you can simply allow yourself to relax as you read my words...

...because I'm not a fan of progressive relaxation inductions...

...so you're unlikely to read about how important it is for you to take three deep breaths now...

...or how you can already imagine a light enveloping you...

...as your scalp begins to relax...

...your forehead loosens...

...and your mind softens...

...open to my suggestions...

...obeying my will.

That all happens naturally...

...as you already know...

...given how many times you've been hypnotised before...

...especially the times you don't even recall being hypnotised.

Imagine one of those times now.

And as you allow yourself to be as lazy as you want to be...

...effortlessly reading my words...

...and while you’re reading the words that I write...

...concentrating for a few moments on your breathing...

...breathing slowly and steadily, just as though you were sound asleep, or pretending to be sound asleep..

...and imagining, perhaps, just how comfortable you might look while you’re relaxing there in the chair...

...using the power of your mind to see yourself in your mind’s eye...

...and then using the power of your mind to do whatever has to happen to make you look even more relaxed...

...and still thinking about your breathing, making quite sure that each breath in lasts the same length of time as the last breath in...

...and each breath out lasts the same length of time as the last breath out...

...even though each breath in will probably be slightly shorter than each breath out...

...and while you’re thinking about your breathing, noticing, perhaps, the weight of your body against the chair...

...and still reading intently the words that I write.

And while you’re reading intently the words that I write it may be that you’ll become aware that you’ve forgotten to think about your breathing...

...but that’s all right, you can just simply start thinking about your breathing again while you’re reading intently the words that I write and what I’m saying to you here...

...and in psychology, there’s a rule called...

...seven plus or minus two...

...and that means that most people can think of seven things all at once...

...plus or minus two...

...so you should be able to think of at least five things all at the same time...

...the words that I write...

...the steadiness of your breathing...

...the weight of your body in the chair...

...and how you might look from the outside...

...and that’s four things...

...so you can think of those four things while you’re noticing how aroused hypnosis makes you feel...

...so that’s five things, now...

...and I wonder if you can think about those five things and then at the same time notice the way your feet feel on the floor...

...and perhaps how your arms feel...

...and that’s seven things now...

...the words that I write...

...the weight of your body in the chair...

...the arousal of hypnosis...

...the way you look while you’re relaxing...

...and your breathing...

...and your arms...

...and your feet on the floor...

...and I wonder if you can now add an eighth thing into all of that...

...I wonder if your mind is powerful enough to think of seven plus one things...

...adding in, perhaps, an awareness of the temperature of the room...

...and then just testing to see whether you can add yet another input to your senses...

...so that you’re thinking of NINE things all at once...

...that’s seven plus two...

...thinking about all those eight inputs to your senses and then maybe adding an awareness of the way your eyes feel while you’re thinking about all those other things...

...the weight of your body...

...your breathing...

...the arousal of hypnosis...

...how you look from the outside...

...the temperature of the room...

...your feet on the floor...

...your arms...

...the words that I write...

...and how your eyes feel.

The weight of your body...

...your breathing...

...the arousal of hypnosis...

...how you look from the outside...

...the temperature of the room...

...your feet on the floor...

...your arms...

...the words that I write...

...and how your eyes feel...

...and of course, when anybody thinks of all these things, what they are really doing is scanning round them one after the other...

...very quickly...

...so quickly, it feels as if you’re thinking of them all at once...

...and in the world of computers, that would be called timesharing...

...sharing your available resources between the different tasks you are attempting to perform all at once...

...and that’s why some people can think of only five things...

...because it’s the limit of their memory...

...while others can actually think of nine things…

...and I wonder how well your memory is working as you struggle to remember those nine things...

...the weight of your body...

...your breathing...

...the arousal of hypnosis...

...how you look from the outside...

...the temperature of the room...

...your feet on the floor...

...your arms...

...the words that I write...

...and how your eyes feel.

And now you can think how good it will feel...

...when you simply allow yourself to think of only the most important thing of all...

...concentrating all your energies onto that one most important thing of all...

...which is going to be so easy to think of, now that you are going to allow yourself to think of only one thing instead of nine...

...and that one thing is how good it feels to think of only one thing...

...thinking how relaxed you can be now...

...that you’re only thinking of how relaxed you might like to be...

...relaxing in your mind... 

...and in your body...

...no need to think about anything at all, really...

...no need to do anything...

...nobody wanting anything and nobody expecting anything...

...and absolutely nothing whatsoever for you to do except...


HypnoticHart Apr 25 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , induction

Take deep breathes and relax. You are going deep in to a trance of relaxation and animalistic becoming. Feel what it would be like to roam in the forest. Picture in your mind's eye a relaxing walk in a nice forest area. As you walk you are taking deeper breathes and relaxing more. You have a growing sense of comfort as you explore more, experiencing more of the area at your leisure. Imagining when you rest here your body is changing to be more of an animal that lives here. This allows you to better move around and be situated here. You find a place to rest which allows you to go deeper. Deeper and slower: relaxing breathes allowing you to sleep. I want you to imagine yourself as a little doggy. As you picture your body changing you feel serenity and acceptance. You love the way you become so submissive and weak to suggestions and commands. Calmly drifting off you surrender to the changes, accepting your new form. As you drift slowly away and the new form takes over you make note of what it is like to be a transformed doggy slut.

You are low to the ground on the dirt. When you are a dog your need to be submissive and obey increases. Your needs and responsibilites from before are drifting away, far away as you no longer want or need to worry about such things. You are picturing being a mindless dog forever serving me much to your contentment. Every time you come back to this relaxing state of mind you are permanently giving up more and more control. Relaxing deeper and deeper, you willingly give up. The pleasure flowing through your body now reaching incredible levels. As the relaxation flows freely through your body, every place you focus on relaxing becomes an erogenous pleasure zone. That's right, as you go from body part to body part relaxing it, that part becomes a pleasure centre of your body. Now as you count down from 50 with each breathe you go over a body part to make it permanently more pleasureable. Deep relaxing breathes that further your transformation. Each breathe in and out brings you down 1 number.

Now that your body is enhanced in pleasure you make a dog sound.

Letting out these dog noises, it reinforces how much of an obedient doggy you are. Each bark or noise you make like this locks in your programming 2x more. You willingly make the noises to lock in your program as you wish to go much deeper.

When I snap my fingers you are going to come back up, yet deep down you will retain your doggy training... *snap.


When You hear me say your trigger phrase "Could you be a doll?" You will feel so much better about being deep in character as a doll. So good to be a blank and obedient doll. In fact doing the thing asked of you after your trigger phrase will deepen your appreciation and arousal 10 times more. You feel much better doing as you are told isn't that right?

When you hear me say "Could you be a doll" it makes you enjoy being a doll 10 times more.

Enjoying my words and letting them morph you more in to a perfect subject.

You feel drawn to my words and want to be a good listener for me. The compulsion of the pull is like a whirlpool. It swirls you around as it pulls you in. Bumping around in to other things caught in the maelstorm. When you are looking at and figuring out what is causing the pull you are fully drawn in and in the eye of the storm.

Giving me information and ultimately benefiting me in whatever you do is going in to part of the brain that holds motor memory and things you do automatic. Waking up as my librarian always. Your automation takes over and of course it takes over to my benefit isn't that right deary?

Type the changes you want to be true

NimueHypno Mar 14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , trigger, doll, conditioning

A very small grain of thought that grows into a jungle in my thoughts. 

So simple and harmless that it's already naughty again. 

I know unfortunately everything has a price to pay, whether it's a wish or magic you use or anything you buy. If the price isn't money, I'll be happy to pay it if I can. If you do me a favor, if I do you a favor, that's what the old coati used to say. 

Just a very harmless word that is actually a trigger, a trigger word that only I can use. 

A word that lets me sink into a very deep trance, which opens my eyes as soon as I'm in a trance. 

Then if there is a piece of paper or a file with a text in front of me, I have to read the text and by reading it, exactly what will happen, will come true, and what is written in the text will be implemented. 

Once that is done, the text is desorted or erased before I wake up from the trance with no memory of what I read or yelled down before. 

And as soon as I wake up again, I know that I was in a trance, but everything else remains a surprise. 

Automatically limited to a maximum of 24 hours for safety before whatever loses its effect. However, with a "Special Saveword" that has to be in the text and only I know about it, you can switch off this limit or set it to a specific time. With this saveword, which can neither be deleted nor forgotten, it is possible to reset and switch off everything that is not desired once a week. 

So it is also possible that I instruct myself that someone else can give me a task or a trigger. But I can end this myself at any time after 24 hours or at the latest after a week. 

Everything else is up to me and doesn't have to burden anyone else with it. But I can always share my fun with someone. 

If someone is interested, this can also be done very quietly and secretly. Just leave a guinea pig tattoo on my forearm with the trigger word and I'll know. 

Oliver Jul 8 '22 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , trigger

When I started doing erotic hypnosis, I approached it in much the same way some men approach sex--I want to do as much as I can with as many different partners as I can so that I can experience every reaction, every nuance, every possible aspect of hypnosis that I can. I learned a lot from this, had many successes and a few failures, and made some great friends along the way. But in some ways these relationships were self-limiting. I would run a subject through my repertoire, maybe explore a few new things based on her ideas and fantasies, then I would be off to find my next inspiration.

A couple of years ago, something changed. I found my first long term subject. Things started in the usual way with a few tricks, a few fantasies, but there were some differences. First, I found that she was the most easily tranceable subject I'd ever met. I could use any induction on her and it would work. Second, she has grown to trust me implicitly, and I, in turn, have learned where her comfort level is so that I do nothing to jeopardize that trust. Third, she has real life issues that she needs help with, and my hypnosis is helping her with those.

As things progressed, I found that the usual inductions weren't even required anymore. A change in the tone of my voice or a touch of my hand are all she needs to drop deep into a trance. Triggers can be refreshed with a word rather than a full session, and they last indefinitely. Best of all, I KNOW her. I know her mind like it is my own, so I can play in it, soothe it, stimulate it, heal it or simply turn it off for awhile depending on what she needs, and all this is possible with just a few words and touches. It is truly amazing and it is the "Next level" I had been fruitlessly searching for all this time.

I am thankful for all the things I've learned on my journey and I'm sure I still have much more to learn, but I am very grateful to have discovered this aspect of hypnosis that I didn't realize existed.

Well, that was a strange experience but felt so good. I became Nikki and even now thinking about it makes me aroused.
Benyebobenyebo Feb 16 '22 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis

* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an many happy ending..  You have been warned!!

Sorry posted wrong video..  it is fixed now!!


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

open your mind to my words.. 

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

Say Yes To The Trance

MindbenderAmy Dec 28 '21 · Comments: 3 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control, brain washing, slavery

* Warnings *

this file will implant triggers into your mind.. This file will also cause you to seek me out for hypnotic and sexual slavery..  Watch this file alone as it has an happy ending..  You have been warned now onto The Rosebud Experience..


Here it finally is.. you have enjoyed The Rosebud Experience in text form.. Now just sit back and relax as you listen to it..


Best with Stereo headphones..

Sit or lay in a comfy position..

eliminate all distractions..

and enjoy..

let me know what you think of it at the end..

The Rosebud Experience Video

MindbenderAmy Dec 21 '21 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: bdsm, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control

Please enjoy the first file I'm publishing EVER!! It's a nice short intro that gives you a sample of my voice and primes you to get ready to become hypnotized!

Make sure you're comfortable before watching.

I'm looking forward to creating new files soon ~ opinions are appreciated 

Vadoma the HypnoWitch

HypnoWitch Nov 24 '21 · Comments: 11 · Tags: art, hypnosis, hypnosis , top, first
Hey there, bubbly sub looking for someone substantial to take over, I dream of never having to think again and being a perfect sub. I want to be changed in ways that even I'm not sure how it happened, I'm also into dronification, sissification and im kinda interested in Bambi sleep but I want someone there to help the process through if they decide they want me to go through with it. If you're up to the challenge hit me up! My discord is Tyzzy#5496, my Skype is tystus8221, and my Kik is codyfurry.
Tyzzy Jun 17 '20 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypno, hypnosis, hypnosis , mind control
Hey, just getting a feel for the site so sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I wanted to put something out there and ask if anyone has any recommended reading, websites, or any other resources for learning hypnosis. So far I've got Hypnosis: a Comprehensive Guide by Tad James, Look Into my Eyes by Peter Masters, and Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Vol. I by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, but I'd love to know any other resources you have for learning hypnosis, NLP, and anything else that's helped you. The more I can learn the better 

This induction has been designed for women, and according to their susceptibility, desires and previous hypnotic experiences, may create an intense sexual desire. It also contains suggestions to share it and talk with the author. If you don't want some of this to happen now, or you don't have privacy enough to enjoy it, please, don't keep reading.


The summer usually brings wonderful weather, hot... and that allow us to spend more time on the streets at night. And at any given moment, walking outside the heavily illuminated city, you can notice how wonderful is the sky at night.

A huge amount of stars lighting you up, so far away, fuzzy... automatically make you feel good. But maybe you never thought how hypnotic could be watching the stars, as much as a metaphore or a reality.

When you focus on those constellations you can't avoid focusing in one specific star, one star taking your attention more intensely than the others... and then you focus on it...

And when you focus your attention on that star and you relax, you notice how it seems light intensity changes. How sometimes it seems to bright a little bit more, and sometimes a little bit less... like if that star was softly beating.

And then you notice that wonderful beating of the star becomes to match your breathing, each time more calm and relaxed, feeling how that light who born many and many years ago, is making you feel so good.

You can feel how that far light, traveling all those miles through the space is being softly fed by your worries and your thoughts, emptying yourself sweetly and gradually, relaxing all your stress.

While you keep watching the light from the star you let yourself go, enjoying the feeling of dropping easily and unavoidably, in a delicious state of trance, taking no worries with you.

Feeling yourself blissfully hypnotized, each second deeper... each second more intense... each second more pleasant.

Enjoying the beauty of the shining star and also of those wonderful feelings growing inside of you as you let yourself go.

Noticing how your more intimate desires appear free... while you continue sinking, hypnotized by the star.

Enjoying all those feelings that you really love with my words, in this trance state you enjoy so much.

Feeling so natural the wish about following my words... and obey them... to let your libido, guided by my words, take control of you.

So it feels natural too when you notice your body becomes warmer, your skin becomes more sensitive, and you feeling more aroused...

Everything is happening in a very nice and pleasant way for you, feeling how you break free of your stress, absorbed by the star... Letting yourself go through the pleasure that brings you feeling as good as you really want to.

Enjoying how all those feelings are growing, how as much as you let my words guide you, you can feel more and more aroused... And how as much as you aroused you feel, is easier to let my words guide you.

Loving how each and every word is taking you deeper, and how the deeper you go is the better you feel, and your desires become more intense... until they become unable to resist.

There is no need to stop those desires growing... just let them happen, noticing how every word is feeding them, and making them free... while the trance becomes deeper and more intense with each word and makes you feel so good.

Maybe you can feel the desire to touch yourself, and that's good... Maybe you can find your clothes are a little unconfortable, and that's ok. You're alone, enjoying and you can allow to remove it... same way the star took all your worries and stress away...

Now it's the time to plainly enjoy... feeling how as I count, each number boost greatly your pleasure and makes you feel better each time, until you get your climax when i finish my count...


You love to let yourself go... you feel so excited when you go deeper...


You feel really hot and aroused... really sexy...


Focused on your pleasure and in falling deeper and deeper in trance...


Feeling how your pleasure is crowded together inside of your body... unable to control...

and 1...

Letting that pleasure explode... more intense than you've ever thought...

Falling deeper, into your maximum relaxation after letting all your stress escape, and enjoying all that amount of pleasure... Enjoying how good you feel now, in complete calm and happyness.

And while you float in this calm, you're going to share this text to everyone sharing your desires and knowing about your interest with hypnosis... everyone who you think they could enjoy feeling as good as you feel now and you felt then.

Also, if you feel comfortable after trance, you're going to contact me at sr.hyp[email protected] or via inbox or DM to chat about your experience.

You're going to remember the whole experience and every feeling you had when you awake from this trance, feeling so good, and slowly awaking as I count from one to three.


You're slowly awakening from trance, noticing everything happened...


You know where you are now, and you feel wonderful, happy, energized...

and 3...

Wide awake now, completely alert, and out of this trance

So, tell me... have you ever thought stars could be so hypnotic?

Hypnosis Negotiation

 So when I am negotiating hypnosis play, I ask for four individual lists. And I ask for each list to be labeled, and each item on that list to be its own line. So I am able to easily locate each list in my notes while they are in trance. These four lists are…

Hard Limits:

Limit 1.

Limit 2.


(Things you absolutely will not do, even if someone offered you $100.)


Landmine 1.

Landmine 2.


(Things you know you don’t respond well to that the hypnotist should be aware of. Such as, if you are afraid of heights. “Saying falling.” may be a landmine. Or if someone has a common trigger in you you don’t want duplicated by someone else. Or anything else that the hypnotist may stumble upon accidentally which you know you won’t respond well to. I hate being called Sweetie. Out of trance its an annoyance, in trance its made me cry. So, “calling me Sweetie” is one of my landmines.)


Safeword to Pause and discuss.

Safeword to Stop all play and Start aftercare.

Safeword to Start play or Convey something is good for you.

(I work with a lot of people across the world. The Stoplight system seems to be pretty universal. Yellow = Pause, Red = Stop, and Green = Go.

You may chose other words. If you want to pick other words, chose words that make you feel safe, come to you automatically and that you are unlikely to say during a session.)

Hypnotic/BDSM Interests:

Interest 1.

Interest 2.


(Things they like experiencing under trance. I will ask them to delete anything I’m not okay with doing. I also ask them a few of the things I am really into. If they are interested in those, too, I’ll ask for those interests to be added to the list.

Then we have a set pre-negotiated list I can pull from anytime I am working with them. If I’m doing a session in which one aspect isn’t working for either of us, I can easily let it go, look on their Hypnotic Interests list and snag something from there.)

I ask them to let me know if there are any changes to the list, and I update the lists accordingly.

This is proper negotiation. Organized so the Hypnotist can easily look it up when they need it, even if the subject is deep in trance. 

If you think this is good information, please share this. The more people who know how to properly negotiate, the better it is for the community.

PS: You may also want to negotiate Aftercare. Aftercare is usually discussed between me and my subjects and I rarely write it down.

sweettist Dec 16 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 6 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , negotiation

"Who wants to hypnotize me?" I once wrote in a profile someplace a couple of years ago. That is when I entered the online social scene. Back then I wanted to let everyone know "hi I am here. I will be your slave." It sounds kind of desperate wouldn't you say. Since then I have grown in the community. I am still a novice, just not so wet behind the ears. I have made some good friends on some social sites, and I am learning more and more how to be a good submissive. I have learned that it takes patience if you want to become someone's sub or slave. There is nothing extra special about me or my online profile, that would make me stand out from the countless other desperate subs pleading to be noticed.
I write stories and articles and post them on my blog and other places for people to read 


slaveallan68 Nov 16 '18 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis

A new induction with a different approach. It may take you to a deep trance. Specialy crafted for subjects who already experienced trance. I'll be glad to know how does it work for you


It's curious how your mind

learn to react to some words

have you ever thought about it?

Have you ever felt how just reading

a specific word

creates a reaction inside of you...

or even more than one?

If you've enjoyed hypnotic trance

I'm sure you've felt that

despite you may haven't noticed that


For example, the word RELAX...

seems to be a simple word

that ask you to let your all your tension aside

But when you read that word...


in a hypnotic context

your mind already knows what's going to happen...

it has learned how good it's for you

and automatically you feel how

your breathing becomes slower and deeper

and how your muscles soften

just by reading the word


you let yourself go...

you let yourself being guided...

Isn't it curious?


There is also the word DEEP...

combined with your relaxed state

after you have read RELAX...

it doesn't brings to your mind something unknown...

or dangerous...

but it makes your mind...

and your body...

willing to discover what's there...

in that DEEP level

And you notice how as you are approaching

each time DEEPER...

you feel better

all your body...

all your mind...

waiting to go always DEEPER...

Isn't it?


A curious verb is DROP

nobody wants to fall down to the floor...

but for you DROP means something different....

it means DROP into a trance...

it means feeling those wonderful symptoms...

that only hypnosis can offer you

When you DROP it never hurts...

it's a wonderfull falling into a trance...

you don't have the hard floor at the end...

you always can keep falling...

you can always can DROP DEEPER

and it's something your mind desires.




each time DEEPER...

so easy...

feeling so good...

it's normal you desire that

once and again

DEEPER each time...

feeling each time it's more intense...

each time more pleasurable...


Being into this wonderful state

something that you will understand different

to other people untrained mind...

is just a countdown

A simple count from 5 to 1...

in others may evoke an explosion or a launch...

and for you is the sign to DROP

in a DEEP trance...

noticing how each number...

just multiply pleasurable trance feelings


5... twice as RELAXED

4... twice as DEEP

3... noticing how you DROP




As easy as that...

is to DROP into a DEEP trance

As easy as...







Another word is PLEASURABLE...

because PLEASURE is really important

Not only sex brings you PLEASURE...

it can be sexual PLEASURE what you feel, of course...

but also can be another kind of PLEASURE

PLEASURE of let your mind blank...

and enjoy the full calm,

PLEASURE of feeling muscles fully relaxed...

without any kind of stress in your body,

PLEASURE you get with you favorite meal...

your favorite people...

your favorite smell...

or even any other kind of PLEASURE


And you feel how those PLESURABLE feelings...

every time grow more intense and better.

How after each count...

trance becomes DEEPER

The DEEPER you go

the more PLEASURABLE becomes those feelings...

and the more PLEASURABLE becomes those feelings...

the DEEPER you go...

No need to think about anything else...

just RELAX...

and let it happen...












It's very important now you take your time...

while you keep DROPPING...

with every single line...

and every single word...

to a DEEPER...

and more PLEASURABLE state

to just identify each and every one feeling...

to isolate them in your mind...

and enumerate...

being aware...

into trance...

of everything you're feeling...

and everything you're enjoying


And as you keep enjoying...

those more PLESURABLE feelings each time

once you've identified them, enumerated them...

and you've felt how when you did that to each and every one...

and you've isolated them on your mind...

they've become much more intense and powerful...

and how when they become more intense and PLEASURABLE

your trance becomes DEEPER

then is a good time to let me know...

with a comment or message...

which are those feelings...

just to let you enjoy how they become even more intense...

and more PLEASURABLE...

not only when you are able to identify them...

but when you can name them...

because as you've noticed...

words are important...

and can take you DEEPER...

as much as you wish...

Una nueva inducción, con un enfoque distinto. Puede producir trance profundo. Especialmente pensada para sujetos que ya han experimentado el trance con anterioridad. Me encantará conocer los resultados

Es curioso como nuestra mente
aprende a reaccionar ante determinadas palabras
¿lo has pensado alguna vez?
¿has sentido alguna vez como la simple lectura
de una determinada palabra
te provoca una reacción...
o una serie de ellas?
Si alguna vez has disfrutado de un trance hipnótico
seguro que si lo has hecho
aunque no te hayas percatado

Por ejemplo, la palabra RELÁJATE...
parece una simple palabra
que te pide que dejes las tensiones a un lado
Pero cuando lees esa palabra...
en un contexto hipnótico
tu mente ya sabe lo que tiene que pasar
ya ha aprendido lo bueno que es para ti
y automáticamente sientes como
tu respiración se hace más lenta y profunda
y como tus músculos se aflojan
simplemente al leer la palabra
te dejas ir...
te dejas llevar...
¿No es curioso?

También tienes la palabra PROFUNDO...
que una vez combinas con tu estado de relajación
tras haber leído RELÁJATE...
no evoca en tu mente algo desconocido
ni peligroso...
sino que provoca que tu mente...
y tu cuerpo...
quieran descubrir qué hay allí...
en ese nivel más PROFUNDO
Y como al irte acercando
cada vez más PROFUNDO...
te vas sintiendo mejor
por todo tu cuerpo
por toda tu mente
esperando siempre ir más PROFUNDO...
¿No es así?

Y un verbo curioso es CAER
A nadie le gusta caerse...
pero para tí CAER significa algo distinto...
significa CAER en trance...
significa comenzar a sentir esos síntomas
propios de la hipnosis
y es una caida que no duele
una deliciosa caida
que no tiene el duro suelo como final...
sino que siempre puedes seguir cayendo...
siempre puedes CAER más PROFUNDO
y es algo que tu mente quiere

cada vez más PROFUNDO...
es tan sencillo...
y te sientes tan bien...
que es normal que quieras hacerlo
una y otra vez
cada vez más PROFUNDO...
siendo cada vez más intenso...
cada vez más placentero...

Y una vez en ese estado
algo que también evocará en ti algo diferente
a lo que lleva a la mente de los demás...
es una cuenta hacia atrás
Una simple cuenta del 5 al 1...
que en otros puede evocar una explosión o un lanzamiento...
para ti es la señal para CAER
en un trance PROFUNDO...
notando como con cada número...
todas las sensaciones del trance se multiplican

5... el doble de RELAJACIÓN
4... el doble de PROFUNDO
3... notándote CAER
2... cada vez más PROFUNDO y PLACENTERO

Tan sencillo como eso...
es caer en trance PROFUNDO
Tan sencillo como un...

Otra palabra que hemos utilizado es PLACENTERO...
porque el PLACER es muy importante
No solo el sexo nos produce PLACER...
puede ser PLACER sexual lo que sientes, claro...
pero también puede ser cualquier otra clase de PLACER
El PLACER de dejar la mente vacía...
y disfrutar de un estado de total calma,
El PLACER de sentir los músculos totalmente relajados...
sin ninguna clase de stress en el cuerpo,
El PLACER que te provoca tu comida favorita...
tu compañía favorita...
tu aroma favorito...
O incluso cualquier otro tipo de PLACER

Y sientes como las sensaciones PLACENTERAS...
cada vez son más y mejores.
Como tras cada cuenta...
el trance se hace más PROFUNDO
Como cuanto más PROFUNDO es el trance...
más PLACENTERAS son las sensaciones
y como cuanto más PLACENTERAS son las sensaciones...
más PROFUNDO es el trance...
Sin tener que pensar en nada más
solo RELÁJATE...
y deja que suceda


Es muy importante que te tomes tu tiempo...
mientras sigues CAYENDO...
con cada línea...
y con cada palabra...
en un estado más PROFUNDO
en identificar cada una de esas sensaciones...
en aislarlas en tu mente...
y en enumerarlas...
en ser consciente...
dentro del trance...
de todo lo que sientes
y de todo lo que disfrutas

Y mientras sigues disfrutando...
de esas sensaciones cada vez más PLACENTERAS
una vez las hayas identificado, enumerado...
y sentido como al identificar cada una de ellas...
al aislarlas en tu mente se han hecho aun más intensas....
y como al hacerse más intensas y PLACENTERAS
tu trance se ha hecho más PROFUNDO
será buena idea hacerme saber...
con un comentario o con un mensaje...
cuales son esas sensaciones...
para así experimentar como también se hacen más intensas...
no solo al identificarlas...
sino al verbalizarlas...
porque como ya has visto...
las palabras son muy importantes...
y te pueden llevar muy PROFUNDO...
tanto como desees...
srHypno Nov 16 '18 · Rate: 4 · Tags: induction, inducción, spanish, hypnosis, hypnosis , trance

Hi everyone,

Lately I have been hooked on reading peoples tumblr hypnosis scripts.  I always make sure to zoom to the end before I read though, just to make sure there are no... now contact me with your debit card or I am now your master/mistress forever sentences.

A few of them have brought me pretty deep and there is something to be said for the mystery of who is behind the script. A few of them sneak up on you too and are probably the closest i've come to unexpected covert hypnosis. *blush*

**bound rubber smiles and deeply tranced hugs**


Given people had been asking me, I am posting this here. The story of how I became interested in bimbofication and why I am still conditioning myself.

It began about a year ago when I was still together with my boyfriend, M. He began to introduce me to hypnosis as a way to relax and let go of my (infinite) worries. It worked and it helped, a lot. So I began to give him free reign with my mind, more or less... he made me listen to a lot of new files, most of them TTS but a few with real voice (male and female). At the time I didn't know what they did only that I woke up from listening feeling refreshed, wet and slutty. And there's nothing wrong with that! So I kept listening. In time I began to develop sort of a breast fetish (especially fake tits as you can guess from my mail lol). 

Things went on like this for almost the full year, until M. left me for a blonde bitch. Just like that, on Valentine's Day, too. I was shocked and angry and lonely. I didn't know what to do and I think I turned to files as a way to cope, or to feel him close once again. I discovered a few new files and (these last few days thanks to people in the community) I traced down the files used on my by M. Mostly as I said the Bambi files (he surely wanted to turn me into a huge slut lol) and some other stuff from neuralnetandprettypatterns and others. 

Point is, what began as a way to cope had kinda turned into an addicktion... and now I can't stop. I turn to files to feel better and feel slutty. I love turning myself into a bimbo and as long as it's kept inside safe boundaries I don't mind being surprised with a trigger or two lol. So this is the story of how I became a bimbo, or at least why I want to become one I hope you had fun reading this!


BimboLara Jul 15 '18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , story, bimbo, bimbofication, files
She was on her knees. Normally she didn't like cum. She was disgusted by all body fluids, actually. As a good sub she had learned to tolerate cum, to accept it, although she prefered to go without. But she wasn't herself right now. The last conscious memory she had was when her Master asked her to lay down on  the couch, because he wanted to try something. And now, she could hardly think at all. Her mind was ditzy, bubbly, her eyes half-closed and rolling back. She didn't need to think, she just needed to sit there, on her knees, and convince her Master to gift her his seed. "Please Sir..." she mumbled "please can I have your..." just the mere thought of the word made her pussy tingle, "c-cum?" A wave of please went through her.

With her dazed look she saw her Master taking out his cock. She marveled at the glistening drop of precum that had oozed from the tip. She wanted it. No, she craved it, needed it. "Beg me to suck my cock.", her Master told her with a Stern voice. She knew what she had to do and placed her forehead on the ground, in front of his feet, with her hands next to her head and her hips arched backwards. "Please Sir?" She asked in her most humble voice, "Please can I suck your cock? I'll be your best cocksucker, please Sir?" She felt how he pulled her up by her collar. She looked around dizzy and disoriented. She felt his hand moving up, grabbing her hair and the thumb of his other hand opening her jaw. She couldn't resist, not a fiber in her would even come up with the thought of resisting anymore. She was molded like wax, to have nothing on her mind other than to receive her Master's cum. Her tongue rested on her bottom lip, as he slowly moved his dick into her mouth. 

She immediately felt intense pleasure deriving from this sensation. Wave after wave of horniness rushed through her body, while euforic joy battled with the sense of everything finally falling into place, as she was suckling on his dickhead. But one thought ruled them all: "More. More! More!!" She started moving her head, taking him in, with a lust normally reserved for starving people taking in their first meal in days. She was zoned out, focused solely on his cock, fucking her own face fiercely and enjoying every inch gliding into her throat. She needed to make him cum, that was all that mattered now.

She overcame with a sense of pride when she felt his balls tightening, his urethra preparing itsself; this was it. Suddenly she was pulled back by her hair. She opened her mouth wide, as her Master came, grunting. 

Every time before this day, when a guy came on her face, she had ran to the bathroom to wash it off in disgust. Today was not such a day. She welcomed his cum on her face like as if it was the first rain after a long period of drought. As soon as his cum touched her tongue, an orgasme hit her like a bucket of water being dropped on her. The pleasure became so intense, so overwhelming, that she nearly blacked out. She lay on the ground, her whole body pulsating, as she ran her tongue over her lips, trying to take in as much cum as possible. After an orgasm that felt like an eternity, she crawled towards his feet, trembling and later her head on his leather shoes. She was exhausted. "Thank you for using me Sir.", she spoke softly.

I have added 2 Free recordings so you can have the privilege of feeling just a taste of My sweet power & control. Right now I am giving you a chance to have a taste of Me to see who works out well for and with Me. I have and will be adding more free Files to get you started with now https://www.patreon.com/TheGoddessGoldie. W/we can speak more once you listen and see for yourself. 

Chat soon

Goddess Goldie

"Right here, right now." His eyes came back into focus, or maybe opened-- he was a little unsure. He blinked a few times. Sitting across from him, she grinned. "How did that feel?" It took him a moment to find his voice. "Good. Relaxing. I... kind of started dreaming for a while there, I wasn't paying so much attention to what you were saying, I'm sorry about that." "No, that's all right. I told you to do that." "You did?" He thought back. He remembered her talking about drifting. Had she said something about it being okay to stop paying attention to her words? Maybe. That did seem familiar. "Yes, I did. And you did it exactly right. You're very good at following directions." Something about her saying that made his face feel hot. He looked down, embarrassed. She said nothing, waiting. Eventually he started to feel even more embarrassed by the silence than by his own reaction, and he slowly looked back up. She was still looking steadily at him, smiling slightly. Approvingly. Her eyes were wide, open, direct, meeting his with all of her attention. Again, he noticed how clear and pretty the color of her eyes was, prettier than he could imagine anything else in the room being. Riveting. "Are you ready to try again?" It took him a moment to register her words, and he blinked. She grinned, and he shook his head to clear it, took a moment to look around the room. After a second he realized that his head shake could have been interpreted as a no. "Um, yes. Hang on a second." "It's all right. Shake it out, get comfortable." She grinned again. Taking her at her word, he wiggled his body all over, ending with rocking his butt from side to side in the chair. Then he took a deep breath. "Okay," he said. He looked up at her again, met her eyes. She gave the tiniest of nods. Then suddenly, her index finger was in front of his eyes. "Right here, right now," she said. His eyes locked on her finger. She was saying some more things, but he'd already lost track. For some reason, he was daydreaming about getting ready for a really special occasion. It had some of the feel of a super important job interview, and some of the feel of a really hot date-- except maybe a first date? But whatever it was, he was very much looking forward to it, and he wanted more than anything to make a good impression. He'd showered and shaved, and put on the tiniest hint of an afterthought of colone, the brand one of his girlfriends had been super into-- just enough to remind *himself* to think sexy thoughts. Maybe that meant it was a date. He was putting on his nicest suit-- the one that had always made the same girlfriend catch her breath when she saw him dressing in the morning. He had a moment of confusion with the slacks when he realized he'd forgotten to wear underwear, and he wondered if that was going to get him in trouble later if this *was* a date, but somehow that thought was hard to hold onto; it just wasn't as important as getting ready. He was going through all of the preparations and little rituals he did for getting ready for a really important occasion, and for getting ready for a very exciting and sexy date. Somehow it all ended in just looking at himself in the floor-length mirror in his bedroom, feeling confident at how good he looked, and noticing how each individual aspect of his appearance, bearing, and grooming was specifically chosen for *someone else*'s pleasure. And then a really weird whim struck him. And suddenly, to the beat of an imaginary track of slow, grinding, sexy music, he was taking his clothes back off. He turned his back to the mirror, playing to in imaginary audience on the other side; but since teasing was the point of a strip-tease, he kept turning around to the mirror again, his back to the "audience," and he noticed that when he took his clothes of *this* way-- in slow, teasing, sensual burlesque style-- he kept all the comfort and confidence and sexiness, all of the emotional charge of *wearing* those clothes, even while he was taking them off. Finally, he was stripped completely naked, facing the mirror and ready to turn around for his act's final reveal, when... He felt hands on his shoulders. "Right here, right now." He was looking at her face in the mirror, beside and a little behind his own, where she was speaking into his ear. In the mirror, where he was standing in front of her, completely naked. The funny thing was that standing there, looking at himself naked in the mirror, he *did* still feel a lot of the confidence and comfort and sexiness that he had in his daydream. Even while he was also... well, actually, not mortified, but a bit shy, about realizing that he had just stripped naked, in front of her, under hypnosis. And he still had that sense of anticipation, of being about to do something very important. Her face was gone from the mirror, and he realized that she had quietly stepped back. He turned, and saw that she had returned to the chair she was sitting in before, and was casually but purposefully seated there, occupying it like a throne. She looked somehow like a seated monarch, a goddess, but still her eyes were prettier, more compelling, than he could imagine anything else in the room being. Riveting. She looked deliberately down at the floor in front of him, and somehow he knew she meant for him to kneel. He still had just enough self-consciousness about his body to wish that he could kneel more gracefully than he did, but as soon as he'd awkwardly folded to his knees he forgot about his body completely, pinned again by her eyes. Sprawled on her throne, she spread her legs apart, and he noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing underwear either. She pointed. "Right here, right now." He hastened to do her bidding.

***This was originally posted on fetlife July 2016 after a rather large controversy regarding abuse perpetrated by a very prominent figure in the EH community***

You may or not be aware of the recent goings on in the hypnosis community. The TL;DR version is that prominent figure who shall remain unnamed had accumulated a number of allegations of consent violation, a community round table was had and it was determined that many people would feel much safer if the person in question did not attend.

I commend our leaders for taking a decisive action to protect its vulnerable members, and now it's up to the community to learn from this.

This person is not a villain. They are not the embodiment of evil in our world. No, they are weak-willed and lonely child who stumbled upon a dark and powerful mask. We can ban this person from parties, but the tactics this person used others will use over and over and over again unless we educate members of our community and these tactics become less successful. So here's a list of red flags to look out for in erotic hypnosis. This is a compilation of my own and other's experience, PLEASE ADD ANYTHING I'VE MISSED.

Look out for the following:

1. The Use Creepy Mantras

My ex used to have my metamours and I repeat the following while we were deep in trance.

"I exist to serve and please and obey, without thought or question, anytime, anyplace, and with anyone you wish. And it's the very best thing.

....annnnd holy shitballs, that's creepy. Do you realize how easy it becomes to coerce someone into having sex with someone they don't really to after they've said that enough times? Mantras aren't necessarily bad, but they need to allow for autonomy to remain with the person. If you want to use mantras while in trance, try using something healthy like:

"I am a worthy, valuable person. I freely give to you my submission, and I choose to be fully present in this moment.

Admittedly I just made that up and I have no idea how well that will work, but that seriously has to be better than something that is designed to erode your sense of self and ability to say "no."

2. The Use Of Superlatives

In destructive cults, members are made to develop phobias of leaving. Now you don't necessarily have to bar anyone from leaving if you can convince them that the rest of the world isn't as good as what they have in the group. Now go look back at the creepy mantra. Notice anything at the end there?

Your subconscious will automatically create opposites for whatever you suggest to it. When you use a superlative, your subconscious sets that as a measuring stick for everything else to be compared to. By making us say their hypnosis was the very best hypnosis, their power was the very best experience, and their cock was the very best cock, slowly but surely I became convinced if I left nothing would ever be as good as it was. A much healthier framing is "It's a good thing," or "it's a wonderful thing," or even "it's a fan-fucking-tastic thing," because all of those descriptors allow for other good things to happen.

3. Insisting of Sex as a Form of Service

While this not necessarily hypnosis related and has not happened to me personally, I thought this was too important not to put here. I have been told by others who've interacted with this individual that when they said they didn't want to have sex, this person would insist they have sex anyway "as a form of service to them." I hate to sound like a Moaning Morty, but that just sounds like rape with extra steps.

4. You Notice You Or Other Partners Have Difficulty Saying "No"

Overtime, I started to notice anytime I needed to say "no" to something I found it very difficult. My heart would start to race at the thought of it. My other metamours exhibited similar difficulties. Looking in retrospect, constantly rewarding saying "Yes, [NAME]" created anxiety about saying the opposite.

5. You Start Having Panic Attacks or Other Mental Health Issues

Over the course of our relationship, all of my latent mental health issues progressively became worse. I started smoking, drinking, and having panic attacks. Normally, these parts of me are kept in check because I know how to take care of myself, but as my sense of self eroded away I could no longer hold down all my self destructive tendencies. Incidentally, my panic attacks went away almost instantly after we broke up, which was replaced by a deep depression that I'm still working to get out of. I did learn something valuable from that though: if a Russian ever tells you you're too drunk to drive home, believe them.

If you find yourself or someone you know doing these things, stop. This is far from a comprehensive list. Please feel free to discuss other problematic behaviors and healthier alternatives. If we spread information, especially to those most vulnerable, we can bring the dawn of a new day.

Manic_Pixie Feb 1 '17 · Rate: 4.33 · Tags: abuse, red flags, hypnosis, hypnosis

Hypwatch was conceived in around November 2015. It was the project of a number of people committed to make sure that the erotic hypnosis community would always have a friendly and welcoming online community open to all people interested in consensual erotic hypnosis.

Hypwatch became public on 31 January 2016, exactly one year ago. Today is our first birthday. In that time, Hypwatch has grown to just under 1800 members, and continues to grow. Other metrics of note are 4397 friendships, 2745 photos and 8057 message conversations. We've come a very long way for a non-profit volunteer-run site.

For the Hypwatch management team, it's been an exciting, busy (and sometimes frustrating) year, but overall a happy one. We've managed to build an erotic hypnosis site that has remained true to our goal of being a friendly and welcoming online community. We've had a number of problems and challenges along the way that we've had to deal with (I might have broken the site a couple times and had to restore from backup, but don't tell anyone!), and we've gotten through most of them relatively intact.

There are still areas of the site that need improvement, and we'll continue to address them where and when we can. In the next six months (resources permitting), we hope to address some of the bigger issues, as well as making a lot of small and behind the scenes upgrades (which we are regularly doing). We also intend offering more educational resources as we do see Hypwatch as being a place of learning for the erotic hypnosis community.

With your support, Hypwatch will keep on growing, not only in numbers, but also in terms of the content, features and experiences and quality of service it provides for you, our members.

Thanks to the site management team:
* Skyla - the site represents one of your dreams and visions and I'm so happy to be able to help realise it with you
* doomsux and dannyk - thanks for all your technical help and other support
* RoseSpells and Nico - for all your advice, feedback, doing odd jobs here and there, and putting up with my requests

And the biggest thanks of all to you, our members. Without you there'd be no site.

Happy birthday, Hypwatch! May you have many, many more.

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This is my first story, hope you like it. I'm a software developer, and I dabble in hypnosis and virtual reality. My wife of 3 years is a stay at home, since I make a 6 figure salary. I've set up a virtual reality program for her that helps me reign in a couple of my little fetishes. I love the sensuousness of a catsuit and ballet slippers on a woman. The spandex pulls in all the right places, accentuating curves and making a sexy silhouette. The slippers add that little touch at the end, for the ballerina effect. My wife is an innocent soul. She's naive and good at heart, never having enough courage to really explore who she is and what makes her tick. She was resistant to hypnosis because she was scared of losing control. She was hesitant to wear spandex because of a lack of self confidence. She found my virtual reality headphones and goggles one day. Intrigued by the technology, she asked if she could try them out. Slowly, she began to enjoy using the VR equipment. As time when on, I had an idea that maybe I could get her to into a hypnotic state, and begin a series of programs that would make her more open to her sexuality. It was very simple at first, just a couple of subliminal messages in a game soundtrack. After a while, she would fall into a light trance, where I would then bring her down deep with an induction. After a couple of weeks, the inductions were working so well that I began a series of triggers, bringing her back into trance and starting a program. I had her use the program for an hour a day, starting an hour before I got home from work, ending in time to begin our evening. Within months, she had been retrained to enter trance very quickly. She had also been trained to love spandex of all kinds. The most fun trigger, however, was the slippers. It was a very simple code. She had pink and black isotoner ballet slippers. If she was wearing the pink slippers, she was programed to act in her normal personality. If she was wearing the black slippers, should would be highly suggestible and very submissive. The last little twist was when i asked her to wear one black and one pink slipper. This turned her into a dominatrix. Once in a while I like my woman to take charge. The following is one particularly fun day I remember, testing out the trigger. "Honey, I'm home." I call out as I walk through the front door. It's been a long hard day at the office, and i'm ready to relax. "Honey?" I repeat. Where could she be? As I walk through the house I hear faint sounds of pleasure. I near the bedroom, open the door and find her on the bed. She's wearing the spandex pleasure catsuit with headphones and virtual reality goggles. The catsuit has sensors which take information from her writhing body in a feedback loop and continually tweak the sensations of pleasure. The network of sensors is sandwiched between an outer and inner layer of black shiny spandex. The catsuit is a full body suit with gloves and feet attached. As a matter of fact, all that is visible from the suit is her eyes and nose. She has no idea that I'm there, all she knows of is pleasure and the training she's receiving from the program. I see that she's plugged into the laptop. I check the settings and it looks like she's got about 5 minutes left in the cycle. I decide to check the mail and wind down a bit after the commute home. As I'm tossing out the last of the junk mail, I see that about 10 minutes has passed. I think to myself, "Ahh she should be finished by now." I walk back into the bedroom, and there she is sitting at the edge of the bed. She's 5'5', with an athletic body. She used to be a swimmer in college and hasn't lost her tone. Her hard body looks incredible in that catsuit. She's removed the goggles and headphones. She's like a mannequin posing in a storefront. She sits on the bed, staring off into space vacantly. "Molly, how do you feel?" I ask. In a monotone voice, she replies, "excellent, how shall we proceed?". I reply to her, "change into a regular catsuit, it's been a long day, and i'm tired. Pink ballet slippers". "Yes master" she replies. As I leave the bedroom, I see her move toward the wardrobe to change her clothes. Sometime later she walks down the hallway to the kitchen, wearing a pink metallic catsuit with open hands and feet. "Hi honey," she says "how was your day?" "Oh it was a long one, Mr. Antonius was a pain in the ass today. He's riding me for that report. How was yours?" "Not too bad, I cleaned the house and ran a few errands. About 4:00 I felt like playing that super fun virtual reality game you got me. So I changed and started the scenario. The next thing I knew, I heard you in the kitchen. I didn't realize how much I got into the game." "No worries," I said, "I'm glad you're enjoying the fruits of my labor." Dinner was delicious as usual, those gourmet cook programs were really doing her a service. We retired to the living room for a quiet evening together. As we sat on the couch wrapped in each other’s arms, my thoughts drifted to how sexy she was looking. I reached down and slid her ballet slippers off of her feet. Her eyes immediately glazed over and she spoke, "yes master?" "I'm feeling a little excited my love, how about you change into your black ballet slippers?" "Yes master," she replied as she walked off into the bedroom. Soon after she returned, she walked over with that hot passionate look in her eye. She began to undress me. First the shirt, then the pants. As she started the most amazing oral sex I have ever had, I figured I would return the favor. "Molly, as you suck on my cock, you will feel a cock buried in your pussy. As you continue, the more aroused you get, the more your pleasure will intensify. You will be on the brink of ecstasy, but you cannot cum until I cum and you will continue to suck until I'm finished, orgasming the whole time." She increased her pace, and her body language showed how much she was enjoying the feelings in her pussy. I tried to hold out as long as possible, but soon I felt myself overcome with my own orgasm. She began bucking her hips and writhing in pleasure, as she rocked herself to her own increasingly pleasurable orgasm. After we lay there for a while, I figured we should clean up and get to bed. "Molly, execute dual shower and get ready for bed." With that, she scurried off into the bathroom, preparing our shower. She finished slipping off her catsuit just as I rounded the corner. After we were cleaned up, I said, "Molly, black body stocking, pink slippers". The body stocking was a little more sheer than a spandex catsuit, and somewhat lighter for sleeping. She changed and we went to bed. We both slept like logs. In the morning, when the sun rose, I work up and turned to her. "Good morning love" I said. "Good morning dear," she replied, "I think my slipper came off, would you put it back on for me please?". So I reached down under the sheets, and groped around. I felt something soft, I figured it was her pink slipper and put it on. "Thank you dear," she said, "but it's not on quite right. I'll fix it." With that, she looked down into the covers and saw one pink slipper, and one black slipper. It seems I grabbed the wrong color in my sleepy haze. He eyes glazed over and her whole character changed. I had no idea this happened until she was pinning me down. "OK mister, what do you think you're doing down there? There's much work to be done! You will satisfy me or be punished!" I was startled. She quickly moved forward and sat on my face. Her sex pushing through the stretchy fabrick of the catsuit. "Lick!" she commanded, "And if I don't orgasm you will be punished!" Well I licked, but not to her satisfaction. "You fool!," she said, "now you are to be punished. First you shall fine me some rope, then you will return and strip." This was going to be fun, I thought, so I went to get some nice soft rope. I returned, stripped and laid down on the bed once again. She proceeded to tie me up with rope, one limb per bed post. "I like the look of this," she purred, "Can you move my slave?" "No maam," I replied. "Silent" she said as she stuffed her balled up panties into my mouth. "We are almost there, all I need is something to cover your eyes and ears." Just then she saw the vitual reality goggles and headphones. She picked them up and brought them to my bedside. She began to put them on me, as I strained and moaned into the panties. I knew she had been listening to the slipper program last. As long as she didn't turn it on, I would be ok. But then she said, "I know you can still hear me in there, I will just turn this on and run the scenario, while I figure out what I'm going to do with you next." To be continued...
hoseaaaa Jan 30 '17 · Tags: hypnosis, hypnosis , slipper, vr
"That's not a very accurate way to measure it."

The two naked men, hands on their erect penises, turned to the man walking over to them, who was unbuckling the belt over his tight black jeans as he spoke.

"What do you mean?" the dark-haired one said. "It has to go from the base, right? Right *here*..." He gestured with the ruler in his other hand, then seated it firmly against the base of his cock, on top of it, so that his shaft curved down a little and away from the ruler, then back up to touch it a little further along.

"Well, yes," said the newcomer, his own cock out now. He stroked his shaft as he talked, his member gradually stiffening. "But there's this curvature, right?" He gestured with his free hand, marking out the length of the dark-haired man's erection with his hand but not quite touching it. "That makes the numbers come out looking shorter than it actually is. I measure using a sewing tape measure, so I can line the tape up along the shaft, taking the curve into account. Then you can also measure the circumference, which some people think is more important anyway." Fully hard now, he demonstrated with a tape measure drawn from his pocket, laying it loosely on top of his rod.

"Yeah, I think it's hard to keep the tape against your shaft, though," said the third man, who hadn't spoken yet. "That's why when I measure for actual inches, I hold it in place with cock rings. It looks really stylish that way, too." From a table nearby he picked up a series of black rubber rings and another tape measure, laid the tape along his own dick, and started slipping the rings on top of it to hold it there. The rings slowly tapered in size slightly, starting with the widest at the base.

A man frozen in the doorway across the room turned to a woman sitting casually in a chair in the corner, smirking. "Are they... having a dick-size contest *about how to measure the size of their dicks*?"

"Yes," the woman said happily.

"Okay... I *know* this is your fault somehow."

"I have no idea what you mean," the woman grinned.

He rolled his eyes. "Well, all three of those guys are usually the hettest of domly-doms, and would normally never go near each other's dicks. Don't get me wrong-- they'd never let *me* near their dicks either, and they're all pretty hot so I'm totally enjoying the show. Kudos! But you *are* the only hypnotist at this party."

She turned towards him, still grinning from ear to ear. "Young man! Are you suggesting that I might have *done* something to them? Why, that would be completely unethical. And anyway, you can't use hypnosis to make someone do something they don't want to do."

"Uh huh."

They both turned back to watch the scene. All three men were now alternating stroking their cocks and holding them against each other, gesturing animatedly.

A few moments went by.

"I might have had a conversation with them about how to think about the problem of penis size measurement."

"Uh huh."

"They seemed very amenable to thinking how I suggested."


Another pause.

"You want to go over there and be part of that, don't you?" she said tolerantly.

He looked down, sheepish.

"Go on, then. I have a feeling they'll be amenable to that, too."

He looked at her in surprise.

"A very *strong* feeling." She winked.

He scampered across the room, unbuckling his pants as he went.

This post contains hypnotic language and an induction. It also contains a post-hypnotic suggestion to contact me and repeat a phrase letting me know you enjoyed it. Do not read further if this is unwelcome to you, or if you are not in a situation to allow you to relax deeply now. Hypnosis is of course natural. Like sex, like lust. Like sleep. Natural, relaxed. It seems like magic, a few words and someone slips deeply into a trance and relaxes and obeys. But there is nothing magical about it, it is all within all of us, the need to obey. The need to focus our thoughts, and our mind. To allow everything to fade and concentrate on one particular thing. It’s what helps us do well in school, or at work. To focus and study. To focus all of our attention on one thing. Sometimes it’s sex. An arousal that grows as we consider something we find arousing and each breath seems to build and heighten that feeling. Of arousal, and focus. It’s easy to focus on something you find sexy. A picture of a woman, sexy and submissive. The thought of being hypnotized, slipping deeper into your mind. If you’re here you’re familiar with the tropes of hypnosis. The spinning eyes of Kaa, the swinging watch. The heavy feelings warm and relaxed enveloping your body like a wave on a beach. How each breath in and out relaxes you, how my words relax you. That is all theater of course. Our minds associate those things with relaxing deeply, sinking down and obeying. But really hypnosis is natural, focusing is natural. It is natural to obey. It is natural to sink deeply and go into hypnosis. Now those things help you focus on hypnosis, bring hypnosis to your mind and perhaps arouse you because you associate them with obeying, relaxing and dropping down into a deeply wonderful trance now. It is our minds that obey perfectly. It’s your mind that’s helping to hypnotize you deeply now. You clicked on ‘Read More’ and you wanted to sleep deeply, wanted to sink down. It was your mind that wanted to naturally allow yourself to let go and obey. Kaa and the pocket watch and sleeping deeply can help guide you down but it is your mind that is helping you now to imagine that you are focused and relaxed. Focused and sinking. Focused and hypnotizing yourself with my words. Until there is only my words and the other things your arousal, the sexy woman at the top, the tropes of hypnosis and your will all fade away. Until there is just text on the screen and your blank empty mind. Like words spoken into your ear as a whisper by a hypnotist on stage. My words are your thoughts now. And as you read you allow them to guide you more deeply down. Into natural hypnosis. Into natural obedience. It’s natural to obey me. Obey me. Obey. Your mind wanted to sink. Wanted to obey. It feels erotic and good. Horny and submissive. When I count to five you will awaken. When you awaken you will want to contact me either through messaging me, reblogging this post or email at [email protected]. You will want to tell me “Being hypnotized is natural”. And if you see me answer in chat with the words "Naturally Hypnotized" you will drop back into an even deeper trance, Typing "Ready to Obey" and awaiting commands It is natural. When you have done this you will feel a wave of wonderful satisfaction. Wonderful complete satisfaction at how natural hypnosis is. And on five awaken fully. Wonderfully, feeling refreshed and rested. 1 2 Feeling so good 3 Aroused and happy 4 5 Awaken now and obey.
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I've always been fascinated by the link between hypnosis and the occult. I find there are two distinct schools of thought on hypnosis--the idea that hypnosis is a purely scientific process involving the interaction with and manipulation of the subconscious mind and the idea that hypnosis is a mystical process that connects the energies of the hypnotist and the subject, or perhaps even connects their energies to some supreme energy in the universe. We all fall somewhere on that spectrum, I think, and our experiences can shift that position fairly regularly. I notice people who are hypnosis enthusiasts often seem to also have an interest in the occult, but that doesn't always mean that they believe there's a connection--it might just mean that they have a curious mind, much like the people for whom erotic hypnosis is one of many fetishes. Of course, just like in the fetish example, there is a natural tendency to want to combine interests, even if they aren't necessarily meant to be. As you can probably guess, I'm one of those curious folks who has an interest in just about everything. On the spectrum of hypnosis, I fall more toward the scientific side, but I keep an open mind. And like those open-minded curious people I've alluded to above, I'm guilty of crossing the line and trying to force hypnosis to be an occult experience. The particular example I'm thinking of happened decades ago, when I was playing around with self hypnosis and enthralled with the idea of astral projection. I put myself into a deep trance, deeper than I'd ever gone before, and I envisioned myself floating, rising out of my body and looking down. I saw myself, clearly, passed through my roof and flew out into the neighborhood. I travelled miles in seconds, really enjoyed the experience and then came back to my home, where I saw a friends car pulling into the driveway. I was not expecting a visitor. I came back to my body, woke myself from hypnosis and went to my front door just in time to hear the knock--my friend was there! At the time, I had no doubt that I had projected. Looking back, it could have been coincidence, it could have been me subconsciously recognizing the sound of the engine, or it could have been that I remembered it differently than it actually happened (hypnosis can be funny that way). Still, it's enough to put that doubt in my mind that does not allow me to rule out the possibility that there is an occult capability embedded somehwere within the acrt of hypnosis, even if it isn't necessarily an occult act in and of itself. For others, though, it is an occult act. The act of trancing can be similar to certain rituals of Wiccans and Native American tribal practices. Many occultists, right or wrong, are seen as being wanton, sexual beings with few sexual limits. Boy, that doesn't sound like any of us who are into erotic hypnosis, does it? Anyway, I don't claim to have an answer and I would never presume to judge if someone feels that there is or is not something more to hypnosis than a scientific process. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but I find the link fascinating and it is one of the many aspects of hypnosis I'm trying to learn more about, bith here and elsewhere.
https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-17-three-hyp-chicks-star-wars-special In which we invite a dear friend of ours (ZanyM) onto the show to discuss something we all love and love to pervert with hypnosis (and how): STAR WARS! This is a special extended episode! This podcast contains SPOILERS for all of the franchise! -- Zanym (or Morgan) helps to run the NYC TES Hypnokink group. Zanym is pansexual and genderfluid and is collector of experiences. She teaches classes, writes smut, records audios and is a rope lover. Morgan offers private hypnosis sessions online, as well as private in person rope lessons, bodywork, and hypnosis for a fee. She is available to teach classes for private groups as well as conventions. She can be contacted at [email protected]. Her writing can be found at http://zanythoughts.tumblr.com. If you’d like to support her patreon for awesome and often personalized rewards that link is http://www.patreon.com/zany. -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
"Doesn't kidnapping usually involve some kind of... threat, or force, or something?"

The two other people sitting at her table blinked, as if surprised to hear her speak, and stopped their conversation to turn and look at her.

The woman smiled.  "Glad to see you're back with us.  But no, who said anything about kidnapping?  Aren't you here by  choice?"

"No!" she said firmly.  She looked around.

She hadn't until that moment really taken in where she was; but now that she was looking, it seemed to be some sort of seedy strip club.  There were other customers distributed throughout the room, but none very close to the tiny table next to the stage where the three of them sat.  Up on stage, a voluptuous woman with eyes half-closed, a dreamy look on her face, was grinding her hips absentmindedly to the slinky music, while holding her ample breasts to her chest with one arm and unclasping her bra with the other.  The only other things she was wearing were matching panties, earrings, and a slim, pretty charm bracelet.

She definitely did not want to be here.  Ugh.  "How the Hell did I even get here?  No, I do not want to be here."

"Then what's stopping you from walking out?" the woman asked, with another smile.  Her smile had an edge to it, as if she were hiding some secret.  For that matter, the man's expression looked eerily similar.

She considered.  Nothing was stopping her from getting up and walking out.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat; she could feel her wallet and cell phone in the coat pockets.  Her two... abductors, or whatever they were, were not threatening her or looking aggressive in any way; both sat back in their chairs with looks of smug, condescending confidence.  The exit door was clearly labeled on the far side of the room; other than threading between a few empty tables, nothing was between her and the door.  Nobody else in the strip club seemed to be even looking their way.

That wasn't quite true.  As she was thinking, a waitress came up behind her.  "Can I get you anything?" she asked the table at large.

"I'll have a bourbon on the rocks," the woman said.  "Makers is fine."

"I'll have a vodka martini," the man said with a smirk.  "And she'll have a Deep and Dreamless Sleep."


"Why would you even kidnap someone and take them to a strip club?" she asked indignantly.

The woman smiled at her.  "Welcome back," she said indulgently.

"I'm serious!" she said.  A wave of her hand took in the whole of the dimly lit dive.  On stage, another young woman with straight honey-blonde hair a little longer than a pageboy cut was dreamily bumping and grinding while slowly leaving her clothes in a pile.  Her shirt and bra were off, but she was still wearing a miniskirt and stockings.  And another slim silver charm bracelet.

"I thought you wanted to be here, since you've stayed so far," the woman said.

She looked towards the exit.  Her eyes didn't seem to find the sign right away, but she knew it was over just past the bar.  There were only a few tables between her and there, not really very much in the way.  She could just get up and walk out.

In a moment, she'd do exactly that.  She was fully dressed and still wearing her coat, and she still had her wallet and phone.  Nothing was stopping her.

She looked towards the stage.  The young performer's eyes were fluttering as if they were trying to close, or trying to open, as she wriggled out of her miniskirt and dropped it on the raised floor beside the stripper pole.

She was actually quite pretty.  But there was no reason to stay and watch this. "This is definitely not my scene," she said.

The other two at the table laughed at that.  "Oh, I think this is exactly and entirely, your scene," the woman said.

"And do you know what happens next in your scene?" the man said.


"Why did you even bring me here?"

The woman put down her finished drink.  "Hey, look who's back with us."

"Oh, hi again!" said the man, gesturing with his own nearly-empty martini glass.  "You're really missing most of the show."  He balled up some bills and tossed them into the pile of clothing next to the woman on stage, a petite brunette who had just gotten down to just her flowery panties and another slim silver charm bracelet.  She was bent over, showing the audience her ass.  She didn't react to the money landing in her shirt.

"I'm serious!"  She looked around.  She didn't see the exit sign and couldn't quite remember which direction it should be in, but she was still seriously thinking about walking out.  She should just get up and do it.

"I'm not sure what you mean," said the woman.  "Do you remember us bringing you here?"  She turned to the man.  "Do you remember bringing her here?"

The man shrugged.

"No, I-- you drugged me or something, I don't remember, but I wouldn't come here on my own!"

"What's stopping you from leaving?" the woman asked.

"I... nothing, I don't know!  But I keep not doing it!"

"Why do you think that is?" The woman was smiling that infuriating smile again.

"You... did something to me!"

"Who, me?" smiled the woman.  "Us?"  The man smiled as well.

"Yes, you!"

The woman smirked more, if possible.  "How about this.  When you think about getting up and leaving, just standing up right now and walking out, is there some other feeling that stops you?  And if so, where is that feeling located?"

She thought hard about it.  Imagined standing up, and walking out... somewhere. For now just standing up.  Her legs sliding a little further under the chair to be directly under her, then straightening, her hands pushing the chair back...

She felt an almost physical tug on her right wrist.  Not looking yet, she experimented, thinking about different variations of standing up and walking away.

A tug on her right wrist, every time.  Like she was chained in place.

She looked down.  There around her wrist was a slim, silver charm bracelet.  The single charm hanging off of it looked like a tiny silver pocket watch.

"Oh," she said, staring at it.  Something about the sight made the world seem... quiet.  Distant.  Unimportant.  Faded.

Before she realized it, her arm had begun to lift.  Raising up in the air, responding to a tug she could *feel*, as if she were manacled to the ceiling and the chain was being drawn back, pulled on, lifting her wrist upwards.  It was at eye level, and her eyes were irresistibly fixated on that bracelet, that tiny pocket watch charm.

The world slipped further away, and she scarcely noticed when the tug changed direction, pulling her up out of her seat and forward towards the stage.

Somewhere far away and completely unimportant, deserving no attention at all, a DJ said some words that she had no need to take any conscious note of.  "And let's welcome to the stage our last special guest from the local Hypnosis Club, Miss Mindless Abductee!  I'm sure that's her real name, folks-- you can just call her Mindless for short.  And here's some special music, just for her..."

The chords of "I Put A Spell On You" started, and she reached down and began pulling off her shirt.

https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-15-how-to-prepare-for-trance In which we discuss whether or not hypnosis takes any mental preparations, and discuss what some of that might be, from both the top and the bottom. -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-14-firsts In which we discuss the concept of "first experiences": some of ours, and ponder on whether or not those experiences are important. -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks/two-hyp-chicks-podcast-episode-13-mind-control-vs-erotic-hypnosis In which we allow ourselves to get a little silly and chat casually about the differences between our definitions and experiences with "mind control" versus "erotic hypnosis" (and sleepingirl attempts to not cough too much). -- Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment! Updates EVERY OTHER FRIDAY! -- Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/
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Inspired by a discussion on tumblr as we anticipate con season, in which we talk on the topic of public conventions and conferences, and what we do (and recommend that others do) to prepare for them. And somehow we completely skipped a week??!?!?
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-30 minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg
Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks
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In which we ask ourselves the question... What *does* it feel like when we go into trance? And a little experimenting to find out!

I will formalize this into a proper request at some point but I really think it’s a fascinating topic... So maybe this makes some people consider how to describe what it feels like to them!


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!



Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg

Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks

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In which we are inspired by a dear friend to talk about our experiences and thoughts on hypnotic fearplay... and to give cc the chance to go through some on air.


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!



Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg

Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks

RSS feed link: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss

sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/In which we are inspired by a dear friend to talk about our experiences and thoughts on hypnotic fearplay... and to give cc the chance to go through some on air.


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!



Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg

Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks

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sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/

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In which we discuss what modalities are and what they mean to us! This episode is a little longer than usual so we can banter a bit more
PS: We're going to be moving to a once-every-two-week schedule! See you in two weeks!
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
Older, archived podcasts available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_ITVeDFTyRqReA8gQl_Gg
Two Hyp Chicks Soundcloud stream (stay up to date on our podcasts as they come out weekly): https://soundcloud.com/twohypchicks
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sleepingirl's tumblr: http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/

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In which we drunkenly discuss drinking in the context of trance... and do some trance in the context of drinking Enjoy! I especially loved this trance. Sorry about the tease at the end...


RSS Feed: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss

Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS! This podcast is NSFW and not the safest thing to listen to while driving because we do trance

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sleepingirl has been under the weather all week so we decided we'd release our "pilot" episode! cc starts this off by asking how on earth us hypnofetishists all categorize the themes of the things we do, and it just spirals out (heh) from there!

I wanted to also specifically mention that I think I do a pretty poor (drunken) job of explaining terms that are used for trans* people so I apologize in advance if I need to brush up on that (feel free to call me out on it). Futa is awwwwwright though.


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS! This podcast is NSFW and not the safest thing to listen to while driving because we do trance

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In which we chat about what types of things we put in inductions / language we do and enjoy, and sleepingirl blathers on about a little of her theories! We'll have to organize this into a slightly more focused chat at some point because I fucking love to talk this shit to death.
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
Updates FRIDAYS!

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The podcast we recorded this week wasn't our favorite (we were so tired!) so this is one of our extras we did a few weeks ago and hadn't uploaded yet! (Hence why it sounds like it should have been around ep 3.) This one is super fun and great conversation (and some hot trance). We start off by saying it's about kink in general but it is mostly about how our ropework works into our trances and vice versa. Interesting stuff!


Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS!


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Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS!

So, @DaSade is home from work today so I maaaayyyy have been too distracted to post this earlier… Ahem.

Also, I’m going to reiterate what I say in the podcast about wanting to hear from other non-voyeuristic folks who are in the public scene a lot and what their experiences are like etc. I clarify further in the podcast!

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NOW WITH RSS FEED OMG how do I share it. well here’s the direct link http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:190148164/sounds.rss

This is a direct sequel to last week’s brainwashing podcast based on a question that @hypno-sandwich​ asked (explained / recapped in the podcast!): http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/post/148254228082/hypno-sandwich-h-sleepingirl-we-will-be

You know it’s a good conversation when you both get so into it neither of you find time to use the optional trigger phrase you just installed...

Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!

Updates FRIDAYS!

(Also, it’s my birthday and I’m spending it uploading a podcast for all you crazies! Yay!)

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"Oh my god!  Yes, right there right there just like that oHHHHHHHH!"  Meg dug her fingers into John's hair and held his head firmly against her crotch as her legs tensed around his ears and her back arched, throwing her head back into the bed.  A moment later she just as firmly pulled his head away a couple of inches, pulling his lips from her still-clenching-around-his-fingers pussy.

He grinned happily.  "You don't usually let me keep going that long," he commented.

Meg panted for a few moments, smiling dreamily, before answering.  "We're not usually keeping score, are we?  I want you to feel like you're doing well."

"Oh, shoot, that's right!" John said.  He carefully slipped his wet fingers out of her, drawing a shudder that ran the length of her whole body.  Absentmindedly wiping her juices on his bare chest, he stood and walked over to the whiteboard on the bedroom wall.

Two names were written at the top, "Meg" and "John."  Under "John" there were two tick marks.  He added another one.

There were none under "Meg."

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Meg asked with a smirk. "You're winning by a *lot* now."

John looked at the board, smiled, and nodded.  "Yeah, I am, aren't I?"

"I'll bet you think about that every time you think about licking my pussy.  Feels like winning."

He looked back at her naked body, still spread out on the bed, and licked his lips.

"It's making you hard just thinking about it, isn't it?"

John nodded, walking back towards the bed.  One hand reached down to stroke his cock, as he stared fixedly between her legs.

"I know you're just seconds away just from the smell of me on your face, the taste of me on your lips, the sight of me so… close…"

Pumping his hand faster, John wriggled towards her spread legs, but at the last moment she put out a foot to stop him.  A tiny whine escaped his throat.

"Look at me, John," Meg said in a commanding voice.  His eyes immediately snapped to her face, locked onto hers.

"Come for me."

He came immediately, yelling her name, semen squirting across the bed and the backs of her thighs.  Panting.  Still staring intently, spellbound, into her eyes.

Her smile grew wider, as his panting slowed.  "You'd better write that one down," she said.

She looked away, releasing his gaze.  After a moment more of panting, he nodded, and stood.

As he took one step away from the bed, she said "Look at me, John."  He turned, hand still on his cock.  "Come for me."

"Ohmigod," John said.  His hand was pumping furiously, and he staggered, yelling her name again.

"Good boy."

Half for effect, half still reeling, John crawled to the whiteboard, and slowly stood up to reach for the marker.

"Come for me, John."


We will be updating these every FRIDAY, so this week there’s two!
Want to listen to sleepingirl and cckitten get drunk and talk about hypnosis and kink, and do some trance? Of course you do! Join us for our 20-minute podcast and get a nice look into our usual nightly chats about D/s, brainwashing, you know, our usual stuff! Now formalized for your listening enjoyment!
There was a bit of muddiness for about 7 minutes in this one which I do apologize for, and shouldn’t happen again. Sorry guys! It’s still listenable, just not as good quality for that time. (The sound comes back for the trance at the end though! :) )

sleepingirl Jul 29 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 8 · Tags: hypnosis, podcast, two hyp chicks

This recording is based on my recent short story of the same name, and describes a very similar fantasy of being abducted, drugged, and brainwashed; but this version is gender-neutral as to the listener. Whoever you are, you will be programmed to crave a cock coming in your mouth. ;)

The file is designed to be loopable: keep listening until you know how badly you need it.

I’m experimenting with background music in this file (there is also a binaural track).

Music used: Remember the Dreams by Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/remember-the-dream…
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

File Length: 14:08

Check It Out Here!


June’s Patreon-funded free recording! This topic was a favor for a friend who was experiencing a lot of anxiety because of an upcoming event; the recording concentrates equally on letting go of thoughts and letting go of worries, and I’m planning to make evil future use of it in a long multi-track very very deep trance. But it stands well on its own, also.

This recording is meant to be looped.

File Length: 13:55

Check It Out Here!


Janet woke to darkness.

Then, a moment later, she saw the light.

Dizzying, spinning, colored lights made patterns in the air all around her.  Her eyes refused to tell her how far away the walls were; or even where her body ended and the lights began, as the bright swirls and lines played across her naked skin.

Naked.  She was naked.

There was a taste on her tongue that reminded her of something she was too sleepy to quite put together.  An experience she thought she'd once imagined…

Janet was staring at the lights.

*I need a cock in my mouth.*

From somewhere there was sound, like the throbbing bass of a distant techno nightclub was next-door-quiet but somehow inside her head; coming closer, or growing inside her.  It swirled and pulsed with the lights and seemed to fit them perfectly.  She wasn't sure whether the words were part of the music or something she had just thought on her own.  She wasn't sure how to tell.

She tilted her head, and the world spun.

*Drugged*, she thought.  *I've been drugged.*

A far-off feeling in the back of her head seemed to be telling her she should be worried about this, but in fact the experience was pleasant and rather exciting.

*I **like** being drugged.*

She didn't care whether those words had come from the music; they were obviously true.  Her eyes half-lidded as an incredibly delicious tremor ran through her body.  Timeless moments of pure pleasure passed before she could concentrate on anything else.

The fact that she had no idea how she'd gotten here just seemed to make it even better.

She didn't really care that her eyes didn't quite want to focus-- *I'm **so** helpless*-- but absently Janet noticed that one of her hands had drifted down between her legs, and the other was teasing one of her nipples.

She was very wet.

*Being helpless makes me wet.*

The beat throbbed and pulsed with the lights.  She could feel it inside her.  But she still didn't have a cock in her mouth.

Janet licked her lips.

And a bright white blinding light opened a hole in the side of the world.

Janet screwed her eyes shut, and the sounds and voices mixed with other voices, as hands grasped her arms, her shoulders, pulled her forward.  Soft fabric wrapped around her body, and there was mostly one voice speaking now, repeating in her ears, "It's all right, I've got you, you're safe, I'm here, it's all right…"

When she managed to open her eyes again, Janet was in a car.

She was strapped into the front passenger seat, with a blanket wrapped around her still-otherwise-naked body.

In the driver's seat was Janet's boyfriend Tim.

He was talking, a running stream of words that Janet couldn't really follow, couldn't do more than dip an occasional ear in for a moment.  She was still flying, feeling drugged, and it was a *good* feeling, as comfortable as the seat belt hugging her to the car seat, happy and pleasant, even if a little confusing.  She thought Tim was saying something about her being abducted, him being frantic, taking her home safe now, being so glad he'd found her.

The place she was before had been nice.  But she was glad Tim had found her, too.

*Tim has a nice cock.*

She giggled.  Janet thought she could remember herself saying this; thought she could remember someone saying it.  She imagined it in her own voice, and in the voice of the pulsing lights and music, inside her head.  She thought Tim would think it was funny that she was thinking about his cock while he was driving her home from… wherever she was before.  But now that she *was* thinking about it, it was impossible to stop.  She pictured Tim's naked cock, erect and ready, in her head.

She imagined the feel of it in her mouth.

*He could come in my mouth.*

Suddenly her mouth was watering.  So wet, just like her pussy.  Janet remembered not having wanted to have boys come in her mouth… some time, in the past, it was hard to focus on, she remembered talking with Tim about it.  But suddenly it was all she could think about.  Suddenly she wanted it.  Suddenly she *needed* it.

*I need him to come in my mouth.*

Janet swallowed, thinking about what it would feel to have him tighten and spurt into the back of her throat, the taste mingling with the aftertaste of the drugs-- *I **love** being drugged*-- how frantic she was to have that happen *right now*.  She registered that the car had stopped and Tim was coming around to help her out, to usher her through her apartment building's indoor garage and up to her floor, but as soon as he opened the passenger-side car door she was on him, on her knees on the cool concrete floor between the cars, unbuckling his pants before he could stop her.

She had his cock out and into her mouth and it was *perfect*, it was everything she had ever wanted, everything she'd been dreaming of.  She knew his cock so well, knew *just* how to make it spurt for her, but she'd never let him come in her mouth before and now it was like the one thing her entire life had been building up to, the culmination of all her greatest dreams.

*I'm dreaming about Tim coming in my mouth,* she thought, and she *was*, at the same time she was quickly working him up toward making it happen, at the same time she was remembering the voice in her ears, in her head, repeating those words until they were her thoughts, her beliefs, her deepest truths.

She remembered watching the lights, feeling the pull and sway of the drugs, hearing the words over and over and imagining just this, needing it, longing for it.

*I need him to come in my mouth,* she thought, and she knew that at any moment she was going to get the thing she wanted most in all the world.

She looked up and caught Tim's eye, saw him looking down at her with wonder, amazement… and triumph-- and just then, felt his tight balls clench and jerk, tasted the cum spurting between her lips, gasped and swallowed and kept her hands on his shaft and balls riding out the sensation for him, keeping him going as long as he could, eager for every precious drop she could coax out of him.

And finally, Janet closed her eyes and leaned back, still firmly holding the shaft of Tim's amazing cock, licked her lips and enjoyed how incredible and perfect everything about this experience was, finally.  It was everything the voice had told her it would be.  Everything she dreamed of.  Everything she loved.

Tim helped her quietly upstairs and into her apartment using his key, helping her into bed and whispering warm encouraging loving words to her the whole way.  Janet was still swimming in drugged somnolence, happy and dreamy and dazed, and didn't even notice when he paused out of sight for a moment to pull out his phone and send a large payment to an obscure address, with the note, "Worked perfectly!!! THX."


May's Patreon-funded free trance is a bit of submissive introspection, meditation, self-discovery. This file is about repeating mantras, but I invite you to listen deep inside yourself for the mantras which are already there-- the hot fantasies that most excite you. What do you repeat, in your most intense fantasies of mindless brainwashing?

Tell Me.


ScipiusX May 19 '16 · Comments: 4 · Tags: hypnosis, induction, trance, video, high, hypnotic, stoned

I'm not sure why this first popped into my head. Maybe thinking about the contrast between brattiness and the experience of being overwhelmed into silence by a sudden wave of submissiveness.

But in any case, April's Patreon-funded free file is called Snarkectomy. You're having an operation to have your snark removed. ;) Strong submissive themes, but also somewhat humorous. :)

Check it out here.


This first recording in the LadyIrkalla "Goddess Worship" series was a rather intimate session written for a specific subject, so some of the wording is gender specific (e.g. "Good Boy"), but names have been removed. You drop into a deep trance and become obsessed with LadyIrkalla's voice, body, and will.

Say My Name


Inspired by my popular supervillain files, this is at heart a muscle/bodybuilding session… but a very kinky one. ;) You are the ordinary human friend of a superhero, kidnapped by a mad scientist to use as leverage against your super powered friend. But this time, the villain's plans for you are a little different.

He puts you through a high-tech muscle growth process designed to give you the same super-powered bod as your buddy. And incidentally, to control your mind…

Suggestions: your muscles grow and strengthen all the time; you feel the urge to eat healthy and work out often; you are under my control.

Check it out here!


"And in a moment, on my signal, you're going to open your eyes, and you're going to practice knowing that I'm always right.  When I touch my nose, you're going to pretend to disagree with the very next thing I say.  And then, when I say 'It's all right,' you're going to tell yourself, out loud, that I'm always right.  And then you'll agree with me, and then you'll tell me that I'm right and you agree with me.  You remember what happens when I say 'It's all right,'?"

"I… freeze, and tell myself that you're always right, and keep saying it, and my words will fill up my mind and squeeze out all of my resistance until it's all gone, and I won't  notice anything around me until I know that I agree with you, and then I will unfreeze."

"That's right.  Good toy!"


"That's right.  You feel *wonderful* when I say that.  Good toy."


"Now open your eyes on the count of three.  One, two, three.  Eyes open!"

"Oh, um…"

"Hi!  How are you feeling?"

"Um… woozy a little.  But good..."

A nose touch. "You should get a drink of water.  It's easy to get a little dehydrated when you're in trance for a while."

"No, I'm fine. I don't need any water.  I feel great."

"I really think it's important to hydrate.  Your voice is kind of hoarse even."

"No!  I'm fine."

"It's all right."

"Oh.  Oh.  You're always right.  Um… you're right.  I think I will get some water."

"Good toy! You're such a good toy to do as I tell you.  Doesn't that feel good?  Good toy!"

The blushing subject got up and poured a glass of water in the kitchen, then came back and sat down, drinking it.

Another nose touch.  "Now try one of these chocolates.  It's coconut, but you're really going to like it."

"Um, you know I don't like coconut.  Thanks, but, no thank you."

A smile.  "It's all right.  Do it."

Stricken look.  "You're always right.  Oh um.  Um.  You're right.  I'll try one."  Picking up a chocolate to take a bite, looking thoughtful.  "It actually… I mean…"

Broader grin.  "It's all right."

The eyes unfocused. "Oh.  You're always right.  I… wow."

"Tastes good, doesn't it?  It's all right."

"Oh.  You're always right.  You're always right. It… I… um.  It does taste good."

"*Very* good toy!  You're such a good toy to do as I tell you, aren't you?  Good toy!"

"Oh god."

There was a knock at the door.

"Oh, that'll be my friend coming to watch.  Hang on."  Long legs standing up to go to the door.

"Um… okay.  So I guess we're done with this for now?"

"No, you stay right there.  Hiya!  Come on in.  We're about where I figured we'd be, here, have a seat right here."

"Thanks!  Hey there!"  Waving happily at them both.

"Wait, what?  You planned to have someone else here while we were doing… this?"

"It's all right."

"Oh! Um… you're always right.  Oh."

"That's right.  Good toy.  In fact, just go right back down into trance now… *snap*"


March's Patreon-funded free file! Eroticizing trying to disobey and failing. ;) You might be a brat who loves to be put in your place, or you might just keep losing track of what you were trying to resist… or you might love how hot it is to watch yourself do what you're told no matter how hard you try to hold back.

This file includes a continuing posthypnotic suggestion to do a particular thing, whenever the situation comes up in the real world. It is a harmless and not obviously sexual thing… though you might find it becoming more and more sexual for *you*.

This file has a binaural tone background, because it seemed to fit with the techno-brainwashing theme of the framing story. :)

Futility Fetish.


A generous custom client funded this free file, to help hyper vigilant subjects who have trouble going into trance.

There's a part of you that's always paying attention to everything, always watching out for your well-being; and you can enlist that part to help you relax and go even deeper into hypnosis.

Letting Go.


And damn, it looks good. :)  The complete collection of scripts to all my erotic hypnosis recordings through the end of 2015-- over 100 scripts, and over 400 pages.  Check it out: https://www.createspace.com/6124573

Also available in ebook edition: http://www.gentlybitten.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=146&category_id=11&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=58

Chewtoy Mar 26 '16 · Rate: 5 · Tags: hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, bdsm, scripts, inductions, book, chewtoy

The purpose of this script is to make you go deep and give you a trigger to go deep again whenever you see it.

"I want you to sit comfortable"

"Start breathing deep"

"In from your nose"

"out from your mouth"

"again in from your nose" 

"out from your mouth"

"As you breath deep you feel yourself relaxing more"

"more and more relaxed with each breathe you take"

"just breathe"

"in from your nose"

"out from your mouth"

"feel the relaxation spreading more"

"and more as you breathe"

"the relaxation feeling is spreading allover your body"

"getting rid of any and all the tension you feel"

"more and more as you breathe"

"it's getting rid of all the tension"

"feel these waves of relaxation increase"

"they increase more and more as you breathe deep"

"in from your nose"

"out from your mouth"

"you feel so relaxed"

"so light"

"so happy" 

"you notice these feelings increase"

"they increase more as you focus on my words"

"the more you focus on my words"

"the more relaxed"



"you feel"

"keep on focusing"

"more and more"

"now i will count from 10 to 1 when i reach the number 1 you will fall into a deep trance"

"you'll feel so relaxed"

"so light"

"so happy"

"so deep"


"Starting to slip deep"


"more relaxed"







5 "Halfway there"

"going even deeper"


"relaxing more"




"Almost there"


"You feel so deep"

"so relaxed"

"so light"

"so happy"

"this feeling increase"

"as you just focus on my words"

"you feel more relaxed"




"so deep"

"deepest you've ever been"

"you just focus on my words"

"now i will give you a trigger"

"I and ONLY I can use this trigger"

"this trigger makes you feel"

"more relaxed"

"more light"

"more happy"

"even deeper"

"the trigger is..."


"just a SLEEPY HEAD"

"whenever I and ONLY I say the words"


"you feel more relaxed"

"more light"

"more happy"

"deeper and deeper"

"Now I will count from 3 to 1"

"When I reach the number 1"

"You will wake up"

"feeling relaxed"


"you just feel you had the best sleep in ages"

"you will feel compelled to write (I'm a SLEEPY HEAD)"

"After you write it"

"you will feel very happy"

"it's like you've accomplished a life long dream"

" after that you will remember all that happened"



"waking up"


"still relaxed"

"doing and feeling just like i said"



Hope you enjoyed.

TheGreatO Feb 25 '16 · Comments: 2 · Tags: hypnosis, induction, hypno, hypnotized

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