What would you like to do with me if I was in a trance? from Oliver's blog

Now I can't answer that question, but what I would do to myself if I could be in a deep trance. 

I'll leave it open whether it can actually be applied or implemented or only experienced as a fantasy, I know very well that a lot is possible whether physically or mentally that you can change or manipulate or program. So I don't want to tinker much in the body, except for the "one".

First of all, I would turn off my histamine hypersensitivity, which would massively increase my quality of life and would no longer have to struggle with allergic reactions. That rob you of a lot of strength.

Second, that my body repairs everything it can on its own. Me and my body have a long history, but it could repair quite a few things if it weren't so worn out.

Then there would be a few more positive thoughts, the last few years have used too much energy and it's just a daily struggle, whether mental, physical or financial.

And then, of course, the finer things in life... 

I would start with a transformation into a cat girl or at least with cat ears and a cat tail and maybe small breasts that can also grow "real" to the size. I'll leave it open whether it will only be a male cat girl or a hermaphrodite cat girl. Permanently, of course.

After that would come some triggers and would put in a key that I can allow others to use as well. There has to be some fun involved. 

What can I imagine? More than is good for me.

Latex - The whole body is wrapped in a shiny catsuit, like all the skin has turned into latex and you can't take it off. A shiny black or pink skin to be draped in.

Plug – That would be interesting too. A kind of living plug in the bottom that you can not remove and you can control at will. Inflatable, vibrating, pulsating, moving, gentle e-stimulation or it can come. *grin*

Gag - You could use the same as with the plug with a special taste or that he tries to grow in depth.

Push the button - Yes, would also have its appeal in the way of coming or getting a wet spot on your pants in the middle of the street just because you heard/read a word.


Definitely a dark-desire trigger to invite a tentacle girl in and I'll leave the rest to your dirty imagination. Whereby one could expand the whole thing here, that it is a question of a specific desire for choice, but that one then has to pay for it in every move before it is over.

What else could I think of?

Something like smell or taste manipulation to make the strawberries taste like bananas.

And even if it sounds funny, but something in the way of coercion or remote control. 

How you use it is another question than whether you're just a trapped passenger or only see it in a photo afterwards. Of course, it also has a dirty connection, but I'm thinking, for example, of the fact that I can work around certain things.

I have no problem being led through a crowd naked by a collar, I would do it in a heartbeat.

But if I'm supposed to approach a woman in a bar, I prefer the other scenario with a total stranger.

So not everything has just a kinky background.

Merging - That something is connected to the body and you can't take it off or take it off for a period of time or get permission. Whether that's the gag, the socks or the pink hair bow, I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Something like an inflatable bondage bag or a vacuum bed would also be interesting but could also be covered with the trigger higher up.

Everything else is just a game or could be implemented with the already mentioned. I am more than 90% submissive in nature, a bit Maso in a few areas, although I have a high pain limit due to my previous history and then usually drift into a sub-space, which is also a kind of hypnotic state. And I have this sadistic girl in my head, where like me, she is not dominant, we only provide the ideas, someone else has to apply them. ^^


will continue when the list is programmed and usable ... ... ...

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By Oliver
Added Jul 3 '22



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