Latest Hypnotic Releases and Special Offers - March 2024 from MistressClarissa's blog

Hello my submissives, piggies, cucks, sissies, masochists, losers and slaves

Welcome to details of all my latest recordings plus some exciting special offers.

Latest files

Small Dick Energy - $40

An exciting and deeply humiliating hypnosis session for all small dicked losers which will help you to understand that you always be a sexual failure and so you need to accept that. Available on Niteflirt

Small Dick Energy Brainwashing Loop - $15

This recording will solidify your identity as a small dicked loser and help you to accept your new role in life. Available on Niteflirt

Findom Cocksucker - $35

This findom cocksucking and exposure full length trance is perfect for Mistress Clarissa’s piggies or financial slaves who like to be powerless, addicted, blackmailed and humiliated. Available on Niteflirt

Findom Cocksucker Loop - $12

This findom cocksucking and exposure loop is perfect for Mistress Clarissa’s piggies or financial slaves who like to be powerless, addicted and humiliated. Available on Niteflirt

You Want More - $8

You want more. You want it darker and more intense. You want to live your fantasies. You want to sink deeper than ever before. So much deeper into submission. You want my voice in your mind all the time. Available on Niteflirt

Bimbo Time - $40

Explore your desires in a safe and realistic way and let your little mind become filled with cocks and cotton candy. This file is a foundational bimbo training session with an emphasis on consent and safety. Available on Niteflirt

This Month's Special Offers

The following files will be reduced until the end of March.

Just Be A Girl - $17.50 - Half price for March only!!

A gentle and reassuring feminization file for all those who need some support to blossom as the girly girl they truly are inside. This session will take you into a powerful trance in which you will imagine yourself as the woman you dream of becoming and then begin taking steps to make that happen. Available on Niteflirt

Chastity Enslavement - $21 - 40% off for March only!!

This is a file for Mistress Clarissa’s adoring chaste mesmerised slaves. It’s aimed at deepening their submission, and their need to be controlled , twisted and humiliated as they continue towards becoming perfect for her. Available on Niteflirt

Pansy Reinforced - $7.50 - Half price for March only!!

You will become impotent with women, you will crave humiliation, you will try - mostly unsuccessfully - to feminize yourself, you will become obsessed by men and their cocks and you will become physically weaker and much more submissive towards both women and men. Available on Niteflirt

Lingerie Slave Loop - $10 - Half price for March only!!

You will love listening to Mistress Clarissas crisp British accent and soft melodic voice as she deepens your training as her impotent, intoxicated lingerie slave. She will use your vulnerabilities, your history as a sexual failure, your impotence, your submission and your desire for her to seal your fate as her lingerie slave. Available on Niteflirt

My Perfect Puppet - $21 - 40% off for March only!!

In this session you will be given a hypnotic trigger which will completely immobilize you as securely as if I had chained you down. I will then proceed to teach you how pleasurable it can be to have me manipulate your body as you lie there, feeling horny and submissive and no longer able to move unless I direct it. Available on Niteflirt

A Dark Prayer - $20 - 20% off for March only!!

A dark and dangerous file only for the most desperate and pathetic losers who crave to be destroyed. This recording will invoke the Goddess in all Her forms and use Her power to curse you for all eternity. Available on Niteflirt

Don't forget you can always call me on the phone, chat to me or simply tribute me just because it feels so good to show me your submission. And do remember to leave feedback if you have enjoyed my files.

Take care and be good

Mistress Clarissa

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