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I was gazing deep into her hypnotic blue eyes as she leaned over and began to kiss my neck, slowly unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands across my chest, grazing and then tweaking my nipples as she did so. I felt a rush of pleasure as my cock twitched with anticipation as she ran her hands up the inside of my leg and suddenly tugged at my belt to undo it. I was standing up now, as she continued to stare into my eyes, removed my shirt completely and began to lick my nipples, flicking her tongue across them, nibbling at them. Suddenly she sprang up, grabbed the back of my head and pulled it close into her. I could feel her warm sensual breath with her luscious lips perilously close to my own. I so wanted to kiss her, but in my deeply hypnotic state I found I simply couldn’t move. My lips tingled as she sensuously ran her tongue along them and began kissing my neck, chest, nipples, stomach… 

She was on her knees now, staring up at me as she unzipped my flies and pulled my jeans and underwear down to reveal my solidly erect cock. Now fully naked and vulnerable, deeply hypnotised and unable to move, she pushed me back on to the bed and, maintaining her hypnotic stare, grabbed my cock hard, squeezed my balls, which she began to roll around in her hand, and took the head of my cock into her mouth, flicking her tongue across it as she did.

Suddenly it was deep inside her throat and I felt the immediate urge to cum, but I couldn’t, of course. All I could do was lie there, continuing to stare into her eyes as she looked up at me and noticing her pendant dangling and swaying between her breasts.

Sophie took my now moist cock in both her hands, stroking and massaging it with a twisting motion, her thumb brushing the head. Then, as she took it back into her mouth again, she trailed the back of her finger down the shaft all the way to my anus. Gently massaging the entrance before slipping a finger deep inside. I heard a moan of pleasure emanating from the phone in the corner of the room and noticed the smile and sparkle in Sophie’s eyes.

How I did not cum is a mystery. I know Sophie had commanded it, but with this level of physical pleasure going on, how was it even possible to hold back?

Sophie stood back up, stared into my eyes again, kissed me and then sat down where I had been: in the corner of the bed. I turned around, still deeply in trance, and noticed her silently playing with her ring as she continued to stare at me.

I suddenly found myself leaning over her and kissing her neck, running my hand up her thigh high boots and under her skirt. I felt that her panties were already moist as I kissed down her neck into her plunging neckline and cleavage. I stood her up and ran my hands down the side of her body, lifting her top off to reveal her perfect breasts cupped neatly inside a lacey bra, her pendant nestled between them. I flicked the clasp of the bra at the and removed it. Tossing it somewhere into the room.

“Good boy.” She sounded impressed.

Before long I found myself worshipping her breasts, listening to her moans as I flicked and sucked her nipples with my tongue, running my hand up the inside of her thigh. 

She took my head in her hands, pulling it up to stare at her, and I heard the faint ticking of her watch next to my face as she said: “take off my boots my good boy.”

I obeyed, of course. Kneeling on the floor in front of her and unzipping her thigh-high boots, gently removing them one by one and spending goodness knows how long rubbing and worshipping her feet: sucking her toes, caressing he soles, somehow experiencing the pleasure she was getting with every one of her moans.

I sensuously kissed and licked all the way up her thigh, sticking my head beneath her skirt and pulling her wet panties to one side.

“Breath in my good boy, and fall deeper into the power of my scent”.

“Yes Goddess”.

I removed her skirt and panties and found myself worshipping her pussy. Flicking my tongue across her clit, slipping it deep inside her, moistening my finger through her wet labia as I trailed it back to her anus and gently slipped it inside.

I don’t know how many times I felt the shudder and squeeze of her thighs against my head as she screamed in ecstasy, but I do know that each of her orgasms was echoed moments later by the phone in the corner of the room.

Eventually, Sophie sat up, pulling her pussy away from me, she grabbed my face tightly in her hands: the blurred image of her erotic watch filling the periphery of my right side whilst her dangling pendant, perfectly pert breasts and hypnotic gaze filled the rest.

“Sit back down. Good boy.” 

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