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When You hear me say your trigger phrase "Could you be a doll?" You will feel so much better about being deep in character as a doll. So good to be a blank and obedient doll. In fact doing the thing asked of you after your trigger phrase will deepen your appreciation and arousal 10 times more. You feel much better doing as you are told isn't that right?

When you hear me say "Could you be a doll" it makes you enjoy being a doll 10 times more.

Enjoying my words and letting them morph you more in to a perfect subject.

You feel drawn to my words and want to be a good listener for me. The compulsion of the pull is like a whirlpool. It swirls you around as it pulls you in. Bumping around in to other things caught in the maelstorm. When you are looking at and figuring out what is causing the pull you are fully drawn in and in the eye of the storm.

Giving me information and ultimately benefiting me in whatever you do is going in to part of the brain that holds motor memory and things you do automatic. Waking up as my librarian always. Your automation takes over and of course it takes over to my benefit isn't that right deary?

Type the changes you want to be true

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The Wall

Apr 2 '23
I want to be your doll, consumed by the sensations all around me
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By NimueHypno
Added Mar 14 '23



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