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This is hypnotic in nature. ..  

Feeling overwhelmed with life.. Come and relax..Taking deep breaths,  and relaxing..  The hustle and bustle of the day are ending..  It's time to relax..  Feeling a little hug from me...  Reassuring you,  everything's going to be alright...  The hug relaxes you..  

The more you feel the hug, the more you relax..  Releasing all your tension..  Releasing all your worries..  The hug forms around you..  Encasing your body,  and mind..  Relaxed and calm...  Your breath is so calm..  You feel deeper and deeper,  with each calming breath...  

My arms wrap around your body..   Wrapping your mind around the hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper..  So calm..  So relaxed..  No worries..  No pain..  Taking you deeper and deeper..

Your breathing,  is slow and steady..  With each breath,  and each hug..  You drift and slide deeper and deeper...  My hug encasing your body and mind...  Feeling no pain..  Feeling no worries...  Just melting into my hug...  

So deep,  so relaxed..  Deeper and deeper into trance you go...  Feeling no pain..  No worries..  Just so relaxed..  My hugs melt you..  So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther,  with each breath you take..  

All your tension are erased..  Your muscles are so relaxed.. The pain and soreness,  is gone..  Encased in the never ending hug...  So melted and mindless..  Going deeper and deeper..  Your muscles relax in my hug..  Feeling better and better...  Deeper and deeper with each breath..  So calm.. So relaxed..  Sliding down farther and farther..  So tired.. So  relaxed...  Feeling nothing..  Just pure relaxation..  No pain,  no worries...  Just melting into my hug..

When you return to normal,  just thinking of my hug...  Will bring you back into your happy place..  No pain or worry...   Your muscles relax..  Releasing all your tension and worries..  

I will wake you in a moment..  When you finally wake...  You'll feel better..  Remembering how my trance makes you feel..  Happy and calm...  So melted and mindless... 

I will wake you on the count of 3...

1.  Waking more and more..  Remembering how much you love my trance..  Wanting to read this again..

2.  More and more awake and aware..  Feeling so good...  So relaxed..  

3.  Awake and aware. 

Hope you enjoyed it! Please read again,  if you want to relax. 

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The Wall

Jan 24 '20
I imagined you hugging me... from behind. And that added something to my experience. Thank you, I needed that !
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Jan 24 '20
You're very welcome.
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By Zoogie
Added Dec 11 '19


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