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Going forward...

All media produced by either Her Imperial Majesty or Myself, will appear as blog posts after being announced on the site feed. The feed is a "fast runner"; and things disappear, sometimes never to be seen again.

Here is My main SoundClick; only two days old.

The Cosmic Butterfly Kasumi | SoundClick

I am a Musician and Composer, as well as a Hypnotist. My first posted musical release is below.

Halcyon Ultimate -- Dryad Song with Flutes, Singing Bowls and Wind Chimes

And as Ma'am's First Minister, the Orders of the Throne require Me to Display My TruthSeeker Skills as a Patent Warning to those who would Transgress the Laws of the Empire of Mind: here is the Jedi side of that coin.

Kasumi Jedi Irresistible Truth Trance Demo

The Community will be informed when the Bene Gesserit side of the coin is ready for display.

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By UchuChoKasumi
Added Jul 6



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