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My eyes were open and I felt awake, but I was stuck completely; unable to move. I was lying flat on my back, my arms pinned to my side, only really able to move my eyes. My cock was rock solid and perpendicular to the rest of my body. It was almost like I was a plank of wood with a six inch dowel sticking up in the middle. 

I felt Sophie beside me and then her hands pressing on my chest as she pushed herself forward and climbed onto the bed, straddling me. I saw her face, still beautifully framed by her thick, ruffled, orgasmic hair. She looked into my eyes and grinned that knowing, evil smile of hers. She pinned my arms down with her knees (not that she needed to, I was incapable of moving them anyway, but I knew it was a habit for her in that position) and lowered herself onto my cock. 

My solid shaft began to absorb the pleasurable pressure being exerted on it as the head parted Sophie’s lips and nudged its way inside her. Somehow Sophie’s muscular contractions sucked the head inside and then she stopped, gripping it tightly. Squeezing it hard she lowered herself all the way down and I heard three audible outbursts of pleasure: Sophie, Paul and me.

I don’t know how long Sophie was riding me. But I do know it was incredible. Her pussy gripped my cock tight as she pulled herself up and relaxed as she plunged herself back down. I was powerless. It was her cock. I was her plaything. All I could do was watch her face as she writhed around in ecstasy, feel her hands gripping my body and her pussy shudder as she came over and over again. I kept noticing her watch on her wrist and feeling my own waves of excitement. And when she stretched her legs out and wrapped them under my head and continued to use me as she saw fit, or when she swivelled round on me and continued to ride me with her back to me, arched and supported by her hands, with her watch and her little heart tattoo right by my face, I felt arousal and pleasure coursing through my body in a way I didn’t know was possible. But I still couldn’t cum.

Breathlessly, she stopped. I could feel her glistening body pull away with one final squeeze and heard her say, I imagined directly at the phone, “this next bit is for you, Paul.”

“[SNAP!] SLEEP!...” I sank through the bed, through the floor and right down into the centre of the Earth, perhaps even the centre of the universe. 

“Good boy. Allow yourself to fall even deeper for me now. In a moment I’m going to count to three and you’re going to wake up again. You’re going to allow all of the feelings and desires you’ve been experiencing to focus into a pique of primal passion and animal arousal, your mind solely focused on fucking me… hard… but you won’t be able to do anything about it until you notice me run my finger around the face of my watch, at which point that singularity of passion will explode and you will take exactly what you want, knowing that my pleasure is your pleasure: the better it is for me, the better it is for you. But remember, you will only be able to release and finally cum when I give you permission. When I say those magic words, you’re going to explode all over my tits, massage it in and squeeze me tight as you spoon up behind me. Do you understand and are you willing to accept these suggestions?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good boy. Sit up. 1… 2… 3…”

I have never felt such a build-up of emotion. Every possible kind of feeling mixed and competing against each other at once in the pit of my stomach. I was almost growling with desire. I could hear my breath in audible grunts. 

Sophie was partially dressed again: my shirt, sleeves loosely rolled up to fit her arms (and partially reveal the erotic watch on her wrist), buttons partially done up revealing only a glimpse of her gorgeous breasts and the pendant that was once again dangling between them where it belonged. God, all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck her right there and then…

Sophie, smiled coquettishly, teasing her ruffled hair. My eyes were fixed on her. The heaving of her breasts. The glistening of her skin. The leg she had perched on the bed next to me… and, of course, the watch I kept glimpsing. She looked down, bowing her head slightly, then lifted her eyes towards me as I suddenly noticed her finger mindlessly tracing the outline of the watch face…

Boom! I don’t know what came over me, but I was on her like a rabid dog. I grabbed her leg with one hand and ran the other round to the back of her hair, grasping it, pulling her head back to reveal her neck and launching in to kiss, suck and bite it passionately. I thrust her up against the wall, still holding her leg and neck and thrust my pelvis towards her pussy…. fucking panties! I looked at her and snarled as her breathing quickened and lips reddened… I tugged at her bottom lip with my teeth, grabbing the shirt front with both hands and ripping it open: buttons flying everywhere. There was no way I was letting her put her leg down now, so there was only one way these panties where coming off… I ripped one side, then the other as I squeezed her in tight to me, and flung them across the room… pushing my cock up against her pussy and lifting her clear off the ground… she wrapped her legs around my waist and I slammed her against the wall, our pelvises pulsating in unison as I guided my cock hard and deep into her. Two moans… Sophie and then Paul. He was actually getting to realise his fantasy of and was seeing his wife getting fucked by a real man. 

Within seconds I could feel the inside of Sophie’s pussy pulsating uncontrollably against my cock as she shuddered all over. “Good boy” she screamed, and I fucked her harder. Kissing, biting, licking, sucking, fucking… I don’t know how many times she came up against that wall, or all the other walls and surfaces in the tiny cabin, but the uncontrollable shudders and quivers around my cock were relentless.

I literally threw her on the bed. I had never felt or behaved like this, but all I could think of was how amazing this was, to be fucking this Goddess: the pleasure I got from the pleasure I was giving her. She stood up and bent down over the bed, looking back at me invitingly. I grabbed her throat from behind with one hand, took my cock in the other and guided it deep into her pussy. I bent down and kissed her neck, caressed her tits and her clit whilst I continued to penetrate her deeper and deeper. 

Sophie reached back and was squeezing my balls, rolling them around in hand. I could see her pendant dangling and her watch on the wrist she was using to support herself on the bed. Again I felt her pussy tighten and quiver, her whole body shuddering as she let out yet another primal scream of ecstasy. “Good boy! Good boy!” she screamed.

I withdrew and turned her over so that she was lying on her back on the bed. One knee up, her pendant and my open shirt clinging to her glistening body. She was playing with herself now as I licked all the way up the inside of her legs, munched on her pussy and sprang up towards her tits. Squeezing them and taking a nipple in my mouth she screamed “harder! Bite them!” I did as I was bid. Tugging, biting and sucking them hard, my tongue furiously flicking across them. Sophie’s back arched and her head flung back as she screamed again, her knuckles turning white as she grabbed the bed clothes. I could hear the faint sound of Paul’s moans and screams of delight as he watched on.

I had one foot on the floor and was kneeling on the bed with the other right between Sophie’s thighs. She pushed herself forward, rubbing herself against that knee and she grabbed hold of my neck to pull herself up, kissing me deeply, her tongue penetrating my mouth, fighting with my own, and imperceptibly slowing the pace and mood. I grabbed her wrists, feeling her watch in my hand for the first time and my cock twitched again and again. “Good boy. Tell me how much you want to cum…”

“Oh my God, I really want to cum!”

“Good boy. Let go of my arms and beg me to let you.” Her voice was relaxed and controlled, the freneticism of moments ago had gone.

“Please let me cum. Please let me cum!”

Sophie sat herself up in the bed and began to play with herself again. I was still kneeling in the same position. “You can play with yourself too now my good boy, but you know the rules. Keep begging.”

“Please let me cum. Please let me cum!”

“Good boy.” I felt the rush of arousal every time she said it. Sophie reached up and pinched my nipple… another rush of arousal… I was standing over her, wanking furiously, staring at her playing with herself… “Keep looking into my eyes my good boy. Allow yourself to get lost in them again as you keep playing with yourself and fall back into a deeply open level of trance for me now. [SNAP!]

“Keep staring into my eyes. I’m going to count down from 5 to 1 and with each number you can allow that arousal to build, knowing that I will finally let you release together with me one final time when I reach the last number… Keep begging…”

“Please let me cum. Please let me cum!”

“Good boy. And after you have cum you will wake up fully and have little memory of what I have done to you tonight, but you will, of course know what you did. All the suggestions I have given you are deeply rooted and embedded within you… and they will continue to grow and flourish with every beat of your heart, even though you will not be consciously aware of them.” 

“Please let me cum. Please let me cum!”

“And when you finally leave here this evening, you will have no conscious memory of anything that has happened since you met me. And when you get back to your own cabin, it will feel like you have been in there all night. Do you understand and are you willing to accept these suggestions?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good boy. 5… keep looking deep into my eyes, feeling that arousal growing… 4… stronger and stronger with each number, all those suggestions taking hold now… 3… so close to exploding, but remembering to forget the suggestions you’ve been given… 2… whilst your subconscious knows and because it knows you know it is true, easy, natural and automatic for your growing arousal as we reach the final number… ready… 1… what do you want?”

“Please let me cum. Please let me cum!”

“Please let me cum, who?”

“Please let me cum, Goddess”

“Good boy.” My eyes were fixed on Sophie’s, she was beginning to arch her back and quiver in pleasure again. Our connection so deep as if we were the same being. “Feel my orgasm now along with your own as you… CUM FOR ME! CUM FOR ME! CUM FOR ME!”

Our eyes were locked as we both exploded together. My hot ejaculate spraying all over Sophie’s breasts as she arched her back and screamed one final time before slumping breathless into the bed. I too was shaking. As Sophie lay there, exhausted from all the pleasure she enjoyed, I began to gently massage her breasts with my cum. She let out a more quiet, satisfied moan, and I finally settled down behind her, holding her tightly in my arms and softly kissing her neck as she fell asleep.

“Oh my God! That was unbelievable!” said Paul. I’d forgotten he was still on the phone. “What the hell just happened? Literally all my dreams and fantasies have just come true. Why the hell would she do all that to you? With me watching… thank you, thank you, thank you! She’s never done anything I ever wanted before, kept telling me she had to ‘treat me mean to keep me keen!’”

“She’s my ex,” I explained. “We bumped into each other earlier and I might have suggested she could enjoy the pleasure she gets from giving people what they want occasionally: her subconscious did the rest! It was all her! I had no idea what she was going to do.” What had she even done?

Paul hung up and after an hour or so I left Sophie sleeping. She looked so peaceful as I kissed her on the cheek, still wearing my shirt, her pendant and watch. I gathered my things and went back to my own cabin.

The train reached the end of the line and I was up, refreshed and ready for the day. Rarely had I slept so well, especially on public transport. But I guess there was nothing else to do on a night journey like this. I checked my phone and bizarrely had a text from my ex, Sophie. I hadn’t heard from her in years! What on Earth could she want?

“SLEEP! Meet me for breakfast at the station café in the courtyard. Forget to remember this message and delete it now.”

As I alighted the train, I thought I might grab some breakfast so I headed for the station café. It was a nice day. I sat outside and began sipping my coffee and catching up on the news on my phone. 

“I thought it was you. What the hell are you doing here?” It was Sophie, my ex. It had been years since I’d seen her and I certainly didn’t expect to see her here and now! “Let me join you,” she said as she sat down opposite me.

What could I do? She ordered a coffee and something to eat. There was something about her that was making my cock twitch. I think I’d dreamt about her recently, maybe even last night. She was still hot. She was wearing the watch I’d given her for our first Christmas together, which had always excited me, and of course there was the pendant she always wore that I’d fantasised about her using to hypnotise me with many a time when I’d been by myself.

Sophie smiled. “What are you looking at? My watch? My eyes? My pendant?” I was caught slightly off guard and blustered slightly… “It’s OK, you can keep staring into my hypnotic eyes as you [SNAP!] SLEEP! and drop down deeper for me, eyes open, appearing wide awake as far as the rest of the world is concerned. Remember now everything that happened last night” My cock pressed hard against my jeans. “Good boy. You will forget to remember it all again soon, but I want you to write it down and post it everywhere you can think of. Take a photo of me now.” 

I did as I was bid.

“Good boy. After you’ve done that, you won’t remember the detail of what we did, but that’s what you really want isn’t it?” I nodded. Sophie looked sternly at me…

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good boy. The suggestions have taken hold and you will remember the feeling every time you see a powerful woman wearing an erotic watch that reminds you of me, knowing you’re still putty in my hands. You’ll believe that you made up this story as your ‘ultimate fantasy’ and you will even do whatever you can to try and live it out for real, never quite remembering you already have. Do you understand and are you willing to accept these suggestions?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good boy. See, I’m still a bitch really!”

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