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Andrew sat at his desk, finishing the third report of the day. His fingers rested on the home keys for a moment as he sighed. The day was taking so long. He was so bored. There had to be more to his life than this. Suddenly, his phone buzzed violently in his pocket.

Reaching into his pocket, he slid his phone out to see who the caller was. Andy sighed again, seeing his wife's name on his phone. They had gotten into a fight before leaving for work. He was just not in the mood. He cleared his throat and shoved his phone back into his pants.

Andy burrowed his face in his hands. He knew that he really needed to finish these reports, but his mind was everywhere else. Looking out the window, he followed several cars with his eyes. Andy didn't hate his job like most people, but he was distracted.
Who was she?

She walked opposite of him near the shops on Andy's commute to work. He had seen her 2 days in a row. He couldn't get her out of his head. Bright red hair that wove around her face, neck, and shoulders. Her bright red lips. Long legs. Cute feet in perfect heels.
She walked with a grace and confidence that turned Andy on so much. She smiled through her lips and crystal silver eyes. She wore makeup that only enhanced her natural features. She was beautiful. To Andy, she was possibly the most beautiful creature he had ever envisioned. 
Andy's fantasies were startled away by a knock at the door. Glancing over, he furled his brow in confusion as his boss walked in.
"Hey, Andrew. I have a new client who would like to discuss opening an account with us. Can you please help her out?" 
Ugh. Andy hated consultations. He didn't get commissions, and it felt like such a waste of time. Andy looked at his boss, glaring. He knew that Andrew wasn't a fan of these things.
"Oh, um..." Andy stammered, flustered, "Sure. Of course. Send them in." 
Andy's boss left the room, and Andy could hear him talking to someone.
Expecting his normal geriatric man, he was surprised to see a woman walk into his office.
Not just any woman. Her. Her hair and eyes gave her away instantly. Her perfection was immediately recognizable. 
She wore a classy, yet sexy red suit that showed just enough of her cleavage. Enough to make him imagine, fantasize, fascinate on...
Oh, fuck. He was staring. Andy swallowed and attempted to get his thoughts organized.
"Hello, ma'am. My name is Andrew Robinson." 
She crossed the room with that same confidence he had found so attractive. Andrew stood up, held out his hand, and prepared to feel her hand against his in a handshake.
But it never came.
She just stared at him. Looked once at his hand. Stared into his eyes again.
She stood inches away from Andrew. He could smell her aroma. It wasn't perfume, but just her delicious and sweet natural odor. It was intoxicating to be so close to her.
Her smile disarmed him. He no longer had any sense of guard or protection. He was vulnerable. 
She reached in finally, slowly. As he leaned for her hand, she quickly grabbed his wrist. Andrew's mind couldn't quite comprehend what just happened. She had moved too quickly. She had grabbed his wrist. She had done everything off. Wrong. He didn't know how to resp- 
Sleep now." She spoke sternly.
Andy's mind was so confused. So lost. The moment she spoke, Andy's mind welcomed the instruction. He needed to be told how to react, and he needed to react that way. It was too confusing not to. 
Andy's eyes slammed shut, and his head slumped forward. He didn't pass out. It wasn't like he was unconscious. But he was unable to fight. He was unable to think about fighting. It just felt good to notice how he had his head rested in that perfect cleavage. 
Was it proper? Was it appropriate? Was this a good thing to do at work?
These were thoughts that passed through Andy's mind, as he had his face on her chest. He wanted to just relax like this for the rest of eternity. He had nothing to do. Nothing to worry about. "Well, then, Andy. You're going to be coming with me. Get your wallet and your coat. We're going shopping."
Andrew didn't have the strength or the fight to resist. All he wanted was more of her. All he wanted was to see her smile. All he wanted was to give her everything. "Yes, ma'am." Andy mumbled, hardly able to move his lips.
"Oh, no, love," the woman smiled sinisterly, "It's Mistress from now on."

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The Wall

Feb 16 '22
Mmm, lovely. Felt so good reading it, imagining it was me.
Feb 16 '22
so glad you enjoyed
Feb 24 '22
Talk about a story sucking you in and likewise, just imagining yourself as Andy, great read!
Feb 24 '22
Thank you for the kind feedback
Edited Feb 24 '22 Show edit history
Feb 25 '22
Wow what a nice and sexy scenario
Feb 25 '22
Thank you
Feb 27 '22
I thank you for sharing this Story
Edited Feb 27 '22 Show edit history
Jun 22 '22
Thank you for this vivid fantasy
Jun 23 '22
I'm glad you enjoyed
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By RoseSpells
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