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Having his mouth free of any impediment, Peter answers freely, "yes Mistress." Julie adds lube to the butt plug and moves in behind Peter. "Are you ready for this," she teasingly whispers into Peter's ear.  Julie's voice and warm breath radiates through Peter's ear and lovingly dances around inside his cerebral cortex. He instinctively clenches his butt cheeks together when Mistress Julie tries to spread some oil into his bum hole. (Whack!) He is rewarded by Julie slapping his ass for his efforts. "We will have none of that, slave. I will tell you when to clench and when not to," Julie scolds him.

"Now, on the other hand, slave! If you prefer I can insert this thing dry. But I doubt you will find it all that pleasant," Julie indicates as she slaps her slave's ass a few more times for good measure. "So, what is it going to be, slave. With lube or without lube?"

Peter flinches to each and every one of Mistress Julie's swats. Each new swat stinging just a little bit more than the one before it. Peter tries to relax his butt muscles and answers her, once spanking had stopped, "definitely with lube Mistress." Peter then inexplicably closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and tries to relax every one of his muscles. Which he finds out is easier said than done, when one knows his ass is about to be violated by one of Mistress Julie toys.

"That's a good boy," Julie praises when she sees him release his butt. She takes her hand and gingerly applies oil to Peter's ass.

Remarkable Peter finds the attention being given to his butt hole quiet rewarding. Having his ass played with is not what he was expecting.  Peter then suddenly yells out, "OH, oh, oh, Oh! Fuck me, Oh my fucking god, oh, oh, oh!" Until that moment Peter had never had anything enter what he had always considered an exit only part  of his body.

Julie could help but laugh at all the commotion Peter is making, all she did was stick her index finger in his rectum. "Oh my!" she exclaims, "Dear god, slave. That's nothing, I only have one finger in so far. If you thought that was fun. Just imagine what the butt plug is going to feel like," Julie teased, then just to be naughty, she started to play with his ass. She started by corkscrewing her finger around the tight confines of Peter's tight little hole. She furthered compound Peter's cerebral pleasure sensors by thrusting her finger in his rectum as deep as she could, only to pull it back out quickly, but stopping just shy of completely exiting his ass, only to thrust it all the way back in, and do another corkscrew.

"Fuck me, yes! yes! YES! No more, oh god yes, please don't stop, please don't stop," Peter gasped over and over again. How could something he was raised to believe was so wrong, Feel so darn good. The surprise of the sudden penetration initially caused him to clench up and rise up onto his toes, but once Mistress Julie started working her finger magic. He relaxed so much that if it wasn't for his restraints, he would have become a goofy face rag doll.

"Mistress, (gasp), Mistress (gasp), may I ask you a question?" Peter asks literally panting out each word. Mindful of the fact that her slave broke her rule about swearing, and he will answer for it. She did not deny him his request, "yes pet you may speak." Although Julie gave Peter permission to speak, that did not keep her from penetrating his cute tight little bum, bum.

Still gasping to speak Peter  peers over his shoulder and makes an inquiry, (gasp) "Mistress, I'm not gay, so why does your finger shoved in me feel so great?" Ironically just as Peter finished asking his question, Julie inserts a second finger. "Oooh fuck!" Peter exclaimed as he once again clenches his ass muscles snaring Julies' intruding fingers.

"My, my slave that is quite a potty mouth you have. I see I will have a lot of work training you to have some etiquette." Julie comments on her slaves' poor choice of words. "As for your question. You do not need to be gay to enjoy anal stimulation, pet. Your rectum, hon, has so many receptors in there, and if properly played with it can drive you insane." To reinforce what she was saying she increased the corkscrewing method with her fingers.

Peter let out a long moan, he was indeed enjoying the feeling of Mistress Julie's fingers deep inside of him. The screwing motion of Julie's fingers had him so aroused, he forgot that Julie had informed him earlier that slaves need permission to orgasm. As he got into the moment and was greedily trying to get more stimulation out of Julie's fingers. He started thrusting his hip back and forth hoping to push himself over the edge.

(Whack!) "What the hell do you think you're doing?" demands Mistress Julie after giving her slave a resounding slap on the ass. "I said there was nothing wrong with you liking the feeling. I didn't say anything that gives you permission to cum. But since your so eager I guess you're ready for this thing," Julie indicates holding the plug out so her pet can see it.

Peter lowered his head in shame. He was about to blurt out sorry mistress but held back because he had not been given permission to speak. Peter's sacrifice of not speaking did not go unnoticed. "He's learning fast than I thought," Julie thinks to herself. His willingness to learn, cause her to smile. Julie also thinks that Peter has the potential of becoming one of her inner circle of personal slaves. She will know better as she trains him.

"Alright let's get this butt plug in there. You're such an eager beaver, and I have so much I plan to do with you," Julie teases as she cloyingly rubs the tip of the plug up and down this butt crack. "Are you ready for this?" She asks softly as not to sound too menacing just before impaling his as with her toy. Peter nods his head affirming he was, and he also confirms his willingness with, "Yes Mistress, I am as ready as I'll ever be. Please be gentle."

Mistress Julie replies with another resounding (whack) to his ass, " I will be whatever the hell I want to be, slave," she scolds him. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounded a lot like you, a slave, was trying to tell me, your superior, what to do." "No, no, no, no," Peter studders. "Are you now calling me a liar, slave?" Julie question back.

Sounding desperate as he stood there bound, naked and exposed, Peter response is, "No Mistress, I would never call you." " So, you did try to tell me what to do then?" Julie pressures him. "No, I didn't tell you what to do. Well, maybe I did, but I didn't mean it that way," he answers but not feeling confident. "Let me get this straight," Julie continues on, "you're telling me that I am wrong and that I, your Mistress, doesn't know what you, a pathetic little slave, is saying to me?"  Julie continues to needle and confuse her victim. Like a cat toying with a mouse, Julie teases Peter a little more. No one knows how much enjoyment she gets from playing these mind games with her slaves.

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