Just a little thought...... from Oliver's blog

A very small grain of thought that grows into a jungle in my thoughts. 

So simple and harmless that it's already naughty again. 

I know unfortunately everything has a price to pay, whether it's a wish or magic you use or anything you buy. If the price isn't money, I'll be happy to pay it if I can. If you do me a favor, if I do you a favor, that's what the old coati used to say. 

Just a very harmless word that is actually a trigger, a trigger word that only I can use. 

A word that lets me sink into a very deep trance, which opens my eyes as soon as I'm in a trance. 

Then if there is a piece of paper or a file with a text in front of me, I have to read the text and by reading it, exactly what will happen, will come true, and what is written in the text will be implemented. 

Once that is done, the text is desorted or erased before I wake up from the trance with no memory of what I read or yelled down before. 

And as soon as I wake up again, I know that I was in a trance, but everything else remains a surprise. 

Automatically limited to a maximum of 24 hours for safety before whatever loses its effect. However, with a "Special Saveword" that has to be in the text and only I know about it, you can switch off this limit or set it to a specific time. With this saveword, which can neither be deleted nor forgotten, it is possible to reset and switch off everything that is not desired once a week. 

So it is also possible that I instruct myself that someone else can give me a task or a trigger. But I can end this myself at any time after 24 hours or at the latest after a week. 

Everything else is up to me and doesn't have to burden anyone else with it. But I can always share my fun with someone. 

If someone is interested, this can also be done very quietly and secretly. Just leave a guinea pig tattoo on my forearm with the trigger word and I'll know. 

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By Oliver
Added Jul 8 '22



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