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Shane came to and couldn't recall what he had been doing or where he was.

The figure in front of him was dressed as a circus clown.  Ginger wig, red nose, pantaloon suit, silly hat, big ridiculous shoes and a white powdered face with a painted fixed smile. 

"Hello!" the clown said, "Remember me?"

Shane felt really strange.

“Uh, no.  Where am I?”

“We came back to my place.”  Said the clown.  “We were having some fun down town.” He said.

“We were?  Where?”

“In the shopping mall.  You remember!” said the clown.

“No.” said Shane.  “How did we get to be here?”

“We came here from the mall.  You remember!”

“No.”  Said Shane.  “Who are you?  What’s happening?”

“BoBo the Magic Clown.  That’s me! We are going to have some fun!  Do you like that suit?”

“What suit? Shane asked.

“It’s an omnitard,” said BoBo, “It has magical qualities.”

“What’s an omnitard?” Shane asked, confused.

“The suit you are wearing. It’s called an omnitard.”

Then Shane became aware that he was in a Zentai costume.  What the … ?

“I understand that you are a little confused.” Said BoBo, “and maybe a bit unsettled.  Don’t worry.”

He stepped up to Shane and tapped him on the forehead with his forefinger.  Shane felt his feet become stuck to the floor.

“I just need to make sure that you don’t run away.  Try to move your feet now.”

Shane couldn’t budge them.

“Try harder than that now.”  The clown said.

Shane found it even harder to lift his feet or even move his legs.

“Very good.  Now I can keep you here until I am ready to let you go.  And we can have lots of fun!”

BoBo looked at Shane and as he looked back Shane felt that he had strangely penetrating eyes.

“Can’t we?”  He said.

Shane was totally confused.

“Uh – ”  Shane struggled with his feet again.  They would not move.  “What is happening?”  Shane asked.  Who are you?  How did I get here?”

BoBo did a gay twirl about in his pantaloon suit and said, “I am BoBo the Magic Clown.  You don’t need to know anything else.  We are going to have such wonderful fun!”



Hi everyone,

Lately I have been hooked on reading peoples tumblr hypnosis scripts.  I always make sure to zoom to the end before I read though, just to make sure there are no... now contact me with your debit card or I am now your master/mistress forever sentences.

A few of them have brought me pretty deep and there is something to be said for the mystery of who is behind the script. A few of them sneak up on you too and are probably the closest i've come to unexpected covert hypnosis. *blush*

**bound rubber smiles and deeply tranced hugs**


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