For Those Wondering...Why I'm Called "The Hypnotis's Hypnotist": Plus a Life-Tale (Pt.1) from TheHypnotistsHypnotist's blog

From my first real operating contact in the professional field of hypnotism, my preferred subject type, has always been fellow hypnotists.

That first contact was when I was a wee lass of only 17 years old. Just dropped out of University of Chicago, and a daring, sometimes quite adventurous young lady.

I'd had a row with my parents, and as I was quite a fearless one, I took to the streets and headed for the Loop; which is Chi-Town's downtown shopping area, with mischief on my mind.

There was a shop in those days, which went out of business as not quite "fashionable" many decades ago; a Novelty Shop. I used to like visiting it to view the "black light room" with all its psychedelic posters; one of which was a static hypnotic spiral I was sure a medium speed color-wheel light such as was used to illuminate Christmas Trees would illusorily animate while under UV.

(I later found out I was absolutely right about that poster...)

Today, though I normally went right past the Magic Tricks counter as non-interesting a flash of color caught my eye. There was someone who obviously either knew what he was doing with magic, or was a closet contact juggler; as he was quite dextrously moving small red sponge balls around his hands.

I thought "an interesting way to deal with boredom; but what is this?"

The next glass case over, was filled with somewhat ancient books about Hypnotism; most from the old Wiltshire Press. Seeing my interest, the magician wandered over...still juggling his sponge balls!

"Hi there (and darn it; I am hearing him say it again...lol) can I help you?"

Me: "Perhaps; but first; how do you do that?"

Cheeky Sod...lol..."Very Well; Thank You! How can I assist?"

Me: "Tell me please if you know the answer, why every hypnosis book in this case is so bleeding old? The newest thing in there is Harry Arons' Prizewinning Techniques; and even that one is dated."

Owlish double-blink of pure surprise: "So you actually Know something about the Art and Science of Hypnotism?"

Wicked smirk: "Let's just say this: I've just left U of C; where I had the privilege of playing around in the Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Labs of Dr. Erika Fromm." Knowing that if this was both a magician and any type of serious hypnotist, he would know that name.

"Hypnotist or subject side?" "Subject; however, I can function in either capacity."

"What are you doing for Lunch?" "Nothing as yet." "Oh yes you are; be back here at 5 to noon!"

This is getting too large; and the story can continue with another part...

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The Wall

Nov 21 '23
Arrgh! Now, I'm craving a Hot Reuben Sandwich, with nowhere in town to get one!
Nov 22 '23
Can't believe you left us hanging, that's just cruel
Nov 22 '23
LOL...expect Pt 2, this weekend. I am trying to get that magician to "play off of me", and tell his side of this story; but if unavailable will finish on my own...
Nov 22 '23
Great news, seems ages away though haha
Nov 26 '23
Wow that was wonderful thanks for sharing
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By TheHypnotistsHypnotist
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