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My ex was a hypnotherapist. 

That sounds better than it actually was: she didn’t hypnotise me once during our whole two year relationship. (Well, that’s not strictly true: there was one time. But it was after we split up, although we were still living together, so technically, we weren't in the relationship then!)

She said it was because it was her job and she used hypnosis to help people with real life issues, not to simply 'get them off'. The last thing she wanted was to be mixing her personal and professional lives. I guess I had to respect that, but it felt like a missed opportunity for a hypno-fetishist like me to be with a hypnotist and not get to play with hypnosis! 

Anyway, our relationship didn’t work out, we split up, she moved out and I hadn't seen Sophie for nearly 10 years... until yesterday! She happened to be on the same train as me: a sleeper service (both ironic and convenient, as it turned out!) and we found ourselves alone in the restaurant car catching up as the train rocked rhythmically into the night with the familiarly consistent ‘clickety-clack' of the wheels gliding along the rails.

She was no longer a hypnotherapist. She'd gone into sales so still kind of used some of the suggestion techniques, she winked. Married now. Nice guy, although "I do seem to have a habit of attracting you guys with the unusual fetishes", she laughed. She looked at her watch and smiled knowingly, glancing up at me with a slightly evil grin spreading across her face. It was the one I had given her as a present for our first Christmas together.

"I remember your love of hypnosis," she teased. "Ha! It was actually really quite hot that time I did hypnotise you. I admit it!" But she'd only done it because we'd split up by then and she wanted to show me what I was going to be missing. "God, I was such a bitch wasn't I?" she laughed.

Yes. She really had been.

"Paul loves the idea of watching me with other men," she continued. "But I quite like keeping him wanting it, rather than letting him have it... like I used to do with you," she smirked coquettishly, raising an eyebrow as she did. So she'd just flirt with other guys when they were together, letting her husband believe his fantasies would come true, but never following through with it. Not because she didn't want to shag some of these guys or because she thought it was in any way being unfaithful in a relationship (it was him who wanted it after all), she explained, she just didn't want Paul to get what he wanted. "He gets excited enough just knowing someone else is fucking me... and it keeps him putty in my hands, believing that one day he might get what he actually wants!" She laughed, flicking her hair to reveal her cleavage and the pendant she always wore.

Oh the times I'd fantasised that she'd taken that pendant off from around her neck and begun to sway it back and forth in front of me. She never would, of course, it was what I wanted after all, and, I now knew, it was her way of making sure I stayed 'putty in her hands'.

She'd been hypnotised many times before when she was training "...but I never understood how you found it so erotic. I just find it relaxing and kinda spacey."

"So, remember that feeling when you’re hypnotised with your conscious switched off and your subconscious taking over. Kind of like you're giving up control and becoming more vulnerable and open to the person you're with. Knowing they're in control now and the suggestions they’ve given your subconscious are automatically accepted and obeyed... " my voice dropped and slowed as I mirrored her breathing and fixed her deep blue eyes in my gaze... then broke the pattern: "I find that idea really arousing". Slow, hypnotic voice: "that that person could get me to do anything they wanted me to do". Breaking the pattern: "I guess it's a control thing. Like I’m putty in their hands."


I knew she’d been a therapist so what she did was very different from what I fantasised about, but I explained I'd always liked the more stage / entertainment hypnosis type of thing. All the classic tropes: swinging pendants; finger snaps; dramatic, physical inductions where it seems people are dropped instantly or 'against their will'.

“That stuff doesn’t really work,” she countered. “It’s all for show. You can’t really drop someone instantly or ‘against their will’. Far more effective ways of inducing a trance. But, I admit, it does look impressive when they just slump into a chair and do whatever the hypnotist tells them. I’d never be made to cluck like a chicken though!”

“Ha ha! Exactly. And that’s what’s so arousing and erotic to me. The fact that at the simple snap of the fingers [SNAP!] you instantly drop into trance. The fact you’ve volunteered means you want and are open to it, so it’s not against your will, and you’re right, you can’t really make someone do something they don’t want to do, but you can remove their inhibitions so they give themselves permission to do what you’re suggesting. Ha! Imagine if I did make you cluck like a chicken”, I laughed, “how do you think you might sound?”

“Bawk-ah!”, she clucked as she flapped her arms and strutted her neck. 

“There you go. And I haven’t even hypnotised you yet!” I grinned.


“Stand-up. I’ll show you. It’s really easy.”

“You’re going to hypnotise me?” she said, slightly accusatory. “Alright then. Show me what all the fuss is about!”

I got her to stand in front me and took her hand, shaking her arm to loosen it with one hand and touching her other arm and shoulder with the other to guide her: “look into my eyes. Don’t laugh! Not around the eyes, just in the eyes” I smiled. She smiled too. “Just relax your arm. No keep looking at my eyes. Stare into them. Feet slightly further apart. Deep breath… SLEEP!” I jerked her arm forward and pulled her head down into my shoulder at the moment I noticed her eyes glaze over for micro-second. Hugged her in closer to me as I whispered rapid instructions directly into her ear and eased her back into her seat with a final snap of my fingers. 

That stuff definitely works.

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