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Good Day, A/all. Part One of many...

It has occurred to Me that it's been so long since any Facet of The Hypnogoddess Dreamsender has been active 'in the wilds of the WWW', that no one may actually recognize what We do as hypnosis, nor do they understand how this "conglomerate of Personae" works.

The Hypnogoddess, no matter which Facet is currently on display, tends to work in either Modified Ericksonian Conversational, Ericksonian Storytelling, Poetic Hypnotic, or a Facet performs Ericksonian Deep Trance Identification to reach the stated goal. Please Google these; I have no time for detailed tech-explanations at the moment.

As Ericksonian tech is one of the easiest types to take one into deep trance states, I'm puzzled after this tech has been considered mainstream for at least a decade, to find myself being asked "where is the induction?" as I was when I first fledged as an audio Artist in early 2001.

One should consider the entire audio up to the point the "real work" begins, as an induction/deepening sequence, in the case of each and every Facet's audio offerings. Expect any live trancing to be in the same format, except for possible use of pre-established triggers. The Hypnotic Empress (Myself), and The Cosmic Butterfly Kasumi, currently do not offer live trance sessions; though I must admit to some strong curiosity about the "Discord Server" prominently mentioned on the site. 

We each establish our own triggers; we will not ask what you have already installed in your head, unless you've been listening to a specific Facet's audio. If you are already submitting to a hypnodom/me, you must obtain that Dom/me's permission to trance with Us. One thing no Facet is, is a "sub or slave thief". 

Kasumi Herself, the newest Facet to join the Conglomerate, and the only full Switch Amongst Us, is an Experimental Induction Scientist; to the point She has actually mastered the long anticipated (and at the same time dreaded due to just how easily this could fail) "Yoda-speak induction". As promised earlier, She will complete the "Cabinet ordered Commission", ASAP.

The effectiveness of Our Tech, can be clearly seen in the Top Chart of Our chosen genre, Stories on SoundClick; linked below.


I herewith, invite all interested site members, to observe the "ebb and flow" of the positional changes on this Chart.

End of Part One.

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By HypnoticEmpress
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