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  1. I used to lead guided meditations for groups. A lot of what I have read about hypnotism reminds me of that process.

  2. I am a tarot reader; I love it, and, from what people tell me, I'm pretty good at it. When people ask things like, “Is tarot real, or what?”, I tell them I use the images on the cards the same way Jungian therapists do: as slightly less baffling Rorschach inkblots that help the client gain access to their own unconscious minds. I just guide the process. Basically, I love helping people rootle around in their own unconscious minds, especially if the purpose is healing, self-understanding, or good clean sexy fun.

  3. My movement disorder is pretty stable now (I have young-onset Parkinson's disease),  but over time, as I become more physically restricted, I think hypnosis may be something I can still do and be good at after my bondage and impact-play days are behind me. So essentially, it's an investment in my own kinky future. I also suspect being hypnotized could give me periods of self-forgetful relief from my symptoms.

    i have done phone-sex-type things with subs that were sort of para-hypnosis--"Can you feel my beard against your cheek?"/'I am taking over your right hand; it no longer belongs to you; your left hand is still tied immovably to the bedpost"--and a good time was had by all. Actual hypnosis sounds like the logical, as well as a really fun, next step.

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Apr 2 '23
Sounds wonderful
Apr 5 '23
Sounds like fun.
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By Desdichado
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