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Just snap your fingers and anything is possible...

I wish it was that easy for me to just dive deep.>>

What you then do is another matter, whether you want to change/improve something, just want to have fun or that others enjoy it when I have no influence. >>

Since I am not a Tist and have no interest in becoming one, it is of course not that easy to describe or understand it. Even if you deal with it, you don't get certain knowledge because nobody tells you or is behind a paywall and then you also need practice. So I can only draw on what I've been able to acquire.>>


To Relax, focus, drift away is no problem. A few levels down it goes with levitation, freezing, merging or insensitivity then is ny limit. But no further until then. 

Whatever you call it, threshold, door, stair or barrier is impenetrable no matter how many times I tryed, I always get stuck in the same spot and lose flow and like a bungee cord it pulls you back into consciousness.>>

Imagining it, well, imagining it is not the problem. I can imagine everything down to the smallest detail and I can describe it and make instructions for it, but I can't create a picture of it, neither can I draw characters or imagine a picture with my eyes closed. 

A bug in the system so to speak.>>

A short digression to explain...>>

If I didn't know the other side or how to say … backside or rather the backyard and have already entered it several times, I would resign myself to the fact that I can't go deeper into a trance. So very briefly explained, if trance or the deepest trance state comes before sleep and dream state, then the lucide or awakedream comes at the very end before one is consciously awake again. 

Things have haunted me since I was 7 years old, at least that's the first one I can remember and the feeling of not being able to wake up hasn't changed in the at least 30 consciously witnessed. It only becomes disturbing when you get into certain situations where you feel everything physically. 

Apart from that, I call them always the same "identity", because it was always the same identical woman/girl, but their appearance always looked different. Which then steered me into these situations. She's the catgirl in my head who flicks a few switches every now and then.>>

So if on the one hand the trance is before sleep, then the lucid state is the last piece of sleep before you wake up and then sometimes take a quick step through the trance and are consciously awake.>>

On the other hand, there is the automated behavior, i.e. the famous 5 minutes that you can’t remember and have no idea how you got from A to B. Here you are also in a trance state without noticing it. 

I also know it well, from driving a car, when you always drive the same route for 10 years and that always happens on the same section and 5 minutes are missing.>>


So I consciously get to the door, subconsciously through the room and out again at the exit, whereby I can then theoretically experience a positive or negative suggestion before I am fully consciously awake again. Fuck that's complicated to explain.>>

In short, I can't go into a deep trance, only someone (and I think I know who) had stole my key to the door.

So I just need a Key Master and the right key to open the door to cross the threshold where then the deeper it goes, everything becomes possible without consciousness. 

Whether someone is having fun or I'm a minor matter afterwards, I just want the door open or the key to open it.>>

I said snapping your fingers would be easier, but everything has to be complicated.>>

You're welcome to kick down the door, so I don't need it if there's interest. ^^

Even without me noticing. *evil grin*>>

I hope my thoughts are translated in an understandable way, but if someone has already opened the door, switch on the "second mother tongue English - writing - reading - speaking and understanding". Then it will be easier to write a text in the future. *wink*>>

will continue when the door is open ... ... ... 

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By Oliver
Added Jul 2 '22



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