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It was our first session, and I confess that I was very anxious about the results. She sat across from me, a little uneasy and reluctant. She sat up, placed both hands on her legs as her fingers pinched the long blue dress she wore. Her nervousness was visible, waiting for me while I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I'd look at her through the kitchen and see her looking uncomfortably around the environment we'd chosen: a secluded little hotel on the side of the road. After seconds that felt like hours, I took my pendulum, sat in front of her and smiled, falsely confident:

"Is everything okay? Do you want to continue?"

She nodded, squeezing her long dress tighter.

I lifted the pendulum and began to move, slowly, taking momentum and trying to coordinate its movements with my breathing, in order to have a more decided intonation.

"Look at the pendulum, look it in the eye in the middle of it and listen to me. I'm going to take you on a trip, but I need you to want to come with me"

She continued looking at the pendulum, now more attentive and her fingers seemed to open slightly.

"Keep looking at the pendulum, calm your breathing, feel the movement of the pendulum going, going, going, going back.... Calmly, carefully. It's just the two of us, and we don't need anything else."

She was breathing much calmer now, her hands were almost completely open. She seemed calm and going into a trance

"Perfect, take it easy, you need to take a deep breath now, you need the thoughts to come out of the air that will float through your nostrils."

She opened her nostrils, took a deep breath and her hands were fully open. Her shoulders dropped. I looked into her eyes and the focus was direct and unbroken. In a few moments, her eyes rolled automatically and returned to the pendulum, like a piece of metal meeting the magnet.

"Do you hear me? Can you hear me closely?"

She said a deep "yes", an almost automated voice.

"Fine, I need you to stay in the state you are in, but the pendulum will stop swinging. When it stops, your eyes should roll and stay that way. The eyes should be as clear as your mind."

She repeated "clear as my mind" and I slowly stopped the pendulum. I left the pendulum standing in front of her for a few seconds, seeing the focus of the trance. Her mind was disconnected, it was clean and open. I removed the pendulum in front of her and her eyes rolled. I dared to touch her face, she didn't show any reflection, so I touched her chin, opened her jaw slightly and her body obeyed the movement, like a toy. I got up, moved her face slightly to the right, tucked her long black hair behind her ear, brought my hand to the back of her neck and lowered her body slightly. She was ready to be reprogrammed.

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The Wall

Sep 12 '22
Impressive, Max.
Sep 12 '22
Thanks Mike!
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By Maxter
Added Sep 12 '22


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