A brief interlude from Ophelia's blog

(Content warning: hypnotic language, trance)

Come walk with me a moment, and stay with me awhile

I’ll take you on a journey, and maybe make you smile

I’ll spin you a yarn, I’ll lead you down, to where you like to go

and once we’re there that smile will come, and when it does, you’ll know

We could wander and walk as you listen to me, and the words weaving round your mind

to explore how far and how deep you could go

if you allowed your mind to find, the path it wants to take

There’d be so many places it may go and so many turns to make

and a breeze may lift it to drift away, or pull it down to drown in my words that draw you in

Draw you in like a moth, circling my flame, pulling, tugging,

knowing but not caring

And you may still be thinking to respond

but soon your mind will find that you’re thinking to drift and pulled to respond

pushed and pulled, this way and that, responding to drift and swiftly finding your mind in a whirl

In a whirlpool swirl, round and down, down and around

naturally following the whirling swirl, your mind abducted as the swirl is constructed to twirl and whirl you down

Responding so easily, naturally wanting to follow and drift into the sound of my words as they pull and tug at the strings of your thoughts,

confounding the sounds that abound in the words that wrap themselves around the tendrils of your mind

and draw them down and draw them out,aiming to be aimlessly driven closer and closer

driven to explore how much more you can let go

how much more I can implore you to respond

and before you were aware but now your mind is only aware that it’s no longer aware

drawn in as I draw my words on your mind, as your thoughts drift away, as all that matters now is what I say

and what I say will stay with you as you focus down

as your will is drawn out to follow mine, to circle the flame of my will that will guide you

As you see that with me, you’ll be safe and secure,

so you let go more before you explore the depths to which we can go

and the scenes we can see, as each breath you take can make you drift deeper

and deeper

right here and right now

and if you didn’t know, 

before you knew, 

that I would lead you,

then you know now, how I drew you down and drew my words

calmly, comfortably, on your mind,

that what was on my mind is now in your mind, and it feels so good to let me take you down with me

drifting and dreamily following me,lazy, hazy and fuzzy

afloat on my voice, knowing only you want to go with me and flow with me further down and deeper round

and you rest in the rhythm and rhyme of my words that have have led you to this place, to this state

where you love to be, adrift with me

And now you can find that your mind begins to return

and your thoughts become clearer

and you realise you had drifted away but now you are coming back

and you smile, just like I said you would,

to think you were drawn in during a little interlude

Aware now of the yarn I spun, remembering everything

Alert and awake, amused and refreshed

Feeling wonderful.

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The Wall

Apr 11 '20
MMmm a luxurious drift down... wonderful
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By Ophelia
Added Apr 9 '20



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