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As its been stated before; this IS a recreational hypnosis site. The following text, although not directing a specific action, may have the tendency to lead one to an altered state. Most on this site are usually IN an altered state, so no big surprises here. Use your judgement, such as it is.

It’s interesting how hypnotists focus. We grant our attention to the minutia. We observe. We continuously, consciously and unconsciously, acquire data. Consider your ear.

It’s not a microphone to your brain to be activated at will. It continues to listen. Always. Even when there’s nothing to hear. You remain in the default state of listening. Even now, when there may be nothing going on in the room, you have become aware of even the most minor noise. Or absent of noise, you may be aware of an ever-present high pitch tone that exists only in the silence of the room. Now that you’re aware of you ears, you can’t help but notice all the sounds around you or the lack thereof.

The ear is a marvelous appendage. The ear whorl is as unique as a fingerprint. Its function is clear to any casual observation. It’s designed to amplify sound efficiently. You may notice that it is the perfect spiral. Leading from the outside rim of the ear and coiling down into the recesses of your head. Imagine how the sounds just spiral down into your ear, your head, and mind. Like water draining from a basin. Its comforting to have these sounds and non-sounds coming to your attention. All is well and right in the world. Things are working as they should. You reaffirm that you’re in a place of safety; no surprises. Allowing you to relax more and more.

Think about those sounds that give you comfort. Perhaps a brook or stream. Water flowing steadily and easily as it goes down past you to its final destination. Perhaps by the ocean-side, you see yourself laying in the sand on the beach as the tide rolls forward and back. In and out. Rhythmically. Steadily. Constantly. Bringing on that dazed and happy feeling of relaxation. Allowing yourself to zone out and get lost in your feelings.

Imagine those sounds always being with you and inside you. Feel your own tides as you let the feeling of the waves come in and go out, come in and go out, taking all tension from every muscle, nerve, fiber, and tendon of your body. You might imagine it syncopating with the beating of your heart. In and out. Just enjoying this time to stare, read, think, and ponder. The sounds around you helping you to relax. The sounds spiraling into your ear, automatically and incessantly spiraling down deeper and deeper into your mind. And you stare at the page, as you allow these sounds to continue to relax you. Focusing on the words on the page, the spaces between the words, and the rhythm of the sounds in your head. So calm and at peace. So still. So focused.

And just as quickly, you find yourself blinking. Clearing your throat not to relieve an irritation, but to make a noise of your own. Jolting yourself into full awareness and out of the casual daydream.

It doesn’t matter. Your ears continue to listen.

Kent Allard

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By KentAllard
Added Sep 26 '20


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