My Pussy Slave from RoseSpells's blog

This is a little more graphic than most of my other writings. I hope you enjoy.

TW: Masturbation, D/s, oral sex

I hear the door open. Instinctively, my mind immediately wants to stop. Years and years of being taught masturbation was shameful and to be secretive have conditioned me well.

But I'm too far gone now. Too hot. Too excited. Too.. fucking... close.

He reaches the bottom of the stairs and looks at me. His face morphs into an expression of confusion, then to a hint of recognition as to what I am doing.

I moan, my fingers deep inside me.

"Mistre-" he starts, staring at my body writhing in pleasure.

"On your knees and jerk off for me. Now." My voice is hardly the firm entity it usually is when issuing orders. It wavers between whimpering and loud, pleasured groaning.

He falls to the floor with a loud thud, his knees hitting the ground hard. His hand slides down his pants, and he watches my hand.

I purposely begin to rub myself in a circular motion, mimicking a spiral shape around my wet pussy. I smile and bite my lip.

He licks his lips, following the movement. The bulge between his legs continues to move faster with the motion of his hand. He lets out a gasp, clearly surprised by the arousal he's experiencing.

I continue to rub and stroke and touch and finger; controlling him and mesmerizing him with my pussy turns me on so much.

"Lick my pussy. Bring me pleasure. Show me your devotion by helping bringing me to orgasm, slave." I take my hand out of my panties and point down.

He leaps forward, enthusiastic with lust. He pushes his face between my thighs. His tongue slides in and again he gasps. The amount of pleasure he gets from licking me competes with that of him touching himself.

My throat lets out a deep sound, the pleasure escaping through my voice. I feel myself getting even closer, ready...ready...ready to...

"Oh, my god. I'm going to cum. When I do, you're going to feel yourself give in deeper. Further. You're going to submit more than ever.”

"Oh muh gawd, yesh Mishtress" he struggles to respond. He licks harder, faster, deeper.

I can't hold back anymore. I lean back and let go. The world disappears as I explode with sexual energy. My pussy bursts and I orgasm stronger than I have in a long time.

I take the back of his neck and pull him off me. He wants more, but I'm done.

I lean down. I place my lips on his and give him a deep kiss. He moans again, and I lick my own juices off his lip.

"Good pussy slave." I say, as I pull my panties back on, stand up, and leave.

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