Some thoughts on POSITIVE feminization/sissification from kriger09's blog

First, a caveat: I don't want to "yuck your yum," as they say.  There are plenty of kinks that can be practiced ethically or not, and frankly plenty of kinks that can be healthy outlets despite harsh judgment from society at large.  But these are things that I think can be contemplated in what we do.

What is the commonality that links the various sissies?  To listen to Urban Dictionary: "A sissy is an [AMAB] male; who acts really feminine, slutty, horny, also really bimbo-like, etc."  But it seems to me that even if we accept this definition of sissies, it doesn't encompass everyone in this similar set of categories.

I would say that sissies are defined by people who were assigned male at birth but express a gender or sexual identity that is femme-presenting.  This involves many different genders, including those who are still male but cross-dress, the gender fluid, transgender women, and others. The common link is the femme presentation.  Additionally, that presentation is stressed and accentuated in many cases (similar to the hyper-femininity often associated with drag).  *EVERYONE* performs gender (yes, even you, daddies), but sissies pursue an idealized hyper-femininity and focus extra effort on the performance of femininity (ie "act ​really​ feminine").

Hypnosis is involved in the accentuation or "implantation" of these feminine traits and minimization or "removal" of the masculine.  But I personally don't care for it when it focuses on humiliation or degradation. 

If sissies are characterized by the embrace of the feminine, there are some who have a somewhat Freudian outlook on what constitutes femininity.  Their status as a sissy isn't associated with the positive femininity that they express, but rather as a negative "failed" male. They characterize being feminine with the mere absence of masculinity (though loss of masculinity can play into it, there is something added by femininity, as well). This includes things such as focus on the impotence or loss of a penis ("my tiny dick is pathetic"), an inability to please women ("I can't please women, and am only good for men to satisfy their needs"), and being "treated like a woman" as an inherently negative thing.

But, again, okay; if that's your kink, go practice that kink safely and consensually, with my blessing.  Humiliation is a valid kink, as is playing with gender.  But I prefer to focus on sissies for their excellent feminine qualities, not their "deficient" male qualities.  Not just "all I'm good for is to men take their pleasure with me," but "I am good at giving me pleasure (and taking pleasure in turn).  I am sexy and pleasing to men."  I love the playfulness of accentuating and heightening femininity, the desire to seduce and be seduced.  The assurance of knowing that men want you.  Even when hypnosis is involved in "turning" someone into a sissy, I think that this can be focused on in a positive manner.

How does gender and sexual identity get involved, then, you ask?  (thank you for that wonderful question, hypothetical reader I made up for rhetorical purposes).  First, the sissy is usually more aware that they are "performing" gender, and aware that they are doing it well.  There is an aura of being irresistible because they aren't assuming their femme presentation is innate: that they so desirable than even a man who thinks he's primary attracted to cis women finds that he can't help but give in.  Similarly, the sissy is often playing with heteronormativity internally.  Working from the assumption that they "should" be hetero (even if we know this mindset isn't correct) lends a similar air of feeling out of control with desire- eg that the NEED for cock is so great it overwhelms one's "natural" inclinations.  For many of us, we are playing with our "default" heteronormativity and using it to accentuate the experience (kinks subvert societal norms for a reason). 

So what I enjoy is the playfulness of sexually tense interactions, that back and forth of seduction.  Of the need that both of you have, and the positive feeling of being desired, of being desirable.  And of ignoring or overpowering any "traditional" notions of gender.

For me, the hypnosis is not based on being insufficient as a sexual being, but from being insufficient to resist one's desires.  You can be turned into a needy little slut who is helpless for cock.  But not because you're a pathetic man, but because you're a voracious sexual being who just can't control your appetites.  You may have to be obedient and subservient, but not because if you were a "real" man you would be more powerful. No, because it feels so good to be obedient that you can't help yourself but give in. 

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The Wall

Mar 9 '21
Well said
Nov 22 '21
Love this. So well written and well thought through
Feb 13 '22
Yes! Totally agree. Unfortunately there is no much hypno like this
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Jun 22 '22
Beautiful and well thought out. Thank you.
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