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[Note: This was a work of fiction I wrote back when I was in the hypno community on Tumblr back in the day. If the plot seems somewhat familiar, then you're my kind of comic book nerd. Images used to punch up the story are not mine and were sourced on Tumblr.]

Pamela woke with a start. She felt disoriented, panicked, and slightly afraid. But as she looked around, she slowly calmed down. She was in her bed, the white sateen sheets already cooling her sweat-dampened skin. <!--more-->

“What’s wrong my dear?” The voice cooed from outside the bedroom. It sounded unfamiliar at first, but eventually Pamela’s mind cleared up from her dream-like state and she recalled where she was and who was speaking. It was Kali, her partner.

“Another nightmare I think. It’s… hard to recall. I think friends were worried about me?” Snippets and flashes of concerned voices were all she could recall of the dream. 

“I am sure the nightmare’s are due to all the pressure you’ve been under. Here, love, I made you something special.” The smell of honey and fried batter was comforting and soothing, as her lover came into the room. Her lover was tall, strong, and confident. Just seeing them made Pam sigh with inner pleasure. They were a bit androgynous, and Pamela loved how her partner had some of the best parts of femininity and masculinity - a bisexuals’ dream. 

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said as she enjoyed the meal. She ate absently, barely noticing it, lost in her lover’s eyes. They were such a remarkable shade of green, and their dark purple hair wound tendrils that framed their face in a way that was breathtaking. “Umm…. was your hair always that color?”  She seemed to recall that the color wasn’t one that was normal, yet she couldn’t ever remember seeing it dyed.


“Of course not, silly. Why would you think that?” 

“Just… I don’t know. I am sure you re-dye it. I just am having a hard time remembering. While I’m at it… I don’t recall how long we’ve even been together. Is that bad?” She was really expecting to have the fog of sleep cleared up by now, especially after a meal and a cup of coffee, but she was still a bit confused. 

Her partner grinned,“Oh, I see. Does my pet forget her programming?” And Pamela shuddered reflexively as she felt herself immediately aroused by the words. Memories of letting her partner control her. Command her, serving her partner - no, her Master - with her mouth, her breasts, and allowing Master to control her thoughts was her secret thrill. It had always been her desire to be controlled and serve a strong Master. She remembered now. Her back arched back and a moan escaped her lips. 

“Mmmmm….. I am sorry Master. Did you play with your pet’s mind?” 

“I did. Or rather, you wished me to.” 

“Yes, Master. This pet wishes for nothing more than to serve.” She felt the truth of that statement make the pulsing pleasure between her legs throb. As her Master wrapped their arms around her, she heard a faint whisper in her ear, a low gutteral teasing voice, 
“Mmmmm. Whatever will I do with you? Such a tasty morsel.” 

“Anything you wish to do, Master. Your pet has no will, she wants only to be yours.” The wave of bliss and pleasure rippled through her with each vocal utterance of her obedience and service. She felt her legs spreading open for her Master, as her pleasure continued to grow. Her eyes closed with bliss, she wasn’t sure how her Master had done it, but it felt as if hands held her thighs open while others explored the folds of her labia and teased her already exposed clit - all the while still feeling the embrace from behind her and her Master’s voice in her ears. 

“My my my. I do believe for the first time in the history of my species, I have found the perfect host.” 

The way Master said that was predatory, and it made her moan. But the words confused her. Like Master was speaking of something else…. “wha-?” was all she began to say as she was gripped with a sudden rush of ecstacy. Feeling Kali explore her body in ways she didn't know could be experiences. She struggled to catch her breath between moans as the growing orgasm made it so hard to focus on anything but the magical way Master could make her writhe. She remembered now. She let Kali into her life, opening her mind to them, pledging to serve them and letting Master control her. All of her. Her wildest fantasy and greatest fear wrapped together in a mix of fear and bliss as she surrendered her will and served Master with her mouth, her tits, her ass, and her pussy time and time again. Just recalling the times they embraced and letting the memories of so many mind controlled sexual conquests and power exchanged lovemakings made her on the verge of explosion. In the barrage of memories she never even noticed her lover's form shifting and changing a bit each time, in some cases looking hardly human at all, arms spiraling around her body like vines.

“We are so aligned, you and I, my dear little pet. Your heart’s desire is to be controlled and dominated…. and here I am a species who feeds off hosts by making them imagine their own heart’s desire while I control and dominate them.”  

“I…. don’t know what you mean Master.” Pamela was very confused. Master made no sense. Aliens don’t exist. Pamela was an exobotanist, she would know. 

“Ah. Yes. Your lab assistants must be so worried about you. Here, let me show you. Cum for me pet.” And those programmed words released an orgasm that ripped through her whole body instantly. She knew she had to cum when Master said, it was one of the first commands they worked on together in their kink sessions, wasn’t it? As the orgasm slipped away, she was distantly aware of voices. They sounded scared and were yelling her name and telling her to wake up…. maybe something about the new specimen…..

“I remember....a new specimen? We found...something...at the crater site...” Things were becoming clearer. She focused a bit more and felt her Master just plunging their fingers within her while she writhed on the bed. But a small part of her felt like maybe this was the dream. 

“Ah yes. You put it together. You are so very clever. Now listen, pet, and listen well. Eyes on me.” 

She had no choice but to obey. She stared into those sparking emerald eyes and sank into them, feeling like spirals of emerald color dragging her further into submission. She was ready to cum again feeling herself sink like this, but she knew somehow she couldn't. The arousal she felt was incredible.

“You will hear and you will understand. What is happening now is all in your head. My fingers inside you are in fact tendrils of my form, this embrace, the vines wrapped around your body. I am a being from a planet beyond your system, and we require a host to feed from to survive. I awoke from my dormant seed state when you spilled a drop of blood on me, and here we are. You are essentially in a comatose state out there. In here, to thank you for being my food, our species invades the mind and crafts a perfect dream world for you to live out your days in perfection and happiness. But… you…. well, you make things complicated.”

The entire monologue, Pamela understood the truth. Kali wasn’t real. Or at least, this muscular, taut form fucking her brains out wasn’t real. She wasn’t sure when fingers became phallus, but she felt herself being used and fulfilled. It was pure ecstacy, and at the same time…. she felt the truth of the real world. She knew now that none of this was real. That the vines of the plant were around her, insider her. It was literally fucking away her mind. She felt herself getting more and more confused as to what was a dream and what wasn't...and found herself not caring as long as the pleasure didn't stop. 

“Your heart’s desire was this. To be controlled, dominated, enslaved. To give your brilliant mind to a strong being to mold and use. You even have all sorts of fetishes around aliens, constrictions, breath play, and more. This is why even the truth is making you so lubricated I’m drinking it in enough to last me days in just these few minutes alone. So, I will give you a choice, as you are too valuable to suck dry. Join with me.” 

She then felt the vines wrap around her neck. The pleasure began to build so much that she barely noticed the tendrils pierce her chest. 

“I am now fully inside you, Pamela my pet. If you choose to remain yourself, I will erase this conversation from your mind. You’ll wake up again and we’ll have had a lovely night of sexual gratification and you will continue to live the life of bliss with your Kali, kink and all. And you will grow old and die with your gender fluid mate, living a full life in a matter of only a few days in the real world. OR. If you choose to serve me, truly and completely, I will plant a seed within you. It will gestate and the husk I have wrapped around you will die. But make no mistake, you will be mine. I will pilot your body, use you as my host form, all the while with you aware of it. You and I will share the body so to speak, but you will often be too wet and spasming from this pleasure to be bothered. I may make a few changes, but in the end we will control other bodies, feed, and grow our own little garden of delights together….now CHOOSE.” 

Pamela woke up. She was in a hospital bed, and very groggy from the anestesia. Her lab assistant informed her of the accident. The life form that almost killed her, and how after doctors and military specialists couldn’t remove the parasite, that they opted to keep her in a medically induced coma in the hopes to starve out the creature. It had worked, and the dead plant was whisked away to facility. All her work in the lab was seized, and that she would be paid a large stipend by the government to make sure no one ever knew of the incident. By the time she really got her bearings, she had parted with her co-worker, was discharged, and found herself back home in her apartment. 

Once finally alone, they stripped off their clothes and began to play with their swollen mound almost immediately, so grateful to finally have the privacy to do so. They felt the changes already happening down there…. and it made them smile. The Black Mercy was born, and Earth would never be the same. 


[There. I hope that was enjoyable. Let me know what you think for those of you here. I may have a couple more old works of fiction lying around. If I get feedback here I will know there's enough interest to post another. Cheers.]

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