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I had gone down to the Mall on Saturday morning and there was a show being put on by BoBo the Clown.  He did all sorts of funny gags and magic tricks and was entertaining the small crowd that had gathered.  I guess that’s why his full title was BoBo the Magic Clown.  He was clearly a very clever and practised entertainer.  Very funny and his magic tricks were clever and amazing.

He also had an assistant who helped with the tricks, moving things into position and taking them away and handing him props that were part of the tricks he was doing.  He was a young guy in an Arabian outfit.  It was a leotard that had billowing legs and arms attached to the arm and leg holes, gathered in to the wrists and ankles.  He had a nice bulge in the crotch and the arms and legs were very sumptuous lace that was partly see-through.  He wore a turban and sandals.  He was very toned and in shape, very male in his body, so much so that he was strangely masculine in this girly outfit.

At one point in the show BoBo announced that his assistant, who he called Jasper, would perform his own routine.  BoBo the went over to him and got him to stare into his eyes.  He taped him on the forehead and Jasper’s face went blank and his eyes became wide and staring as he performed a complex gymnastic routine of jumps, rolls, turns, and leaps, finishing to stand staring blank and wide eyed, until BoBo tapped him on the forehead again and called upon the audience to applaud.

He was doing card tricks, and he said “OK everybody I am now going to get some people to come up and help me with my mind reading.  Could I have one lady and one gentleman please.  Yes, that’s right.” 

I went forward and a girl also and he guided us to the front of his stage.  He had us each choose a card and memorize it. 

Then he said, “Now look into my eyes.”  It gave me the strangest feeling.  I just stared into his eyes and went blank, then he broke off his stare and announced to the audience what the card I had chosen was and got me to produce it.  He was right.

He did this several times with me and with the girl and I noticed that when he got her to stare into his eyes her face changed to a blank expression until he broke his stare from her to unfailingly announce correctly the card that she had chosen.

Each time he did it with me I felt myself go blank in the same way.  It was very weird.  He could definitely get into my mind.

Then he announced that he would now give me the power to read minds in the same way that he was doing.

“would you like me to do that?” he asked me.  “Would you like to have the power to read minds?  If you will co-operate with me, I will give you this power on the stage here today.”

I said yes, I would.  I had been mightily impressed with what I had seen and was completely intrigued as to how this could be done.  I believed that he could read minds, and was ready to accept that he could give me the power in some mysterious way.

“Good!  He said.  “Now look deep into my eyes!” 

As I did so the weird feeling came over me again and he gave instructions to me to shift my feet and give him my hand.  He took my hand and gave it a jerk, loudly commanding me, “Sleep!”  I felt myself relax as he continued to tell me to go deep asleep listening to his voice.

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