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TW: Gender play


It was done.

He had done it. He had finally fucking pulled it off.

Turned himself into the perfect woman.

Of course, it wasn't something Adam had thought about a lot. He didn't really want to be a woman or anything.

But man, Adam couldn't help it, would you look at those TITS! He took his hands and squeezed the large chest before him.

"Holy fuck," he moaned, from the squeeze but also the pleasure from it. It felt so good.

"Well?" a man's voice called out. It was deep, dark, and had a thick British accent. "What do you think?"

Adam had thought he was alone. The man's voice startled Adam, but also... There was something else. A shiver spread down his spine.

Adam cleared his throat, a slightly higher sound than he was used to. He even sounded like a chick! This was incredible!

But now, there was something more pressing.

"Who are you?" Adam asked the intruder, "What are you doing in my house?”

"Your house? Look around you; you're in my studio. You're in my home. Don't you remember?" the man responded, his voice continuing to have an effect on Adam's now-feminine body. 

Adam looked around, still skeptical. But the man wasn't lying. Sure enough, he wasn't at home.

"Oh. I'm uh...I'm sorry. I'm just a little bit..." Adam heard his (her) own voice stronger this time, "confused, I guess."

Maybe it would be best to play dumb. But also... He truly was confused. Where was he? How did he become a woman? Who was this mysterious man?

"Don't worry, Adam. Everything will be clear soon enough," the man snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, Adam's mind was filled with memories. Who he... She was.


Mae fluttered her eyes. They wouldn't stay open for more than a few moments before shutting again.

She turned around. 

Her eyes rested on her hypnotist's familiar tall hat.

"Oh my god, that was intense!" Mae yelled loudly, her voice almost shrill with excitement. "I seriously believed I was a guy who turned into a woman. I was so fucking excited to have boobs.”

Her hypnotist wandered over, clearly quite pleased with himself.

Mae giggled and scoffed loudly at the man. "Did you enjoy yourself, Sir?"

A deep chuckle erupted from the center of his chest. "Yes, puppet. I certainly did.”

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