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WARNING: Hypnotic language with Dominant themes.

You glance down at the paper on the passenger seat even before putting your car into park. You want to make sure you're in the right place. You need to know what's going on. You are afraid, confused, but intrigued. The front door looms before you.

You never do things like this. The paper was just in your pocket. When you pulled the paper out and saw the address scrawled on it, you couldn't contain the curiousity inside. You had jumped into your car hastily and immediately put the address into your GPS app.

Now you're here. And the door still beckons. You can't remember much of the drive, except for the occassional remind to slow yourself down. You try to stall and distract and rationalize yourself out of this situation. But something still pulls you in.

Realizing there is no fighting, you pull the handle to your car and stand up, exiting the vehicle. As you turn around to face the house, the magnetism is stronger than ever. Something is waiting for you inside. You just know it.

Your feet drag you across the grass of the lawn, ignoring the paved walkway. You glance down at the paper you now have in your hand. There is one more thing written on the paper. The moment you had read this word, your body had moved automatically.

Nothing else matters. Not a job. Not a life. Nothing but being here. And the final word on the paper. You knock on the door. The word sits on your tongue. It waits. It needs to be said. Needs to be moaned. Needs to be-

The door begins to move.

Behind the door, a woman stands before you. Her eyes sparkle with the intensity of every soul within heaven and hell, her lips are a deep red like the scalding hot pleasure rushing through you now, and her curves that compete with the marble figurines of Goddesses.

The word slips out of your lips.


You fall to your knees. You never wish to rise. You never wish to be anything more than the nothing that you feel like right now. Your mind craves to stare into those swirling, mesmerizing eyes and listen to words from those lips.


You can't stop repeating the word again and again in your mind. And you just need more. You need to let go of everything else and give everything to your One True Mistress.

You need to serve and obey and kneel and beg and belong to the One True Mistress.

Your mind shatters into a billion different pieces as you realize that you've fallen into a trap. That you had lost the moment you reached into your pocket. There is no way out now.

And that's just the way you like it.

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The Wall

Jul 25 '22
Wow.... that... I think I will read it again
Jul 26 '22
Jul 26 '22
Jul 28 '22
This is so awesome!!
Jul 30 '22
Thank you!
Jul 31 '22
Wow, I can't stop reading this, so alluring!
Aug 1 '22
Thank you so much
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By RoseSpells
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