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It is tempting to be complacent, as a hypnotist, to think that you know all the tricks and can see it coming: to believe you are, in some ways, all powerful and invincible. This is a lesson in hubris and a tale that exposes the hypnotist's weaknesses: we're so steeped in its grip we are ourselves far more vulnerable to those that would use it against us.


It all happened during COVID: my first foray into the world post the COVID lockdowns. I'd ordered my coffee and panini and was now looking for somewhere to sit, but the Starbucks on the corner of Warwick Court and Holborn was rammed. Literally no empty tables, not even in the hidden extra seating downstairs, which is where I now found myself. As I walked to the quiet nook at the back of the shop I thought I spied a seat in a booth, but no. Sat there reading was a young girl in her twenties.



As I turned to look elsewhere she glanced up from her book and said "it’s alright, you can come and sit with me," she looked at her watch, "I should probably be running along anyway."


I sat down opposite her.


"I’m exhausted and could do with leaving all this and relaxing a bit. I mean, I know hypnosis is supposed to send youto sleep but only when you’re hypnotised, not when I’m reading about it!"


I noticed for the first time that her book was a psychology text book on hypnosis. What a coincidence. Perhaps I should engage her in conversation and reveal my own interest.


She continued: "it just drones on… and on… and on… and on… and on… and on… and on… " Her voice drifted off monotonously. "You’re looking tired…and need to pay…" then suddenly breaking her gaze and becoming more bubbly again "…but you’re not interested in hearing about my woes, I’m sure. So, I’ll just shut up and crack on." She smiled, took a sip of her coffee and returned to her book.


Best to leave her to it, I thought. She's obviously not in the mood for a chat. But there was something about her. Something quite compelling.


I turned to my lunch, such that it was.




She slammed her book down and leaned in, taking me a little bit by surprise. "It’s just that with all this lockdown, quarantine, COVID stuff recently I’ve only been able to focus on me. Now is the first time I’ve had to connect properly with someone in this kind of a personal, intimate way. It’s only because we’ve been released and let go now. Luckily I’ve been able to study and focus on my hypnosis. Did you know it’s nothing like in the movies?"


She spoke in a fast, light, bubbly, almost flirty turn. I could barely keep up with what she was saying.


"If I were hypnotising you in a movie all I’d need to do is get you to look deep into my eyes" She gestured to her eyes and I found myself held in her gaze. "…and SLEEP!" 


I saw her fingers snap across my gaze and felt her tone slow and drop "…and you drop instantly deeper into trance… relaxing more and more… deeper…and deeper.


"...but it‘s not like that at all." Her voice was bubbly, flirty and energetic again. What had just happened? Had something just happened or was I imagining it? I took a deep breath and heard her sigh.


I looked up and noticed her for the first time. Mid-twenties, I'd guess, with a friendly face framed by her long brown hair. She was effortlessly attractive and seemed, well, fun. She continued chatting away and my eyes were drawn to the pendant she was playing with mindlessly as she spoke. And her watch. Ha ha! If only she knew. She was wearing a large Michael Kors watch. I love these. In fact I'm somewhat of a watch fetishist (for some it's lingerie, for me it's watches). Maybe I should tell her about the countless women I've hypnotised where I've used their watch as an anchor and trigger for confidence, sexual empowerment and kink. But that's not usually something one blurts out to a stranger on first meeting in a crowded coffee shop. Besides, she was in full chatty flow.


"This book tells me that we’re all in various depths of trance all the time, it’s just a question of how deep you allow yourself to go. So as a hypnotist all I’m doing is guiding you down deeper into what is a very natural, normal and automatic state …and of course giving you suggestions to make you obey and follow my every command." She giggled as she said the last phrase in a mock comic book evil hypnotist tone.


I laughed too.


"Ha ha! I wish! This book says that kind of thing only works if it’s what you want. I mean, if you were hypnotised now and I’m speak directly to subconscious, you’d naturally accept all the suggestions I give you because I’m bypassing your conscious filters, but you only follow and obey them because they’re natural, automatic and part of you, which is why it’s so safe and beneficial for you."


She was very matter of fact.


"If this were a movie I’d probably take off this pendant and start swinging it in front you to distract your conscious as you focus on it and let my words seep through to your subconscious..."


I found myself staring at the pendant. Had her voice slowed again?


"...but in reality, in a therapist’s office, I’d probably ask you to focus on your breathing… asking you to breath in to the count of… 1...2...3... Hold it for the count of… 1...2...3... And release all your tension as you breathe out to the count of… 3...2...1"


I found myself naturally mirroring her deep breathing as she continued.


"Perhaps breathing deeper as you inhale relaxation to the count of… 1...2...3...4...Hold it for... 1...2...3...4...and release all that tension on… 4...3...2...1 as you fall deeper into trance and inhale that relaxation for… 1...2...3...4...5...going deeper as you hold for… 1...2...3...4...5... and sinking into that trance on 5...4...3...2...1"


Her voice had definitely slowed and gotten more quiet. I had to lean in to hear it properly.



"You can allow yourself to continue to breathe deeply as you focus on my words, my eyes, the hypnotic pendant you’ve been watching because you are aware of everything, and yet you are not aware… you are listening with your subconscious mind while your conscious mind is far away and not listening. Your conscious mind is far away, and not listening. Your subconscious mind is awake and listening and absorbing everything while your conscious mind remains very relaxed and peaceful. You can relax peacefully because your subconscious mind is taking charge and when this happens you can simply relax and let your subconscious do all the listening. Your subconscious mind knows, and because your subconscious mind knows, your conscious mind does not need to know and can stay asleep and not mind while your subconscious mind stays wide awake.

You have much potential in your subconscious mind which you don’t have in your conscious mind. You can remember everything that has happened with your subconscious mind but you cannot remember everything with your conscious mind. You can forget so easily and with forgetting certain things you can remember other things remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you can forget. It does not matter if you forget, you need not remember.

Your subconscious mind remembers everything that you need to know and you can let your subconscious mind listen and remember while your conscious mind sleeps and forgets. Listen with your subconscious mind now and when you’re listening very, very carefully, you can simply nod: ‘yes’."


I nodded.


"And as you continue to listen to my words with your subconscious mind your conscious mind sleeps deeper and deeper…and deeper…and deeper. Let your conscious mind stay deeply asleep…and let your subconscious mind listen to me. Hypnosis is incredibly erotic and arousing. Being hypnotised and controlled by me fills you with desire and pleasure…the desire to please…the pleasure of pleasing."


She was right. Hypnosis is incredibly erotic and arousing. And I do like to please.


"Now your body’s relaxed lets relax your mind further…more pliable and accepting…naturally open…automatically obeying. That’s really what we want to do…because when your mind’s relaxed you really can achieve anything you can think of. So in a moment I’ll ask you to slowly begin counting backwards, starting with the number 100. Simply say the numbers to yourself and after each number, allow yourself to say the words, ‘deeper relaxed’. After each number double your mental relaxation. Let your mind grow twice as calm and still and serene. Now if you do this, you’ll discover by the time you just say a couple numbers, doesn’t take long, you’ve relaxed your mind so beautifully and so completely you’ve actually relaxed all the rest of the numbers out. Want that… and you can have it quickly. Slowly begin counting backwards, starting with the number 100 now."


The number 100 flashed into my mind and I heard myself saying 'deeper relaxed' out loud. Surely not! Was she hypnotising me? I mean, of course she was, I recognised the induction and the pattern. But when did she start and why was I going along with it? I decided to play along. I mean, she was just a student after all (I'd seen her text books). What harm could she do? I could always snap myself out of it at any moment – and maybe even turn the tables on her!




"Saying the words, ‘deeper relaxed’ to yourself… and relax those numbers right out of your mind…as your subconscious continues to listen and absorb my words… because you know I’m speaking directly to your subconscious now… you don’t need to focus on what my words say… your subconscious knows… and as your conscious relaxes further and shuts off… you may find it easy to forget to remember what I am doing when you awaken… or it might be easier to remember to forget that I’ve hypnotised you… and that you’re automatically, naturally and effortlessly following all my suggestions… obeying all my commands... and submitting completely to my control.

Each number taking you deeper... each word taking you deeper... closer to zero... and when you reach zero you will know how hypnotised and open to my suggestions you are… willing to obey… wanting to obey… wanting to be seduced and under my spell… deeper relaxed… and deeper… more and more relaxed… more and more open to my suggestions… ready to submit to me… ready to obey. Now you can let those numbers grow dim and distant, they’re not important… and when you’re ready just push them out and slide all the way down to zero… just tell them to leave and they will go. Let them go… and let them be gone. And when you’re ready and open and willing to obey and follow all my suggestions you can allow yourself to nod ‘yes’ as you slide down to zero now...

as you SLEEP!" 


Her fingers flashed and snapped before my eyes again and I felt my eyes close and head drop to my chest. She'd got me. There was nothing I could do. There was nothing I wanted to do.


"Very good. You’re doing so well and you can continue to relax and allow yourself to fall deeper as you listen my words… follow my suggestions… and obey my commands. Maybe you will remember to forget all the suggestions I give you… or if it’s easier you can allow yourself to forget to remember them… but you will find that you follow them automatically without necessarily being aware of them… because obeying feels so good and natural… and following is so easy and effortless. From this moment on, whether awake or asleep, every time I, and only I, give you the command to ‘SLEEP!’", her fingers snapped in front of my face again, "you instantly drop deeper into hypnosis… dropping deep into this safe suggestible space where you are totally open to my suggestions. You will automatically find yourself obeying any commands I give you after the trigger ‘SLEEP!’" 




"You can even allow yourself to remember to forget the commands and suggestions... because following them is easy, natural and automatic… and fills you with pleasure, desire and arousal. Now I’m going to count to three and you will open your eyes… coming up a small way from your deep hypnotic slumber… but not all the way… still remaining in trance for me. You will notice my hypnotic eyes… my erotic watch… and my mesmerising pendant. Allow your gaze to shift rhythmically between the three of them as your arousal increases… and your desire to please builds… knowing the pleasure you get from pleasing... 1, 2, 3!"


I must have zoned out for a minute. This girl was chatting away. Still mindlessly playing with her pendant. I kept glancing at it, the watch on her wrist and her eyes. I suddenly noticed how attractive she was. Her deep brown eyes, the pendant, and of course the watch. I felt my cock twitch. The thought of hypnotising her flashed across my mind. But I couldn't get a word in. Anyway, we'd just met. Then I imagined her hypnotising me. I haven't been hypnotised for ages, it's not really my thing anymore. I'm hard to hypnotise. It's a real paradox. I love it, or at least the idea of it, but my guard is always up too much. I find it hard to trust and really let a hypnotist in. But she could do it, I'm sure. Although, she was only learning. I'd be far too difficult to hypnotise for a novice.


"It’s really nice to chat to someone like you. I really didn’t expect I’d meet someone as smart and intelligent (and attractive!) as you", she looked bashful and giggled. Was she flirting with me? The thought got my cock twitching again.


"It’s really nice that you’re taking such an interest in my boring old work. And that you’re someone who wants to be hypnotised for me to practice on because you know a poor student like me needs all the support, money and gifts I can get so simply focus and…



My eyes slammed shut and head dropped into my chest.


"…and allow yourself to drift back down into that deep safe state of hypnosis where you’re totally open to my suggestions. You’re doing so well… and because you’re doing well you will get what you desire.

So in a moment I’m going to count to 3 again and you will come up a little but not quite as far as you came up last time. The next time I say the magic trigger word you will fall even deeper into hypnosis and be even more open to my suggestions than you are now.



I was still staring into her eyes, she was still playing mindlessly with her pendant, her erotic watch on display as she continued to chat away to me.


"…so that’s why I can’t afford to pay right now and need someone smart and intelligent to look after me. But that’s not really your problem..." she waved her hand as though waving away the thought and my eyes instinctively followed her watch, "…it’s not for you to mull around in your subconscious. Don’t worry about it anymore.



Her tone changed.

"…and go even deeper for me now… eyes closed... deeper down... even more receptive to my commands, suggestions and triggers... which you want to follow... which you can’t help but follow automatically... because following is easy and my desires are pleasing.

Now wake up on 3…






"…as you go 1,000 times deeper than before.

Awake…eyes open…


"Each time I drop you in and out of hypnosis you go deeper... more open... more aroused... more automatically following and obeying my suggestions.

When you’re not even sure if you’re AWAKE!

…or… because your eyes are open you’re hypnotised now…





And deeper!

Are you AWAKE and hypnotised…



…and deeper hypnotised now?










Her voice slowed and drifted with each command. I had no idea what was going on. Was I awake, or was I hypnotised? Every small moment of lucidness seemed to disappear. But I was definitely gone now. My eyes tightly shut and my head slumped on my chest.

"Very good. You’re doing so well… and I deserve what you desire. So relax further. You’re nearly ready to accept my suggestions as I deliberately implant them into your subconscious. Keeping your eyes closed as you SLEEP! [FINGER SNAP] …you can allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper as you continue to listen to my words and follow all my suggestions. Imagine now that you and I are playing together… it obviously involves hypnosis that’s what led you to me… you’re obviously aroused. You obviously derive pleasure from pleasing me… and know exactly how to meet my desires… but what else are we doing? Focus on those arousing thoughts now… and allow those images to continue to grow brighter and more vivid as you notice every detail of your fantasies… because you might find that when you awaken from this trance… or shortly afterwards… you feel compelled to meet my desires… and naturally, automatically and effortlessly tell me about your fantasies… subconsciously… without inhibition… or expectation… just because it pleases me… and pleasing me arouses you. You don’t need to consciously worry about what those fantasies are now…you can just allow them to loop around and grow increasingly vivid and arousing deep in the back of your mind…mixing with all my other suggestions… which you might have forgotten to remember… because they are already a normal and natural part of you. From this moment on you’re going to crave me and my hypnosis. My desires are your pleasure. You will find yourself coming here to me over and over again… each time forgetting to remember that you have been here before… and the next time remembering to forget you meet me regularly. You will find that you notice the pleasure you get from pleasing me and the arousal that comes from supporting me and my desires.

You know exactly how to support me and meet my desires, so you can simply allow yourself to automatically do so and enjoy the arousal that builds inside you… my pleasure is your arousal. I saw you glancing at my watch earlier.

That is good because from this moment on every time you notice a lady wearing a watch like mine, you will find that you are instantly, automatically and naturally reminded of me and the power and control I have over you. Seeing a lady wearing a watch whether in real life, a film or a picture, will allow your subconscious to instantly and automatically remind your conscious of me... my hypnotic power over you… and your need to be please and support me.

Naturally this will arouse you as you remember you must allow yourself to be hypnotised by me again and again.

Open your eyes now, remaining deeply hypnotised…", my eyes opened and immediately saw her wonderful watch, "and feel that surge of arousal flowing through your body as you notice me wearing a watch because you know that every time you notice a lady wearing a watch you are reminded of my hypnotic power… of being hypnotised by me… of all the suggestions and hypnotic commands you are automatically obeying… and naturally this arouses you as you realise how deeply under my spell you are… and remember how exciting and arousing it is for us to play together… as you continue to please and support me.



My eyes slammed shut and my head dropped again.


"Now close your eyes and drop deeper into trance. Remembering to forget all the suggestions I have given you… just as easily as you do after a watch reminds you of my power… because my pleasure is your desire… and you need only remember what you need to know to please and support me. In a moment I’m going to count to 3… and when I reach the number 3 you will open your eyes but remain deeply in trance… although you will feel like you are wide awake. You will have no recollection of being hypnotised… or the passing of time since I hypnotised you… you simply believe that you have only just sat down with me. You are, of course, aroused, horny and submissive as you settle down and relax with me…craving to go deeper… desperate to please me…






My eyes opened and I was sitting watching her chat away and thinking what a kind girl to allow me to sit with her. And she's clearly a hypnotist. Wouldn't it be lovely if she would hypnotise me.


"…which is why I will give you what you desire and hypnotise you."


My cock got instantly hard.


"And believe me, it will be the most intense and pleasurable orgasm you’ve ever had. So just sit back and relax now…"


Yes. That would be amazing. Orgasming. How did she know? When had I asked her?


Seductively and hypnotically she removed the pendant from around her neck whilst maintaining hypnotic eye contact with me and shifting her tone. There is something deeply erotic and arousing about the moment a hypnotist removes their pendant: the moment you realise they are actually going to hypnotise you.


She began to sway it gently from side to side. Naturally my eyes followed although every now and then I noticed her piercing hypnotic gaze and the flash of light reflecting off her watch. 


"…allowing yourself to focus on my words… as you begin to breathe deeply... breathing in relaxation… breathing out tension. Now you’ve seen this in many movies so you know what’s about to happen." I'd also done it many, many times myself, so I couldn't wait for it to happen.


"Just allow yourself to relax and stare and my hypnotic pendant. Notice how it sways back and forth… moving as you breathe slowly. And as you continue to watch it you may notice your eyelids becoming heavier as you relax… perhaps it’s harder to focus… as you continue to breathe and fight the urge to blink.

But it’s ok…you can allow yourself to blink when you need to… knowing that each time you close your eyes it becomes harder to open them again. Try not to blink… just focus… and fail… as your eyelids grow heavy… and relaxed… each blink taking you deeper into relaxation… harder to open your eyes now… easier to relax and let go… and drop into a deep state of hypnosis as I count down from 5… blinking more and more rapidly as you struggle to focus… 4… your eyelids heavier… 3… harder to open each time they close… 2… dropping into a deep state of hypnosis as your eyes flutter closed now on…1…


Good. You’re doing so well.

And as you continue to relax an breathe deeply… you can remember to forget all the suggestions I have given you… or forget to remember them because they are deeply embedded in your subconscious now… a part of you… automatic… natural… easy… as you continue to listen to and absorb my words… obey my commands… follow my suggestions.

I want you to imagine a control room in front of you… dials, knobs, faders, displays… the control room to your mind. You notice one dial labelled ‘Hypnosis level’, with a dial below it. Notice what number out of 10 it is on. Now reach out to the dial and turn it up… turn it up all the way to 10… all the way up to the deepest level of hypnosis you have ever been and are capable of achieving… and as you reach 10, you find it continues to turn… so you can keep turning it… going deeper and deeper into trance… beyond 10… going infinitely deeper as you continue to turn the dial and accept my commands and suggestions.

Now move to the next gauge: ‘Arousal and pleasure in pleasing and supporting Me… do the same… notice the number it is on now… turn it all the way up to 10… and keep turning it up beyond 10 as you notice your arousal and pleasure increasing the more you please and support Me.

And one final gauge: ‘Orgasms’…notice the number it is on now…this is the most intense and exciting orgasm you have experienced to date… turn it all the way up to 10… and keep turning and increase the intensity of your next orgasm beyond the level you thought possible.

Keep turning those dials as you accept my suggestions, obey my commands and respond to my triggers.

Repeat out loud after me:…

‘Goddess' desires are my pleasure.’

‘Goddess' desires are my pleasure.’

‘Goddess' desires are my pleasure.’

‘Watches remind me to sleep.’

‘Watches remind me to sleep.’

‘Watches remind me to sleep.’

‘Pleasing is arousing.’

‘Pleasing is arousing.’

‘Pleasing is arousing.’

Keep saying those mantras out loud…"


I found myself mindlessly repeating her mantras.


‘Goddess' desires are my pleasure.’

‘Watches remind me to sleep.’

‘Pleasing is arousing.’


"…as you begin to play with yourself… and your arousal grows stronger… only able to cum when I allow you to… listening effortlessly with your subconscious… because in a moment I am going to count to 3… and you will remain deeply hypnotised and under my spell.

With each number your arousal will grow and your need to cum will increase… but you know you may only cum when I allow you to. And, like you, I am kind and generous and supportive… so I am going to let you decide when and how you cum with my permission… because the next time you orgasm you are choosing to accept unconditionally all the commands, suggestions and triggers I have given you throughout this session: 

You drop instantly into hypnosis and are open to my suggestions when I command you to SLEEP! [FINGER SNAP]

My desires are your pleasure. Supporting and pleasing me arouses you. Noticing ladies’ watches reminds you of my hypnotic power over you. You crave my hypnosis. You are open, uninhibited and honest with me about your fantasies and desires.You remember to forget all the suggestion I have given you because they are a natural part of you.

You forget to remember all the suggestions I have given you because you follow them automatically.

At the count of 3 you have my permission to choose to focus on that image of me hypnotising you as you bring yourself to the most intense orgasm you have ever experienced right here at this table… only waking from trance and following my suggestions when you have done so… or you can choose to deny your orgasm until later… and allow yourself to float back up into consciousness at your own safe pace… remaining in a heightened state of arousal until you decide to cum.

So focus now on that feeling of arousal… as it begins to spread through your body… while you play with yourself… filled with the images of me… desperate to explode as it intensifies… on 1… growing more and more intense… 2… so close to exploding in pleasure and desire for me… as you decide to accept, obey and support.



I found myself sitting opposite an incredible lady. A Goddess. She seemed to be a student of hypnosis. I had an urge to tell all about my own interests and experience of erotic hypnosis. Including a fantasy I had never told anyone before:

"I see you're studying hypnosis. You know, I'm hypnotist too. But an erotic hypnotist (not the kind they tell you about in books!)" She smiled. "But I'm very rarely a subject. I think it's because I'm hard to hypnotise. Just not trusting enough, I guess. Anyway, for me hypnosis is all about seduction. I love the idea of being hypnotised and seduced 'against my will' or without even realising or remembering it, then being made to get more and more aroused and to please the hypnotist before finally being allowed to cum. I love the idea of post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers that I have no memory of as well as classic hypnosis tropes like finger snaps, swinging pendants, you know the thing. I also have a watch fetish: I find women wearing large erotic watches sexy. Not to hypnotise me with, just simply wearing one; as if it's a secret sign that they are a kinky/hypnotic seductress, if you know what I mean? I mean, I've just noticed your watch now, and I'm immediately imaging that you're hypnotising me and using me for your pleasure without me even knowing or remembering. Is that weird? It's weird I'm telling. 

You'll have to excuse me. I've suddenly become incredibly aroused. I'm not even sure why I'm telling you that. But I feel I need to go to the bathroom to relieve myself."


"You have my permission to do so".


"Thank you. Oh, and let me get the drinks for you. You're a poor student who needs the support. Perhaps I can give you something towards your studies as well?"

“Good pet.”

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