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I became very aware of everything but it was very strange.  My mind was blank and just following his commands, like he was thinking for me.  I became very calm and from then on everything he said just seemed to happen.  I felt far away and watching everything from a distance.

“Now you must get dressed in your mind-reading suit.  Jasper will take you out the back.  You will follow everything he tells you just a you are following everything that I am telling you now.  Jasper, take him away and get him into his mind-reading suit.”

I followed Jasper to a dressing room and obeyed his instructions to get out of all my clothes and put on a Zentai suit that showed my face, otherwise it tightly covered everything from head to toe and fingertips.  I followed him obediently back to the stage. 

When I got back there, BoBo took over again.  He told me that the suit would give me the power to stare into peoples’ eyes and see the card that they had.  He told me that I would look and penetrate their mind to see what the card was.

Then he got the girl to pick a card, memorize it and hide it.

When he made me stare into her eyes, I had a sort of feeling of connection with her mind.  I felt her submit to my gaze and mentally give me what I was seeking.  I saw the card and as able to name it.  BoBo said the suit acted to enable me to intensify my vibrations and penetrate the minds of those I turned my gaze upon.

“And now, everybody, my new assistant – what is your name?”

“Shane.”  I heard myself reply.

“Shane will read the mind, using the new power I have given him, of anyone in the audience.  Please come up.  Just a few people and that will conclude the show.”

Every time BoBo had me stare into the eyes of the volunteer, I felt myself connect and able to see the card they had chosen.  It was strange and wonderful.  I was unthinking and obedient to BoBo and never felt or thought that I could not do it.  It happened just as he said.

When the show finished, he instructed Jasper to pack everything up while he took me back to the dressing room to bag up my clothes and go deep, deep asleep.


BoBo kept Shane in trance in the omnitard suit, and took him back to his place.

Then Shane forgot everything as BoBo commanded.


“Now you are interested in having fun, aren’t you?” 

Shane was.  He said “Yes I am.”  He seemed to be in a dream.

“I am BoBo and you are going to have wonderful fun with me.  Watch this!”

He called to Jasper who entered the room with a blank stare on his face. He was still dressed in his harem-leotard outfit.

BoBo tapped him on the forehead and said, “Jasper you are a beautiful and friendly little chicken.  The only way you can talk is to cluck.  Go and be friendly and chat to Shane!”

Jasper came to Shane and wanted to cuddle up and cluck, then BoBo changed Shane into a rooster …

BoBo and his chickens were happy together for a while, until BoBo decided to change them into something else.

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By HypnotistDormion
Added Nov 7 '20


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