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This is how i feel every moment of every day, "i always fuck up, everything is my fault, what did i do to upset them, why aren't they talking to me, why are they angry I only wanted closure, why cant i talk why, why does no one listen." This then sadly evolves in to my anxiety telling me all the reasons I am hated, why I should leave them, why they will leave me, Why no one loves me and why i should never love or trust anyone. This fucking sucks its painful and eats away at me I don't try to annoy people I don't try to get on their nerves but  even when I'm not i push to the point that I begin to. 

Life with anxiety hurts when you just cant't sit down and talk as you fear that every word out of your mouth is gonna piss your friends off so that they never want to see you. I can't assume what I need to do to get better at understanding everything isn't my fault but good lord I wish it would come a lot easier


June’s Patreon-funded free recording! This topic was a favor for a friend who was experiencing a lot of anxiety because of an upcoming event; the recording concentrates equally on letting go of thoughts and letting go of worries, and I’m planning to make evil future use of it in a long multi-track very very deep trance. But it stands well on its own, also.

This recording is meant to be looped.

File Length: 13:55

Check It Out Here!