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We were talking when suddenly the power went out, so we were left in the dark and without our computers. I got up from my desk in the bedroom and headed to the kitchen, and in the second drawer I found a candle. I took the candle and lit it, taking it to the living room. She sat next to me, complaining about the lack of light, completely annoyed.

"Don't be like that, look at the light! Look at the center of the light!" I said while she complained that she had lost some worksheet.

"Come on, look at the center of the light, look closely, see how beautiful, calm and dangerous the movement of the flames, see how it dances, how the colors merge and blend together, see how they play with logic, let the light stroll through your eyes, let the movement dictate a rhythm to your breathing" she continued looking, calmer, more concentrated.

"That's it, relax, breathe in the rhythm that the flame moves, see it getting slower and slower, more tired, weaker, letting itself be carried away by the wind that dictates its movements, by the wind that dictates its actions. The flame is one with the wind, the flame belongs to the wind. Get carried away by the words, relax, keep your eyes focused on the movement and your ears attentive to my voice. I am your wind, you are my flame: hot, dangerous, but completely under control."

She stopped complaining, her lips parted slightly and her eyes were completely lost in the flame. I touched her hand, and she didn't show any resistance, she didn't show any reflex. The trance was complete, and that night without light would be much more interesting than I had imagined.

Look at the flame.

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The Wall

Sep 5 '22
Hypnotic flame...
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By Maxter
Added Sep 4 '22


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