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I guess 5 to 10 minutes had passed, but Sophie didn’t remember. She was wide awake now and continued our conversation where she thought we’d left it: telling me about Paul and his desire to watch her fuck other men. Real men, he had said. She had begun to hold my gaze and was playing mindlessly with her pendant, which I couldn’t help but get drawn in to.

“Imagine that, fucking me with my husband watching?”

My suggestions were clearly working. But how would Sophie’s subconscious interpret them? And would I actually allow myself to give in to her?

“Are you looking at my pendant?” Sophie giggled knowingly. “I bet you’d love me to hypnotise you wouldn’t you?” 

I smiled. 

“Good boy. It’s OK. You don’t have to do anything. You can just believe that you’re going to be hypnotised and know that you are because you’re simply lost in my pendant now. Knowing it already controls you. Just like it always has… Follow me.” 

Sophie walked out of the carriage. I naturally obeyed and followed her to her cabin. 

As she unlocked the door she stroked her hand through my hair and pulled me in to her. I could feel her breath as her lips brushed against mine before she turned and whispered: “this is where you sleep. This cabin is where I take everything I want.” She cupped her hand between my thighs as the door swung open. “Sit there. Don’t move.”

Her cabin was more spacious than I had expected. I sat at the head of the bed in the corner, motionless, and Sophie was fiddling with something on the opposite side.

“Paul. Sit down. Don’t say a word. Just watch!”

I could just make out the figure on the dim screen as Sophie turned the phone round and switched off the lights, leaving just its glow and the floor level night lights illuminating the room.

“I know you want to focus on my pendant and fall even deeper into its hypnotic power…” Sophie was standing bent over me, whispering into my ear, her pendant dangling freely in front of her fantastic cleavage. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I inhaled her intoxicating scent and felt her soft cheek and long blonde hair brush against my face whilst her hand slip between my thighs stroking then grabbing my already twitching cock, “…but I’m a real hypnotherapist, not some sort of stage charlatan,” she said. “So just sit back and close your eyes.” She brushed her hand down my face as my eyelids closed and, from what I could sense, moved away to sit on the other side of the bed.

“Before you begin going into your hypnotic trance now just make yourself comfortable. Just settle yourself down and you can relax. All you have to do is to focus on becoming comfortable. Take a moment now and wiggle about until you are in the right position for relaxing. Sense around your body and notice if there is any tightness, or any discomfort, and maybe just shrug everything until you are happily settled down and ready. If anything is making you uncomfortable then fix it. Fixing things stops them bothering you doesn't it?”

I nodded.

“Good boy. Now in a moment I am going to show you how to go into trance... how to relax your body and your mind... in a really good way that you will enjoy... and once you start that process no power on earth can stop you going into trance… and you don't have to do anything... it will just happen... as long as you follow my instructions you will go into trance easily and quickly... So now... just settle back and relax yourself... take a deep breath and then just let it go... that's right... Now take another breath and let your body relax... shrug your shoulders... let your arms and hands go loose and limp and floppy... that's right... and as you are relaxing you can move your attention to your eyes. Just become aware of those eyes, and the little muscles that control your eyelids... and those eyes can become so relaxed that you just cannot open them... and as long as you keep that relaxation there... those eyelids will become so relaxed... so tired, so heavy... that you just cannot open them... and when you know you have relaxed those eyes and you know they will not open you can try to open them... and you will find that they just won't work... That's right... you can try but they just don't work... so you can stop testing now... and just enjoy that feeling of relaxation getting deeper and deeper... And now become aware of the quality of that relaxation... and imagine that relaxation spreading through the whole of your body... sweeping down from the top of your head to the tips of your toes... like a wave of relaxation... letting go... let go and relax every muscle in your body... that's right... and feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper as that happens... And now you can deepen this feeling even more... And as deep are you are now... you can go ten times deeper. In a moment I am going to ask you to open your eyes... and then when you close them you will go ten times deeper in trance... Now you may find it difficult to open your eyes... but you should be able to open them a bit... so try opening them a bit now... and then allow them to close and go ten times deeper... that's right… that's good… And as relaxed as you are now... you can actually become ten times more relaxed... so when you are ready you can try to open your eyes a second time and you might be able to open them a little and then as those eyelids come down you feel yourself going ten times deeper again... And try it for a third time... and as those eyes shut tight... you will go even deeper... ten times deeper... Allow yourself to get comfortable and totally relax your body.... In a moment I am going to lift your arm... do not assist in any way... just let your arm be loose and limp...”

Sophie lifted my wrist, gently waggled my arm. It was soft and pliable.

“And in a moment I am going to release your arm and as it drops down you will go even deeper into trance... That's right... allow yourself to go deeper down now... And now it is time to relax your mind... I want you shortly to start counting quietly... counting from 100 down to as far as you can go... and as you count... after each number you will say to yourself... think to yourself... 'Deeper and Deeper'... 'Deeper and Deeper'... and as you say each number and feel yourself go deeper and deeper... you will notice that it becomes harder and harder to remember the next number... and your mind becomes more relaxed... more at ease... until you just cannot remember the next number... And you can relax those numbers right out of your mind... and as you do so... you will go deeper still... into a lovely state of easy relaxation... So starting now... I will count with you to start with... 100... deeper and deeper... 99 deeper and deeper... 98 deeper and deeper... and as you count those numbers will relax you more and more... just allow those numbers to take you deeper and deeper... And when you have relaxed those numbers right out of your mind... you can stop counting... And when the last number has disappeared you can signal by moving a finger and whispering ‘yes, Goddess’ and we will go on... when you are ready...’

“…71…70… 69…” My right forefinger twitched automatically and I heard myself saying “Yes, Goddess”.

“Good boy. Feels so good when you say ‘yes’ to me doesn’t it? And even better when I call you my ‘good boy’. So arousing when it’s this easy to obey every command and suggestion I give you. Because pleasing me is pleasing you. And you like to please your Goddess don’t you?”

“Yes, Goddess”.

“Good boy. Now pay close attention to everything I do because in a moment, when you notice me playing with my engagement ring, you’re going to do the same things to me. But, of course, you must remember that you will stay deeply hypnotised until I wake you up and you won’t be able to cum, no matter how much pleasure you are feeling, until I allow you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Goddess”.

“Good boy. Now open your eyes and remain deeply hypnotised.” 

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